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@ rude anon : come off anon and stop being a little dickhead. Seriously, she's a great writer and slaves away to give us fics for free. The fact that all she wants is a little feedback isn't a crime, you're just ridiculous

Thank you! All I’m asking is for people to take a minute out of their lives to say good job or this is perhaps what you could do better, I’m not asking for an essay explaining what’s good or bad about my work

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I went stargazing with friends last night. After the long hike, we took turns describing how that night sky was the most magestic thing we ever saw. When it was my turn, I couldn't help thinkink that the most magestic thing I've seen is your blog. I literally looked out at the universe that night and knee even that night sky doesn't compare to the universe one would see when looking into your eyes. It's as if all the good the universe has to offer is within you. Stay magestic Jen - 🔬

Oh my God.  What the even.  I’m flattered, for real, but like.  Woah.

Who are you anon?!

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how can you ship somethng so stupid as sastiel when destiel is so obvious and perfect? castiel only likes sam because of dean anyways he and dean share a profound bond

I’m not even gonna bother telling you how WRONG you are because it’s not worth it. You probably haven’t seen the show since season 4. 


And I’m just gonna leave this here: 

Even though sastiel is not canon, they have a good friendship, Castiel is not “nice to Sam because of Dean”. Watch the show.

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youre probably the prettiest and cutest person ever cuz you get so much attention everyday and have a friend who you can kiss. my friends and i dont ever cuddle and we dont kiss and its probably cuz i'm ugly and fat. i'm not hating but it makes me kinda sad yknow? sorry for bothering you with this awkward msg but i guess i needed to rant for a bit ;^;

You’ve activated my big sister mode so I’d suggest you go get a cup of tea or coffee ‘cause Imma explain something. And I’m gonna be very blunt and honest, ‘cause I hate it when people try to sugarcoat things when it comes to this fucked up subject because it’s a very dark place for a lot of people, including me. 

I’m not one of those wannabes who’s gonna say, “Oh, everyone’s beautiful~! Believe in yourself! :)” –> I’m not saying that I don’t agree that everyone’s beautiful because I honestly do believe that everyone has their own unique beauty but guess what, saying “Oh, everyone is beautiful, you just don’t see it” doesn’t mean shit when you’re an insecure person.

When someone tells me I’m beautiful or pretty or whatever, I go, “No.” and not because I’m fishing for compliments, or want pity, or want them to tell me, “No, you are!”, it’s because I truly, honestly believe that I’m not.

This doesn’t mean that I’m calling them liars (yes, I’ve been accused of that) or something crazy like that, I just have a hard time believing it, because, at the end of the day, I’m the one who has to stand in front of the mirror, smile at the reflection and go, “Yes, I look okay. I like me.”

That doesn’t just happen. Finding confidence in your looks is like the highest level of this fucked up game called life. It’s not something you achieve after hearing “Everyone is beautiful” a thousand times because you have to believe that “everyone” includes you. Every single time I hear someone say that I think, “Yeah, okay, everyone, excluding me/Easy for you to say since you’re hot as fuck/You’re just saying that because you love me/you’re my friend or family so you don’t want me to feel bad.”

You have no idea what it’s like to have your big sister yell at you that you need to start loving yourself god damn it until you’re literally on your fucking knees in front of her, crying your eyes out and begging her to, “Please stop it, you’re just saying that” because it hurts because you don’t believe it.

I’ve been fighting this battle for so long. According to my parents I was a very happy and outgoing and popular kid, but that all changed when I turned 6 and went to preschool. People called me ugly, fat, dumb, weird and excluded me from their groups, wouldn’t let me play with them, threatened to beat me up, you name it. I honestly can’t remember ever feeling secure or happy with myself because when you hear nothing but “you’re ugly/Jo’s such an ugly/weird/fucked up girl/let’s take pictures of her to put it on fb” for 10 years straight, all your self-confidence kinda… disappears.

People told me that I should wear make-up –> I did, they still hated me
People told me that I should wear my hair down –> I did, they still hated me
People told me that I should get bangs to cover up my weird forehead –> I did, they laughed at me for trying to cover it up
People told me that I should lose 20 pounds –> I did, which resulted in me getting a fucking eating disorder that I still have to deal with on a regular basis, they talked to me for a day or two, but then went back to ignoring me
People told me that I should wear low cuts –> I did, they called me slutty and an attention whore
People told me that I should wear short skirts –> I refused so they called me stupid for not listening to their advice and a sad excuse for a girl

No matter what I did to change my appearance, I still didn’t belong because I was still ugly in their eyes.

There have been so many times where I looked at my reflection and just started crying because I hated my face so fucking much that it hurt. I hated everything about my body, I didn’t like one single thing about it. There are barely any pictures of me from the age between 6 - 21 because I hate taking pictures. I’m only on family pictures where I was literally fucking forced to be on because “IT’S A FAMILY PICTURE, COME ON” and of course school pictures, but I tore those all up

Confidence is something you get with age and experience. It’s not about finding yourself beautiful, it’s about accepting who you are. Am I on that level yet? Far from it, but I’m on my way. Let’s say that you have to get to level 10, and I was on level 0 when I was 11.
Right now, I don’t cry when I look at myself in the mirror, and don’t hate every single thing about my body, so I think I’m on level 3 or 4. I still start crying whenever someone tells me I’m pretty/beautiful or tells me to stop being insecure, so I have a long way to go still. I’m 21 now, so maybe I’ll get there when I’m 40 and you know what, that’s okay.

It took me 15 long ass fucking years to finally feel that I belong somewhere because dark, negative thoughts are so very powerful and extinguish every little shred of light. So whenever people tell me, “It’s just a thought you have to get rid of” because trust me, they have, I want them to fucking fuck off. It’s like telling someone with depression to “just stop thinking negatively” or telling someone with an eating disorder to “just eat”. Fucking no. It doesn’t work that way.

Leveling up doesn’t just happen. It takes years of struggling and battling with yourself. It takes love and patience. It takes a ton of mental strength. I was in so deep that I thought I’d never get out. When I was 14, I was so done with everything and everyone. I hated myself so much that I didn’t want to live anymore and almost cut my wrists with a kitchen knife but I managed to pull myself out of that godforsaken deep hole of insecurity and tried to make things better.

I didn’t have any friends for ten years because everyone told me I was too ugly/gross for that, but when I did find one friend when I was 16, who turned into my best friend, I was given a little confidence.
And when I went to college I also made friends, which gave me a little bit more. Two years after that, I went to uni, and made a lot of friends, which gave me such a boost that it made me think I belong somewhere –> after fifteen years.

But, having a sense of belonging doesn’t mean that I feel happy with myself. Those two are totally different things because I’m still amazed that some people know my name and I don’t get offended when someone doesn’t remember it, because I got used to it in pre- and high school. I still get shocked when someone does something nice for me. Hell, when my roommate came in with fucking christmas presents, I almost sent her out because what the fuck??? you’re giving me presents??? for no reason??? what, you want money??

Having confidence is such a big thing. You have to accept yourself, believe that you deserve to live, feel like you belong, and so many other things which will eventually turn in, “Yes, I’m beautiful.”

What I’m trying to say is that you are fucking gorgeous no matter what you look like or what you wear, because as you can see, it doesn’t matter. And it’s okay to argue against it, it’s okay to start crying, it’s okay if you don’t believe me, it’s okay if you hate me for saying this, it’s okay. I won’t get mad because I know what it’s like to hate your reflection and think nobody will ever like you. I know that it’s hard to believe. It’s okay if you’re reading this and you’re thinking, “Whatever, wannabe bitch, easy for you to say” because hey, I still think that, too.

It’s okay.

You’ll get there and I will get there. Maybe not at the same time, but we will. We all will.

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Still need to look at that bland, unappealing, boring, stupid character. Oooh? Pluses on your legs? Wow! Character design!

First of all, you dont need to look at anything you dont wanna sweetie! You can block the tag #puff stuff if you dont want to see her.
Secondly, if you want me to take your criticism seriously- come off anon and stop being such a discourse thirsty little bitch 😄

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Literally two days ago you said that your seizures were caused by coming down from Wellbutrin, which by the way never should have been prescribed in ANY SITUATION if you have seizure activity, and a bad reaction to the "ability," which I'm assuming means Abilify but now you're saying it's migraines and cluster headaches? If you had a known history of seizures, which you're implying you do, they wouldn't prescribe an anti-psychotic that causes seizures or any EEG irregularity.

I’m so glad I have an anonymous dr!! For free!!!

Seriously, chill. They did blame the Wellbutrin at first, I have had seizures before because I get COMPLEX MIGRAINES. They aren’t true seizures, AS I UNDERSTAND IT. One may have been. I have am HMO plan so am still waiting on a referral to a neurologist. Don’t be a douche and mock my iPhone autocorrecting words.

You wanna talk to my dr? Seriously, come off anon and I’m happy to give more detail to my day to day medical drama.

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Hope your time never comes because your writing sucks a lot and it's annoying enough to see it in tags, don't need to see it anywhere else either. Reason you're not well known is because you're not good at writing despite what people try to tell you to stroke your ego, or else your followers would be actually be reblogging your shit more lol.

Lol, really? That’s all you got? I tell myself worse everyday.

Anyways, come off anon and I’ll take you seriously. Oh wait, you won’t b/c then you can be held responsible for your actions and a fuckwit like you wouldn’t want that. Such a shame, I was ready for a fight.


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Well you wanted to know why no one bothers to talk to you anymore?? So let me tell you?? Maybe if I use question marks at the end of every sentence you'll understand??

Come off anon and stop being a little bitch. Seriously you’re pathetic. You’ve been talking shit to me on anon for almost a week now. You take your time out of your day to come and check my tumblr if I responded to your message. Get the fuck over it.

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I'm not following you. It shows up in the tags and you're boring compared to others.

Then stop contacting me? I’m having fun, leave me alone. Come off anon if you wanna be taken seriously

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Ahhh Drat, every time you post a picture of your beautiful face I want to kiss it. Sounds like you are having a good time interning?


It’s a lot of fun! Takes my mind off other stresses and I get to read really weird stuff from creative folks. Like shit, found a whole recipe on cooking weed in butter in one zine. 

Also it gives me an excuse to be my socially inept self and geek out about stuff with really awesome editors and my fellow intern, which is great.


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8,9, 27 all from monster. cause u share the same love for monster as this anon omh

omg you turned this into a monster ask. i love you…..come off anon

8: Who is your favorite anime character?

okay this is soooooo hard bc like half the characters are my babies…but nina is my forever girl

9: Name an anime character you absolutely hate

all the people involved in kinderheim 511

27: Which anime character are you most like?

probably dieter haha

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"On the 1st day of Christmas, my bb asked of me..." Have you ever comically misheard song lyrics? As a child I wondered "who's Bart Ridge, why'd he get stuck in a pear tree, poor guy" especially when I saw a pear tree IRL and thought "it's not that high, he could've jumped or something".

This ask just made me laugh out loud.

Hmm…have I ever comically misheard a song? I’m sure I have, though I can’t remember any at the moment. Though I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to memorize “The Twelve Days of Christmas” - and I’m still fairly certain I mix up the days every time I sing it!