seriously can i have a relationship like this please

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"Noorhelm is an unhealty relationship" "William is an asshole" "He forced Noora to stay with him" bla bla bla. STOP. He told Noora "SAY I DON'T LIKE YOU AND I'M GONE" Noora told him she did not like him and he went away. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WAS NOORA'S CHOICE. SHE RAN AFTER HIM. SHE KISSED HIM. SHE TOLD HIM SHE WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM. William forced her in the beginning, but then it was Noora's choice... I personally don't ship them but I think William doesn't deserve all this hate...

listen it is an unhealthy relationship in the end and he is an asshole wether you admit it or not…

I have serious problems with fanfictions about “cheating”
Seriously, I can’t read them, ‘cause honestly almost everyone can’t write about this topic.
People make “cheating” so easy!
All the ffs about this are like:
“I cheated on you with your best friend, you found out, we broke up, you found another man and now I can stay with your best friend, because you have a new life. So, can you forgive us?”
“I cheated on you, you found out but, hei, let’s make this a polyamorous relationship.”

Please, don’t.
If you want to write about a topic like this, an important thing, then take this seriously.

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Hello :) Tell me please, how can I have very good relation with my sister like you have with your sibilings? :) You're so great, seriously..

Like any relationship - be a good friend! 

♥ Invite her for things
♥ Ask her about her life
♥ Be a good listener
♥ Don’t be judgemental
♥ Love her for who she is
♥ Let her go her own way
♥ Share secrets with her
♥ Be open about how you feel about things

Don’t know what I would do without my siblings. They’re the most important people in my life. 


Seriously can’t be fucked anymore..if you want me then show me that you do. Actions speaks louder than words and tbh i could care less if you have options but if you gotta think thru who you want..then please don’t choose me. I’m done with mind games like nowdays people don’t even know anymore what being in a relationship means. Yeah it was fun while it need to be faithful in ‘talking’ stage also..bcs if you aint..imma will wonder will you be faithful when we date? 

Things I need in season 2:
  • Shiro and Keith’s origin story. We can/have been assuming they were students at the Garrison around the same time but BUT I NEED DETAILS. GIVE ME THE NITTY GRITTY??
  • Galra Keith confirmed
  • A canonical gay relationship?? It’s 2016, the show is on Netflix, and some people from Korra are working on it like c’mon.
  • More Coran
  • Maybe the fight/event behind Shiro’s facial scar??
  • Backstory for like??? EVERYONE????
  • No character death ahaa….aa…….please……………
  • Seriously if Shiro pulls a heckin’ Kamina to further the plot and development of the other paladins I will lose my shit.
help my wife!!!

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thank u!!!

Give me love// Derek Hale

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Prompt: 9. “You’re never affectionate”

Warnings: None

Word count: 391

Word density: “Derek”, “Relationship, and “Love”


“Derek.” You whined as he pushed you away again.

You and Derek had been together for a year. He never wanted to cuddle. He never wanted to hold you. When you were sad, he ignored you all together. It obviously made you feel horrible.

“Derek, please.” You whimpered as he shifted on the couch.

“What?” Did he seriously not know?

“I’m trying to cuddle with you!” You exclaimed.

“Y/N, chill.” he whispered and sat closer to you.

You sat with your arms crossed and ignored him. All you wanted was to be in a relationship where you could sit down and hold someone or be held by someone. Tears welled up i your eyes. Why can’t I have a relationship like Scott and Allison had? Your mind was going a mile per minute. Stiles and Lydia have a better relationship than I do, they’re not even dating.

“Babe-.” You got up and walked to your room before he got the chance to say anything.

You sat on the bed and cried. Maybe I’m overreacting. He made you feel unloved and uncertain of your relationship. You two kissed and had sex, that’s as physical as your relationship got.

“Y/N?”Derek asked as he opened up your room door.

“What do you want?” You dried your eyes and he grabbed your hands.

“I want to know what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird all day.”

It’s now or never, “You’re never affectionate. It shouldn’t bother, but it does. I love you so much, Derek. I just want you to hold me. I want you to cuddle me and wrap your arms around me. You don’t do that. Do you even love me-.” He grabbed your cheeks and pressed his lips to yours.

He wiped your tears and gently pushed you back on the bed. You smiled once you realized what he was doing. His breath was on your neck as he held you in a spooning position.

“Is this what you wanted?” You could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Mhhm.” You moaned in contentment.

“Don’t ever question my love for you. I love you so much, okay? I’ll cuddle you until the end of time, just so you won’t ever question my love for you. You’re my one weakness. You’re my anchor.”

Can we have Matthew Daddario play Dorian please? I would die

I mean seriously guys. He is clearly capable at acting, if you add blue contacts he looks exactly like Dorian, the perfect age/look of age, he can be flirty, sassy, angsty, knows how to have intimate close guy relationships (cough cough, Chaol), we know he can act in a fantasy T.V. show, and I have even seen him with dogs!

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Seriously, even if they didn’t give him blue contacts (which aren’t that hard to get) I would not give a shit. I mean look at him…I think he would be perfect

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Harry Villiers

Happiness, surprise, confession, love

Fandom: The Riot Club

Request: “ i seriously love your writing. could i possibly have a Harry Villiers imagine please? maybe where you two have been dating since freshers week or something, before he even got into the Riot Cub, even though it’s not reay accepted. your relationship is serious and all of the guys love you, and accept the two of you together.
can it just be about, like, Henry thinkin about marrying you and even starting to look for a ring, and the guys laughing at him at first before realising that he’s serious, and helping him find the perfect one. they say something about how she’s in the club anyways, or practically in it, and Henry just gets really happy.
idk I just want it really fluffy, and it doesn’t even have to be that plot tbh.
but thank you so much (sorry if that’s confusing or boring or whatever I just want somethig with Henry). “

Word count: 512

gif is not mine.

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Could you please write something about the progress of andrew and neil's relationship after the king's men? like in the small things, touching, time spent together etc.

people have been telling me things when i wrote out ‘guidelines for loving andrew minyard’ (tumblr, ao3), so this is sort of something like that. poetic prose, all that jazz. i’m pathetic, let me be!!!! p.s. there’s a tfc reference down there so this is not just post-tkm, but rather, the relationship’s progression in general— yeah, i need to stop explaining myself

(neil’s pov, second person, + title’s taken from this song by passenger!)

things that stop you dreaming (ao3)

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Anon Request: Hi omg i’m so happy that your request is open!! :D can i have a scenario where sehun wants a break from your relationship because he thinks that it was getting stale? (he has been texting other girl too) But he regrets it when he see you interact with other guys? 🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank you so much!! i seriously finish reading all your stories, they are too good 😍 please write more for sehun ~ ❤️

“Sehun, do you want to go out today?” You asked him expectantly, hoping that he would look up from his phone he seemed so interested. 

“Not really.” He mumbled, fingers working fast on his little device. 

The pouting days were over, it was like you should expect less dates with your boyfriend. Unlike the days where he would show up unannounced to your house to surprise you, more often these days you would text him and ask if you could come over. 

The replies would be short, a ‘yeah’ or ‘sure’ instead of the exciting self that he used to be. Almost…uninterested. It was different before. When you are in a relationship, you notice the small things. 

Like your height compared to his, your nose pressing into the base of his neck whenever he hugged you. His gaze would change whenever he looked at you, a twinkle in his eye that was reserved only for you. 

He would be able to memorize all of the little things that you liked, your favorite book, or your personal coffee drink. The beginnings of relationships were always so blissful. 

A man and a woman so drowned in love so quickly, and neither of them would realize how threatening that could be. Now it was the complete opposite, and some days you it didn’t feel like you could call Oh Sehun your boyfriend. 

He seemed so interested in his phone, it was like his girlfriend of a year didn’t even exist. 

“So what are we going to do today?” You asked again, not ready to spend your whole day sitting around while your boyfriend ignored you. He let out a short, frustrated sigh and held up his phone, shaking it with attitude. 

“I’m doing something.” 

“Oh…” You fought back all of the doubt clenching your heart together, as you leaned back away from the man you were supposedly in love with, and who was supposedly in love with you. 

“I…guess I’ll go home then.” You slowly got up off Sehun’s couch, and went to get your purse. 

“Wait.” A spark of hope kindled, displayed on a creeping smile on your face. “I’ll walk you home.” 

The hope dissipated, the walk was silent, and occasionally you’d look down at the hand that used to latch on to yours whenever you two went out. Now, the memory was all but faded. 

As if time lapsed, the door to your apartment was already in sight and your heart could not stop pounding. As if your heart already knew something bad was going to happen. 

“I’m getting bored with you. I think we should break up.” 

For a man of small words, Sehun felt as if this were the simplest thing for anyone to understand. If someone was boring to him, there was no reason to be associated with them anymore. 

He thought it was easy to understand, from his perspective being rather obvious. You, however, clear as the brokenness on your face, could not. Sehun rolled his eyes at the sight of you threatening tears and gaping your mouth. All he needed to do was walk away, no explanation, nothing. Gone. 

It wasn’t like he was just saying things, when a person falls out of love; there is really no helping it. He walked out because it was easy for him. The people on his phone, the girls he had been getting to know, seemed so much more interesting than you. 

They wanted to go out and do things, compared to you who enjoyed relaxing and staying in. Sehun needed more excitement, he felt like he needed more than you. 

So what if he broke a few girls hearts? It was just you, learning how nonchalant you were about everything you probably didn’t care about the break up. So…why was his heart hurting as much as yours? 

He went out, a lot. He met different girls, did different things, but all compared them to one. He just wouldn’t accept it. Like you always thought, it was the little things. 

The smell of your hair, your delicate hand verses the strong grip of others, and above everything else, the ease of the relationship the two of you had developed. 

By pure fate, he had been out alone, wandering through the mass city of Seoul. His feet, directed by his heart, were on autopilot and took him to the last place he thought he’d want to go. 

He always hated the taste of coffee, but the smell of your shop was just…different. It was pleasant, a sweet aroma filling every corner, just a twinge of you. 

Curiosity had gotten the better of him, as the swinging door triggered the little jingle of the bell. The schedule of days you worked was like a second language to him, as he knew this was one of your longest days. His heart betrayed him as it fluttered at the sight of you. 

It was something about the way your hair was pulled back, the sparkle in your eye as you poured drinks. That fleeting moment of love at first sight, though not his first time seeing you, just like the day he had met you. 

A co-worker, a male co-worker, snuck up behind you being a little more intimate than for Sehun’s comfort. He gripped his hand into a fist, seeing the smile that was so reserved for him directed to another man. By now he was able to see that he was lying to himself in the time that had been passing since he saw you last. 

Yet you paid little attention to the customers filing in and out, rather you focused on the task at hand, and the passion you held dearly to your heart. Waves of nostalgia brought Sehun back to a moment so similar to this, that fleeting love at first sight crashed into his heart again. 

He couldn’t help it. As he got up to the cashier, your friend who clearly recognized him by the disgusted look in her eye, he talked under his breath so you wouldn’t hear his voice. 

“What do you want Sehun? She doesn’t want to see you.” Your friend scolded. 

“Do you remember what I asked you to write on the cups?” 

She rolled her eyes, as if she could forget. But putting two and two together, it wasn’t hard to tell what Sehun was asking her. She nervously looked over at you, oblivious of Sehun standing there. 

Though she was hesitant, she took his order, and he snuck behind a few people to avoid your eye contact, awaiting what was to come. He sat at a table far enough so he was out of your line of sight, but where he could see you perfectly. 

The next cup you would make was yours, and as you read the order, a snort like laugh left your lips. It was stupid, it was corny, but you knew there was no one else in the world who would write the same pick up line on a coffee cup. 

You never fell for it, he knew you wouldn’t now. But you were aware that with Oh Sehun, both nothing and everything should surprise you. His way of telling you he was sorry and to get you back was: You are the reason men fall in love. You are the reason I fell in love. 

It didnt fit in the story at all but I really wanted the pick up line to be: I love you like a pig loves not being bacon. I can see it, right?

  • Parrish: -treats Lydia like a person-
  • Parrish: -flirts with Lydia sweetly and let's her have all the power-
  • Anti-Marrish shipper: Gross he's so old get him away from Lydia she's still a child even though she's 18!
  • Theo: -breaks pseudo dad's hand for realism-
  • Theo: -tortures Donovan-
  • Theo: -creeps in Kira's bedroom while she's sleeping-
  • Theo: -exploits weakness in Scott and Stiles' relationship-
  • Theo: -stalks Scott and probably try to kill him-
  • Same Anti-Marrish shipper: OMG CAN THEO AND SCOTT PLEASE BANG OMG
  • Me: -looks into the camera like I'm on the office-
Interviewer interviewing Sam Winchester
  • Interviewer: Welcome Sam it's great to have you!
  • Sam: Yea it's great to be here...I literally have no idea why I am here why am I here?
  • Interviewer: Well you are a huge popular icon in television! people love you
  • Sam: Oh.... ok
  • Interviewer: So Supernatural has just been renewed for a Season 12 Congratulations!
  • Sam: Uhh thanks?
  • Interviewer: whats wrong
  • Sam: Nothing I just dont understand why people would watch a show based off of our life cause it is so crappy
  • Interviewer: Oh please
  • Sam: No seriously it's the most crappiest life ever. Me and my brother Dean are forced into the hunter life, we basically can never have a normal life. All of our relationships turn to crap, We lost both of our parents, Every person we ever grow to care about dies, Than on top of that they like to come back as a ghost to remind us how we failed them, Dean and I always die, and I always have some sort of problem that nearly kills me in the end
  • Interviewer: Wow that sounds like it really does suck... So we know you cant tell us much but what can we expect in Season 12?
  • Sam: Death
  • Interviewer: Oh, can you tell us who might die?
  • Sam: Sure, either me, Dean, Cas or someone we grew a liking to in 5 episodes or less
  • Interviewer: Alright well thats...... something.... anything else?
  • Sam: Uh yea there will probably be something wrong with me
  • Interviewer: What do you mean wrong with you?
  • Sam: Well there is always a Sam Winchester Catastrophe in Supernatural. S1 I had visions of people being killed, S2 I WAS killed, S4 I was drinking Demon blood which made me go mentally insane, S5 I was possessed by Lucifer than I threw myself into hell, S6 I returned from hell soulless, Than got my soul back that was damaged and had to have a wall in my head so I wont remember hell so it wont kill me, than my Bff Castiel broke that wall and I was in a coma for a little while, Than in S7 Cas didnt repair my wall so Lucifer wouldnt leave me alone which made me loose sleep which nearly killed me-
  • Interviewer: Wow, all of that happened in S6?
  • Sam: I'm not done. Than in S8 I took on the trials to close the gates of hell which made me sick and was slowly killing me, than my brother stopped me, only for it to kill me, Than in Season 9 I was possessed by an angel who my bro thought was a good guy only to turn out he was a bad guy and he made me kill Kevin-
  • Interviewer: Okay I think we get the point
  • Sam: But I didnt get to the last two
  • Interviewer: No I think we heard enough Sam Winchester everyone!

I’m all for Parrish being around, and his hellhound connection to Lydia’s banshee, but like what the actual fuck is happening? Why is Lydia never with her pack? And are we seriously going to pretend that Stydia didn’t happen last week? Of course we are. I’m so fucking pissed off at Jeff that I can’t even begin to explain. And what the hell was that Stalia shit? Like fuck. I’m so done. Just so fucking done with this shit. Can we just have Stydia please? Everyone has had their relationships, everyone has been played out and we still don’t have Stydia.