seriously go bones!!

I will say this

‪I know my art and plush is all over Pinterest and Instagram without my permission. But I watermark all my work it’s sad people do this tho.‬ ‪

I guess I just gave up on reporting everyone as long as they’re not pretending to be me and take orders.‬

I still don’t like it one bit. What’s so hard about not posting something that you didn’t make yourself?

The sad part is even with my name clear as day on my work people still say “I don’t know who made it but posting anyway without credit”

I been quiet about it, but it really needs to stop.

writing plans for 2018

All these callout posts today… @strix​ and @jerepars​ tagging me like that.  It’s like you know how much I’ve been procrastinating.  I have far too many ideas and far too little time.  If you ever wondered how quickly a snail writes, it writes faster than I do. 

things I am most definitely going to write:

  • Finish ‘Only You’ (hopefully this weekend (she says AGAIN)) because there’s two more chapters left.  One scene has been stopping me, along with the inherent need to completely rewrite it and add a MURDER MYSTERY off all things
  • Alice Cooper Goes to Southside (title tbd) - I am ever so slowly picking away at this.  The only thing stopping me is the actual literary analysis parts and the fact that every time I finish one scene, another pops up like a daisy.  (currently at 9k)
  • The short piece of flash fiction about Jughead finding Betty’s diary.  It’s dark and I’m on the fence about whether I want to post it, but currently that’s the one I’ve been turning to lately.  (currently at 2K)
  • The massively giant supernatural/paranormal AU I’ve been writing for season 1.  Because sometimes a gal needs more werewolves and witches and vampires (oh my) in her entertainment. (29K words and counting)
  • Season 2 and the Sentient Wig - based on @raptorlily​‘s crack theory about Clifford Blossom’s wig being the BH.  This requires a rewatching of the Scooby Doo Franchise.  (750 words)
  • Short character study of Penelope Blososm post s1E12 wherein she reflects on how her life came to this.
  • One shot soulmark piece.  Because I like to dig into the idea of something and then completely upend it with critical thought  (currently at 5K)
  • Thin Line Between Love and Hate - Bughead fic where they dislike each other, but end up having to work together for Archie’s birthday.  
  • Vietnam Bughead AU - Hey, self?  Haven’t we done an AU based on letters?  Yes, but this one is different.  (currently at 25K)
  • If the group starts meeting more frequently and we get more experience under our belts, a D&D campaign that is altogether wickedly evil and I’m so excited about it

things I’d like to write, time permitting:

  • Varchie fic based on Werewolf of London (did I mention I love AU’s?)
  • ‘Apologies in Advance for Jughead’ - Archie and Jughead work for the paranormal division of the FBI - entirely based on Twin Peaks’ line of ‘Apologies in advance for Albert’
  • Bedazzled sendup wherein Betty makes a deal with the Devil (Cheryl) to get Archie once and for all (comics based)  (2.5K)
  • Comic based Bughead using the old trope of ‘If we’re not married by 30 we’ll try each other out’
  • Jeronica/Barchie-light fic (don’t kill me!  I’m just inexplicably intrigued by the concept of Jeronica) where the Lodge’s ties with the Serpents ran much deeper.  Or, where the Lodges took Jughead in long before they came to Riverdale.
  • Short Halice high-school one shot
  • Hot Rods and Bobby Soxxers - Literally what it says on the tin
  • P&P send up - Wherein Betty comes from Hollywood Royalty, Jughead’s only in it for the money, and Cheryl and Veronica can’t seem to keep their eyes off one another. (3K of plotting in…)
  • F.P./Alice fic based on the Gin Blossom’s Hey Jealousy.  (Well, not really Falice, so much as Falice longing and wondering why it never happened.  1.5K on this one.)
  • Non-RD: I’d like to see if I can return to Crispers at some point this year, even if it’s only a few hundred words.  And maybe Mr. Wrong if I can manage
  • And maybe buckle down and finish writing Promises and a Table for Two, so long as the hotel lobby scene and the meet the family scenes can write themselves.
  • I’m trying so hard not to launch myself into a Gert/Chase Karolina/Nico Runaways AU where they grow up knowing about their parents because I know I’ll get 18k words into it and abandon it.  C’est la vie

There’s more, but I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough with this unfinished list largely because wow do I spend a lot of words not finishing anything.  Adulting sucks because you don’t have time when you want it, and do have time when you don’t need it.

If anyone wants to use any of the below, please feel free to take it and run.  My only requirement is to hit me up so I can read it.  I’m almost entirely convinced everyone who’s done any sort of writing but if you haven’t please feel free to do this and tag me.

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Ashley you precious cinnamon bun why did you even offer food to a 60ft skeleton

…Welp. Turns out I’m not leaving the hospital anytime soon.

anonymous asked:

What are some good wdw blogs? I'm new to the fandom!

I’m honored that you asked me. These are some of the blogs that came to mind (I’m very forgetful so it’s very likely I forgot to mention a bunch)(Also I can’t grammar :\) I’m also most likely mentioning people you already follow, sorry.

@incorrectwhydontwequotes - first WDW blog I followed and I LOVE her post, and her tags! They’re the best and make my day. 

@avanunez13- AVA, she’s so nice and welcoming. She doesn’t write, but she post pictures of the boys (be careful, she’ll attack you with pictures of your favorite) 

@seaveyslut I love her so much, she’s one of the nicest and kindest people every, and she writes amazing imagines! She’s like our mom, we all look up to her(at least I do) 

@superseavey SHE’S AMAZING. She post videos of the boys, so if you ever in need to watch them being weirdos, she’s your girl! 

 @jackaveryunlimited Her imagines are so fucking good, like she just wrote a Jack one and I almost swerve. (but i didn’t and that’s whats important) 

@whydontweband  Imagines that will have you shook to the bones! Seriously, go right now and read everything. 

@kindacorbyn  Shooketh to the bones, a must! 10/10 would recommend, very cool and very kind and sweet. Totally rad! (Omg stop me idk why i talk like this, but seriously 10/10)

@averyimagines I keep repeating myself, but everyone is just so good! Shooketh to the mother fucking bones. Has a friends theme going on that is like the best thing ever.

@drunkondaniel 10/10 would also recommend, writes various types of imagines (must be 18 or older to follow, maybe 17 bUT NO YOUNGER) Jk, go follow right now or you’re missing out.

@noodles-send-n00ds  Made me cry more than once with her imagines, go tell her that, and while your at it, follow and read everything

@nightsspentthinking IF YOU LOVE JONAH LIKE I DO (or even like a fraction bc I love him A LOT, more than i love myself tbh, well that doesn’t mean much) THEN GO FOLLOW HER RN. Go 2 when I need to fangirl about Jonah, fangirls with me and we express out anger that we don’t hear his voice in songs enough

@wdw-b-log Don’t think about it, just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. So nice, kind and just an all around sweetheart. Talk to her, befriend her. 

@simplywdw-fp 10/10 would recommend all the way! Talk to her, befriend her, she’s so nice and sweet and kind and just do it! You won’t regret it at all! 

@wdwdolan Name says it all. WDW+Dolan Twins? It doesn’t get any better than that! 

@danieljseavey I just started following recently butikinda’vebeenstalkingherbloganditsgreat FOLLOW HER SHE IS SUPER RAD

@impossibly-not (aw yus, i can finally tag her) SHE’S SUPER RAD AND COOL AND SHE’S A GREAT PERSON TO BEFRIEND and she’s a WDW blog, BONUS!

@boomboomboomwayhoo also a recent follow, alsokindastalked, A MUST! I mean, look at the name, it says it all!

@bandtrash1994 Okay, she’s not 100% WDW but her lockscreens are the absolute best!

And that’s all I can remember :D

Edit: Some of these aren’t in bold, idk why I made them all bolded. The fact that some aren’t means nothing! I love all of these blogs and they’re all great!

ok kids story time

so my new friend ben, who i met during the first week of college, turns to me today before a meeting and says “So Arianna, I have a question for you. Could you…”

and internally

i’m thinking please let this sentence end with “watch star trek with me” since we did watch an episode while staying up all night once at 4 am

and okay, i tell myself, calm down this has nothing to do with that

he then finishes his sentence with, and i kid you not:

“…get a list of all the episodes with Spock and Bones? I need to get their dynamic down, I’m writing fanfiction.”


Mommy’s family was watching some silly television drama while Mommy was giving me noms and cuddles today. Mommy brought me over to the TV to see if I would like the show. Here is my verdict: I am not opening my eyes or coming out of my shell until you get me away from that silly show–I want nothing to do with it!

(Once Mommy turned me away from the TV and brought new noms, I opened my eyes and started running around again.)