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How I Picture The Venus sign Couples - Aries Venus

Aries Venus x Aries Venus: The passionate couple, the couple that seems as though they can’t contain their enthusiasm for each other  

Aries Venus x Taurus Venus: The headstrong couple. The couple that never wants to give in but also will come together to push the other up  

Aries Venus x Gemini Venus: The active couple. The couple that always knows how to have fun and keep things interesting

Aries Venus x Cancer Venus: The make or break couple. The couple that would love each other for their differences

Aries Venus x Leo Venus: The competitive couple. The couple that understands each other well enough to join forces but also compete with one another

Aries Venus x Virgo Venus: The straightforward couple. The couple that wouldn’t hide anything from each other and wouldn’t lie to someone else

Aries Venus x Libra Venus: The unexpected couple. The couple that you never thought would be a great match but are amazing together

Aries Venus x Scorpio Venus: The potent couple. The couple that could build each other up or crush each other to the ground 

Aries Venus x Sagittarius Venus: The lighthearted couple. The couple that’s always out doing something but (can) avoid seriousness 

Aries Venus x Capricorn Venus: The encouraging couple. The couple that’s better for each other and gets more supportive as time passes

Aries Venus x Aquarius Venus: The positive couple. The couple that can be experimental and have no limits with one  another 

Aries Venus x Pisces Venus: The understanding couple. The couple that can teach each other a lot as the excitement dies down 

I saw a big rat in the barn this morning, he was just out there staring at me with his ol beady eyes, and for some reason my only response was to kinda chant “go rat go” at him 

I ended up running into that rat 3 times and every time I saw him I just kinda went “go rat go” at a medium volume 

Listen, completely pale, but I just want to see my soft boy Xefros use his soft jock arms to lift his new alien bud off the ground to keep her from harm and protect her to his best ability while Joey my beautiful ballerina daughter is agilely solves puzzles and encourages him to do his best seriously guys I just want these kids to find something good in each others company for good things

School Days Pt. 5 (Losers Club/Reader)

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part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

(A/N: Also very Stan/Reader leaning in this part. It be like that sometimes. If this sucks it’s because I suck, actually. I’d rather die than proofread this so come eat the hell)

Summary: The Losers Club meets the reader and Stan at his house for an emergency meeting.

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Shaved hair

So, I have gone back and forth from fully shaved head to mohawk for about 20 years. I have gotten every kind of remark you can think of. From the Amtrak bus driver who asked me “Are you gay” without a single word of preamble, to the cancer patient who gave me a hug without a word.

A shaved head on a woman is a sort of message: “I am different.”

I know it can be terrifying for some, but I seriously do encourage all women straight or not, healthy or not, to do this once. It is liberating and enlightening in ways you cannot conceive. I am not joking. Even when it begins to grow back. Even for your closest relationships.

Case in point: my family just after I got engaged to be married to my physically male, non-binary husband.

Remember I have known this boy since the age of 11. Our parents were kind of like “Jesus Finally!” But one week after I got engaged, I shaved my head again because I’d had long hair for a bit and couldn’t deal anymore. I was with my mom, and she says to me “You cannot get married with a shaved head.” I asked why. She said “Please…the wedding is for me. Just be a girl for a short time. Please.” Promise me no shaved head and no combat boots.“

She was paying. I didn’t know what to say.

I never had a good relationship with my mother. It is better now, and there are reasons I would rather not hash out in public, but this…fucked me up. Because I was me, living alone, had a job and a partner, out of college. I was the person I wanted to be and just like that, it wasn’t good enough. From my mother.

It hurt. And a couple days later, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I went to my fiancé and I said, “Babe, mom says I have to grow my hair out.”

He was joking with me, trying to make me feel better. He said “It’s not hard to deal with long hair!”

I gave him a dirty look. “How would you know? You have never had long hair. I fucking hate long hair.”

He said, “If it will make you feel better, I will absolutely grow my hair out with you.”

“What? Like…our wedding is in two years!”




And he did. He did. We got married with full heads of long gorgeous hair. He had his professionally curled the day of. I shaved mine off two days later. He…left his there for a few more years…well five more. And then he took me to a special salon where they donate the hair to cancer patients and hacked it off.

“Beauty” and the concept of “pretty” are cages. They are chains. I am a woman even if I am not female. I am powerful. I made a baby. I wrote books. I dealt with shit you wouldn’t believe. I married a person who is incredible. We have an amazing life. My hair has nothing to do with it.

This pride, if you dare, if you want to see what it is like to know yourself without all that societal bullshit, shave your head. Have pride in that which lies within. If you’re a guy? Grow it out. Do something that people would immediately assign to another gender.

Do it. You only live once. Don’t go to your death thinking “God I wish I had just been me.”

Be you.

I love you guys.
To Solve Its Hardest Problems, Silicon Valley Turns to Physicists
As the technological challenges of tech companies get bigger and badder, a crowd of physicists is moving in on the engineer headcount


And people ask me what I’m going to do with my physics degree.

But in all seriousness, I find this very encouraging. Particularly because this type of work better suits the theory types like myself. It gives me hope that there is flexibility in my career!

SUMMARY: Sam and Dean promised to let you kill the vampire who turned Dean, but Dean broke the promise. It turned into an argument, which turned into a confession. But whose confession was that?

DATE: 10102017

You and Dean were arguing ever since three of you finished hunting those vampires. You, Sam and Dean had discussed that you would take the last shot, meaning you will be killing the targetted vampire after trapping and killing the others. Yet, Dean didn’t listen to you. Yes, there was a bit delay because you didn’t expect the vampire would know you were in the shadows—but, then again, he’s a vampire and he has sense—but you were ready to kill him when someone pluck the vampire’s head off right before you. Even though Dean would appreciate you with a thank you note, but you didn’t take what he did as saving your life. Instead, he was pissing you off.

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Spa Treatment: An Ed One Shot

Are ya’ll ready for some sweet, caring Ed smut? After much waiting and anticipation it’s finally here! Thanks so much to everyone who encouraged me to do this. Seriously, I never dreamed of getting so many people requesting smut from me. I’m truly honored and hope it lives up to expectations. Without further ado (cos there’s been plenty) I present…well you read the title (can you tell I’m nervous?)


I glance at the clock and groan. I have a little over an hour to shower before meeting up with friends. When I had tried to politely turn down the invite, I was subtly reminded that going out when I didn’t want to was the exact reason I was happily in a relationship in the first place. I couldn’t really argue with that. I wasn’t sure when Ed would be home, so I figured I should at least start getting ready. I drag myself to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I hook my phone up to the speaker and strip as the water heated up.

Why I hadn’t gotten in sooner was beyond me because this was exactly what I needed. I could feel my stress start to melt away and go right down the drain. After about the third or fourth sing-along I heard the front door close and Ed voice calling out. After a minute I heard the bathroom door open and a rush of cooler air flood in.

“Would you care if I join you? I’d like to shower too and I know you’re not going to save me ANY hot water.”
I poke my head out of the shower to give a quick retort but the words died in my throat. He was in the middle of pulling off his jeans. I hear his belt hit the floor, the buckle dragging across the tile as he kicked them aside. He must have shed his shirt as soon he walked through the door. His hair was damp, I guess it was still raining. Half was plastered to his forehead while the other half had rebelled, curling up in an unrefined mess. He was the epitome of disheveled sexiness. Is my mouth open? Yep. mouth’s open. I slide the door close, darting back to where it was warm.

“How could I say no when you’re wet and cold?”

I hear him chuckle “So, I’ll get my way if I strip down?” I could picture his expression. His lips curling up in a smirk, one of his eyebrows raised in a teasing manner.
“Mmm, well it’ll definitely help your chances, but its not a guarantee.” But it almost is and he’s just too much of an gentleman to use it.

He slides the door open and feel the cold air pour in with him. I shiver and crowd a little closer. He must have noticed, since he leaned down and added a little more hot water before turning around. He stood there for a moment, letting the water run down his body. I take the moment to admire the view, watching the water run over the cacophony of colors that covered his torso. It’s something I’ll never get tired of seeing. I could spend hours in bed studying every inch of that vibrant torso.

He tilted his head back, running his fingers through his hair. He peered at me with one eye almost hidden by his hair, with a little smirk. Singlehandly one of the sexiest things I have ever witnessed and he most definitely knew it. There used to be a time where he’d get self conscious about it, but now he revels in it. He never ceases to amaze me, with just the simplest things. Whether it’s the way he rubs his eyes when he starts to get tired or the way his face lights up with the first bite of a meal. It really is the little things.
“By the look of things, you’ve been in here a bit. You have a bad day?”

His question has pulled me out of my reverie. “Mmm, not a bad day really.” I sighed “Just long. I was glad to be home.”
He pulled me into a hug, one I gladly returned. I put my head on his shoulder and I felt his hand brush the back of my head. I really hadn’t realised just how exhausted I was until that moment. Or how much I really needed an embrace, specifically from him. I felt him place a kiss on the top of my head.

“Can I do something that might help?” I look up. “I can wash your hair,” My face must have said I’d rather you do anything else because he quickly added “If you don’t want me to, that’s fine. I just remember you saying you loved it when you get your hair brushed and I thought washing it might have the same effect.”

My heart melted. Seriously, how did I get so damn lucky? “Oh, No, sorry, I didn’t mean- It’s just, I’ve never had anyone ask to wash, well anything come to think of it.” It came out in a rush, trying to reassure him that it was fine.

It was his turn to look surprised. “Wait, really?” He let out a laugh, which caused me to grin. Just the little things. “Well, never mind that now. I’m going to have to fix that. I’m gonna give my lady the proper spa treatment she deserves.” He grabs the shampoo bottle and pours a ridiculous amount into his hand. I’m talking about overflowing handful and while I do have long hair, but this is utter overkill.

“Wait, Ed, you don’t need that mu-”

I’m cut off when he pours it all on my hair, tells me to turn around and lean my head back a little. I do as he says and soon his fingers are massaging my scalp and the amount of shampoo was soon forgotten. I hum in appreciation, closing my eyes and let everything else fall away. When he’s right, he’s right, this did feel amazing. Though, if this is going to be a reoccuring act, I’m going to have to teach him proper shampoo dispersion or I’m going to be buying a new bottle every week.

I tilt my head back a little more so I can look up at him as he works. He was wearing a content smile, humming softly as his fingers worked through my hair. He tsked, pushing my head back up. I had prepared myself some tugging and snagging since I knew how bad my hair liked to tangle, but it never came. He worked with a gentleness, stopping to work out every tangle he came across. Soon his fingers went from working the knots out of my hair to the ones in my neck and shoulders. A moan escaped my lips and he chuckled.

He gathered all my hair to one side of my neck and started placing a trail of kisses down the other. My eyes fly open. He knows that’s my weakness. All fight (and decency) leave my body once those lips touch my neck. Alright Sheeran, you wanna dance, lets dance. I turn and place my hands the on the sides of his head, intertwining my fingers in his wet locks, pulling him to me. He gladly accepts my invitation to come closer, his hands cupping my face before his lips brush against mine. Gently, but with a hint of need. There was never any lip crushing kisses with him. No tongue forced in, shoved down your throat. No, his was always gentle. Soft, but never hestitant. Slow, reassuring, filling you with need. No, nothing was ever rushed with Ed. His hands moved to the back of my head. His tongue grazing over my lips, outlining them before pulling my bottom lip between his teeth, applying light pressure.

I let my hands fall from his hair and glide down his back, enjoying the feel of his wet skin under my hands, before dropping them down to his ass. I give it a squeeze, reveling at how perfect it was. He pulls his lips away from mine.

“Oh, is that how It’s going to be?” There was a a smirk playing around his lips. His eyes glinting with, what I assumed was very dirty thoughts.

“That’s how it’s going to be.” I reply simply, returning the smirk with one of my own.

A truly sinful grin started spreading across his face. He twisted my hair around his hand and pulled my head back. He started nipping and sucking on my now easily accessible neck, his breath tickling my skin and causing goosebumps to raise on my flesh despite the warm water flooding down. His other hand gliding down, his fingers lightly grazing over my collar bone, all the way down to my breast. He rubbed his thumb around my nipple, teasing it until it hardened. He pulled it in between his finger and thumb, rolling it slowly applying just the right amount of pressure. All while still kissing his way up and down my neck. I feel my body arching toward him, my nails digging into his skin. I drag one hand away from his behind and trace his hip bone, lingering for a few moments before dragging them down his length. His fingers twitched, but he maintained the same steady rhythm.

I started gliding my hand up and down his shaft, gradually tightening my grip but, mantainting the same slow speed. I could feel his body tensing to my touch. I began to focus on just the head, my thumb running steady circles around the tip. I felt him moan against my neck. His breathing was the only thing that faultered. After a minute or so he lifts his head.

“No one likes a tease, love” He whispered in a husky voice, his lips brushing against my ear. The sound of his voice mixed with his breath tickling my neck and ear sent a wave of heat through my body.

“Mmm, You started it.” My voice a little breathless, but my hand never waivered, still rubbing circles around his head.

“I started it?” He scoffed, his eyebrows raised in mock shock. “I wasn’t the one over here moaning. You know, I love it when you moan. It drives me absolutely mad.” This sounded more like a revelation, rather than a statement. I hadn’t noticed that his other hand had let go of my hair until he was gently pushing me back against the shower wall. “I love seeing you come undone.” He added, slipping his fingers into me causing me to gasp. I let my hand fall, opting to grab ahold of his shoulders instead “I love seeing your skin flushed and your breathing ragged.” His thumb rubbing on my clit while his fingers steadily pumped in and out of me, in what I noticed was the same speed I had been using on him. Always attention to detail.

He smirked when he felt my grip tighten but still kept the same tantalizingly slow speed. Those gorgeous blue eyes keeping a steady gaze on my face. I wanted more, no I needed more and he knew it. He was dragging this out, soaking up every moan and gasp I made.

“I’m going to take my time.” His voice had dropped down to a low, tantalizing whisper. His fingers had stopped, but stayed inside. His focus had shifted exclusivily to my bundle of nerves. His thumb switching to circles, his speed increasing slightly causing me to squirm. “I’m going figure out every spot that makes you moan.” He twitched his middle finger, hitting a sensitive spot causing me cry out. A satified grin flashed across his face. “I’m going to find out how long it takes before you’re trembling.” He added pressure with his thumb in spontaneous intervals making me jump, moan and grab on to him even tighter. He’d curl his fingers inward every now and again for an added effect. “And I’m going to find out what makes you lose complete control.”

He had started kissing on my neck again, nipping and sucking his way down to my breast. He ran his tongue around my nipple, then flicked it across a few times before taking it into his mouth. He began sucking on it, running his teeth over it, using his tongue to massage it. I could feel him smile at the sound of me getting more worked up. I could feel the warmth starting to gather in the pit of my stomach and my legs had began to shake. My hands moved to his head, my fingers grasping his hair.

“Ed, Ed, please.” I had barely managed a whimper. Both his tongue and thumb worked in the same motion, faster now. His fingers working furiously, hitting just the right spots. He wasn’t just teasing me earlier, he really was doing exactly what he was saying. Figuring out every spot and what my reaction was to it. He put his new found knowledge to the test and soon it felt like someone had replaced my blood with lava. The heat building up, threatening to spill over. Sensing I was close, he switched his rhythm from circles to a quick back and forth, paired with his teeth holding my nipple in place while his tongue just flicked back and forth. Adding the hot water beating down on me was almost too much for me to handle.

He pulled his mouth away from my breast putting his lips by my ear. “Come for me love. ”

The heat spilt out, spreading out to my extremities, causing me to see white. I closed my eyes, my hands closing into fists in his hair desperately trying to find something, anything to keep me grounded. In that moment nothing else existed, I was floating away, carried off by a wave of pleasure. It could have been a minute, it could have been an hour. Time meant nothing. I felt his lips press against mine, bringing everything back into focus. I felt his arms around me, holding me close to him. I hadn’t even noticed he was holding me up. I open my eyes, greeted by a very pleased looking Ed. Another sight I would never get sick of seeing.

He brushed some stray strands of hair that had stuck to my face, his other arm still wrapped around me. “So, how did you like your first spa treatment?” That smirk creeping across his face again.

“Hmm” I tap my chin in mock thought, yet unable to hide the smile that had crept across my face “Well, I was definitely satisfied, but I won’t be recommending this spa to my friends. I think I’ll keeping this all for myself. Though I do feel bad about this being an one sided treatment”

He smiled “This is an exclusive spa love. You’re the only one that has a membership. And don’t feel bad. Keeping score is no way to run things. No ‘You owe me a shag at a later date of my choosing.’ Your pleasure is my pleasure. ” He tapped my nose with a wink causing me to laugh. How he could go from dripping with sex appeal to being an loveable goof was, in short, amazing.

It really is the little things

I reach up to feel that most of the shampoo had been washed away. Which was a good thing since the water temperature was dropping fast. “Lets hurry and get cleaned up so we can get out and warm up before we head out.”

Ed planted a kiss to my forehead. “Yeah, we sorta forgot why we were in here in the first place.”

After a night of dinner, drinks, and friendly debates, we call it a night and make our way back home. I crawl into bed, completely exhausted. I hadn’t drank near as much as everyone else but after the, as Ed put it, spa treatment I was ready for a warm bed. Ed climbed in beside me and I felt his arms wrap around me, pulling me toward him. His fingers toying with a strand of my hair.

“Hey, Ed?”

“Mmm?” I could tell by the way he responded he was just as tired as I was.

“Can we have another spa day? For both of us?”

I hear a sleepy chuckle. “We can have as many as you want. We’ve nothing but time.” His words were slightly slurred, his tongue heavy with sleep. His fingers still playing with my hair, helping me wind down. Warm and content, I drifted off to sleep. His hand still in my hair.

It’s the little things


Digger and Sparky : Mad Princess Part two

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Part one is Mad Princess

Slightly worried that this won’t have been worth the wait for you all now!

Captain Boomerang/George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptivefamily! Joker x Reader

Words: 3586
Spoilers for the film.

I planned for Part Two to encompass the rest of the film but it clearly got away from me…

Patience was the one thing you had over The Joker and Harley, waiting for the opportune moment to strike had saved your ass on more than one occasion. Unfortunately it wasn’t something that Digger shared with you. Flag was surveying the building and you were both waiting behind abandoned cars with the rest of the Squad behind other nearby cars.
“Can’t you zap this thing in my neck?” Digger asked as he jabbed at his neck.

“You think I haven’t tried? As soon as I found out what it was I tried to zap the thing out of order but the amount of electric I would need would basically blow my neck apart and that is surprisingly what I’m trying to avoid.” You explained, you had tried a few times to see if you could mess with it, you could usually knock electronic signals off easily but there was no way you’d survive trying to destabilise the device.
“So how’d they catch you sparky?” He asked after checking Pinky was still in the inside pocket of his jacket.

“Seriously how many times have I told you not to call me that.” You groaned and ignored him in favour of watching the building.
“It suits you. Come on how?” He was sat down and nudged you repeatedly with his foot until you pointed your finger at his boot and gave him a mild shock.

“The Bat caught me walking home.”  You told him after a moment.
He was quiet as though he was thinking it over before he started with a loud barking laugh, Flag turned and hissed at you to shut him up, which you did with a quick jolt of electricity to his jaw which made El Diablo and Killer Croc laugh from behind their car nears yours.

He quietened his laugh slightly but refused to stop, “Big bad Meta-human get taken out by a man playing dress up?” He laughed again and didn’t stop no matter how horrific your glare became.
“At least I didn’t get taken out by a fucking child, you useless ass.” You snapped angrily and pushed his arm so hard that he fell onto his backside from his crouch.

“Useless? Now I know there’s been times that you found me useful.” He teased as his hands found your hips and he tried to pull you down to sit in his lap but you held onto the car so you could stay crouched. When he plan didn’t work he knelt himself so he could lean forward onto your back and kissed your neck, one of his hands continued round to circle round your waist and the other travelled down of your legs.
“Are you serious? Now? Here?” You asked incredulously, though you couldn’t deny that you were tempted to slink off, it had been nine months since you’d been locked up and you missed his touch, but as Digger kissed your neck where they’d injected your bomb resolve washed over you like cold water. There was no way you were letting Flag blow your head off just because you were horny and got carried away.
“Now’s a good a time as any, they’re gonna be staring at the building for ages Doll.” He continued to kiss your neck and you found yourself moving your head so that he could reach the base of your neck, his beard scratched you in a completely tantalising way.

“Dig, stop.” You mumbled and let electric course through you, just under your skin, enough to give him static shocks on his hands and lips. But Digger was a strange man with strange kinks, he kept a fucking pink Unicorn in his coat, and he liked the danger and the tingling sensations that came with your powers, which was good because you often lost control of them in the bedroom.

So instead of being put off, he groaned and wrapped his arm around you tighter and bit your neck, “Foreplay in front of all these soldiers eh?”

“Dig, behave yourself I’m serious.” You gently pulled his arms from you and crawled away slightly in the hopes that some distance would help you find your senses again.
“Y/N.” Digger said your name in the same teasing tone he used when it came to him chasing you around the bedroom, you didn’t look in his direction because you could already imagine the smug, self-satisfied smirk on his face.
In a desperate attempt to escape his advances, which if you didn’t have a bomb in your neck you would totally be all over, you called over to Killer Croc, your jail cell neighbour, behind the car closest to yours.
“Hey Killer? If someone was annoying me, how long would it take you to eat all of them?” You asked him, careful not to let Flag hear you discussing such things, and gestured with your thumb to Digger behind you.

Killer Croc let out a deep rumbling laugh, "I don’t eat junk food.”
You could imagine Digger’s face behind you and continued to tease him by asking Croc, “But what if I convinced Diablo to cook him right through?”

Croc laughed again but this time Digger weighed in his opinion from behind you, “Nah the little princess is against violence now aren’t ya mate?”

“For you man, I’d consider it.” El Diablo answered it and none of them expected the loud laugh that came from you but they joined you in laughing at Digger who was pouting at the exchange.
“Whose got my baby laughing?” Harley called from up front and when you all looked over at her she waved dramatically at you and encouraged, “You laugh pumpkin’, just like your daddy!”

“Enough!” Deadshot snapped and stormed off into the building and you guessed you were on the move. You all followed Deadshot into the main body of the building, you kept a hand raised and crackling with electric in case you needed to zap something. When you found it empty you let your hand fall down as you all congregated around the main desk.

Digger walked around you to lean on the desk next to you, “Looks like we had a spot of luck ey? A walk in the park, easy peasy.” He laughed.
“Don’t make me shoot you.” Deadshot warned dryly.
“Do it,” You encouraged, “No seriously, I’ll pay you.”

Deadshot shot you an amused look and Digger laughed at you both. As they began to move off to advance upstairs, Harley caught your hand with hers and guided you off towards the elevator. When you got in she slipped a phone out of her pocket and passed it to you, “Mistah J is on his way Pumpkin, you look after this.” She giggled and started to fix her hair in her reflection in the glass.

You heard Deadshot shout up and you both waved down at them, you couldn’t help but give a mad little laugh at Digger’s face when he spotted you in the elevator.
“I like your guy, he’s got a funny face.” She gave you a big grin, “And he makes you laugh.”
“Harley,” You groaned and let your head fall back so it hit the elevator wall, “Stop trying to make me laugh like Dad.”
“What? It’s a cute laugh.” She pouted at you.

The glass smashed open and you both found yourself up against a few of the creatures. Harley was beating them with her bat while one had you pinned to the wall by your neck, you reached both hands up to either side of its head and let out the biggest jolt of electricity that you dared to when so close to Harley in the confined space.

It’s head exploded as the doors open and your fell back to your feet rubbing your neck, Harley shrugged off the accusing stares of your teammates as strode off past them.
“You okay?” Diablo asked as you as you stepped over the bodies and out of the elevator.
Continuing to rub your neck you murmured, “Terrific.”
Diablo fell into step next to you as you all followed Harley, “You did well not to hurt her when she was so close, you must have a lot of control.” He complimented.
You considered it for moment before chuckling, “Well it helped Dad out to be specific if he ever needed me to shock someone. Anything too vague and all over and the guy will just pass out but if you can pinpoint one particular nerve then you can keep them alive and screaming for hours.”

Diablo regarded you with what seemed to be respect, “If I was the man I used to be then I’d have you join my crew.”
“Yeah well she’s already got her own crew mate.” Digger added snottily from behind the pair of you and you turned just enough to shoot him a questioning glare.
“I think your Old Man is Jealous.” El Diablo smirked at you.

“He’s not my Old Man.”  “Got nothin’ to be jealous of mate.” The pair of you snapped at the same time.

Diablo and Killer Croc both laughed at your expense but they stopped when you entered a trashed office.

You could hear Flag and Deadshot discussing the situation but you were too busy glaring at Digger.
“What?” He smirked at you, he clearly thought he was just being irresistible.
“You’re not my Old Man Boomerang.” You crossed your arms and snapped at him.
“I don’t see you tripping over anyone else.” He countered with a slimy smirk which let you see his gold tooth.
“No just tripping over myself trying to get away from you.” You argued and turned your back to him. You barely managed to hold back the undignified yelp when he slapped your ass, you turned to slap him but the roof exploded and you were suddenly in battle.
No one in the Squad held ranks, they ran through the office fighting their own battles and getting over excited with all the adrenaline. Sparta kicking one of the creatures away from you, you raised your hand and sent a bolt of electric straight through its head.
As it fell you saw Digger get tackled through a glass window and ran to help him, your breath caught in your throat when you saw the creature on top of him but when its head fell away and Digger sat up straight and pulled the knife and wad of cash from his chest you could have kissed him.

Deadshot shouted you and you all rushed to protect Flag from the creatures, if they got hold of him then Waller would blow your heads off for sure. You sighed in relief when the creatures had gone and you followed Deadshot into the hall only to be tackled to the floor by Digger when the shooting started.
With no time to brace yourself your head smacked against the floor and with the full weight of Digger falling on you, you found your senses blurry.
“Y/N, Y/N, get it done!” You could hear Deadshot and Flag shouting you to obliterate the assailants but you couldn’t shake your vision to see them properly.
Your head was swimming from the shock of the blow and it throbbed with a pain made worse by Digger, who was still on top of you, trying to urge you to crawl out of the fight and his probing fingers checking the back of your head.
“Get off you fucking idiot!” You managed to snap, the words came out slurred and aggressive and you fought for him to let you up. When you got to your feet you tried to suppress the urge to vomit and slammed your hand onto the wall to try to keep yourself up right.
You could hear Deadshot and Diablo shouting as you raised your hand and shot out a blast of uncontrolled electricity only managing to take out two of the targets, the strength you’d put into the blast and your weakened mental state sent you flying backwards.
Digger, who had been trying to crawl out of the way of the fight, jumped up slightly so that he could grab you and pull you down beside him as El Diablo threw his hands up and incinerated almost everything.

Digger helped you up but you pushed him away, “Idiot.” You hissed at him and stormed off to walk with El Diablo and Killer Croc. You had to stop yourself to throw up and nausea took over, Croc took it as a sign to give you a hand and offered for you to ride on his back.
“I might zap you.” You tried to warn but Croc shook his head and lifted you up and onto his back and laughed, “I’m sure it’ll tickle.”

Harley stopped beside Captain Boomerang and patted his shoulder somewhat affectionately with her bat, “When she has a tantrum Puddin’ usually puts her in time out or he lets her loose on someone who’s been rude to him, she’ll be fine. But you hurt her again and I’ll bash your skull in.” She gave him a loving smile and poked the side of his head with her bat.

“Fucking crazy women.” Digger snarled as you all continued up the stairs. You could hear Harley behind you complaining about cardio but you found it hard to agree since Croc was doing all the work by carrying you.
Swinging your legs near his arms you had to admit you felt almost one hundred percent again, you were pretty resilient and the five minute break had super charged your batteries, so to speak.
“I’m fine now thanks Killer.” You tapped his shoulder and gave him a big smile which he returned. It was odd getting to see him while talking to him after months of only hearing his voice through the cell walls.

As you walked into the room Killer took you over to some of the couches and let you drop from his back so that you bounced on the chair with a small giggle.
You all loitered around waiting for Flag, Deadshot and Harley to catch up, Digger dropped himself down next to and threw his arm over the back of your seat, his way of saying he’d forgiven your angry outburst.
Rubbing the back of your head you noticed a couple of the soldiers watching you with their hands poised over their packs, you rolled your eyes and called over to them, “Don’t worry about wrestling with your conscious’ boys, you don’t have to help patch up the big bag criminal. I’m fine just not used to have this lump falling on me.” You gestured in Digger’s direction with your head.

The soldiers smiled until Digger scoffed and replied, “Hey there was a time you loved my weight on you.”
You couldn’t hide the burning in your cheeks as your face flushed red, a couple of the Soldiers snickered and you glared at him before gently putting your hand on his knee and shocking him with your powers. He let out an irate shout and jumped high out of his seat and almost knocked you out of your seat making you laugh.

After a while of sitting in relative peace, with Diggers arm still dangling on the back of your seat, he jabbed your shoulder with his hand that dangled off of your chair.
“Hey Sparky,” He tried to get your attention, “you know I got stabbed right?”
When you gave him a bored look he tucked his spare hand inside his coat and stuck his fingers out of the hole the creature had made when he’d tried to stab him in the office.
“And?” you asked bored.

He waggled his poking through fingers at you like he was waving and gave you his best pout, “What no sympathy? Kiss me better?”
You laughed at him and gently poked at the fingers that were still waving at you, “You’re such an Oaf.” With that you leant down and gently kissed the tips of his fingers.
His cocky expression fell, “Not what I had in mind.”

“Considering it’s your mind, I’ll count myself lucky.” You teased as Deadshot and Harley joined you all. Flag told you all to keep put and went into the restricted room, Deadshot left it all of two minutes before following him. They weren’t gone long but Digger decided to make it longer by teasing you, he ran his hand up and down your arm while whispering sinful promises in your ear like he thought the others couldn’t hear.

But you knew they could, your face was burning red but you could still only focus on Diggers words. Harley was laughing to herself, her grin threatening to split her face in two, she was so happy that her lil pumpkin had someone who made her laugh and shared the same skewed moral compass.
“He is punching above his weight.” Killer commented to Harley and Diablo, the latter nodded in agreement.
“Everyone has someone right for them, I’ve got my puddin’ and my pumpkin has Boomer over there, I mean she is a little shocking to handle sometimes.” Harley commented and paused with a big grin waiting to see if her joke had landed, Diablo gave her a small chuckle.
When Deadshot came out with Flag in tow you all rose waiting to see who in the world could have been so important to get out of the city that your little gang of losers had been sent out. When Waller followed them you felt yourself growl as you all moved to circle her.

“Let’s go home.” Flag broke the silence.
“Yeah lets go home, that sounds good, you guys wanna go home? Hm? Or do you wanna go back to prison?” Digger antagonised.
“I’m not going back to prison.” Harley said resolute.
Digger continued, “What I’m saying is why don’t we kill the pair of them now? Before they kill us.”

Katana made a move towards her sword but Waller stopped her.
She held up her phone showing all your faces on the bomb app, “You all made it this far, don’t ruin it.”

She stalked off with Flag and Katana flanking her, you all followed after a moment and started the ascent up the stairs. You and Digger fell behind slightly as you climbed the flight of stairs.
“I’m not usually for hurting women but I’d love to kick her down these stairs.” Digger commented as he practically stomped up the stairs.
You shrugged, “I just hurt whoever Dad tells me too. If I get chance I’m shocking her until her brain runs out her nose.”

Digger gave you side eyed look, “I love it when you talk dirty.”
You laughed and him and nudged him playfully as you climbed the stairs. As Flag and the soldiers opened the door to the roof and your little group began to file out, you felt Harleys phone vibrate against your leg.

You didn’t bother to check it.

You knew it was The Joker and that he was close.

Instead you caught Digger by the arm to stop him and ignoring his questioning gaze you grabbed him by the ridiculously sized lapels of his jacket and pulled him down into a kiss. He made a questioning noise but reacted quickly, his hands coming up to your hips to pull you flush against him so that he could rub against you as you kissed, his thumbs dug into your hips as he held you.
When you pulled away from him your lips buzzed with electricity from the contact but also your own static powers, he didn’t release your hips and he bit his lip as your static ran across it.

“What was that for eh?” He asked, his voice came out as a low rumble as he leaned in close to your ear before kissing the top of your neck.
You tried to avoid the drop in your stomach of the idea of leaving him when your dad came for you, “Well you know, don’t know when I’ll get to do it next.”

He seemed to accept the answer, even though he seemed curious he let it slide and after a playful nip to the side of your next you both left to join the others on the roof.
When you reached Harley she turned to give you a suggestive look, “Where were ya?”
“Saying goodbye, be ready Harley.” You advised and ignored the knots in your stomach knowing that soon you’d leaving Digger.

She turned so she could see your face properly and searched it for moment then her expression fell, “You don’t want to leave him do you?”
You glanced over at Dig, who caught you looking and winked at you and blew you cheeky kiss, “I – I just don’t know if I can Harley, I think that I lo-”

But you didn’t get to finish telling her because that’s when the shooting started.

Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Dig and Sparky
Part Three - Ugly on the inside
Part Four – Crazy ones
Part Five – Shoot to Kill
Part Six
- Final Part - Heathens


My dear Inquisitor, all of my love for you this Valentines Day.

Some terrible gifs for my wonderful followers, and for falsesecuritysketches in particular because it’s her birthday.

In honor of Nanowrimo I’m going to attempt to get back into writing by working on my insane ghostbusters fanfic idea that I started last year. I’ve been having trouble feeling the creativity to write for almost a year now, but I really want to get back into it, so wish me luck!


Yowamushi Pedal mpreg version

In which everyone tries to figure out who is the father of Onoda’s baby. #How I Met Your Father #Everybody Loves Onoda

anonymous asked:

Omg- I was waiting for the longest time to send in an ask- WOOH. Anyhow! I wanted to come in here and talk about 2 things- 1, how do you draw Babies so well? It really looks like a baby and not just a small face. 2, what is the R-Pod AU? -G. Mart

Well hey, glad you were willing to…wait for it.

Firstly, thank you very much for the lovely comment <3 

As for how to draw babies, my mom taught me a little trick.

When it comes to aging your characters, there are three major points:

  • Proportions
  • Eye/nose placement
  • Roundness

The younger the character, the rounder their face should be. Babies have very, soft, simple features, it’s literally just a bunch of circles. They’ve got big, round eyes, chubby cheeks, button noses and are about 70% forehead. Their eyes are basically centered lengthwise on the face (or just slightly higher). The cheeks effect pretty much everything; eyes, mouth, ears, babies are all cheek and forehead. **It’s important to remember that almost all babies will look very similar, regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity. The eyes and lips maybe slightly different, and the ears maybe more prominent on some than on others, but for the most part, they all start out with round cheeks, button noses, and big foreheads and grow into all those other features with time.** 
Young children also have very round faces, chubby cheeks, and big eyes, but now they’re starting to show slightly more detailed features. Their faces are a little bit longer, you can see the start of a chin and the formation of a nose. Their eyes are still pretty low on the face, but no longer as proportionately centered. Cheeks are still very much a prominent feature, but they no longer look like they’re stuffed with marshmallows.
Basically, the older the characters gets, the more their proportions tend to stretch out and kind of equalize. 

Secondly, R-Pod is a Hamilton au I created based on an A&E show called 60 Days In, in which a group of regular people volunteer to go undercover in a county jail and act as inmates to get intel on what’s going on inside the pods. I’m still working out all the details, but this post explains most of what you need to know. And if you’ve got any ideas on how to expand on that, please feel free to send ‘em in! I’d love some input, seriously, that goes for any and all aus. INPUT IS ENCOURAGED, DO NOT BE SHY, I’M OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!

On that day, the snk meta community received a grim reminder…

me: Let’s see what the meta community has been up to while I’m on hiatus

me: O_o

me: grounds all of you.

Paladins of Voltron MBTI

Shiro and Allura :INFJ

They’re great leaders and are both analytical and supportive. Despite this, they’re actually very reserved. Even the closest friends can only figure out so much.


INTPs have a knack for being weirdly nerdy(in the best way of course). Unless if you ask them or they’re on the function ne spree(which is used during brainstorming), the facts usually stay in their head until needed.


Independent and following only their own rules, it’s no wonder he’s the loner of the group. Despite being smart, INTJs have the function se, which can mean making rash decisions on the fly.


Easy going, caring, and sometimes flirty, they’re often the life of the party. They do take their work seriously and need plenty of encouragement, otherwise they don’t feel needed (welp somebody please save this precious muffin).


Creative and practical, they’re often the artistic ones. They’re also very smart, even though it’s not obvious. Cooking compliments both sides, so it’s not surprising he can make a mean meal.

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People say that a 21 year old loving a 16 year old is bad and that they're terrible. 5 years isn't a lot to me anyway. To invalidate someone's love because of age is crazy. Especially if the older person is seriously encouraging them to do great things like stay in school and go to college. Serious support system ya know?

but you have to acknowledge that since you’re older that you have an influence over this young person, you might think you’re influencing them in a good way but honestly there is a power imbalance regardless which is never good and whether you’re being a “good” or “bad” influence, you’re still controlling them. also you’re in very different places in your life so it can be hard to relate. but most importantly is that the power imbalance is unhealthy and whether you like it or not age is a restriction when it comes to dating. bc it effects how a person consents. and a partner should never be able to influence/change how their partner consents to things.