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Don’t disturb them, they’re having a father-son moment.


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My current opinion of Leslie’s route.

Children are afraid of the dark.
Everyone knows that.
They are scared of all the monsters hiden in the shadows, of thier sharp fangs, claws, long limbs slowly crawling from under thier beds when they flick the lights off.

But sometimes…sometimes, children learn that the worst monsters can have a face of normal human. And after this discovery, nothing that could be hidden in the dark seems to be really scary.

Dean learned that after his mom died,they moved to new house, and his father started to drink.
Sometimes he just walked out the doors and didn’t come home for days. Sometimes when he came back, he was so drunk that he couldn’t even stand.
 Dean had to take care of everything. Of his little brother, of the house, of his always-drunk father. He always did everything the best he could. But sometimes it just wasn’t enough, sometimes he did something wrong. And that was when John got angry. So, very, very angry. He yelled, he cursed, sometimes he grabbed Dean’s shoulders a little too hard, leaving ugly, purple brusies on his pale skin.
He never cried in front of his father, he knew that It would only make him furious. 
But when he was alone in his room, he allowed himself to sob quietly into his pillow.
At one of evenings like this, he has met Him.
First thing that he noticed - He wasn’t a human, He looked like one, but… The shadows near him were darker, liquid black that was moving, looking like a living creature.
But that really doesn’t mean that He was scary.

He was more…. awkward standing in the middle of Dean’s room with His too big coat and crooked tie. You could even say that He actualy looked way more scared than Dean did. 
They looked at each other in silence for few long seconds.
’ I…I could read you. A book. If it would make you feel better’
His voice was low, a little rough. But there was a lot of warmth in it, and Dean decided that he likes it.
The weird not-human man relaxed a little and picked up one of Dean’s books. Dean sat up on his bed, and hugged his pillow.
‘I’m Dean’ he said eventually, because it would be really rude not to introduce himself to someone who wanted to read him a story.
’ Castiel’ the man answered, sitting on the floor ’ It’s nice to meet you, Dean' 

From that night, Castiel became a constant presence in his life. They talked mostly at night, because Cas  felt really bad in the sunlight.
But sometimes, when John was especially mean to Dean, he would made an exception and show up in the middle of the day, throwing something from the shelfs or turning on the tv, radio, and lights all at once. 
He helped Dean with his homework and taught him a lot of things about the stars, the universe, and the history of the Earth. Castiel always had the answers for all Dean’s questions.
 And he was always protecting him and Sammy.
Like that one day…one day when John hit him.

And few hour later, he feel from the stairs, and broke his hand. Dean saw it. He saw how cold Castiel’s eyes were when he was looking at John lying on the floor.  That was the first time when he was really scared of Cas.
And he didn’t talk to him for a week after this incident.
Because John was still his dad.
And Cas couldn’t just hurt someone from his family like this. 


His eyes were sad when he spoke to Dean for the first time after a week.
'I’m sorry Dean. I won’t do this again’.
It was all that Dean needed to hear.
Because Cas was family, too.

Children are afraid of the dark.
Everyone knows that.
And still, the monster living in the shadows was the one who became Dean’s best friend.

They first met when Dean was not even 5.
When he leaved the house to live with his uncle Bobby with Sam at the age of 11, he manages to tell himself that Cas never was real. Just an imaginary friend .
When his father dies 12 years later and he moves into his old house again, he expect all those bad memories to come back to him.
But he never thought  that when he wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare, he would saw those familiar, icy-blue eyes looking at him with worry. He never thought that he will see that man agian, looking the same as he looked the first time Dean saw him.
And for sure he never expected to hear that low, gravelly voice again.

’… Hello, Dean' 

let me introduce you to my newest Destiel AU
This was eating me for days, I had to do something with this story, so…
what do you think?
Should I continue this?

Got sexually harassed getting dinner with my toddler lads 🙃🙃🙃

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Using the word TERF for women who don't agree with you on feminist issues is just as childish and simplistic as the way antis behave.

Not everyone who disagrees with me is a TERF, but I’d say that a lot of people on tumblr who wouldn’t call themselves TERFs behave like TERFs without necessarily realizing it.

If somebody denies the gender spectrum by insisting that everyone with female body parts (such as ovaries) are women and everyone with male genitals are men, denies trans women are women and denies trans men are men (with some exceptions), believes ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ is so overpowering that women cannot be trusted with their sexual desires, and by insisting on these things attempts to control the language and behavior of dfab people in particular, they are a TERF.

But let’s say a person understands that transgender people exist and transphobia exists, but believes that women only like slashfic because of ‘fetishization’ and assumes that everyone who likes slashfic is a woman by default.  That’s a radfem (both TERF and SWERF) thing. And I’m going to have a hard time distinguishing them from a TERF until i know their position on transgender oppression.

I’m sure that there are other forms of nonintersectional feminism that I find equally offensive that aren’t TERFs. Oh, hey, white feminism is a good example.  But mostly I’m not arguing about racism in the feminist movement: I’m arguing about anti-shippers who borrow exclusionist politics and apply them to fandom.

Ok real talk, people say they hate the way Jaal’s body is modeled but I’m confused bc you all fell in love with Garrus DinoBug and Thane LizardMan and Javik WhateverTheFuckHeIs and I really don’t see the difference. Like…they’re aliens. They’re supposed to look weird and gangly and I love them that way

There it was the last piece of pizza conveniently in the middle of the room but as he approached the table he noticed that he was not the only one, “Vanoss don’t you dare that last slice is mine.” He took another step taunting him about it.
“I don’t see your name on it.” It was going to be like that was it as he runs full speed towards the table. In truth he wasn’t all that hungry but now he just really wanted it. Now there’s a reason they tell you not to run inside as they literally collide into each other, “I’m still getting the pizza and you aren’t going to stop me.”
“No Delirious its mine.”
“No listen the person getting the last slice is me. I looked at it first.”
“Well I’m grabbing it first and - where is it?” There was a silent pause as they both stare down at the table and realise it’s gone.
“You guys should of just shared it. It’s mine now though.” Turns out neither of them ended up getting the pizza in the end anyway.

  • Most Reylo fans: Yeah, if Rey and Kylo Ren are related, I'll stop shipping them.
  • Me *A hardcore mythology, Arthurian legend, and Game of Thrones nerd*: I don't give a damn if they are related. I'm still shipping that shit!

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I hate when customers call me by my name,like if you're a long time customer and I know you well I'm fine with it but when someone says "MICHEAL(not my real name) MIKEY(Only my grandparents call me that,please don't),MIKE,MIKESTER(my parents and siblings call me that,don't,seriously),CAN I HAVE MORE KETCHUP" or one time a teenage girl(she had to be 15-16) said "hey Mikey wanna go on a date" (I'm 28),it's just creepy

McHanzo Week 2016, Day 2 - Domestic Life
I wanted to draw them painting each other the walls in their new house (does this count?)¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tbh I don’t really like how it turned out but I still want to post something every day of The Week™, so here it goes, I guess


The love of my life (Inspiration-kun) finally decided to come back so this happened. Kinda like an alternate version of this.

Edit: Why the fuck did i spell sasuke’s name wrong?! UGH



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my least favorite thing about tgd is how zeke will support mylene through anything and is such an avid supporter of her music and career but then mylene completely disses zeke’s and the get down bros’ music, calls it garbage, drags it through the mud and thinks she’s so above it that she just can’t even support her boyfriend’s passionfor a hot second

@stereden people in my building are cutting branches off the giant oak tree because safety reasons, which….fair but also sounds like BS cause they are cutting A TON OF OTHER STUFF I DON’T THINK THESE PEOPLE KNOW HOW TREES WORK BRANCHES DON’T JUST GROW BACK ONCE A YEAR.

Also, fuck the dude I asked for his stupid “40+ year old white man jokes” of telling me deadpan that they were cutting down the whole tree (which is half the reason I moved into this apartment) and then laughed at my response (which was literally just my eyes widening). Why do men do that?? Cause it’s only men who seem to make those kinds of joke and just. Fuck them.

Also??? Did my roommate and I just miss the memo about this??? We live here too, those trees are the center of our landscape and no one even mentioned to us that this would be happening??