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cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

  • ENFP: Easter is literally the best thing ever!
  • INTP: Why do you say that?
  • ENFP: I can fuel my cute-bunnies-and-pastel-colours obsession and who's gonna judge me? No one. Buying horrendous amounts of chocolate? Normal. Maybe I just have 82 kids or something. Can't judge me.
  • INTP: Okay but you're literally 14... I don't think anyone's gonna believe you have 82 children, sweetie.
  • ENFP: They will. I'm like the seventh tallest in my class and once I listened to Joe Lemon I might as well be an adult
  • INTP: I...
  • INTP: Wait who the f**k is Joe Lemon
  • ENFP: That musician with the round glasses.
  • INTP: It's John Lennon you expired carton of dog milk

the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~

with the F1 season slowly coming to an end i’d like to, once again, remind everyone that the ski jumping season is starting soon and that ski jumping is the best and purest sport on this earth with the most precious sunshines competing and if you’re not watching it you’re seriously missing out


woaaahbrutal  asked:

Okay so uf and ut bros SO gets super tired and basically turns into a little kid. They're yawning and rubbing their eyes and asking him to carry them to bed and complaining. How do the bros react?



God, he is weak. Red is going to pick you up before you can even finish asking him to carry you because you’re just too God damned cute. You don’t even get a chance to complain because how can you complain when he’s already got you in bed and spooning the fuck outta you? You’re warm and safe and he’s full of love for you.


Edge has a soft spot for cute things, and as soon as you start acting like a sleepy little kid he’s swooning. You probably have to ask him a few times to carry you to bed, and it’s not until you complain about him not listening that he actually hears your request because he was so busy just watching you be adorable. Edge will gladly carry you to bed, and will likely join you if you let him. Please let him, he really wants to cuddle you.



Sans is chuckling in amusement and will probably tease you about how tired you are until you look like you’re about to cry. Then he breaks and picks you up to carry you to bed. Sans is used to sleepy childlike behavior from when Papyrus was younger, and even now on occasion, but seeing it from you is somehow ten times cuter.


He picks you up as soon as you ask and carries you to bed. Papyrus doesn’t really respond to the childish act, but he does think your sleepy actions are precious. He tucks you in and kisses you goodnight before leaving you alone. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone long until Papyrus caves to his own urge to cuddle you.


I love you with all my heart

Mccree’s smile is a killer. Everytime they smile they honestly just slay me! Look at how precious they are, smiling right back at me… eeehhh my heart ;-;

Hanzo - @lmcosplay

Mccree - @dead-eyes-dead-eyes