seriously confused and curious

There’s a large amount of brown girls on Tumblr that have this major issue with people of non-Indian descent wearing anything related to India. Now, I understand how this could be taken as offensive to someone who is very in touch with their roots and proud. Emphasis on how it could be not how it should be. But the thing I don’t understand, ( this is in no form saying these girls don’t have a right to their opinion, I simply just don’t understand it) is that none of these girls wear so much as a bindi. I’m sure they might occasionally, and I mean, I don’t know them personally so they really might every day. Just the pictures they have posted of themselves have not included a bindi.

I just feel that if they are so proud of their culture and don’t think that people who don’t understand it should be representing it, then why not represent it yourself?

I wear a bindi almost every day. I wear Indian clothes to college sometimes (not in the winter ever because I don’t like freezing). I love everything about my culture and where I come from, but I don’t find it the least bit offensive when someone else wears a bindi or Indian clothing or wears Indian jewelry. It makes me feel even more proud that others appreciate our beautiful culture. 

I am not saying that these girls are wrong, I honestly just don’t understand. What are the reasons? Is there something I am not picking up on? If so, I would love to know, so please tell me.

Why are Indians getting so upset about Westerners Indianizing themselves when Indians are so busy Westernizing themselves?