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Diamonds & Shutters Part 5

Part 5: Questions and Answers

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: College!AU.Jensen is a baseball player and (Y/N) is a photographer, they are best friends and roommates until someone in Jensen’s life leaves him disconsolate and anguished but (Y/N)’s secret stops her from immediately mending Jensen’s broken heart.

Word Count: 1416

A/N - This is part five my entry for @frickfracklesackles #Natalies1000MovieTropeChallenge #Natalies1000FollowerCelebration The prompts I chose were College!AU and the quote: “I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love” from The Great Gatsby, which can be read in PART 1

Also, thank you for the questions Natalie, I hope this clears up a little confusion, there is still some stuff that needs to be a secret until later.


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Jensen had, what felt like, a million questions. You were happy to answer those you felt were appropriate and felt comfortable answering. You knew he wouldn’t push the boundaries and abort those when he sensed an uncomfortability.

He adjusted Sophia in his lap as he inhaled his breakfast, the little girl stealing a slice of bacon off of his plate instead of hers when it wasn’t a cut up sausage.

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