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So Sapphires super human abillities include;

- Super strength

- Super scent

- Super hearing

- Incredible sight

- Holding her breath for abnormal amounts of time

- Incredibly strong intuition ability

- The ability to kick “Guile” halfway across a room

- Being able to sense someones presence just by their emotions

- Being crushed by her Aggron and being all good

- Falling from a rocket during takeoff and also being all good

- Comunicating with the equivilent of God through a gem stone

- And seeing dead people

At this point, nothing can suprise me anymore.

Sapphire is OP and I love her for it.

let me get this straight

Rhysand drugged Feyre and made her dance and be humiliated UtM, but you can understand, forgive, and ship feysand.

Nesta insulted Cassian in a way she knew would hurt and literally kicked him in the balls, but you can understand, forgive and still ship nessian.

Elain and Lucien have spoken like two words to each other, but you ship elucien.

But somehow… Mor and Az, who have shown kindness and caring and consideration for each other, against whom the only really argument is “what have they been doing for 500 years?”… that’s too much. That’s where you draw the line.


***I want to point out that I do ship all of these, to more or less of an extent. I, too, understand and forgive, for the most part. But… sometimes people’s attitudes towards moriel baffle the fuck out of me.

Why Young Justice is the Greatest Show in the Whole World

-Wally just being Wally
-Superman and Lex Luthor had a baby together
-blowing something up on every mission
-Connor being six years old
-Arsenal only has one arm
-they talk telepathically
-Hello Megan
-Dick destroying the English language
-Superboy not even attempting to hide his identity
-the fact that everybody dies in Failsafe
-“be as chalant as you’d like”
-M'gann and her relatable social insecurities
-Connor adopting everything in sight
-Batman playing basketball with Dick
-Wally and Artemis moved in together and got a dog
-Nightwing got sexy
-Bart Allen and Jaime Reyes
- Captain Marvel being a ten year old
-Artemis butchering classic nursery rhymes
-the Flying Graysons
-Wolf being a legit member of the team
-Mal and Karen
-aliens trying to take over the world with soda
-Everybody kissing on New Year’s
-“Human customs still elude me”
-the entire team having to get therapy after Failsafe
-Psimon and his puns
-Garfield and Megan’s brother/sister relationship
-Superman proving to be an awful father
-Dick being so happy on the trapeze at the circus
-all of the subtle dirty references
-a 109 year old man giving Wally dating advice
-Klarion and his cat
-that every version of Roy Harper has weird anger issues
-Artemis not even bothering to come up with a superhero name
-that little gap between Beast Boy;s teeth
-Adam and Alanna
-Adam reciting the jabberwocky thing as a distraction
-Mal wearing Connor’s 90’s Superboy outfit on Halloween
-the Justice League going to alien court for a whole season
-Stephanie Brown being there for like two seconds
-Same thing with Cissie King-Jones
-“Dude, that’s your sister!”
-Garfield shipping Supermartian
-Literally everyone shipping Supermartian
-Wally running a heart cross country for a ten year old queen
-Everybody thinking Blue beetle was a schizophrenic
-that M'gann based her entire life off of a sitcom
-La'gann and his crappy fish puns
-Red Tornado being the team’s mom
-the Light claiming to have control when they really have no idea what they’re doing
-G Gordon is a brat
-Martians being obsessed with TV
-Connor hating monkeys
-M'gann mind-raping everybody
-Jason Todd’s memorial
-Wally and Artemis being adorable in Bialya
-hating on Guy Gardner
-apple laxatives
-maneuver seven
-all of the heroes coming together in the last episode
-the last season taking place now in 2016
-hope for a third season which will definitely happen and don’t try telling me it’s not

Redraw | Rahkeid Dragneel - Chapter 494

Every time I watch 5sos snapchat stories:

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I love your blog, and you seem like a cool person! But it would help you a lot to reevaluate how you interpret criticism. People saying that they don't like the logo isn't a personal attack on you, it's just them commenting directly on the logo. Learning to accept criticism is a skill that helps in a lot of ways, and it's always sort of painful to see someone go 'everyone hates my work/me! guess I'll just give up (since everyone hates me!!)'. Try out new things! It'll be better in the long run!

i literally asked people for their opinion and i have been open to people saying they don’t like it i haven’t responded negatively to people saying they don’t like it at all or ‘interpreted it as an attack on me’

i said i am shutting down the zazzle shop because they took down ‘the wontons’ merchandise and the only other merchandise i had was the logo design and since there was not much interest in buying that AND i’ve had a total of 2 orders so far (generating less than $3 in profit for me), both of them now cancelled by zazzle, it is more trouble than it’s worth to me, the person putting my (free) time and energy into it. i’m currently totally unemployed and i think my time is better spent looking for a job than working on shitty designs that aren’t going to make me money, so i would appreciate not being given unsolicited advice or imperatives

You know, if Hans HADN’T have tried to kill Elsa, Anna would not have been able to perform an act of true love by sacrificing herself to save Elsa, and Anna would have ended up dead and the winter never would have ended. Soooo, if you think about it, Hans kinda saved Arendelle.

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There's definitely some AU room with the concubine characters. What if Ione gave birth to her second child and lived; what would said child be like? What if Xander died rather than Asher? I don't know, just some ideas that came to mind whilst reading the bios. Also, the idea of Hero Asher came to mind and it'd be absolutely badass to see him wield Siegfried in Xander's stead.

These are some really interesting ideas! I’m afraid that Ione and her second child are a goner no matter what though, considering they were both poisoned by Livilla. I might make portraits of what her second child would look like if they lived - maybe.

Actually, I’m glad you brought up Asher’s job class!! I haven’t talked about it before, but I’ve always had it in mind. Now a long time ago someone nice told me that in the Japanese version all the Nohr Siblings had the word ‘knight’ in their job classes. So Asher is a mercenary because that can promote into a Bow Knight so he can fit in with the motif. But being the hero class is more in line with his personality and fighting style. So when deciding what to become, he would struggle a lot with whether he wants to fall in line with his family or follow what he personally prefers and wants to be.

But that’s so sad to think of if Xander died instead! Unlike Xander, Asher isn’t close with his other siblings, so he definitely would try to keep Xander’s memory alive in particular even when he grows up and the other children die. He’d struggle a lot with being the Crown Prince so suddenly. Not because he’s unused to so much work and study, but because of all the responsibilities and the fact that this was what Xander was supposed to do. It’d only get worse after Garon falls off the deep end and Asher is forced to do less then savory things. Poor kid wouldn’t stay innocent and heroic for very long. But he would look really badass as Crown Prince with Siegfried at his side

Seeing comments on Nightwish stuff be like

“This doesn’t sound like Nightwish.”

“This isn’t heavy enough to be Nightwish.”

“It isn’t Nightwish without Tarja.”

“This isn’t Nightw–”


friendly reminder that Chaol initially point blank refused to go to the Torre Cesme even though it was his only chance at ever walking again because he didn’t want to leave Dorian again.

I’ve been noticing a big thing in how my brain works. I don’t know how to describe it without an example, but it’s really odd and I don’t quite understand it.

I came up with the idea that I wanted to make a half circle skirt, right? I thought of the process of making the skirt; digging through my fabric, laying it on the floor, taking measurements, drawing out the pattern, cutting it out, sewing it up, inserting the zipper, hemming it… Then I thought about how this process was messy and usually took a considerable amount of space. Then I started thinking of how messy my room was. I decided that before I could start working on a skirt, I needed to clean my room. But some stuff I can’t clean up; I have a couple of piles of fabric that I can no longer fit into my storage bin. They can’t be put away until I can get a new storage shelf. So I started looking at shelves online. I got sidetracked by something else and dropped the whole thing for a while. Eventually, though, I stumbled upon the topic in my head and thought my way through the whole process again. This time, instead of being hung up on the fabric piles, I got stuck on the unfinished sewing project sitting on my ironing board. It takes up a lot of space on there, and if I were to sew a skirt, I would need to find a new temporary home for it, making what I perceived to be an even bigger mess. I decided that I should finish that and put it away before starting on the skirt; problem, the pattern instructions are confusing and I don’t know how to proceed with making it. This led me to feel awful about how I couldn’t finish the project. It brought me to the conclusion that A. I suck to some degree, and B. I cannot sew the skirt that I wanted.

So, long story short, my train of thought just keeps on chugging until it finds something vaguely related that is somewhat negative and inhibits me from carrying out the task that I want to do. …Is that an autism thing? Does it occur in other stuff, like OCD or ADD?? I’ve really been noticing it lately, and it’s super frustrating… Thoughts?

:y  i just wonder how many of the prevailing opinions of Toriel n’ Asgore stem from the framing of them from a game-obstacle sort of view? 

A really long character analysis under the cut- Toriel specifically, not Asgore.

# Undertale spoilers ahead! Seriously, maybe don’t read this if you haven’t beaten the game at least once.

(Jane you may or may not want to look at this. :u I’m critiquing toriel’s behavior by comparing it to Asgore’s actions in game, so I’ll leave it up to you. I don’t wanna make u have a bad time, so just… be aware.  )

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