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Oh jeez requests are open!!!! Ily mum u r da best mum!!! Could I request rfa reacting to an mc who's a klutz plz? Like constantly tripping/falling/walking into things/falls off chairs etc etc (lolol TOTALLY not a self insert pshhhfff idk what you're talking about) (u don't have to do this if u don't wanna!!!)

i am the most klutzy idiot so lets dive right in


  • even though you trip over something like 5 times an hour, he still flips his shit every time
  • he’d grab your arm and get super concerned
  • “MC!!! are you okay???”
  • “uh, yea, i’m fine! just gotta brush it off haha”
  • his hands hover over you for a second before going back to walking normally
  • “alright…are you sure?”
  • “yes, yes, im sure-”
  • this is when you trip for a second time curse this uneven sidewalk
  • and Yoosung does the same ridiculously protective thing where he puts his hands out to catch you, even though you know full well how to stop yourself from falling down after years of being clumsy
  • he really wishes he could wrap you up in bubble wrap
  • and Yoosung is pretty clumsy himself
  • sometimes while he’s cooking his spoon will just fall on the ground and he’s just kind of like “well there goes that”
  • you love to cook together but theres also a very high chance that most of the food will end up on the ground
  • my clumsy OTP


  • your clumsiness is a big source of stress for him
  • every time you  fall off of a chair, or almost fall flat on your face in public he has a tiny heart attack
  • once you two were on a jog in the park and you fell and scabbed your knee and Zen really almost took you to the hospital
  • it takes him awhile to learn that clumsy people are actually tough as shit, yknow from years of being beat up by the ground
  • “Zen, i swear im alright”
  • “are you sure? do you need me to carry you?”
  • “no”
  • sometimes Zen will ask you to help him practice a dance number with him
  • big mistake 
  • you have two left feel and he daces with the grace of a swan
  • its a terrible idea, but Zen loves dancing with you nonetheless
  • he thinks its kind of cute, and since you’re dancing together he can easily grab you if he sees you falling
  • this way u can fall all over the place without it stressing him out too much


  • she essentially becomes the most prepared person on the planet
  • she starts carrying around a full-blown first aid kit in her purse
  • she’s got band aids of all shapes and sizes, medical tape, gauze, alcohol rubs
  • instead of worrying about catching you as youre falling, she just worries about patching you up afterwards
  • at first she tried to stop it while it was happening
  • but Jaehee quickly learned that you’re a lost cause and there is no way humanly possible to stop you from falling over
  • also, Jaehee doesnt let you bring coffee to customers anymore
  • lets just say you’ve broken multiple mugs and pissed of one or two costumers
  • so you make the coffee and she carries it out
  • she knows from experience that usually your klutzy episodes wont end in a serious injury, so she just lets you live your life and keeps band aids on hand


  • you’ll never forget the first time you were eating dinner with Jumin and you slipped out of your chair
  • he was at your side so fast, holding your hands
  • you were laughing at yourself, and when you looked up and saw how concerned he looked, you laughed even harder
  • “are you alright? how are you feeling? do i need to call an ambulance?”
  • you were laughing so hard you couldnt even answer him, but for some reason he was still convinced that you were seriously hurt
  • he takes out his phone with one hand while still holding yours with the other, and you started pulling on him to try and stop him
  • “im…fine…”
  • “theres no way you’re fine. it sounded like something broke”
  • everything that comes out of his mouth makes you laugh even harder
  • you wipe some tears away from your face and pull Jumin to the ground
  • “this happens all the time, i promise im alright”
  • ever since then Jumin still whips his phone out until you tell him you’re okay
  • now he’s used to it, but he cant help but ask how youre feeling every time something happens
  • he just has to


  • the first time something happened he couldnt stop laughing
  • the second time something happened he couldnt stop laughing
  • it gets him every time
  • “hey, why dont you sit on the floor during lunch today? it will be much safer for you”
  • “woah, watch out for those poles! they move pretty fast”
  • “what happened there? the ground whispered to you and you had to get closer to hear it?!”
  • the one time he trips over something you go HAM on his ass
  • you dont let him live it down for the rest of his life
  • one time he actually wrapped you in bubble wrap
  • like you were sitting at the computer and he sneak attacked you and essentially tied you to the chair with a wide layer of bubble wrap
  • he thought it was a good idea but since you couldnt use your arms he had to wait on you hand and foot
  • it was a terrible day for him but a great day for you
  • “i swear from now of im just gonna let you fall over…”
  • “thats all i ask”

thanks for reading!!!!!!!!! pls show me sum love if u liked it :3

johndave fic recs!!

(attempt #2, since, being the awfully talented individual that i am, i managed to delete the first one, after hours of work! yay!)

its always made me kind of sad that with davejohn fic rec lists, ppl usually tend to rec the same stuff over and over again. and, dont get me wrong! i know the classics are classics for a reason, duh, ive read most of them and love them, but!! to me fic rec lists mean introducing people to lesser-known-but-still-amazing works! so thats what im going to do right now, heheh.

(u might notice that the majority of these are fluffy as heck. no angst here. nuh uh. angst is Bad)

(also, no ongoing fics in here!)

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do you have a possessive!derek page? i couldnt find it in the tags....

jealous derek & possessive derek

What Fresh Heat is This? by aggybird (1/1 | 3,187 | NC-17)

It’s porn with a sprinkling of plot. A witch sends Derek into heat and then he and Stiles DO IT.

no aphrodisiac like loneliness by thepsychicclam (1/1 | 19,705 | NC-17)

Stiles is 27 now, with a master’s degree and a career and a house and a serious boyfriend and a life in San Francisco that doesn’t include Derek. But then Stiles unexpectedly shows back up in Beacon Hills, and Derek would recognize that scent anywhere.

He Gets Me High by talktowater (1/1 | 11,562 | NC-17)

Stiles and Derek act like a couple. But they’re not. Seriously! Derek has a boyfriend and Stiles has a girlfriend. They’re just friends, overly-attached and possessive friends, but that’s it. Right?

Take a Glorious Bite Out of the Whole World by weathervaanes (1/1 | 5,472 | NC-17)

Stiles gets a tattoo when he turns eighteen. Derek notices. Quietly.

I Totally Planned on The Walk of Shame by Sugakane_01 (1/1 | 14,840 | NC-17)

Stiles wiggled a bit to adjust the fit of his skinny jeans and winced slightly. There was a fine line between paint and pants and he was pretty sure that line had frowned at him in disapproval two sizes back. He popped a few breath mints and resisted the urge to run nervous hands through his hair lest he ruin all of Lydia’s hard work. Stiles took a deep breath, sent up a prayer, and stepped into line at Howl, the most underground of underground nightclubs that Beacon Hills had to offer.

Not that Beacon Hills had any other underground nightclubs but still, Stiles was there, ready to unleash his inner beast and walk on the wild side.

Jazz hands.

Mirror, Mirror by happyevraftr (1/1 | 5,013 | NC-17)

Kink meme fill: Established relationship. After someone flirts with Stiles, Derek needs to show him who he belongs to by fucking him in a room full of mirrors so he can see himself stretched open. Bonus points if Derek forces Stiles to watch as his hole is stretched to accommodate Derek’s knot

(p.s. I win the bonus points)

The great escape || m.c.

Originally posted by calumxhoood

Keeping secrets from everyone is frustrating and risky, having to sneak out the bedroom window every night because it was the only way she could be with Michael and y/n’s parents never suspecting a thing. But telling stories and keeping lies was overwhelming. But they always fall for it, for now. 

Y/n’s been gone for hours, her parents thinking that she’s at a friends house working on a project for class. But instead laying in Michael’s queen size bed with her leg wrapped around his waist, resting her head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat. They just laid in silence together with Green Day quietly playing from his phone. “I’m taking you somewhere nice for our two year anniversary.” Michael said breaking the silence. Y/n looked up at Michael, “Oh where are we going?” 

“I’m taking you somewhere nice, like really nice.” he emphasized. A smile plastering her face leaning in for a soft kiss. “I cant wait Clifford.” 

Michael let a soft chuckle connecting his lips with hers. Y/n scooted closer positioning herself to sit on top of Michael, straddling his waist slowly grinding, feeling his prominent bulge. “Oh my god.” Michael grunted, holding onto her waist. His fingers fiddling with her tank top, lifting it over her head. “No bra huh?” smirking at y/n. She rolled her eyes playfully, “Shut up and kiss me.” until something buzzed on the nightstand, seeing the caller ID of y/n’s dad. “Fuck.” jumping off his lap to get the phone, “Turn the music off!” she panicked before answering the phone. 

“Hey dad-no-I’m at y/f/n working on a project-well can I stay longer it really has to be done. Okay-fine-bye.” then the call ended, “I have to go.” 

“Seriously like this?”Michael complained, looking at his bulge, “Sorry Mikey.” grabbing her shirt off the floor. “I’ll drive you home, it’s dark out.” he suggested grabbing the keys off the table. 

The car ride back was silent, no music playing and no one talking. Just the sound of wind hitting her face looking out the streetlights not wanting to go back. “Y/n when are we going to tell people-about us.” 

Michael always asked that question, he hated keeping secrets as much as she did and Michael wanted the world to know she was his. He couldnt even tell his best mates, Calum, Ashton, and Luke knowing that it would get out in some way. 

“I dont know.” letting out a sigh, Michael nodded his head holding the steering wheel tighter. “Well, I’m tired of hiding things from people.” 

“Yeah but how do I explain to my parents I’m dating a high school drop out who joined a band with tattoos, piercings, and colored hair. It’s kinda the opposite of what my parents want me to date Mike.” 

“They will have to understand one day that your dating me.” 

“Michael they dont even want me being friends with people like that okay. I’m supposed to be the good girl with good grades, being daddy’s favorite.” 

 Michael laughed, “We all know that’s a lie.”

The car slowed down stopping a block from your house, so that your parents woudnt be suspicious to who dropped you off. Turning off the ignition Michael let out a sigh of disappointment, he hated keeping secrets but it was for y/n’s safety. “I’m sorry Mikey. I-just dont want them to be upset. Or even kick me out.” 

“I understand.” 

“Thanks.” giving him a good night kiss, “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” giving her a hug, seeing her walk out the door walking back home safe. 

Y/n was picking out different outfits for tonight and thinking of accuses for why she going to be gone for hours or even for a day. Michael was supposed to be down the street in an hour ready to go so she chose something Michael would like. In the middle of applying mascara her dad yelled her name to come down to the living room, he sounded furious thinking he was going to yell at her for something she did. Y/n placed the mascara away, heading to the living room, “Wha-” she paused seeing who was at the door. And there he was, Michael Clifford at her doorstep wearing his usual attire of a leather jacket, band shirt, and those tight jeans. Standing there with that stupid smirk on his face, knowing he purposely did this, “Hey baby.” Y/n honestly wanted to punch that smile off his face right about now. Her parents stood in front of her confused and her dad raging. “He came to our door saying he was here for a date.” 

She looked at Michael in disbelief, “What the hell Michael, what part of secret did you not understand.” 

“I told you I cant hide this anymore.” he told her. “And your idea to tell my parents is to show up at my door!”  shouting at him. “Y/n what is going on here, and I better get the truth.” her dad warned with his arms crossed. 

“Michael and I been seeing each for a while now-and.”  she was stuttering, petrified to what her dad was going to say about this. “And-we’ve been dating for two years.” she confessed, “It’s our two year anniversary.” The both of them just stood there baffled, not knowing what to say. “Really? Him? What do you even do for a living Michael.” 

“I actually dropped out of high school to join a band.” Michael interrupted, “Were going to become big one day.” smiling at her dad. 

“Your not helping Mike.” y/n angered. 

“Great a drop out, just what my daughter needs. He has nothing to provide you, he’s going to end up homeless playing the guitar and your going to be by his side? We raised you better than that y/n.” 

“Why does it matter, I’m not going to date some rich guy like mom and end up being miserable for the rest of my life.” 

“That’s not true, I’m very happy with your father.” her mom defended. Y/n scoffed rolling her eyes. “Yeah keep telling yourself that.” 

“Your not going anywhere with him, its over. This ends now.”  

“No, I’m not leaving him, I love him.” trying to reason with her dad. 

“Please you dont even know what love is, he probably doesnt love you the way he says he does.” 

“ Look, mr. y/l/n your right, I love her more than that. Words cant express the how much I love her.” Hearing Michael say that made your heart flutter, you ran to Michael giving him a huge hug, he picked you up off your feet kissing you not caring if your parents were right there. “I love you so much.” 

“I want you to leave. Now before I call the cops.” your dad angered, “And dont you ever come near my daughter again.” Michael exhaled, not wanting to fight anymore, “I’m sorry y/n.” 

“Michael please dont leave.” you begged, tears threatening to come down, “Please-dont leave.” grabbing his hand but he wouldnt listen, “I’m coming with you!” she blurted out suddenly not even thinking about it. Michael looked at you like you were crazy. “Baby this-” but she interrupted, “No I’m tired of my parents and everyone else telling me what to do, I just want to with you.” 

“Are you sure?” holding her hand, “I dont want you to think I’m forcing you.” 

“Yes just get me out of here.” she pleaded. Michael agreed, and she quickly went to her room packing her belongings, y/n’s parents tried to stop you but of course she ignored them. She’s done living up to their exceptions and Michael was there with her  helping her pack. He grabbed her by the waist stopping her from packing looking her in the eyes, “I know I cant promise the world to you or anything, but believe me when I say I’ll try to give you anything my princess wants and I will to protect you. I promise.”

“As long as I’m with you then I’ll be happy.” she grinned. 

“God I love you.” Michael said kissing her forehead. “And were still celebrating our anniversary dont worry, I have something special planned.” smiling at her seeing the excitement in her eyes. “Ready to go?” 

Y/n nodded grabbing her suitcase off the bed, looking at the room for the last time, knowing she cant go back, “Let’s go.”  Michael followed her to the door, both mom and dad were in the living room waiting for y/n to come out, “If you leave this house, you are never coming back.” She chuckled holding onto the door handle, “I wasnt planning on it.” 

Y/n never talked to her parents after that night, they didnt want anything to do with her anymore and she didnt care. It was the best moment of her life because five years she was there cheering her husband and the rest of the band on who became big, playing for thousands. Three months pregnant with his son. 

A/N: This is a mess omg. Still hoped you enjoyed. xxx