seriously crying from happiness

Something happens that forces the Paladins to share their secrets with each other. After all the sad, bad, deep and dark ones, Keith blurts out that he has a huge crush on Lance and that he might be falling in love with him.

Everyone else is just like ‘obviously’ 'was that meant to be a secret??’ 'Aw, Keith we know’ 'no shit dude’.

But Lance is just there like


Out of all the secrets that get told that day, lance brings this one up all the time.



I can’t explain

i totally haven’t fallen in love with two goddamn background characters who have only one line both of them, besides there were at least 4 baba ganoush and 6 gefilte fish jars who look all identical, the ones in all their scenes could have been totally different persons in each scene and here I am wringing detailed headcanons and fanart for the specific two who were in the oRGY

(anyway the last pic is Ganoush being a dad to kid Vash in human AU. considering Vash is already a big drama queen he was probably a nightmare as a teen)

*clicks “post” button, slams laptop closed and digs under my bed sheets crying from embarrassment*