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Ignis: Noct, do you seriously mean to do this?!  ( °Д°)

Prompto: Noct, come on man, not cool!!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

I’m noct serious guys.

I always forget how utterly unsubtle Hermes is. It’s almost ridiculous. If you have never been personally involved but have heard stories, let me tell you, you have no idea.

Example: I had two books in my cart last week when I was online shopping and an unsettling feeling came over me just before I checked out that I should really just choose one over the other. I did, it came in yesterday, and I just sat down to read it.

The word Hermes appears three times on the second page.

87% of Facebook/Twitter right now: I’m not against gay rights, but you can’t just give Captain America a boyfriend. He is a heterosexual™, has had nothing but female love interests, and giving a straight man a boyfriend makes him homosexual. Stop twisting existing characters to fit your gay agenda and make your own!

Me, a bisexual: 

Star Watch - Crystal Clear & The Hard Way

If you’re wondering why I’m late to the party with these, there’s an easy answer:  being an adult really sucks sometimes. I have to juggle a job, every-day things like hygiene/food intake/chores, and all my fandoms with what my brain has the energy or mood for, while knowing I only have so much time in the day to do these things. Do I feel like continuing my Yu Yu Hakusho marathon today, or do I want to watch something new? Do I want to browse the web after watching a 10-minute Star Vs episode, or do I want to plop down and not have to move for the entire time it takes me to watch an episode or two of Buffy before I have to go to bed so I can get up for work? 

Also, I don’t have cable, so I depend on people uploading new episodes. Usually I don’t have the opportunity to see them until a whole day later. To put it simply, it sucks.

Crystal Clear:

I have no idea what happens in this one because I managed to avoid every single spoiler for it! Horray!

[one episode-viewing later]

Uh. Ok. I see why a lot of people didn’t like this very much. And why people didn’t bother unleashing spoilers.

This episode was sort of slow, especially considering the Big Reveal was that “oh hey the big magic problem we’ve been having is getting worse, here’s the giant swirling green mass of magic to prove it”. Like we didn’t already know it was going to be a continuing problem from earlier this season. It did have its humorous moments, though, so it’s worth re-watching again later on, maybe post-season. Still, here’s the highlight reel of the important bits:

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So I work in a hotel and to prelude this story Imma just say that we and our rival chain both have membership/rewards perks (meaning that if you sign up and stay a certain amount of times at one of the hotels in the chain or one of our sister hotels, you earn a free night stay) and one night at 3am I had a man come in and throw, SERIOUSLY THROW, a rewards card for our rival chain at me and ask if he could use it to pay for his room. I explain that 1) that isn’t our rewards card and 2) even if it was the policy is that he has to make a reservation through the website or the 1-800 number to use his points. He gets mad and screams that he knows I can change it in the computer to take it anyway and gets angrier with me when I tell him that I can’t. So then he offers to buy a room with some vases he has out in his car. Again, I can’t help him because I can’t take a vase as payment????? I literally dont think vases count as money anywhere??? At this point he’s super pissed and demands I call my boss and wake her up at home because he believes my boss will tell me to take the vase as payment. I call my boss and she says exactly what I told him; we can’t accept a vase as payment. He ends up screaming at me that he and his wife were going to die and it was my fault and then storms out of the hotel. People are insane and I have the feeling that he wasn’t even the owner of that rewards card.

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well as you said you have no problem with the joke "kill all Jews" so whether you admit it or not you're still aligning yourself with antisemitists and nazis as he is by making that "joke" not saying you are one but not too far from being a sympathizer and this whole thing of respect, sure you can respect someone you disagree with but respecting someone who makes "jokes" out of your very existence is not only not smart but can be downright dangerous

*face palms* When I said “I have no problem with the joke “kill all jews” (ahem, it’s “Death to all jews”) I wasn’t meaning that I’m ok with that joke, I’ve literally said MANY times that it is an offensive joke and I don’t support that joke, I even made an entire paragraph about that! like seriously come on man. 

I was saying the problem of the situation I have is what the media is doing. The joke started it, but what is the root of the issue was the media, I have the biggest problem with the media because of what they are doing. And if you want to look at it that way, accusing someone of being anti-semitic, or racist, when they are not, and manipulating what someone says out of context to “prove it” IS being discriminatory, and hateful, it’s not fixing or defending anything. 

Im sending out the word now

If you’re going to the CTNa eXpo tomorrow, and you’re going to this panel, you gotta record that shit! If you can that is.

Never before have these guys all been in the same room together and never again will they most likely.

This is seriously like the Justice League coming together, like Avengers assemble man.

Spread the word, this panel needs to be documented.

So here’s a thought I’ve been having:

Sanji Vinsmoke, amoral child-assassin and spy, brought up with his siblings, all of them with no sense of morals or ethics or empathy, all taught the family business from birth. Uncannily good with knives, killed multiple men before his 8th birthday and felt nothing, because nobody ever told him that it was wrong, and all Vinsmoke children get taught that the only life that is precious when it’s your own.

Here is how his story differs from Robin’s: Robin had to make herself cold to survive, and remembers kindness. Sanji is born into cruelty and thinks it is the norm. Vinsmoke children are turned into charming sociopaths.

Occasionally he helps the cook in the kitchen, and dreams about All Blue because it sounds like a fairytale, but he stubbornly insists its real, and hey, kids fixate on weird things sometimes.

This escalates until he feels the need to prove All Blue’s existence. So he sneaks aboard a ship, and then another ship, and then another ship until he’s working on a cruise ship in east blue. It’s easy, he’s been taught to be self sufficient and blend in from birth. And of course he’s the kitchen boy, because he’s always liked working in kitchens.

Then the storm, and Zeff, and the sacrifice.

And this is Sanji’s first rude lesson of what kindness is. 

And here is what Sanji learns: being in debt hurts. Kindness is as sharp as a knife and warming as a fire. Here is where he makes the decision not to return home, because this is when he realizes that bth he can’t return having learned what he has, having been changed as he has, and that he owes Zeff a debt. He’s going to pay the old man back if it kills him.

Does Zeff know about his past? A little. He realizes quickly that the boy is too quick with the knife, to quick to jump to lethal injury, has a warped sense of morals - or rather, a lack of them. But Sanji also laughs easily, tries smoking to act older, grins wide when he talks about All Blue or someone praises his cooking. And kids on the open seas are always a little weird, and when he asks Sanji about his family he just shakes his head firmly and says “I’m not talking about that, shitty old man!” So Zeff lets it go.

And the years past, until he’s 19 and Sanji Vinsmoke feels like another person entirely. He’s spent ten years at the Baratie, ten years as the Old Man’s adopted son, ten years hurling insults across the kitchen and breaking up brawls in the dining room smooths off most of his edges. He flirts with women and falls in love with every single one. He tucks Sanji Vinsmoke neatly away, folds down the corners crisply and when he looks in the mirror as he gets dressed in the morning all he sees is Sanji, second-in-charge of the Baratie, occasional waiter, never uses his hands when he fights, chef, lover, fighter.

He hasn’t killed anyone since he’s met Zeff.


Part two pending.

Do I think this is going to be anything close to canon? No. Do I think this is vaguely ooc? yes. Do I think this is going to be jossed in the next few chapters? Yes. Do I think this is rly interesting conceptually? also yes. 

So, apparently, Ted Cruz thinks that the democrats are supported by the KKK. My mom, upon hearing this, said, “Um, hi, yes, Doctor Who? We’re gonna need you over here, I think there’s been a rip in the spacetime continuum.”

  • <p> <b>noah:</b> I can't believe America is 2016 years old!<p/><b>gansey:</b> no, that's how old the world is you idiot<p/><b>ronan:</b> I can't believe you didn't know<p/><b>adam:</b> seriously man come on<p/><b>blue:</b> *in tears* they're so fucking stupid<p/></p>

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I know Not Your Grandmother's Jedi has Luke appearing when Anakin's still in utero, but what if he came back like just before/after TPM, and just... awkwardly took his own father as a padawan (or what if he went back like 800 years and somehow took YODA as a padawan. Awkward, that would be)

okay while Luke carrying around/trying to keep UP with sprog!Yoda while in that sleek black “seriously this screams Dark Side COME ON MAN” ensemble actually sounds STUPID adorable/hilarious, since it’s “Grandmother’s Jedi” of course he shows up on Tatooine during TPM. In that sleek black ensemble. In the fucking DESERT. 

And probably about five minutes after Qui-Gon took Anakin and left. 

“Argh,” Luke says. 

“‘Argh?’“ Shmi repeats doubtfully. 

“Just please tell me what your thoughts on being stolen are,” Luke says. “Also, we MIGHT have to run if we’re gonna make our ride. Or also steal a speeder. Or both?” 

“Oh, Force dammit,” Shmi says, and then yes, there is quite a LOT of running, and after all the running and grand theft auto (and helpfully bringing C-3PO because OF COURSE Luke and Shmi speed-packed C-3PO), Ani Skywalker has a new favorite Jedi who he thinks is just the COOLEST and MOST WIZARD. SORRY QUI-GON. >>