seriously flipping out right now

To all TWD fans flipping out about Rick right now..


Seriously, chill.

I’ve seen people here threatening to stop watching the show, calling the writers idiots, saying this is “SO not like the Rick I know”, bad mouthing the actress that plays Jessie, calling Jessie a slut and even trying to make the lack of a Rick + Michonne physical romance into a race thing.

Not cool guys, not cool.

Let’s consider the facts for a second ok? First and foremost, Rick is a living, breathing human being. Human beings get horny, especially when they haven’t had sex in over a year (!!!) Human beings also do slightly irrational things when they’re a little drunk AND they’re physically attracted to someone who has been really nice to them (seriously though, don’t pretend you’ve never acted a little “stupid” around someone you had the hots for. Get off your high horse.)

Also, saying that “this isn’t Rick” is a ridiculous thing to say. I hate to break it to you but Rick is not your angel. Just because you want him to be good and noble all the time doesn’t mean he’s going to be. So yes, hitting on a married woman (or almost pulling a gun on her probably abusive husband) may not be the moral thing to do but then again, Rick might not be the “good guy” you think he is. Not to mention, he has gone through some seriously fucked-up-shit for the last two years. Holding him up to pre-apocalyptic standards of mental stability is…kind of silly, don’t you think?

As for the Michonne+Rick romance…. I have been a strong Richonne shipper since the beginning. They make for an INSANELY beautiful, well developed couple. Their love has been growing for a long time. All the knowing/loving glances, all the little hand and shoulder touches, all the heartfelt conversations…that’s the real deal. It’s ok, good things come to those who wait. His intense respect and admiration for her shouldn’t be negated simply because he’s not having sex with her right now. Is sex the only barometer to judge Michonne’s importance by???

What Jesse and Rick have right now is a sexual attraction, coupled with a little emotional bonding. Jesse radiates a kind of comforting, maternal energy that pre-apocalypse Rick would have gone for immediately. You have to remember that their first meeting was when Rick was in an especially vulnerable place; he was still tripping balls about his shaved face and he was caught off guard by Jesse’s arrival. He wasn’t completely trusting of her (“you don’t even know me”) but she won him over with her seemingly small gesture of kindness: cutting his hair. You know the sensation of someone cutting your hair or running their fingers through it? That sensation of being touched (in a slightly intimate way)? Yeah, it fucking feels GOOD. As you could see by the tear that rolled down Ricks’s cheek (Andrew Lincoln KILLING it in his performance, yet again) he was deeply affected by the idea that he was getting a haircut, after thinking he would never experience something that “civilized” again. Also, Lori used to cut his hair so that probably brought back some memories. Long story short, Rick formed an emotional bond with Jesse in that moment (before he knew she was married BTW) and something like that is really hard to shake (especially when you’re also sexually attracted to that person) no matter how wrong you know it might be.

And all of this aside, COME ON PEOPLE. Didn’t you see that little smile Rick flashed after kissing Jesse? We rarely get to see the man happy, nevermind giddy or horny. Let him have his fucking happiness for two seconds without losing your collective shit.

/End rant.