seriously go bones!!

I will say this

‪I know my art and plush is all over Pinterest and Instagram without my permission. But I watermark all my work it’s sad people do this tho.‬ ‪

I guess I just gave up on reporting everyone as long as they’re not pretending to be me and take orders.‬

I still don’t like it one bit. What’s so hard about not posting something that you didn’t make yourself?

The sad part is even with my name clear as day on my work people still say “I don’t know who made it but posting anyway without credit”

I been quiet about it, but it really needs to stop.

Well that gives a new meaning to “bringing the house down”

Never stop blowing up hapless bystanders, NCIS!

It amuses me that the washed-up rocker in this episode looks eerily like Tom Petty, though. 

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Ashley you precious cinnamon bun why did you even offer food to a 60ft skeleton

…Welp. Turns out I’m not leaving the hospital anytime soon.

ok kids story time

so my new friend ben, who i met during the first week of college, turns to me today before a meeting and says “So Arianna, I have a question for you. Could you…”

and internally

i’m thinking please let this sentence end with “watch star trek with me” since we did watch an episode while staying up all night once at 4 am

and okay, i tell myself, calm down this has nothing to do with that

he then finishes his sentence with, and i kid you not:

“…get a list of all the episodes with Spock and Bones? I need to get their dynamic down, I’m writing fanfiction.”


Mommy’s family was watching some silly television drama while Mommy was giving me noms and cuddles today. Mommy brought me over to the TV to see if I would like the show. Here is my verdict: I am not opening my eyes or coming out of my shell until you get me away from that silly show–I want nothing to do with it!

(Once Mommy turned me away from the TV and brought new noms, I opened my eyes and started running around again.)

Leonard wished he could disappear into himself, or start running and never look back. But he’d tried that once, so he knew better. And right now he didn’t think he could get far anyway. So instead, he stayed silent, rubbing his arms and trying to focus on the cars going past. But there just weren’t that many of them, and the ones that were slowing down were slowing down for the tall, leggy girls in mini-skirts and stiletto heels. The crowd he got business from didn’t usually start coming around until midnight, but Marcus had made him go out early tonight. So even though it was only ten o'clock–and he really didn’t want to do this–he paced the curb, trying to attract a customer.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Marcus leaning against the back of his van, arms crossed, watching with a scowl. Leonard knew he should be trying harder. He was in enough trouble as it was. So when the black car actually started slowing down, he plastered on his best smile and moved towards it, hoping against hope that whoever it was would a) take him up and b) not want anything too terribly unpleasant.

To his surprise–and alarm–the motor cut off and the front doors of the car opened. The man in the driver’s seat was an older man with salt-and-pepper hair; the passenger was a younger man, with a mop of blond hair and an incredibly pale face. Leonard wondered if he was sick and felt an inexplicable twinge of worry. Before he could say anything, the older man looked at Leonard, then turned towards the van parked a few feet away. “Marcus!” he called. “I want a word with you.”

Great, Leonard thought miserably as the two men walked over to Marcus. They’re old friends of his. Which means getting a discount, which means I’ll have to work twice as hard later. He bit his lower lip. Then he saw Marcus’s scowl deepen and got even more worried.

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scenario #1: Rin settles into his desk and the teacher comes in and announces that there’s a new student. Sousuke steps in and introduces himself: “My name is Yamazaki Sousuke. I have a boyish name and I’m a boy” while smirking right at Rin.

scenario #2: Rin is in the pool practicing his butterfly when he hears “Race you.” and when Rin is recovering from the shock, Sousuke gets a headstart on the race.

scenario #3: Sousuke stands leaning against a pillar in the Samezuka hallway like a poser nerd, waiting for Rin to walk by. And when Rin does, he pulls out a line that he took three weeks to think of.

scenario #4: Sousuke runs into Rin and the Iwatobi crew hanging out after joint practice and he walks right up to them: “Rin Rin”. 

scenario #5: The camera pans up Sousuke’s glorious bara body in the showers. With sparkles and all. Guess who walks in right then.