seriously go bones!!

ok kids story time

so my new friend ben, who i met during the first week of college, turns to me today before a meeting and says “So Arianna, I have a question for you. Could you…”

and internally

i’m thinking please let this sentence end with “watch star trek with me” since we did watch an episode while staying up all night once at 4 am

and okay, i tell myself, calm down this has nothing to do with that

he then finishes his sentence with, and i kid you not:

“…get a list of all the episodes with Spock and Bones? I need to get their dynamic down, I’m writing fanfiction.”


Mommy’s family was watching some silly television drama while Mommy was giving me noms and cuddles today. Mommy brought me over to the TV to see if I would like the show. Here is my verdict: I am not opening my eyes or coming out of my shell until you get me away from that silly show–I want nothing to do with it!

(Once Mommy turned me away from the TV and brought new noms, I opened my eyes and started running around again.)