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Hey @electric016! I ended up stretching that last post something fierce so I hope you’re cool with me making another to continue the discussion!

Yeah, it’s more than a little strange. She says point-blank that the end of the game is the only time we experience the “real Kyle”, but in reality that’s the only time we are explicitly, canonically, 100% confirmed to not be doing that. I guess I’ll have to resign myself to the hope that if any errors or misunderstandings arise, they’ll be caught and addressed appropriately. Biting my nails over the matter won’t change anything (although if I’m leveling with you, it will definitely happen anyway).

I’ll put that aside, though, because you raise an interesting (terrifying) proposal and I think it would be cool to talk about. I’m glad you mentioned that you cocked an eyebrow at the dodgy wording in the Another Time ending, because so did I!

Diana says that in the pre-VLR timeline, six participants are dead, and three (including her) remain. If Junpei is a confirmed participant, our math is already a little funny… Diana, Phi, Sigma and Junpei makes four. It’s possible that Diana is just mistaken – perhaps she thought that Sigma died of his injuries – but regardless, Kyle is still pointedly absent from that list.

Akane says here that Kyle has entered the player’s body:

It seems likely to me, then, that after infiltrating the test facility, player!Kyle was killed in the pre-VLR timeline. In other words, Phi End is not the “everybody in the VLR cast lives” ending. Miserably, it is the “everybody in the VLR cast except Kyle lives” ending… which makes the use of a grave to hide his body a lot more appropriate. It also suggests to me that the player is more or less puppeting around his corpse, which I find incredibly unnerving in hindsight.

It does shed some amount of light on a few matters that initially made little sense to me, though. I was originally beyond mad with Termites for shooing us away with his prerecorded holo-message - but he knew, of course, that it wasn’t the real Kyle that he would be talking to. He probably just lost his son, and I can’t imagine how hard it would be to talk to a stranger walking around in his body. After all…

Ouch, that actually hurt a little to reread. Anyway, what Akane is saying here does give me the faint hope that some Kyle will survive to the creation of the Point E timeline. It’s… not a lot, and it does no justice to all the rest, but I’d like at least a few versions of him to be happy. Somewhere, somewhen.

so for the last hour I have been going tho the notes of that entire acting post and other blogs that posted shit about it can I just say some of you people are the fuck petty. Come on are some of you seriously crying over the fact that one child got an opinion from people on Maddies’ acting and because the comments were not painting the child’s acting as the next Katharine Hepburn it makes some of you feel the right to mock someone not here to defend themselves  which is extra petty may I add, but also pretty much attack someone who look like they posted their messages , because that’s what it looks like. What I don’t understand is instead of taking what was seen and being an adult about it and just being like hey that’s what was said to her I personally don’t believe it, but hey who the fuck knows and I’ll make my own opinion when the time comes instead one petty ass bitch made a blog mocking someone because they are salty and are now trying but failing may I add to try and bitch Chloe. I seen one person mocking what the gossip chick said , which makes you seem petty and than you have the people liking and re-blogging the shit agreeing which makes you seem extra salty. Like can someone point me to an adult in this situation because I don’t understand why some of you all are being so childish about one person getting opinions from some people and the other person who was just relying the message  



Omfg i am so hapPY RIGHT NOW I MEAN where do you all come from ?? I don’t have words to express how surprised and excited I am ?? Thank you so much to everyone who is still here after all of my shiposts //free kiwis for everyone// Have Team RWBY in sweaters for that ;;

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“I remember tears streaming down your face when i said i’ll never let you go”


“Percy, let me go,” she croaked. “You can’t pull me up.”

His face was white with effort. She could see in his eyes that he knew it was hopeless.

“Never,” he said.