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You all know I’ve been working on a fic right? Well, the amazing and spectacular @omg-i-cannot-even made an Incredible moodboard for it! And, what’s more, it’s now the title card for my fic. It heads up chapter one and if i feel like it later it may just head up each chapter. Go check it out here!

Seriously, it’s fucking rad!

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"What if he passes one in the street?" LOLOL. I laughed so hard. Seriously, this is what this fandom is like. "Cole was spotted holding the door open for a girl at the CVS. Lili deserves better."

hahahaha, seriously. I just cannot even be bothered with it anymore

some realistic and in-character father/son conflicts boruto could have

- naruto is an overbearing parent who wants to be involved with Everything they do and doesn’t know how to give his kids space

- naruto is over-protective of his loved ones to the extreme

- naruto has no idea what ‘normal’ father-son relationships are like thanks to his childhood, as a result he can make a lot of mistakes due to wanting his children to like him more than doing what’s best for them

- naruto is the entire village’s dad and boruto wishes he could have more one-on-one time rather than ‘nart is babysitting Everyone’ time

- naruto is the Most Embarrassing of all dads

- boruto is terrified by the prospect of ever living up to his father’s legacy

- boruto expects that his dad/the ninja world would hate him for not becoming a ninja and following in naruto’s footsteps

- boruto expects that his ninja skills will be handed to him on a silver platter due to his parentage

- boruto doesn’t take in naruto’s many lessons on hard work because his skills were handed to him on a silver platter

- literally anything but what we got

I think the most beautiful part about the G.C.F vlog is the fact that even though Jimin was being filmed, he only looked directly into the camera once (at a moment where it’s likely JK asked him to say hi to the camera). All the other times he faced the camera his eyes were directed at JK, not the lense. Which to me makes it so much more intimate, because it was like JK was capturing the way Jimin was looking at him with so much love and happiness and ahh this video just makes me so damn soft I won’t ever shut up about it.




We’ve just reached 6k followers. And we just want to say, thank you to all of the Swens that made this possible. Without you there would be no SwanQueen. SQ will always and forever be ours. So thank you again.

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i don’t do yoga, but i do like to look at yoga poses on the internet and think “that doesn’t look that hard” and then almost hurt myself

I couldn’t stop thinking of these iwaoi headcanons so time to share!

- Iwaizumi loves to be groomed by Oikawa. Even before they start going out and are spending the night at each other’s place, Iwaizumi will take a bath and immediately trap Oikawa into drying and brushing his hair and cleaning his ears (his favorite). 

- It might seem gross, but Oikawa is so used to the ear cleaning now that he just expects it as soon as Iwaizumi gets out of the bathroom. ( Iwaizumi first asked Oikawa when they were little because his mother wouldn’t do it for him anymore since she claimed he was old enough.)

- Iwaizumi will rest his head on its side on Oikawa’s thighs and close his eyes as Oikawa works. Oikawa is very gentle and meticulous. 

- It’s the one time Oikawa is actually quiet, and Iwaizumi is just too much in a state of bliss to utter anything either (even though occasionally he’ll make little noises of content). The silence is calming as they just bask in each other’s presence. Iwaizumi tends to fall alseep sometimes, too, if he’s had a long day, and Oikawa will just lay him down on the bed and sleep next to him.

- After brushing Iwaizumi’s hair, Oikawa will give Iwaizumi a nice neck and shoulder massage that makes Iwaizumi want to melt into a puddle. If the ear cleaning doesn’t knock Iwaizumi out, this definitely does. 

- Iwaizumi always returns the favor even though Oikawa doesn’t expect him to.

- When their mothers first see them doing this for each other, they tease the boys endlessly about acting like a married couple.

- One time Iwaizumi allows Oikawa to put his favorite moisturizer on and ever since then he’s addicted to the feeling of Oikawa’s fingers massaging the moisturizer into his face. It, too, becomes part of their ritual. Iwaizumi also likes it when Oikawa applies masks on him. 

- Sometimes, Oikawa will even cut and file Iwa’s nails, even though Iwaizumi tells him he doesn’t have to, but Oikawa simply enjoys doing these things for Iwaizumi.

- One time when practice runs later than usual and the boys just shower in the locker room, Oikawa unthinkingly dries and combs Iwaizumi’s   hair for him and even Iwa doesn’t think anything of it. The whole team teases them and asks Oikawa to do the same for them. Blushing, Oikawa says he will only do it for Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi pretends he doesn’t feel his heart race. 

Thoughts for today

Me: It’s finally happening. It’s EVEN! It’s here after what feels like eternity. Don’t get your hopes up though, there is probably just going to be a clip and a couple of text updates.

Skam: *gives us Isak’s contact name in Even’s phone (mannen i mitt liv), a clip exploring Even’s POV, a homemade video about Even’s love for Isak, a Hei Briskeby video showing Even and the balloon squad’s friendship and talking about Even’s past, a text between Mikael and Even (best bud!!), and a 21:21 update*


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