seriously didn't use any

Asian parents and grandparents are always portrayed as really strict and goal oriented and high strung but they completely skip over how generous and hospitable they are??

Like, I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I left my grandma’s house without food.

And have you ever been to an Asian party?? There’s enough food to serve at least fifteen more people than are actually attending. My friend’s grandparents have freaking TO GO BOXES at the ready.

My aunt’s parents visited America and they were so nice?? And wanted all of us to go visit them in Japan and they brought gifts from Japan and helped me practice Japanese.

And I just?? Don’t understand how this trope got started that Asian parents hate everyone and are stone cold???

I love how we all expected so little from Alycia and Eliza in the wake of all this LGBT backlash

But like they gave us everything we needed and so much more??

They both validated our feelings and expressed their personal love for Lexa and Clexa as a whole and we are just so blessed to have them