seriously find a flaw


Pairing: Matt Murdock/Daredevil x Reader

Time: Any time at all works.

A/N: This is a soulmate AU where a person can feel the pain of any wounds their soulmate receives. (I know, soulmate AUs aren’t particularly original or anything but I couldn’t resist and I’m actually kind of proud of this one.

Warnings: I’d rate this PG-13 for descriptions of violence.


Matt hears the click-bang-whoosh of a bullet being released from a gun first. Then a soft gasp that is so incongruous he can’t help but take note of it. Everything blurs into a singular crimson mass after that.

Seconds later, he notices the searing pain that has shot through his side, and even as the hand he presses over his ribs comes away unbloodied, he knows.

He knows exactly who the person that has thrown themselves in front of the onrushing bullet is. You are his soulmate.

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