seriously can they just make babies already

Undertale fans zodiac sings.
  • Aries: I just want to taste papyrus' spaghetti already
  • Taurus: I don't understand how dETERMINATION is supposed to keep you alive, I mean you dyin when you dyin that's it.
  • Gemini: the puns makes me feel like I have a life with a meaning.
  • Leo: wait, wait, wAit. how does a fish breathe oxygen again
  • Virgo: sans is my baby if you do something to him I will seriously stab you in the eye
  • Scorpio: I love the music, I live for the music, the music, yes, music, mMmMMмᎷUSℹ︎Сc
  • Sagittarius: //downloads a lot of fanart, A L O T//
  • Aquarius: hOI!! IM ABOUT TO KILL FLOWEY.
  • Pisces: why the fuck you dyin why you always dyin mMMMM OH MY GOD STOP DYING.
Fluffmas Day 3-Christmas Shopping

Fluffmas Day 3-Christmas Shopping (Hamilsquad x Reader)

Today was the day. Probably one the hardest things you will ever do in your life. Risking your life for the one you love. Praying that you make it through and can makes it back to the ones you love. This will be one of the most dangerous, grueling, deadly—

“(Y/N) stop mentally monologuing already!” shouted an annoyed Angelica, smacking you behind the head.

“Seriously, we’re just going Christmas shopping.” said Eliza.

“It’s not like we’re fighting in the American Revolution.” added Peggy, laughing at your antics.

“You have no understanding of my pain and hardships!” you shook your fist at your best friends. “I have four boyfriends, three best friends, two parents, four grandparents, one sibling, a niece and nephew and one baby goddaughter to shop for!”

You held up your long list of people you needed to shop for.

“You forgot the Washingtons, Theodosia, Aaron, Madison, Jefferson, and our dad.” said Angelica.

“GODDAMNIT!?” You cursed, crumpling the piece paper and throwing it. You’ll have to order more boxes of peppermint bark!

Eliza picked it up and examined it. “Most of these name are already crossed out, (Y/N).”

Peggy snatched it from her sister’s hands. “Yeah, the only ones left are Herc, Alex, John, and Laf.”

You cringed, not wanting to look at your friends faces.

“Girl, do you not know—”

“What don’t be ridiculous?! I was just saving the best for last?! I totally know what to get them?!” you retorted.

The Schuyler Sisters stared at you with their ‘Oh really?’ looks.

“Fine, you got me. I have no idea what to get them…Why are boys so hard to shop for?!” you clutched your head in frustration.

“Oh c'mon, they must have told you about the things they want.”

“That’s the thing I asked and they just said ‘All we need is your love.’” you said.

“Great! They don’t want anything!” cheered Peggy, while you, Angelica, and Eliza face palmed. “What?”

“Because the guys said they didn’t want anything because they didn’t want to sound like they wanted something…” said Angelica.

“But in reality, they really do want something.” finished Eliza.

“And once again, I don’t have anything!” you cried.

“Oh, guys are weird.”

“You should see when we have to celebrate birthdays.” you said between your grumbling.

“Still there guys, can’t you just buy them some cologne or new wallets of something like that?”

“No way! I want to give them something meaningful! I want to get them each the perfect gift that when they see it they’ll think of me! Or at least something they won’t regift or shove in a closet!“ you yelled, before slumping over. “I just have no idea what those gifts will be.”

“That’s not true, (Y/N). I’m sure you know what to get them. Just think.”

“Careful, Eliza, that’s dangerous.” joked Peggy, getting a punch in the arm from you.

“Quiet Peggy! Just close your eyes and think, (Y/N).” said Eliza.

You did what Eliza suggested and thought about it. You closed your eyes and scanned your memories of the time you spent with Hercules, John, Alexander, and Lafayette.

Hercules, the gentle giant with a heart of gold that eat and breathed Disney. One of the best tailors around. You thought about getting him a new set of tailoring equipment or maybe you could get him some cufflinks. He always saying how a good set of cufflinks was what made the suit. Maybe some movie passes for all the upcoming films he wanted to see.

John was always your sunshine on a cloudy day. His dazzling smile and his cute freckles that just made you want to kiss him. He really loved animals, especially turtles. You could get him a pass to the zoo or maybe do one of those adopt-an-animal program. He’d probably really like that.

Alexander could definitely use something to make him calm down. He was always working himself to exhaustion and never knew when to keep his mouth shut. Ironically, he loved to pamper himself, owning more bath products than you or the others. Maybe you could get him a day at the spa or couples massage thing.

Lafayette was definitely the hardest to shop for. He was always so fascinated by every little thing that it makes it hard to tell what he really likes. He loved the arts though, always going on about his favorite plays, so tickets to the theater could be good. Then again he was saying how the holidays always made him a bit homesick. Maybe you get him a bottle of his favorite wine and those tasty chocolates he brought home last time he visited France.

“…(Y/N)…(Y/N)…(Y/N)?!” Angelica screamed in you ear.

“I’m awake!” you screeched, coming out of your thoughts.

“You okay, (Y/N)? You were gone for a long time there.” said Peggy.

“Did you think of any good gifts for the guys?” asked Eliza.

“Actually I did!” you admitted. “C'mon we only so much time left! Got to hurry with to get our gifts in time~”

You scampered off to go get your boyfriends’ present.

“I knew she’d get it…eventually.” laughed Eliza.

“She really has to stop overthinking things.” said Angelica, chuckling.

“Then it wouldn’t be as fun to watch~” Peggy pointed out.

OUAT 6x13

What did I just watched?

The Rumple backstory was okay-ish. Good for Robert that he got more screentime again. I don´t care much for Gideon to be honest. Always loved little Bae. But why did the writers chance his character? Balefire never wanted to use magic, he was against it. Yet he used magic with the dagger. Also why are the orges so huge? Emma faced one in S2 and he was way smaller (baby ogre or what)?

Robin Hood turned the snake into the Evil Queen. I know, that the only reason he is back, was for this. Now this is done and he´ll leave again. Whats the point of this? Just to make Regina (and OQ fans) suffer for 2 episodes?

How crazy and weird was the CS engagement? Hook get drunk, is pity for himself, keep lying and proposed. Seriously? If CS fans say thats romantic, they are out of mind. Sorry, not sorry. After all the crap already they can´t go on with the wedding. Seriously, if the writers are keeping them together there is something really wrong with them. How about romance/love/trust..nothing of those things fits for CS. All Hook does is lying and cares about himself.

I´m very mad what they did with Emma. She used to be a strong character and now she is just a side character to the pirate. Is this really the story that the writers want for Emma. From the saviour to the housewife? Why are they messing up all the characters.

No Henry (again), no Snow, no Charming, not enough Emma/Regina/Belle/Zelena, Rumple (okay, he got alot of screentime) useless Hood and drunk Hook. No wonder the ratings got a new series low..

Baby, I love and miss you right now. I’m looking through pictures of you because your smile and your face just make me feel better. I had a dream of us again. When I awoke I was sad to find out it was a dream after how real it felt. I know you worry that I may not love you as I do now after we meet, but I seriously can’t imagine anything that would scare me away. I already love everything about you. Of course, there is more to learn still. And you also have a lot to learn about me. But learning each other’s past won’t effect our future. It’s who we are together and who we become that matters. You may think you’re boring. But I bet this “boring” you-you describe is exactly what I want. let’s sit around and watch movies and TV shows. Play games with me. Let’s lay in bed super late on days off and cuddle or just sex each other up. If that’s what you want, then you’re not boring at all…. You’re perfect! I look forward to growing as a couple. I look forward to meeting you for the first time. Our first kiss is a thought I cannot stop thinking about.
—  From me to you 2015-10-02 (I found this while digging through old messages.)
Needy GD (Nyongtori smut ^^)

“Baby please I need you.”, GD whispers huskily into his boyfriends ear, causing him to shiver. “Stop it Jiyong! You know we can’t do that know! Our concert is starting in 18 minutes.” Slowly, Ji sweeps his hands across Seunghyuns shoulders down his torso just to rest them on his abs, causing his boyfriend to flex them. “But if you try to be quick…” “Stop it hyung! I won’t do that now!” “Seungri seriously you are such a tease. And you will pay for that.” During the concert GD does his best to already make the maknae regret his decision. He pulls him extra hard, moves in closer than normally and touches him whenever he has the opportunity. Even though they are not official yet, they just do whatever they feel like on stage and just call it fanservice. After the concert and the aftershowparty they meet up in their hotel room again. GD left the party earlier without Seungri. “Ji I’m back!”, Panda screamed while entering their room. He turned around to take of his jacket and as soon as he managed to get out of the tight leather he got pinned to the wall next to him. He felt the lips of his boyfriend invade his neck. “I’ve been waiting for you…”, GD mumbled between kisses. He turned his boyfriend around to kiss his lips and pull him towards the bedroom. “You really made me mad today. You had to know that I would punish you.” Seungri got instantly exited thinking of the things Jiyong did last time he teased him. “You’re right. I should have given you pleasure before the concert. I was a very bad maknae.” The stare in GDs eyes was priceless. The feeling of Seungri once again submitting to him made him shiver. Seungri was his property. Only he could pleasure him and GD was the only person Seungri would ever satisfy. “You are mine.”, Ji whispered before unbuttoning his boyfriends shirt and throwing him onto the bed. Once he revealed Seungris abs he started giving him hickeys on his neck, his collarbones, his pecs and his abs. He knew Seungris spot. When he traveled all the way down to his stomach he got up again moving himself over his boyfriends neck beginning to kiss and suck on that one spot that always causes him to moan. “Jiyong!” He loved hearing the maknae moaning his name in pleasure. “Ji please just… stop teasing…”, he whispered during shivering breaths feeling himself harden under his boyfriends sucking and his kisses. “You may have forgotten that this is a punishment. I’ll be as quick or as slow as I want. You can’t do anything about it.” Seungri felt his pants getting tighter due to his boyfriends teasing. Suddenly GD stood up leaving Seungri with an empty feeling where he just felt the warmth of his boyfriend. Looking over the already sweaty body of his boyfriend, Ji noticed his bulge. “Your pants are a little tight baby, aren’t they?”, he continued teasing. “Please let me just take them of…”, Seungri pleaded. “No baby.” GD left the room to get something leaving a confused yet horny maknae on the bed. He tried to resist the urge of removing his pants but gave in and took his ripped jeans of. “Baby didn’t I tell you to leave your pants on? You really want to get in trouble, huh?” Ji played with a pair of handcuffs before sitting down on Seungris bulge, causing him to breath out an afflicted moan. He slowly leaned forward, causing the panda to release an even louder moan while he took his boyfriends wrists and handcuffing them to the headpiece of the bed. He then quickly stood up to get out of all his clothes except his boxers. Seungri was able to see his boyfriends bulge what got him even hornier. He wanted to feel him. Give him pleasure. He wanted to hear Jiyong moan and scream his name. Slowly Jiyong also took his underwear of, revealing his hardened member, causing Seungri to gulp hard. He moved back onto Seungri and pulled his boxers down as well. His member was hard as a rock too and already leaking from precum. “Ji please…” “Baby shut up.” He turned his boyfriend around and placed his member at his entrance. “Ji please you know this is going to hurt…” “I said it’s going to be a punishment baby.” Just with one straight thrust he pushed himself into Seungri, causing both to moan loudly. “Hyung you are… so big…”, he moaned in pleasure. “Baby you are so tight…”, GD moaned whilst he began thrusting. He started off slowly. Even though he was punishing his maknae, he didn’t want to hurt him that much. When he noticed that Seungri got used to it, he began thrusting harder. After a while the maknae moved his hips to meet Jiyongs thrusts, causing them to moan even louder and Jiyong to hit his spot. GD leant forward to reach his boyfriends ear. “Baby I’m cumming.”, he moaned in a low voice into the pandas ear. With one final thrust and a load scream of his boyfriends name, he released into him and collapsed onto him. They both tried to catch their breath until Jiyong turned Seungri around and gave him a peck on his lips. “Now let’s make you feel good baby.” With open mouthed kisses he went down Seungris upper body until he reached his member. He pulled the pandas legs open and began to give him a hickey on his inner thight. The only place where only he can see it. “Ji please stop being such a tease…”, Seungri pleaded. He reacted to his wish and kissed the tip of his member. “Ji please…” “Baby tell me what you want me to do.” “Please, just… suck me off. You already teased me so much, Ji…” GD began alternating between kissing and licking the tip of Seungris member, until his boyfriend had enough of his tease and trusted his hips up. “Baby you’re so impatient today…” Finally he took Seungris entire length into his mouth as far as he could and wrapping his right hand around his base. Slowly he started moving up and down with his head and became quicker. Seungri wasn’t able to say anything, he just moaned Jiyongs name loudly. GD continued picking up his pace until the maknae breathed heavily. “Hyung I’m… I’m cumming…” Once those words left his shaking lips, Ji pulled back and stopped satisfying his boyfriend. “Jiyong don’t do this to me… I… I was so close, please…” “Baby I said that I am punishing you.” He walked towards the chair and picked up a large white bathrobe. Whilst covering his body he moved on front of the big mirror to fix his hair. “I’m going to take a shower baby. Think about teasing me the next time I need you. Maybe you like getting punished but I doubt it.” “But Ji… please at least remove the handcuffs…” “So that you can finish yourself off? Nah baby. Only I can make you cum.” He turned around and went into the bathroom leaving behind a frustrated and still horny Seungri.

(Don’t hit me, it was my first time ^^)

I really have a bone to pick with the people wanting to ban trans people from the correct bathroom.

Why? You think they’re there to snoop on you? That they’re attracted to you? Don’t be flattered, they’re there to pee as well, not hook up. 

Do you want post transition individuals to be stuck in their assigned restroom? Do you want a hairy bearded man with dude-junk in his pants in the woman’s restroom just because he had to have surgery and hormone treatment? How about a hairy man who hasn’t had SRS yet but seriously, how are you going to tell? Are YOU the one snooping? What about androgynous people? What about a cis lady with a “man face”? “Baby faced” men? Really feminine men who are skilled with the makeup brush? Men can enter the androgynous zone real fast when they know what they’re doing with their makeup. Do you propose we check people’s pants at the door? Do you already check everyone’s presentation to make sure it is at the correct feminine and masculine levels? Do you check your own upper lip and make sure you’ve waxed recently enough to gain entrance to the woman’s restroom?

Do you want gay people banned from these restrooms as well? Or are you willing to let them stay over a straight trans person?

Trans people are an estimated 1-2% of the population, 5% at the most generous estimation. Why are you so concerned about this bizarre occurrence of a small demographic wanting to use a restroom. It will probably never effect you in any way. You have a very LOW chance of ever running into a trans person in the bathroom, let alone someone you can tell is trans. Why? Well, besides the fact that, again, this is an incredibly small demographic, one’s transness not a typically broadcasted fact as trans people are trying to live as their target gender. Also, if they have any doubts of passing, trans people usually AVOID public restrooms if at all possible. Even those who do pass are commonly uncomfortable using public restrooms and will STILL avoid them.

Toughts on FT 418


She called him “senpai”, so cute ~ :3

What she said here confirms what I always said. She’s super strong emotionnaly. She sank into depression but managed to get out of this shit by herself. HERSELF. I don’t know if people realise how hard it is to get out of depression. Specially alone. Seriously, I’m gonna kill the next person who says Lucy’s weak.

If the guild was disband, wasn’t the mark supposed to dissapear ? Does that mean… Lucy draws it on her hand everyday ?! Lucy, baby, don’t do such heartbreaking things, I’m gonna cry TT

Can I just give her a hug…?

External image



We even haven’t seen his face yet and he’s already that badass…

Anyway, beside that, Lucy’s face and the “That feeling…”, it just feel like Natsu’s power has grown too much and E.N.D is starting to appear. That’s why she would say that. Because it looks like Zereph’s magic.

OMG NATSU NO ! SO SEXY I DON’T THINK I WILL BE ABLE TO ANDLE THIS ! GOD NATSU YOU’RE SO HOT  *~* (Okay, that was one was not funny… But, honestly, without bad jokes, is hot *~*)

Yes, your husbando is back honey. 

I’m 100% sure Natsu wanted to impress Lucy with his new powers. 100%.


I didn’t have imagine their reunion like that but… GOD IT’S SO CUTE I’M TOTALLY OKAY WITH IIT ! JUST LOOK AT NATSU’S SMILE (god, he’s so sexy) AND LUCY’S LIL’ “You okay ?” MY OTP IS PERFECT AND I’LL KICK ANYONE BUTTS WHO DISAGREE

But, the cutest is that Lucy had faith in FT again when she saw him… Like, so cute. For me, it really feels like Natsu represent Fairy Tail for her. After all, he’s the one who make it possible for her to join the guild. He’s the one she teamed up with all this time. 

They’re so fuckin’ cute, gosh. <3

—Sorry for the english—