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McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess

Artist problem:

When you’re still awake at 2:15am and your graphics tablet starts calling your name but you need to sleep (don’t have the space to set up)

Anyone else get that? (Warning: something insane is happening in the tags. Don’t even ask. Just know it involves C sharp singing phantom graphics tablets. Seriously - don’t ask. I need to sleep .-.)

remember when luke said that one of ashton’s bad habits is looking at him a lot and that every time luke looked over he would immediately look away and ashton deadass didn’t know what to say bc he knew it was true :/

OK I'm getting into the Discourse™ because I'm seeing it everywhere.

Now before you get your PewDiePie themed panties in a twist, please remind yourself that he is a human being. He just happens to be famous for reasons I personally don’t understand, but respect. Just like I respect Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus being famous, despite my distaste for their personalities.

I am going to state clearly that I don’t like him. I tried watching some of his stuff because my friend was a huge fangirl, but I honestly didn’t like him. And for years I simply avoided his content because, and I can’t stress this enough, THAT IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU FIND SOMEONE ANNOYING. I didn’t like his content, so I just avoided it. When he came into contact with other people I DO like, I skipped those videos. And this was before I was alerted to some of the shitty stuff he does, so please understand that I formed my own opinion of the man. In fact, I went in thinking I’d like him as much as my friend did, or at least understand why she liked him. (In fact, it was about 3 or 4 years later that I found out he was a bit of a jerk.)

But this isn’t about my opinions. This isn’t about how unentertaining I find him. If it was, I’d be making posts like this about several hundred other things I don’t find entertaining. (Seriously though why are the Kardashians famous? Why should I care? I guess Kim is kinda cute but honestly I’m not interested in her family drama.) This post is about how PewDiePie is a human being and not above anyone. People are coming to his defense and while I’m sure some people who know him personally have their reasoning, he still needs to be called out for his shit. If he was really as nice as people say he is, he’d take the criticism to heart. I understand the occasional bad joke, OK? Society tends to cling to some stuff that’s just passed down and nobody realizes what’s going on until we sit and think. I’ve made bad jokes myself. But there’s jokes, and then there’s going WAY too far.

Jokes about Jewish people are pretty common. Some of them are funny, some of them are so cringe worthy I make eye contact with my knees from cringing so hard. (Overbearing Jewish mother vs the Greedy Jew stereotype.) But what PewDiePie did? What he regularly DOES? That’s not funny. That’s sick. And maybe he doesn’t realize. Maybe he doesn’t realize how bad his jokes are. You can’t make an argument without playing Devil’s advocate a little. But assuming he doesn’t know, he really needs someone to sit him the fuck down and explain why it’s not OK.

If he has an ounce of sense, he’ll sit down and think about what he’s doing. He’ll think about how influential he is as a celebrity, which he might not even know. If he was just some Scandinavian guy making bad jokes, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad. But he has an audience. Young people watch his content, and young people absorb stuff from their idols. When I was 15, I made shitty jokes too. But someone I respected told me why what I was saying was wrong. (It wasn’t a race joke or anything. It was a molestation joke and I feel good about how bad I feel knowing I used to be like that, because I learned.)

PewDiePie, if you somehow find this post, please try and take something from it. I’m not a fan, but so many people are. You are an adult. You’re 5 years older than me. You have a lot of growing up to do. I was taught when I was in the first grade that what I say and how I say it has power. You have power, and I’m sure your friends know you can do good with it if you just fucking try. It’s not opinions when you’re joking about something that people have actually been killed over. It’s not a joke when my ancestors had to leave Russia because only one religion was allowed and they faced death if they stayed. It’s not a joke when black people were hung up on trees like some sort of macabre Christmas ornament and called a word I vowed never to say. And I really hate that nobody has sat you down and explained that. You were cheated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do better. Either become the role model you have the ability to be and grow as a person, or step down. Be the person I see people say you are, or admit that you’re not.

oh my god when do you STOP ???  it’s been almost 24 hours i don’t need the drama ??  honestly you can say whatever you do, but all you do is victimizing yourself when you’re the one causing drama in the first place.   and now you’re tagging me ( ? ) in a post you’re also tagging as racism, transphobia, cissexist and colorism and i just ?? you don’t know me so please just ––– stop, you’re an embarrassment now.   all this could’ve been avoided if you’d just approached YOUR problem in private in the first place and stated your problem because all this drama is unnecessary –––––––


Actual Google results. Try it yourself.


Body refs for my tiny angry inquisitor, Lionette. She’s about 5’, if that.

I wanted to design her some armour that looked more obviously Dalish?? Hopefully I succeeded a little.

She’s a shield/sword warrior, with a Reaver spec. ABS.

I’ve got a couple of messages with Inquisitor sketch requests. I’ll work on them tomorrow! Keep sending me refs and whatnot in the mean time :D

Dimple and the poor bastard he used as a meat puppet. After what he went through in the last couple episodes of MP100 (You know; getting dragged across a field by the ankle, being possessed by a floating green booger, physically over-exerted, having part of his ear bit off, smacked and tossed around by evil spirits, etc. all against his will), I felt AWFUL for him. Can you imagine waking up from that?! Holy Cheesus.

Since he doesn’t seem to have a name I decided to give him a temporary one instead of calling him “that security guard” because I feel like he deserves some love after all the garbage he got put through.

(I may or may not have been listening to “Damn, Yoshi ft Ben Briggs” by Gamechops when I was drawing and trying to think of a name.)

"It's not over for you, Dean."

[prefacing this by saying I am overtired and half asleep, so please excuse me if I don’t make much sense]

You know, there is so much more to be said about this moment when the infected Deputy Harris delivers Amara’s message to Dean, because there are so many ways to look at it, but the one thing that stood out to me in this regard with the focus on utter destruction and complete annihilation within the episode, is how there is such twisted irony in these words.

Because last season Dean was told that he’d witness how everything would fall away, how in the end he’d end up alone with all his loved ones long gone but him still alive curtesy of the mark, how he inevitably then would probably also witness the slow but sure destruction of earth.

And now here we are, one season later, Dean’s no longer immortal, no longer carries the mark, but is bound to the original mark and the prospect of utter destruction is staring down on him just the same. Cause even if all falls away and ceases to exist, Amara would save Dean. He can’t win.

And that’s where it gets interesting. God/Chuck said he thought he could teach his sister and make her see something more in creation, but that it was impossible. That it’s a useless effort. I think he may have been wrong. Cause I don’t think in any of the universes she destroyed that he had built, she had held on to one thing, one being in it that she would save and make an exception for. But now she does. And I sadly think in part that may be her demise, though I don’t think God plans to survive this end confrontation given what he said this episode…


I just don’ get it. I honestly don’t. I want to start off by saying that and also, I understand we all have ships that we love and care about the characters etc. But I honest to god do not understand Marrish. 

Like, how is this something you consider okay? Is it because he’s a good-looking dude? I won’t even touch on the age difference (its been done a lot and for good reason) but just…he fucking sees her on decks of cards. He gives her these longing looks that border on adoration (in a stalker sense), in my opinion, she either dismisses or ignores of late. He daydreams about her in inappropriate scenarios and just…its creepy.

How is this cute? It’s so close to being borderline stalker that I am almost nervous for Lydia’s safety in general. (not to mention his sexual imaginings of her is what caused him to go all ‘dark side’. not a good way to start a relationship).

But people understand this….unhealthy and creepy relationship over Styda? Saying Stiles was just as obsessive and ‘they’re just friends’ etc? 

EXCUSE FUCKING ME! I must be unaware of all the times that Parrish’s sexual fantasies turned into anything else besides that. 

Stiles Stilinski may have obsessed over Lydia Martin at one point in time, but never once did that’obsession’ put her in danger. If anything, he tried to protect her from it and continuously made sure she was okay. Stiles wanted to be with Lydia, but never just for sex. That boy LOVES Lydia to the point he slept outside her hospital room for a whole weekend to make sure she was okay. Countless times he’s offered himself up in her place when other’s have threatened her life.

Where in the shit has those scenes been for Parrish? (so help me if someone brings up 4x09 because that belongs to Stiles tbh.)

Parrish hasn’t been the one holding her through all the turmoil she’s gone through or been there to support one another as they played detective. 

Nothing about this ship screams okay to me. It’s advanced in the most worrisome way towards an unhealthy obsession. How it is deemed as ‘sexy’ or ‘relationship worthy’ is beyond me.

Just don’t think you can ever compare Stydia to Marrish, EVER, and think Marrish is going to come out on top. Your sexual tension won’t outlast mutual love and respect.

(p.s. I like Parrish. I do. But he is not a healthy relationship alternative for Lydia. She’s been single for almost two whole seasons. She’s grown. She deserves better than another boyfriend going around murdering people and not realizing it *cough* Jackson *cough*) 

I just realized

I’ve posted frequently about Giant Sailor Moon Fan Phoenix Wright

but what about the opposite?

Usagi Tsukino plays Ace Attorney

why is this the first I am realizing this?

Usagi CANONICALLY LOVES VIDEO GAMES she is all over this. She loves Phoenix because he DEFENDS THE INNOCENT and BELIEVES IN HIS CLIENTS and she also loves Maya because hello RELATABLE (not just for loving All The Food but also holy crap talk about being born to a responsibility she does not feel at all ready for).

Her texting Ami for help and poor hopeful Ami thinks Usagi is finally asking for tutoring but nope, she’s just having a tough time with this testimony. Being Ami is suffering.

And dear god when she gets to the emotional cases LATE-NIGHT SOBBING CALLS TO REI, ALSO BEING REI IS SUFFERING.