seriously go follow them i love them all to bits

my fave astrology blogs

astroadvice the queen of astrology imo. i love her
astrology-addict i love her personality and the way she answers questions
astro-allie i love her sense of humor omfg she always makes me laugh
fh-horoscopes i love how accurate and on point they are
astrologyaf my wife!!! i love rachel, she is precious
hollastrology super awesome, i adore their blog
gothstrology i love lolita’s sass and how real they are
astrologywoah their blog is 100/10 tbh
hostrology THE QUEEN, i love her so much
vodka-astrology the definition of perfection tbh
feministrology JEN my love and my fave
funkyastrology love their opinions and their posts make my life
pandastrology such a sweetheart omg
moonstrology 11/10.. need i say more?
lmaostrology god bless azalea, i love her
zodiacale their blog is always on point omfg
crusxades one of my dear friends and i always agree with them, they know their stuff
aesthrolgy their blog is so amazing i love it
lizardastrology MY BABY i adore her ok, she is my precious
pastelastrology my fave blog in existence, not kidding
fuckstrology 11/10, i love them soo much
coolastrology always on point and always speaks the truth
adoreastrology always super helpful and knows their stuff
bossyplanets always super sweet and kind, but isn’t afraid to speak their mind
citystrology so amazing and perfect ahhh
bombstrology they are super real and hilarious
hardcoreastrology my fave, i love them
astrologymarina another queen, she is perfection, and always knows what she is talking about
merstrology super educated and i love how they express themselves and their opinions
badgirlastrology super great blog, i love them
aquastrology super sweet, and always willing to help
aestheticastrology super awesome and knowledgable
bombasstrology the, for real
matteastrology MY BABY so precious to me
astrrrlogy always know what they are talking about, i love it. i adore their posts
pizzastrology great blog and personality, i love them
gemini–cricket my fave gemini in the whole world tbh
fruitstrology my phan trash twin, my precious baby
soscorpio my kindred scorpio spirit!!
astrhoes very knowledgable, i love it
boringzodiacs perfection at its finest, ladies and gents
cakestrology super cute and adorable
broadwaystrology i love their blog and them
sillyzodiac i love them omg
zodiacdad one of the greatest blogs on tumblr tbh
stardominant always on point
astroaid super sweet and precious ahhh
twentyonezodiacs always willing to help and answer questions, you go bb
sykestrology whenever i see them on my dash i fangirl a bit… just a bit…     annoyingastrology i love their blog so much and they are super cool astrogoldfish one of my all time favorite blogs, seriously, i adore them to pieces cloudstrology their blog is one of my faves tbh                             kickassastrology besides having an awesome url, they are an awesome astro blog

so so so so sorry if i forgot anyone, if i follow you just know i adore your blog and you!!!

A Normal Day in House DuCouteau
Cassiopeia, Talon and Katarina
A Normal Day in House DuCouteau

(( After talking with ask-iceborn-shyvana for a bit… and then getting on the subject of the Lion king, I realized that I could see Cassiopeia, Talon and Katarina would be rather entertaining if they just did the first five minutes of the movie. Well! Without further adieu I give you House Ducouteau (With myself obviously as Cassie) ! 

With a huge special thanks to ask-riven for being Talon.

And a huge thanks to katarinaducouteau for being Katarina. 

( Seriously, I sprung this on them last minute and they delivered so much! )

Go give these lovelies a follow if you aren’t following them and enjoy All of them being dorks.. in their own DuCouteau fashion of course. ))

THANK YOU GUYS FOR GETTING ME TO 1K FOLLOWERS!!! I seriously can’t thank you enough for this!! You guys mean the world to me and to have so many followers… just blows my mind! So in celebration I though I would do a follow forever!! I have seen so many other blogs do them and I have been in some as well so I though why not make one. But I just want to say a massive thank you for making this the best year so far!! I seriously love you all to bits and just wish i could invite you all over and hug you!! Thank you so much for following me!! <3 (Also my video should be up after this goes up)

These are not going to be in alphabetical order because I am to lazy to put them in order! So these are going to be the blogs I will follow forever!!! In no particular order!!

troyesmellet | dailytroyler | trosivan | i3troyler | another-year-of-troyler | lostintroylerland | troyesbooty | fuckingtroyler | sivan-oakley | tyleroakleyismyqueen | tyleroakleyisjesus | m3ggxx | tylroakly-myqueen | fiftyshadesoffrentus | tyler-thequeen | woahouryoutubers | troylermylife | thetroyesivanworshiphour | shirtless-troye | troyella-oakley | troyes-fan-girl | troyesivanismyqueen | troyesmellets | phil-is-a-dan-man | ayyyyy-troyler | tilly-oakley | troyesivan18 | sivoakley | troyleroakley | 5-seconds-of-troyler | shipping-shoey | heartbreak-troye | sprinkleofjanya | youtubers-ugh | troyler147 | frentus-troye | narrywhales | amazingtroyler | troylerrocksmyworld | troyesquiff | hitroyler | haveyouseentheirbutts | everything-troyler | sassyfrentus | literallyhowellonfire | troyler-bitch | t-r-o-y-l-e-r-e-l-l-a | tyleroakleyiseverything | troylerqueenofall | almostatroylerblog | yaaastroyler | tylerbroakley | forever-troyler | tyleroakley-troyesivan | theperksofbeingacozartist | sleep-sarcasm-youtube | amazing-dan-is-on-fire | theyoutubefangirl | troyler-sivley | i-frostyyy | xxtroylerxx | ihearttroyesivan

And of course troyesivan and tyleroakley the queens. 

Again thank you to everyone who follows me!! It means the world to know that people actually like my blog! And i’m sorry if I missed anyone out I seriously love every single person who follows me!!! 


anonymous asked:

can you recommend some great the 100 blogs preferably clexa trash lol

I want it known that you said trash because that means I’m going to recommend you to all the Clexa blogs I love and some of them are a bit out there and goofy as shit. If I were you I would definitely go through some of the blogs before following them blindly and remember that everyone’s humor is different. XD

@ontareyes @clarkegriffinsleftbuttcheek @cstia @hedaswarrior @decaheda @daddylexas @killthegiant @off2polis @finnspoe @misselizataylor @hajabeg @skikru @clexa-fanart (you should all follow this for more art seriously) @ohmyheda @clexasource

I have some friends who are more multifandom from my Rookie Blue fandom days but these are the blogs that I have followed recently for Clexa reasons.

and you can follow my blog if you want @clextaviatrash but I’m legit trash so I wouldn’t do it.