seriously did you even try



man can you believe oswald proposed to edward on live television



Do you even know how hard it was to just crop his lips and leave out that beautiful face? 

17 as first loves

Wonwoo: Fiery and passionate, one that shines twice as bright but burns half as long. A love filled with back-alley kisses and messy confessions. On again and off again but you kept enduring because you knew he was your undoing but you couldn’t stop. A love that broke you completely and the memories linger like ciggarette smoke; a strong sense of familiarity burning the back of your throat

Woozi: Best remembered in the hazy morning. It wasn’t earth-shattering or anything like how you imagined. It was simple and minimalistic, a small blip in your life that you sometimes look back at fondly. The earth didn’t shake when you kissed but with him you felt like home. You felt protected and secure; a luke-warm relationship

Jisoo: Star-crossed lovers. The type you spend all your life looking for as you travel the world together searching for your own path. A selfless love filled with sacrifice after sacrifice but yet something still feels amiss. Memories are looked through rose-coloured lenses and the question of “what if” always lingers on your tongue. A love that felt like running through the rain; exhilerating and freeing but you still got sick

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  • <b> </b> Okay, you guys have to admit that we have some weird shipping names in SNK fandom.<p><b></b> Ereri I understand. It's Eren/Rivaille. It makes sense, but if that's what it is, wtf is eruri?<p><b></b> Eruri is supposed to be Erwin/Rivallie, but that doesn't make sense. There is no 'u' anywhere in either of their names.<p><b></b> Same with yumikuri (Ymir/Krista) and aruani. (Armin/Annie) Where on earth are all of these u's coming from?<p><b></b> And then there's jeanmarco... Seriously, fandom? Did you even try?<p>
  • Edit : Thank you everyone that messaged me with an explanation. (Basically, the Japanese pronunciation makes it sound like there is a u in there.) But there's still another one that bothers me:
  • Springles.

Star Wars prequel trilogy teaser posters. The Phantom Menace (1999) Attack of the Clones (2002) Revenge of the Sith (2005)

The love of a small fandom

Yesterday was a really trying day for me in a number of ways, so when I woke up and found the following message in my inbox, I actually got a bit misty. The author — a really cool person named charliesolvednothing​ — said it would be okay if I went ahead and shared. So here it is.

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Man, I didn’t even read the text underneath the panel depicting Vriska’s giant spiderhellspawn of a lusus yesterday, I just x'ed the hell out of that tab as quickly as I could (´-﹏-`;)

See, look at this. She’s fine. Fine and huge and hungry as ever. 

You… guess you’re relieved? Yes, of course. Whew! Why wouldn’t you be. It would be devastating if anything happened to your dear sweet custodian.

What a shitty situation to be in???

Like, either she openly hopes that somebody will just finally off the damn thing for good and hates herself for it cause, man, she probably DOES still feel attached to her in some way, and lusus (that’s the correct latin plural dammit, i refuse to say “lususes”) are the closest thing trolls have to a parental figure, you don’t wish death on your own mother 
OR she refuses to acknowledge those incredibly understandable and reasonable feelings and instead pretends that everything is just fine, she loves that big ol’ grotesquery very much and would HATE it if she ever got hurt, which leads to Vriska letting her life be dictated and ruined by her

sad about predictably fucked up monster-child relationships: the blog

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