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Battle of Bywater
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Battle of Bywater

Weed your gardens while you sing this tune
Big furry toes in black muddy pools .
Remember the Bywater,
Remember the Brave.
Daffadowndilly di-la-day

Sweet air gone from your flower patch
As the Old Man’s crooks rode down the path.
Shadow they brought, and hunger they sowed
They trapped us down in deep Lockholes.

Party Tree bent and prized plants burned.
Saw every hill become cracked and churned.
That baleful man, he’ll gobble ya whole!  
Unless we fight! Protect our own!

O there called the Magnificent’s Horn!
FOOOmRAHooom, it broke the morn!  
Hailed each Hobbit, each strong lass and lad-
To battle the darkness, protect their land!

Da grabbed a pitchfork, Mum grabbed her pan,
Gammer her hammer, and Gaffer his hands
And fought, they did in all of that fray
On Bywater Bridge, they won the day!

There was no cease, there was no  tire ,
Till every foe was gone from the Shire.  
Lockholes pried open. Crack, pull and boom,
Spelled the end of Sharkey’s Doom!

Stabbed in the back like the turncloak he were
A proper good mornin’ for Sharkey the Cur!
His foul blood black soaked the ground of Bag End,
But Brave Mayor Sam just continued to tend.

Sweetness returned and we Shirelings learned
That quiet and gladness are things that are earned.
And when all is gloom, defend what is yours
Fight for the Shire, give ‘em what for!

Remember the Bywater,
Remember the Brave.
Whenever you pass Sharkey’s End today
Quiet our fields now, and white our Tree,
Like a Daffadowndilly di-la-dee

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im just not doing great

my mother has multiple complications when it comes to her heart and medications. between that and her anxiety im worried something is going to happen to her on the table. she’s given the order to not resuscitate her and I just… ugh. It’s a slim chance she’ll slip but there’s still a chance

and to add to that i’ve been getting HORRIBLE pains since before all this even started. i nearly fainted about a month ago. i need to go to the doctor before i start work but i know im going to get some sort of bad news. it’s scary. with the way things are right now i can’t tell my family about it since they’re already under a lot of stress. and that’s not even including the whole “might go blind” thing.

idk things are kinda lookin’ way down right now

He says “High school are the best years of your life…” I didn’t hate high school. However, I would argue the only best of that time is that you don’t have to pay any bills. The best time of your life is when you can go to the grocery store and buy all the god damn candy you want, and no one yells at you. You can stay up as late as you want; No one yells at you. If I want to leave my house at 2 in the morning and go somewhere, I can do that and no one yells at me. All those things are better than high school. Do you know how much of my time is spent thinking “I can’t believe how awesome it is that no one is yelling at me right now for doing this?” That takes up 90% of my brain space. That’s all I’m thinking about whenever I’m doing something I couldn’t do in high school. “I’m eating ice cream for dinner right now, and no one is yelling at me.” It’s awesome.
—  April Richardson - ep 84 of The Saved by the Bell podcast, gobayside

So what do you guys want to do?

Little Lies

Request:  “And the request is for Newt, of course, based on the song I’d Lie by Taylor Swift. Have you heard that one? It’s about her loving him while being his best friend and never saying how she feels but at the end can you make the reader and Newt confess their feelings and get together? Because that’d be wonderful. I want you to write it along the lyrics of it actually :) so if you can do it it’d be really great♡”

A/N: Again, whatever you have read or watched, ignore for this imagine. I had to use some creativeness to get the lyrics involved. So I created some of my own plot holes which are similar to parts of the movies and such but not exactly. SO just imagine creatively and enjoy!

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Adventure Club- Gold (ft Yuna)

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Music Meme

I was tagged by @skyler10fic! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to it!

I’m listening to a lot of the same music every day right now because I love it so damn much so here are my top ten:

Devil, Devil - Milck (seriously this artist is so good go listen to all of her songs right now). This one just hits me right in the solar plexus every time I hear it.

Great Night - NEED TO BREATHE ft. Shovels & Rope. I just can’t stop myself from singing along to this song no matter where I am. I try to restrict myself to bopping along when I’m in public but I’m not always successful.

Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine. I adore Florence and this song is just awesomeness incarnate.

Unsteady - X Ambassadors. I defy you not to get massive feels whenever you listen to this song. I mean, I’m probably biased, but still. 

The River - The Darcys. This song is just so damn cool. Plus, the artists are from Toronto!

I Want to Love You - Lenachka. This song is like the perfect OTP song. 

Calling Me (YDID Remix) - Stacey. The lyrics to this song are so powerful.

Talking Bodies (The Young Professionals Remix) - Tove Lo. This song is sex. (Language warning!)

A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins. An older song, but I just love it so much. Something about the beat. 

Epic - Becca Kotte. This song is gorgeous. 

I’m tagging @chiaroscuroverse, @everything-she-did-was-so-human, @goingtothetardis and anyone else who wants to do this who hasn’t! Tag me and give me more music!

I’m so Happy Creation took the threats to Misha seriously.

I’m so Happy that the girl who made the threats had a security guard with her at all times and was banned from being in the same room as Misha.

I’m so Happy that @winjennster told Misha how much he is loved.

I’m so Happy @miss-devonaire made her comment about Tumblr loving Misha.

I’m so Happy that the Real SPNFamily was loud enough about their love for him He commented he couldn’t Hear the Haters.

Thank you, Real SPNFamily, for showing Misha he’s not just an “extra”.

Thank you, Real SPNFamily, for showing Misha the love and support He deserves.

Thank you, Real SPNFamily, for being the Voices those of us who could not attend wanted to be.

This. This hit me so hard I nearly started crying at 6:15 AM. While at work. Meggie Royer is a magical, ethereal goddess and y'all should check out her poetry. She is a magnificent poet (and quickly went from my top ten to #1 when she released The No You Never Listened To) and I absolutely love her. Seriously, go check her out @writingsforwinter. She’s amazing. She deserves all the good in life and please send her some love when you get a chance!!!

kewkyc  asked:

Hey, I feel like sterek would work really well for the gym one (duh) the lawyer one with hsdDerek, the PI with Stiles tracking Derek and the huge fucking spider. Idk there were so many that would work!

[I went with the lawyer and the PI ones, but with a twist! Hope you like it :)]


“I’m telling you –” Isaac yells, “I’m not going back there even if you paid me all the money in the world!”

Stiles sighs, rubs at his temple. “Look, it would really make my job easier if you just –”

“Quit it, Stiles!” Isaac yells again, and Stiles can hear him apologizing to someone in the background. His friend has an annoying habit of using his phone in the library, he’s been kicked out of the place more than once because of it. “The guy looked like he was going to chop my head off, I’m not getting close to him or his daughter ever again. Sorry, bro. But that’s it.”

“Fine.” Stiles slams his hands on the table. “I will do it myself. Ugh, what are you Lahey, a man or a rat?”

Isaac snorts. “In this case? Definitely a rat.”

Fuck, sometimes Stiles hates his job. A lot.

The place is nice, the neighborhood seems like the one Stiles himself grew up in. Derek Hale must be fucking loaded to be able to buy a house in a place like this in a city like Los Angeles. It’s a shame Stiles is going against him, a guy with this amount of money could probably use a lawyer or another. Pity.

“Hello.” A little girl smiles, opening the door barely a minute after Stiles rang the bell. “Who are you?”

“Hi.” Stiles smiles, offers his hand for her to shake. She looks older than the picture her mother showed him, but it’s definitely her. Melanie Hale, five-years-old, black hair and colorful green eyes, also – adorable. “My name is Stiles, is your dad home?”

“He’s in the shower!” She answers. “So I can’t let you in.”

“Of course.” Stiles nods, seriously. He listens to her go on a ramble about safety and how she’s not supposed to talk to strangers, all the while watching her from head to toe, already coming up with a plan to use at court. She doesn’t look thin, in fact she looks like a healthy and happy kid. The way she talks about her dad, Stiles can’t help but arch an eyebrow. The story he’s been told doesn’t fit with the picture he’s having now.

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Now that the “Erwin vs Armin war” ended...

I (and everyone else) have new things to focus on…

1) Ymir’s letter

2) Reiner’s fate and reaction to Bertolt’s dead

3) Bertolt’s memories

4) Zeke’s fate 

(possibly an Levi and Hanji vs Zeke fight to avenge Erwin cuz this heartless douchebag won’t get away with Erwin’s death like this, not without tasting Levi’s and Hanji’s rage)

5) Armin’s reaction when he will know that Erwin died for him and that Mikasa and Eren almost killed Levi for him (mostly Mikasa)

6) Sasha

7) What will Hanji do now that’s she’s the new commander, how everyone will react, if they will obey and take her seriously, if Levi will listen to her, how she’s going to act with Levi