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Liam Dunbar - Jealous Realizations

Request: “can you pls do a Liam Dunbar imagine when the two of you realize your love for one another?”

please send me more requests guys!!! :)


You glanced over at the sandy haired idiot for the 10th time that class period. Annoyance seemed to be steadily trickling through your veins as you watched Liam argue with your mutual childhood nemesis, Hayden. She was the girl who had originally united Liam and yourself together in middle school over your mutual disdain for her, and you had been best friends ever since. However, lately the underlying tension between Hayden and Liam had seemed, to you at least, more of the sexual variety and it was seriously starting to piss you off.

The bell rang and jerked you out of your irritated mental ramblings. You quickly turned your head away and shoved your books into your bag with a huff as the pair finished whatever petty fight they began at the beginning of class. You could hear Liam calling after you as you stomped down the hall towards the parking lot.

“Y/N! Hey Y/N, I know you can hear me!” Your eyebrows knit together and you continued out the doors towards your car. Liam finally pushed through the crowded hallway and caught up to you.

“Man, Hayden is probably the most annoying girl I’ve ever met in my life! Did you hear what she was saying today?! I don’t know if I’ll last another day sitting next to her.”

You came to a sudden halt and gave another frustrated huff as you whipped around in annoyance towards your best friend. “Well then Liam, if she’s so obnoxious why don’t you stop talking to her, hmm?! It’s not like you’re not egging her on half the time anyways, if you hate it so much why don’t you both just shut up,” you half yelled at him.

Liam’s baby blue eyes were wide and his mouth hung slightly open at your sudden outburst. “Y/N..”

Your stomach sank as soon as you saw your best friend’s expression, but you flipped back around and started jogging the few feet left to your car in an attempt to hide the tears that had started to well up. You had almost made it to safety but you felt a hard tug on your wrist, turning you away from the car.

Liam stood in front of you, searching your face with a worried expression. You tried to turn your head before he could get a good look at you but one of those traitorous tears fell before you had the chance. You felt a warm hand cupping your cheek and turning your face up.

“Hey,” Liam finally said gently, as his thumb brushed away the stray tear, “Are you gonna tell me what that was really about?”

Biting your lip you finally met his gaze, which had softened considerably. The deadly combination of his fingers tracing your cheek and his sweet eyes melted you like butter. After a long moment you finally heaved a little sigh and opened your mouth. “Look, I know I’m your best friend and should support you in all your romantic endeavors but Hayden?! Seriously?! If i have to hear you say one more word about her I’ll…” 

And suddenly you were the one not saying a word. In the midst of your rant, Liam’s pouty lips began turning up at the corners and before you knew what was happening they were suddenly on top of yours, cutting you off. Liam’s thumb continued to stroke your face and the hand that had previously been on your wrist moved to your waist as he backed you up against your car.

You finally pulled apart, both slightly breathless. You wanted to try and say something but your mouth couldn’t seem to form any proper words. Liam chuckled and pressed his forehead against yours, “If i knew all it took for this to happen was make you jealous, I would’ve done it ages ago.”

You rolled your eyes and playfully swatted at his chest, “Shut up and kiss me again.”