seriously favorite game of all time

  • Waterfall-Undertale
  • ChrystalChameleon and Teza Belmond
  • (Vocal+Orchestral Arrangement)

@chrystalchameleon did such an amazing orchestral arrangement of this song and @tezabelmondmusic ’s vocal cover was so beautiful, so I decided to combine the two together. This is one of my favorite Undertale songs, and they both did such wonderful jobs covering it.

I think that they are both very talented and deserve a lot more recognition, so please go check them out! I seriously listen to them all the time XD

Also, credit to @ch3rrytop-art for the awesome Waterfall art!

Mass effect ask meme

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Favorite Character?
One? I have to pick one!? *cries* Seriously though, the characters are like 99% of the reason why I play any bioware game! I love so many, but absolute favourite would be Legion! (So happy I now get to play on pc so I can get him earlier in the game and spend more time with him!)

But seriously, I have most of them on top of my TV closet so yeah I love them all!

Paragon or Renegade?
Honestly I prefer to mix them up, it’s a shame that in the earlier 2 games that closes certain options to you. I know they said the morality system will be gone in me:a but I hope we still get renegade interruptions ;)

Favorite class?
Vanguard and Adept, kept the answer because yes! I love both!

War Hero, Sole Survivor, or Ruthless?
My main Shep is a war hero but I quite like the angst of sole survivor.

Spacer, Colonist, or Earthborn?

Favorite alien?
Err… either Quarians or Turians. Though the Angara from me:a look amazing and I’m looking forward to meeting them!

Favorite planet/location?
Illium or the citadel in the first game

Favorite DLC?
Citadel for the f e e l s, Leviathan for the unease throughout and the descent into the sea and the reveal! (Though I feel it’s too important to the story to be a DLC, it should have been in the base game.)

Favorite weapon?
I have to tell you I can’t remember gun names, I just can’t… But I like that one you get when you get Eve.

Favorite Shepard/OC?
Asteria Shepard, basically my only ‘canon’ Shepard.

Favorite mission?
Priority: Rannoch, the Leviathan DLC final mission (can’t think of the name right now!?), priority Thessia, priority earth.

Favorite track?
ALl of them. Unless I can choose the unofficial track, Reignite by Malukah.

ME1. ME2 or ME3?
I don’t know! Like I feel they overcorrected with me2, but I do love the loyalty missions and the suicide mission (though it needs a bit more logic to be really good, the principle idea is great), and me3 - despite what I might find faulty with the ending - is a really emotional game and I still think it showed the devastating consequences of the war and the deep friendship between Shepard and their friends.

SR-1 or SR-2?

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angeliamaritudinem  asked:

📝 👥 💭⏰ 🎬 💙 C:


📝 How did the mun react when he or she realized they wanted to write the muse? 

“I…already existed? I was on my own.” 

     [ //In the game he means ]

“But didn’t really fit there. It’s better here.” 

     [ //Sorry fourth wall confused him XD ]

👥 What is your favorite experience together as mun and muse?

“I don’t think Mun liked it very much, but it was good when we took some time to really work through things and try and figure out a new normal, when the theme changed and we sorted out that circumstances were different and we needed to learn some things. I like…I like learning. Mun…does too, but I don’t think Mun really enjoyed that one…” 

     [ //No. I didn’t. You almost died. -.- FFS ]

💭 What does the mun typically dream about?

“Mun doesn’t want me to tell you because they are not nice dreams. We both know something about having difficulty sleeping.”

What is the mun’s ideal evening spent alone?

“I…think Mun just thinks the ideal evening IS spent alone…?”

🎬 What is on the mun’s Netflix “continue watching” list?

“I don’t know what Netflix is.”

     [ //That think I stick on as background noise sometimes… ]

“Oh, where you just watch the little people in the box?”

     [ //Yeah that. ]

“And you watch them do the same things all over again because you don’t like change. That is very strange, Mun. Don’t they get bored of doing the same thing over and over?”

     [ //Possibly. ]

💙 What photos does the mun typically share on Facebook?

“What is Facebook?”

    [ //That’s that thing that I don’t use for anything except talking to my cousin.]



100% Agreed! PS2 is one of the greatest if not the greatest console of all time. :D

Okay I’m not taking Jack extremely serious with this because it’s a little exaggerated but I still agree with this and I thought it would be a fun post to make talking about this and giving me a reason to nerd out. xD Seriously though personally for me my 2 favorite consoles ever are the PS2 and the GameCube because some of those games on those systems are very close to my heart. But the PS2 I love more though it’s what really got me into gaming even though my first console was the N64. Some of the games that were made for the ps2 were incredible and those games made a huge impact on so many gamers! It’s amazing what at the time the PS2 could do as far as making games on it goes. A lot of my favorite games of all time are from that system!

Just to name a few examples of the some of the games cause why the heck not? :)

Shadow of The Colossus

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Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2

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Katamari Damacy 

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Final Fantasy 10

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That’s just a few examples, there’s tons of amazing games for the PS2! These are just games I thought of at the top of my head. It’s fine if some of you don’t agree with Jack and I on this. Every gamer has their own opinion of games and systems that we’ve kept very close to our hearts and still think of and even play them to this day. Gaming and video games as a whole are amazing! :D 

But for me personally my favorite console will always be the PS2. :)

Oo! A meme!

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  1. If you could change one thing about any of the mass effect games, what would it be? The ending of ME3… seriously, I hated it. No good options to choose from. I’m telling you, my nerdy gamer friend and I have had philosophical discussion lasting hours on how things could have and should have been different. Shepard deserved better! 
  2. Name your favorite fic, you know, the one that’s your go-to feel good fic when times are troubled–can be from any fandom. Of Elevators and Eclairs by @arcticlucie I re-read it all the time. 
  3. Favorite movie snack. How long have you been consuming this favorite snack? How freaked out do you get if the movie theater is out of this snack? Is there something that’s an acceptable replacement? popcorn and Twizzlers - like one bite of Twizzler one bite of popcorn so they’re both in your mouth at the same time. I’ve been eating this at the theater as long as I can remember. Never had them out of it before. I guess Junior Mints would work instead - I like them, too. 
  4. Do you collect things? Are you a complete collector? Or are you okay with incomplete sets of things? Not really. I don’t have the patience for hunting down stuff nor the energy for cleaning it! haha! 
  5. Top 3 otp in any fandom/s. Han/Leia; m!Shenko; Shakarian 
  6. Country mouse or city mouse? Country Mouse
  7. Background music preference. Stuff like Adele, Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz - I listen to a lot of this when I’m writing because I can kind of tune it out. 
  8. Active listening music preference - Classic rock - Led Zeppelin, the Stones, Bad Company - I can’t write and listen to these because I have to sing along! ;)
  9. What was the first video game/movie/book/other media that sent you down the rabbit hole of fandom? I would say Knights of the Old Republic. It was the first thing I ever did that gave me headcanons that I wanted to write down though I’d never heard of headcanon and I didn’t have the courage to try to write, plus, if there was a fandom in cyber world at that time, I didn’t know about it. But it was the game that got me into gaming in general and Bioware in particular. Mass Effect was the first one to suck me into all consuming fangirl heaven (or hell, depending on the day!)
  10. What are your thoughts on tabletop games? Love them! The fam and I have game nights several times a week - love Mexican Train, and a card game called Tripoley. 
  11. Who shot first? HAN!! 

My questions….

1. What was it that drew you into your current favorite fandom?

2. Do you speak more than one language? If so, what are they?

3. Name one thing you wish you were better at, or came more easily to you.

4. If you had the power to change one thing about the world, what would it be?

5. Team Cap or Team Stark?

6. Favorite Star Trek series (if you’re not into Star Trek, favorite TV series.)

7. What other interests do you have outside of fandom/gaming?

8. How many countries have you visited? What are they?

9. Favorite memory.

10. If you could see any band live right this minute, who would it be?

11. You know tomorrow is your last day on earth, how do you spend it?

Good grief it was hard coming up with those questions… I’m tagging @shotce and @ageofthegriffon (feel free to decline!) 

Also, if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged! 

so after finishing Tales of Berseria in all of a week and a half after getting it, I can accurately say that it is probably my number one favorite Tales game and I am deceased

My best tip for an aspiring artist:

Carry a sketchbook at all times. Always be sketching. Carry it with you for ideas, but most importantly to just draw whatever you see. A sketchbook is like a GYM for an artist. You go to the gym to train for the big game, lots of training- thats what the sketchbook is for. Draw your favorite stuff, but when you are at a loss, sketch (not finished drawings, just sketching) what you see around you, draw from real live and it will feed your own comics, even if it is fantasy and far away from real life. Seriously, this is a big one, I still bring one with me everywhere. I was just typing this to a young person for advice and realized its really the best advice I could give anyone.

Rainbow Six Siege is still imo one of the best games of all time for me. I love it too much. It was good in late 2015 but throughout 2016 it seriously is now personally one of my favorite games of all time. 



Screenshots from TALK LIKE THE ANIMALS | Riddle Transfer 1! :D

I swear these games just get better and better! Every single time Jack plays a new one I’m always like this one is my favorite out of all of them. xD I loved this game I loved the animal creature characters and the jokes were pretty funny. :) The riddle school games have their own special charm to them. I also loved watching Jack play this game too this was such as fun video. As you could tell I had fun with it because I made 4 posts about stuff from this video. xD I seriously can’t wait to see him play the next game. ITS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN! :D

Also one last thing.

I love this flying pig!

BTS with children today

Source: NPO_JKCA twitter 1 / 2

BTS played with children at the children welfare facility. It’s a scene where the members seriously played balloon games! It seemed like J-HOPE, who was the over-all champion in the games with the children was happy! It was a healing situation where we had Jungkook, who was requested to dance doing it with a smile and Jin being adorable. We also had V, who was asked his favorite food immediately replied “ramen.” As the children showed and played drums, they ended up joining them with RM and Suga saying “let’s meet again!” seemingly like they were reluctant in bidding good bye!! Jimin smiled the whole time.

[Anniversary Chat Transcript]


> It’s been a while, but finally the chat transcripts are ready for people to peruse! Please thank @idreim and @venhediss for being a massive help in getting everything compiled!

> As a quick note, these logs are over 6,000 words long. I’d recommend that if you’re looking for anything specific that you do Ctrl-F to search for buzzwords.

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Luau Ne Zha

My second submission for the skin contest! This time, I picked my all-time favorite god, design- and lore-wise, because seriously, Ne Zha needs more skins that aren’t flat-out recolors. I was inspired by a concept on DeviantArt of a “Pool Party” Ne Zha with a pool noodle and an inner tube in place of his usual weapons, so I decided to take it a step further and gave him a Hawaii-inspired garb. Chinese immigration to Hawaii has been a thing since the late 1700’s, after all!

This design is primarily inspired by hula dancers, which have been historically male for the most part, and fire dancers as shown with his spear. His Flaming Spear ability would have him twirl the spear around and create a dazzling display as opposed to simply activating the ability without an extra animation. The Universe Ring is now an inner tube, obviously. The Armillary Sash equivalent is a flower vine with two carnivorous flowers on each end, which nom people’s faces when he uses that ability. The Wind Fire Wheels are inspired by flaming hoops used in some fire dancer performances (I wanted to make them stone wheels like those money wheels but they’re Micronesian, not Hawaiian). He’s also barefoot of course, because one thing I’m still miffed about regarding the new model is that they gave him shoes, which is odd because a lot of depictions of Ne Zha in Chinese art show him barefooted and I like my Ne Zha barefoot personally. Lastly, many depictions of island natives give them a lot of cool tattoos, so he gets plenty of those; though I didn’t base them on anything in particular, I imagine he’d have Chinese calligraphy tattoos on his back, in keeping with his being part of the Chinese pantheon.

This pic took me the better part of five hours to make, from sketching all the way to coloring, but I had a lot of fun, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks of it. Once again, wish me luck with this contest - and best of luck to everyone else, as well!

At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it. (inspired by henrywintering​‘s incredible edit)

Look, I understand what it’s like to be broke as shit and for video games to seem really expensive, but I feel like everyone’s forgetting how much work and time goes into video game creation. There are so many people working on these big projects. There’s designers and writers and actors and modelers and composers, and I mean seriously go watch the credits of your favorite game, I bet you it’s longer than 10 minutes. These are all artists who are putting in a lot of work to create something, and every single one of them needs their paycheck too. 

There’s a huge initial investment that they’re hoping and praying to make back because if they don’t that’s how game companies go under. It’s a gamble every single game. 

So please, the next time you want to talk about how a game is overpriced at $50 because it requires some strategic saving on your end and “isn’t worth that much for the content” I want you to seriously sit down and think about all those names in the credits and divide that $50 by that number and figure out how much you’re actually contributing to the work they put into this game that you enjoy.

How Nintendo made my life better

♥️ Nintendo got me into genres I rarely or never played before (racing, fighting, real-time strategy, even RPGs, my personal favorite)

♥️ Nintendo helped me form bonds with people online and off; even people I only met for a short time found something in common with me

♥️ Nintendo made me want to take drawing seriously, and enhanced my creative spirit

♥️ Nintendo made me believe, even if for just a moment, that I could become a game designer, someone who could make other people happy

♥️ Nintendo gave me a dream when nothing else did

♥️ Nintendo made me happy when all else failed

For all this, I thank you, Iwata-sensei. Thank you for everything you’ve done. May you and the company you worked for continue to inspire others for generations to come.