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Sharing Clothes
  • Naturally he shares clothes with his Sensei at this point...there's just one small problem.
  • -Puri Puri Prisoner stops by the Saitama residence to drop off some orders by Saitama.-
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: Here are your order of clothes, Saitama-chan.
  • Saitama: Thanks. Good thing you accept coupons and stuff, Otherwise I'd probably not be able to get these on such a good deal.
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: Well I don't usually take such stacks at one time, but seeing as it's you, I can make an exception once and a while. [-winks playfully-] Though I must ask you something.
  • Saitama: What?
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: I don't mean to pry into your personal life, and of course I'm one who highly supports the adorable habit of couples who wear matching outfits, but why on earth do you have a spare for each of your outfits for Genos-kun?
  • Saitama: ...Ah, That's because....
  • -During one battle-
  • Saitama: Not bad. You took it out in one full sweep.
  • Genos: It helps to put my maximum output in such an open vacinity.
  • Saitama: [-sweats-]...Uhm...but you burned off the sleeves of my sweater....;;
  • -And in another battle-
  • Saitama: Wow, talk about a close shave. He nearly ripped your arms clean off, dude.
  • Genos: I was able to calculate his speed at the last second, so he just barely caught hold of me.
  • Saitama: [-sweats-]...Though it seems he managed to rip off the sleeves....;;
  • -And just on a normal given laundry day-
  • Saitama: Genos, have you seen my gloves?
  • Genos: I folded them on the bathroom sink for you, and will pick up your suit at the cleaners. [-Nana and Hachi are helping with the folding.-]
  • Saitama: [-sweats as he sees his sweater on Genos...sleeveless.-]....Do I realy have to say it...?;;
  • -End of montage-
  • Saitama: I don't really mind all that much about him borrowing my clothes, and even find it to be cute sometimes....But there's only so much I can take with them turning into sleeveless ruins...;;
  • Puri Puri Prisoner: ...You sure have unusual relationship issues, Saitama-chan.;;
feminist rant

Seriously so done with men thinking girls dress for THEM that they wear makeup for THEM I hate how I’m not allowed to go out at night or evening because “ girls don’t stay out late” and you’ll be thought of as a slut, and “it’s dangerous at night” because we’re feeding rape culture and don’t “spend all your time with boys” because you’re automatically a whore. GET OUT OF MY LIFE. Women’s rights are STILL not obtained. It will never be obtained until all women get education, until all women feel safe (!!!) Until we can PROTECT trans women until little girls are not forced into marriage at 10. Until we protect black girls Muslim girls Latinas and Jewish girls. Women will never celebrate victory until a woman can go out wearing short outfits and not be called slut cat called or raped, heck women should be able to go out wearing practically nothing and not be touched. Men are animals that can’t control themselves?? That is not an excuse. Gay and bisexual women can change outfits in front of each other and not disrespect one another.
Respect women protect women
This fight will end one day and we won’t have to fight to receive basic human Rights.

Let me explain something since it’s apparently Christmas in fucking October on tumblr. (Hashem help us all!) 

1. I get wished “Merry Christmas” all the time and it’s awkward Every. Single. Time.

2. I’ve worked in retail during the holiday season. The trees and the wreathes and the red and the frickin’ tinsel and Christmas lights was annoying to set up. All the Christmas music made me feel like angry weasels were boring through my skull. 

3. I asked if I could open the store on Christmas with other non-Christian employees and was laughed out of the room.

4. It is difficult to explain how utterly alienating it is to be an American citizen my entire life and feel like an alien in the culture for an ever expanding part of the year.

5. My Holidays, especially the important ones, get, at best, lip service throughout the rest of the year. More often I have to choose between my job and my religion over and over and over again, which is something that is not the case for the majority of American Christians who have the calendar bend over backwards to protect their holidays and then they have the gall to act like their holidays are “secular.”

So when you say “Merry Christmas” to me, I’m not obligated to be happy about it. You’ve just reminded me that I am an unwanted deviation from the cultural norm and it is my obligation to act like you’ve just made my day. Well guess what? I don’t work in retail anymore. I’m not obligated to put on a nice face for the customer. I have a lot of pent up annoyance I swallowed up for an annoyingly difficult chapter in my life and I’m done playing nice about it. 

This Holiday Season, I’m seriously considering wearing a blue and gold baseball cap that says “I’m Jewish” and dare you to wish me a Merry Christmas. 

Go on. Do it.

i just love personal style and fashion sooo much

like even if you wear something that i would never wear, i still kinda love it because it’s personal and awesome and cool and just interesting

it’s so sad to me when girls message me saying “i am too big/ small/ tall/ short for what i want to wear” like you are so gorgeous and i seriously mean it, please wear what you like!!! ok i’m done bye