seriously cant right now

I’m actually really sad to see season 3 end this season for me was very special. I finally started getting involved with the fandom more I didn’t wait until every episode was released to play the game. I have more people to talk to now who share similar interests, and it’s not like how it was in the past when I finished season 1 & 2 and I was like “well now what?” Like I said I’m talking to new people. IRL and online. This season in a way kinda made me come out of my shell? The Walking Dead (show, games, comics) will always hold a special place in my heart. It was such a great experience I loved everything about it thank you @telltalegames and thank you everyone else


I’m so tired of Black Widow being ignored just because she’s a girl. Why the fuck would Iron Man need a motorcycle? He FLIES. You can’t honestly tell me that having the correct character in the toy would freak boys out and cause them to choose something else. I’m tired of sexism, I’m tired of unnecessarily gendered toys, and I’m tired of people ignoring it because they think it’s okay.

Man coming from huge tumblr bandoms like the pentaholics and the para family has me really wishing there was more of a Les Twins fan base here. Like I feel like I’m going to have to start being a content creator again. The world is missing out on these boys and most of the gifs in the Les Twins tag only have 100 to 300 notes. My highest superfruit give has over 1.5k. Also most of the content on Les Twins here are over 3 years old. I’m for sure gonna start making gifs


Together we’ll decide what’s right, as H U S B A N D a n d W I F E

We do greater things when we act as o n e, when we trust each other as e q u a l s, this is not a coronation for a King.

i t s   f o r   a   K I N G a n d Q U E E N.

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🌸 (or at least we haven't much), 🌙, 💙!

🌸 - We don’t talk, but I appreciate your presence on my dash!

🌙 - You have a good sense of humour!

💙 - I think you’re cool!

Awwh, thank you so much! I’m really flattered!

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Only Mine - Revamped [Chapter 3 ( 4 / 5 )]

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i saw an account earlier by someone who is kin with a rock,, and says that they were a rock in their past life,, a rock,, and they seemed pretty serious about it too omg but seriously rocks cant die so technically they would still be a rock right now.

maybe as a rock they weathered to the next life


HEY my commissions were closed but im reopening them! happy halloween, i guess. (all of october is halloween dont lie to me)

anyways, after having to replace my old phone (which finally broke after six years of valiant service Rest In Peace) and begin ordering my acrylic charms (which i technically still havent funded yet??? f r e e  m e) i have less than $16 in my bank account and four weeks until my next paycheck. which i need for groceries, and prints for photography class. how long do you think 16 bucks is gonna keep me alive? not four goddamn weeks, thats for sure.

SO IM OPENING EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS!!!! because im fast and im not comfortable begging for money. :’^)

here’s some samples from my many, many customers!! go check out these A+ babes

NOTE: the $8 price tag is for Wardens (of all races, genders, and classes) and Hawkes (in finery, “male” or “female” style, although all genders are welcome). alternate outfits or other ocs (dragon age related or otherwise!) have a totally different price listing based on complexity that you’ll have to work out with me personally, so send me an email if you’re interested on a more personalized commission!!

  • i’m used to drawing characters with a wide variety of facial features, gender expressions, and racial backgrounds! don’t worry if your character is unique - I LOVE unique! :^D
  • i work REALLY quickly (since these take less than an hour each to draw) and i’m not employed during the summer months, so you can expect your commission back promptly!!! :^)

  • once i finish my pixel art for all the dragon age NPC’s, you’ll be able to use them in shipping walls and sidebars! i have a few fully colored samples done already!

  • i DO require payment in advance. i’ve been fucked over more than once and i’m only asking for $8!! (if youre really that worried i’ll dump you, i’ll send you a preliminary sketch, but i will require payment before i publish the final product)

the 10 slot immediate turn around guarantee applies only to “standard” commissions; but i’ll try to finish as many custom commissions as i can ASAP!!!

******PLEASE REBLOG THIS EVEN IF YOU CANT AFFORD ONE RIGHT NOW********** im seriously out of money and the food i have in the fridge won’t last forever, im not asking for handouts, just more chances to make the money i need!!!!

Niall in 2016

lets be honset. 2016 SUUUCKED. but niall made it a little better so lets take a second so we can talk about our irish prince!

warning:this post is loooong

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do you ever get such strong feelings for a pairing that you want to write something about them or draw something or read something about them but then you just don’t have the talent and so then you just get really really frustrated?

yeah. me too.

I’m really grateful for all of your kindness and the nice messages I’m getting but at the same time it’s really messing me up, too. It’s all so overwhelming and I can’t handle it all please stop