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cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

I always see post on here of photosets of Patrick & Pete or Joe & Andy or just one for each band member. I’m here to change things up, because all of the boys are best pals not just Pete and Patrick or Joe and Andy.

Here we will focus on Joe + Patrick

 They’re are like a  mom and dad (you never had)

They’re both very funny

Not to mention if it wasn’t for Joe, Patrick wouldn’t be in Fall Out Boy

They give the best hugs (or so I’ve heard)

They’re best buds!

I mean just look;

They’re the two babies (youngest) of the band

Joe is the tallest (out of the band) and Patrick is the shortest, I mean c'mon how cute!


Oh yeah and in this picture they look like they belong in the original poltergeist


They’re both dads. Now they can actually call their jokes dad jokes (of course they were dad jokes before)

You are welcome, Tumblr.


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Today while shopping a man casually asked Nolan if we were siblings. Nolan told him, "No, she's my love." The man then looked at me and my oxygen tank then up at Nolan and said, "You're very brave for staying with her." I thought Nolan was going to beat him with the loaf of bread he was holding. He told the man off for judging me. The man mumbled an apology and hurried off. Nolan and ruined the bread from squeezing it so hard. I kissed him and took him for ice-cream.

People need to learn to stay in their lane, what the actual fuck. That’s so disrespectful! I’m sure you could have handled yourself just fine, but Nolan did great for telling him off. I’d have honestly punched him, so kudos to him for the self restraint. 

“ I kissed him and took him for ice-cream “ - this is the cutest thing to ever cute. SERIOUSLY. You guys make me swoon!

All my love you you both <3 

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Cuddlemusclestyles, dunquirky, kasiwrites, looselucy, harryslovelylocks?

@cuddlemusclestyles-MY FUCKING GIRRRRLLL. I love her so much. She makes me so happy and I always love talking to her. She’s the sweetest and the funniest and has the best stories.

@dunquirky-We have only talked like once but the conversation made me laugh and basically I love her and she makes me laugh. Also she takes no shit and it makes me happy.
She is goals.

@kasiwrites-so really awesome and doesn’t take any shit from anyone. Really smart and talented and strong like I admire her so much.

@looselucy- I wasn’t following until right now but she seems like the absolute sweetest. And I’ve read a few of her stories and she’s so incredibly talented like wt f

@harryslovelylocks- So fucking cute. Like seriously. ALSO THE CUTEST ACCENT EVER? So pretty. So talented. I love her and she’s amazing.


the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~