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Okay, but… the way Alec mentions towards Magnus that it was so “strange” that the Asmodeis disappeared “into thin air”, I can’t get over his face. And his fucking tone when saying that. I know it was probably not intentional and all but he looked at Magnus like: “Care to fill me in on the details why demons from your hell dimension showed up, baby? In what family ties am I getting myself into?” 

And Magnus being like… “I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, Alexander. Let’s enjoy this moment.”

Cool dad - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Cool Dad

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (I guess? Not romantic tho)

Word Count: —

Warnings: Orphan Reader

Prompt: The cuteness was awesome and I have to agree Dean would make a great dad. On that note could you do an imagine were the reader is an orphan and runs away and Dean finds them walking in the pouring rain when driving and takes her in and gets attached to her, and just a bunch of cute father daughter moments. Thank you!!!

Huge thanks to RLS for proofreading this for me!

The rain that was pouring down no longer felt like cold water soaking you to the bone. It actually felt like needles piercing your skin, some to the point they reached your bones. You actually checked yourself for that, fearing that it had somehow managed to pierce your skin but there was no blood so it was just your imagination. Not that it lessened the pain anyway. You were wet from top to bottom, your clothes doing absolutely nothing in shielding you from the downpour and no matter how tightly you held your jacket to yourself you knew it would do nothing because it was certainly not made to withstand such a weather.

Your lower lip was trembling just like your entire body was shaking as you walked down the dark road. You didn’t even care about a car passing by because the road was pretty much empty at this time of the night, considering you had walked it down many times. In your age it would have sparked doubts and worries but you had realized long ago that nobody cared about you, especially at the orphanage. You had no friends there, and the ladies that were supposed to take care of you didn’t show the interest they should. You doubted they even knew about your existence in the first place, how would they notice you would leave in the middle of the night, every night, to go stargazing?

You felt your eyes closing several times, and you stumbled just as many. You caught yourself fast enough but the cold surrounding you and the lack of food in your stomach made it all so tempting to just let go and lay down and sleep. For a few hours or forever it didn’t matter to you, you didn’t have anyone to care about you or miss you anyway. Just as you thought about it your eyelids felt even more heavy and before you could realize the darkness that surrounded you became deeper and more black.

The only thing you registered was the sound of a car’s tires screeching and a light before you were completely out.

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Every Wednesday

IMAGINE: Every Wednesday, (Y/N) comes into Steve’s cafe. Every Wednesday Steve tells himself to gather up his courage to finally ask her out. Every Wednesday he fails. 

[gif is not mine. still cannot believe the amount of love ‘misunderstandings’ received. I don’t think y’all know how much it made me feel. you truly are all the best. also I put blair in this one-shot from gg because i’ve been binge-watching it and i rediscovered my love for her…and dan]

warnings: swearing

word count: 1.8k+

Steve picked up the leftover muffin, sighed and threw it in the bin. He really didn’t know why people didn’t use the trash can that was conveniently provided in the cafe. As he wiped the mess he heard the bell ring and decided that he had to clean this later. He made his way to the counter, pen poised in his hand ready to write down whatever the customer wanted. Steve looked up and all he saw in that moment was one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.

He probably looked like an idiot, standing there, hand awkwardly dangling barely clutching the pen his eyes probably glossy and idiotic smile on his face. A cough brought him out of his reverie and he realised that she wasn’t alone. Next to her stood a woman around the same height with brunette hair and an obnoxiously large hat and sunglasses.

“If you’re done staring at my friend, I would like to order now,” she spoke haughtily.

Steve shook himself out and readied his pen again, “What would order?”

The woman with the large hat made a face, she was about to open until the woman that Steve was fixated on said, “Blair.”

Blair rolled her eyes, “Large cappuccino, skim milk double shot.” As Steve wrote down the order, Blair kept tapping her feet.

“Blair, honestly.”

Blair turned to her friend and pulled down her glasses, “(Y/N), seriously.” She mocked.

Steve watched in amusement as the now named (Y/N) shook her head. (Y/N), he mentally spoke. What a beautiful name.

“Ugh, if you’re just going to stare at her, I’m going to try and find a seat.” Blair groaned as she flipped her hair dramatically and made her way to one seat. Both (Y/N) and Steve watched as Blair scrunched her face and retrieved a handkerchief from her handbag and a hand sanitiser.

“I’m sorry about her,” (Y/N) apologized to him. “She recently realised that she’s in love with a person she thought she hated.”

Steve turned to her. Fucking hell, even her voice was beautiful. “Classic love, huh?” Steve spoke. ‘Classic love? What kind of moron says that? You do, Steve Rogers. Maybe Barton was right, he was really an idiot when it came to flirting.’

“The classic Romeo and Juliet,” (Y/N) chuckled. “Probably more dramatic since Blair’s the main part of the story.” He gave a little chuckle as well.

“Would you like to order anything?” He asked, knowing that she probably wanted something as well.

 She gave him a soft smile, “Large latte and two sugars, please?” Steve nodded and jotted down the order. “And two chocolate croissants?”

Steve smiled and totalled up her order. He watched as she dug out her purse, finally she found the note and handed it to him. As Steve reached for the money their hands grazed and Steve could feel a blush appear on his face.

He passed over the change only to have her put it in one of the tip jars, he noticed that she put the money in the far right. “Lord of the Rings is so much better,” she winked at him and smiled to herself when she saw him blush.

“God, you’re amazing,” Steve mumbled out. Obviously he thought that he said it to himself,  but judging on her confused face he said it a bit too loud.

“I’ll get your coffee agoing,” Steve pointed to the machine behind him and she gave an awkward chuckle.

Once he knew that he wasn’t in their view he knocked his head on a shelf twice. 

“You could have done worse,” a voice sounded to his left. He saw Sam approach with an amused grin on his face. “You could have said that you loved her.”

From the faithful and groan-worthy Wednesday, it seemed like ‘Falcon’s Brew’ seem to gain a faithful customer. As Steve realised her pattern, he decided to ask for the extra shift of Wednesday. Luckily, Wanda who usually had that shift started University.

“Okay, but you have to actually be nice to him Blair.” The familiar voice of (Y/N) filled the cafe as her and Blair walked into the cafe.

“I know that! It’s just, it’s Humphrey,” Blair made a face. Steve knew them well enough now that (Y/N) was rolling her eyes.

Throughout the weeks he realised that the only reason why they were in Brooklyn much to Blair’s distaste was her possible boyfriend was living in these parts, and according to (Y/N), Blair needed the courage and sugar. Weeks went by and throughout that time he thought about how he was going to finally ask (Y/N) out…when he found the courage to do so.

“Hey guys,” Steve greeted. “Usual?”

“Black coffee,” Blair grumbled out. He knew that she didn’t personally hate him…probably.

“Sugar?” Steve asked and Blair shook her head. She gave (Y/N) a weird look that he couldn’t decipher and made her way to their usual spot.

“Is she okay?”

 (Y/N) blew a raspberry which Steve couldn’t help but smile at. She was too adorable for her own good. “Dan went out to dinner with his publisher and Blair’s gone all psychotic on him. Insulting him left and right, you know, the usual Blair treatment.”

Steve nodded understanding somewhat. He wrote up her order and as usual she gave him the money and tipped the change. “Star Wars, dude. Is that even a question? Darth Vader rules.”

“You like Darth Vader? You like Star Wars?” Steve questioned, not really seeing (Y/N) as the Star Wars type.

(Y/N) gave him a look and he smiled at her. “I may or may not have a Darth Vader figurine in my room.” She confessed sheepishly, with another look she walked over to where Blair was.

“You’re so great,” Steve accidentally blurted out.  

(Y/N) turned back around and gave him a quizzing look, she chuckled, “You’re pretty great too, Steve.”

He couldn’t help but smile at her compliment, at least his blurting out random confessions finally came to good use. As he prepared his drinks, he went over their conversation.

‘Her room, (Y/N) in her room.’ Steve thought. He shook himself out of it, suddenly realising how creepy it was. He look towards where (Y/N) and Blair were, the latter woman giving (Y/N) an annoyed look and (Y/N) shrugging. ‘Huh, wonder what that’s all about.’

Steve grumbled and pulled the knobs a bit too tightly. He bit his lower lip and furrowed his brows, “Idiot.” He mumbled to himself.

“You know people who speak to themselves often indicate insanity,” a biting voice spoke to him. He looked to his left where Blair was standing, one brow arched.

“Is something the matter?”

“No, is something the matter with you though?” Blair tilted her head. “It’s not related to that man sitting next to (Y/N) over there, is it?” She asked with an all knowing look. She looked back to where they all sat, then turned back Steve. “Not the man who’s currently holding (Y/N)’s hand while whispering into her ear?”

 Blair grinned when Steve accidentally dropped the coffee beans and swore. Steve looked over the machine and realised that (Y/N) and the man was nowhere near each other, he turned back to Blair who had a grin plastered on her face.

“Honestly, are all men cowards? Just ask her out. I’m sick of you pining over her,” Blair rolled her eyes and grabbed a muffin from the stand. “Stop with the puppy look, Rogers. Unlike some people I don’t find it cute.”

Steve wondered what Blair meant by that last sentence. Who was the person that found his ‘puppy look’, cute? He was brought out of his thoughts when a cough interrupted him. Steve look to the counter and found (Y/N) there.

“Sorry, Blair took the muffin without paying for it,” (Y/N) smiled apologetically at him. She handed him a note and he gave back the change. “Interesting choice you have here?” She examined the jars. “I have to say though, I prefer blondes.” She gave him a look and smiled. He smiled, confused at her.

Steve locked the door and made his way to the car, as he walked he realised that her companion had brunette hair. Suddenly her last words to him made sense. Was it her way to say that he shouldn’t be jealous?

 “I have blonde hair!” Steve blurted out loudly. He looked around and saw a couple of people giving him odd looks. He quickly ducked his head. As he mulled over his thoughts he couldn’t help the smile on his face. 

Next Wednesday he eagerly anticipated (Y/N)’s arrival. Everytime the bell rang he looked up, a small smile on his face only to be let down. On possibly the fiftieth time, he finally heard Blair’s familiar loud voice. He looked up and saw (Y/N) and Blair arms linked with a curly-haired man.

“Hey (Y/N),” Steve greeted loudly.

She looked taken aback. More quietly this time, he greeted her again. He saw the amused face on Blair’s face as well as their companions.

“Hey Steve,” she greeted happily. “This is Dan. Blair’s Dan.” She winked at him.

“You guys got finally together?”

Blair nodded and rolled her eyes, “Humphrey finally realised that he can’t do better than me and that I’m the love of his life, and he was wasting his stupid flannel-filled time by ignoring me.” Blair unexpectedly yelped as Dan poked her in the ribs. “Humphrey!” However, both (Y/N) and Steve knew that Blair was too happy to be annoyed. The new couple both sat down after giving their orders to Steve.

“Usual?” Steve asked, knowing the answer.

“Do I ever get anything else?”

“Touche,” Steve wrote down her order. He gave her the total and and she passed him the money. “Wait, we have special jars today.”

(Y/N) gave him a questioning look but nodded nonetheless. Steve took a deep breath and kneeled down, gathering the two small mason jars. It was now or never. He put the two mason jars in front of her, eagerly looking at her reaction.

She looked shocked at first but soon started to smile. For the first time he saw a small blush appear on his face as she placed the change daintily inside the right jar. “I’m eagerly anticipating our date Rogers.”

Steve picked up the jar and saw the label ‘yes’, he looked at her a huge grin on his face. “Yes!”

She chuckled at him, and awkwardly looked around at the cafe and noticing that it was only the four of them in the cafe.

“My god, Rogers, can you be more embarrassing?” Blair yelled. 

Every Wednesday, Steve opened the door with a small hop in his step, a smile on his face and humming a small tune. Wednesdays were now his favourite day. It’s been a year since they had their first date and everyday with her was always better than the last.

Her and Blair with the occasional Dan come in every Wednesday. He greets them with a smile, when they reach the counter, (Y/N) leans over the counter to kiss him, always earning a groan from Blair.

She stays back on Wednesday, waiting for him to take them both home. In all of his life, Steve doesn’t think he’s ever been this happy. He knows that he’s going to happier in the future because he knows, that one day, (Y/N) will become (Y/N) Rogers, and that their Wednesdays together will be their forever.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request an imagine with Luke where the reader who worked at the bau with the others but is on maternity leave brings their 3 year old baby girl for a surprise visit and the team gushes over their baby and Matt meets the daughter for the first time? Please and thank you!

Gosh, thank you so much for this request! I’m already loving Matt Simmons (especially his relationship with Luke). So, this was so much fun to write! I did change it though so Luke’s baby is a newborn, it just flowed better with the storyline. Enjoy <3

A Surprise Visit

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request
Warning: SPOILERS for Season 13

Description: A surprise visit from your baby girl brings a lot of happiness to the BAU.

It had been two months since the death of Stephen Walker. Yet, every day at the BAU felt like a struggle. Having to glance at his empty desk every time they entered the doors placed a heavy weight on them all.

It hadn’t helped that, since returning from their short break, the cases had been more difficult than ever before. Being another team member down due to your maternity leave only exacerbated the situation. Not to mention that Luke had become increasingly distracted, clearly missing you and his baby whilst he was halfway across the country.

Everyone was sympathetic to the downtrodden agent, trying their best to keep his spirits up. Even Garcia had made an effort to ensure he received regular updates, including adorable videos and photos, on your baby girl.

But, not even their best efforts could make him feel better about being separated from his new family.

It was a particularly bad day when they had all trudged back to Quantico after a horrific case that had resulted in the loss of hostage. The mood was solemn the entire flight home and you had been able to pick up on their upset just through Luke’s texts alone. He usually sent long messages detailing the case, how much he had missed you, asking about ‘his favourite girls’ and how he couldn’t wait to get home. So, it was strange that he only sent a brief text informing you that the jet would be landing in two hours.

As you glanced over at your daughter sleepily soundly in her carrier, you had immediately called Garcia to tell her you would be popping into the office. Although being at home trying to cope with the demands of a newborn as well as your own recovery from childbirth was challenging, you felt slightly guilty that Luke had been the one to return back to work.

You knew he feared missing out on precious time with his daughter and he would have given anything to be at home with the two of you. So, the least you could do was welcome him back properly.

Luke always been considerate of you but, since the birth of your child, he had been more attentive than ever. He had spent the entire month off following Stephen’s death at home with you, helping your through the late stages of your pregnancy. A smile crossed your face at the memory of him painting the nursery and giving you a relaxing foot massage as the two of you lay on the couch.

It had been exactly what you both needed, time to recover and heal together. The birth of your daughter had been the perfect way to end the month, Luke holding your hand through the entire labour (he still claimed that his hand had sustained lasting damage) and being by your side to welcome your baby Sofia into the world.

The joy the two of you felt seemed like it would last forever. But, the break had ended much too soon. Luke had barely had the chance to settle into family life before he had to get back to the BAU. His guilt was evident, often crawling home late to whisper his apologies to you. It broke your heart to see his face fall in disappointment as you told him Sofia was already asleep.  Luke had been so determined to be the best father he could be to his little girl and you just knew he was gutted about not being able to be there to soothe her cries.

“Oh my goodness! She is just a bundle of overwhelming cuteness.” Garcia squealed quietly, fawning over the sleeping baby in your arms.

You laughed softly, seeing the way the bubbly blonde’s eyes lit up around your daughter was always amusing to watch.

“Seriously, how did Newbie manage to create this treasure?” She whispered, gently tracing her little cheek with her finger. “She’s definitely all you Y/N.”

You bit your lip to conceal a grin. Apparently, the banter and bickering between her and Luke was still as present as ever. Before you could respond to her comment, your eyes brightened as you saw the rest of the team filter through the glass doors.

Almost immediately, Luke’s eyes met yours. He did a double take, grinning in bewilderment as he quickly ran towards the meeting room.

“What are you doing here?” He asked quietly, pressing a light kiss on your lips – careful not to disturb your sleeping daughter. A gentle smile broke out across his face as he bent down to caress her tiny hand. She gripped onto his finger tightly and Garcia sighed dreamily at the cuteness of the scene.

“We thought we would surprise you.”

You shifted slightly, carefully passing your daughter over to him as the rest of the team filtered into the room. The adoring look on Luke’s face as he gently rocked Sofia in his arms caused them to smile brightly, overjoyed to see their colleague reunited with his daughter. The former ranger had been surprisingly broody recently.

Luke cooed softly as he held your daughter close to his chest, her little hand still gripping onto his finger. She found his heartbeat comforting and you had lost count of how many times you had walked into the nursery to find the two of them fast asleep together, her lying on his chest.

Everyone smiled as they observed the sweet scene. The fact that the tough FBI agent completely melted over the sight of his baby girl moved even Garcia.

Luke grinned up at you, happiness etched across his face as he murmured his thanks to you for the ‘best surprise ever’. You just laughed softly as the rest of team began to gush over their surprise visitor. They were all so thrilled to see Sofia, intently watching her sleep peacefully in Luke’s arms as if she were an engrossing movie. After an exceedingly tough case, seeing such innocence really helped them.

Rossi came over to embrace you, placing a kiss on your cheek as he muttered a greeting.

“It’s nice to have you back even if it’s only temporary.” He told you, tapping your cheek affectionally. “You’re looking even more incredible than usual. Motherhood suits you.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I’m fairly certain I still have baby powder on my pants.” You laughed softly, shaking your head. “But, I figured that it’s never too early for her first visit to the BAU.”

You grinned as your gaze fell upon Spencer who was peering over Luke’s shoulder, his eyes bright with happiness as he watched your daughter squirm. He was completely smitten with her, but was slightly fearful of accepting Luke’s offer to hold her. She just looked so tiny and delicate.

“This will be you one day.” JJ laughed softly, nudging the Spencer encouragingly as he reached forward to stroke your daughter’s cheek. She met your eyes and smiled knowingly. The two of you knew how great Spencer would be as a father.

“We’re so happy you dropped in.” Prentiss exclaimed, pulling you into a warm embrace. “And, don’t worry about us here. We’ll be fine. Take all the time you need off.” She told you kindly, well-aware that you had felt a little guilty about leaving them another agent down.

“It’s great to see you.” Tara smiled as she watched JJ tenderly hold Sofia’s hand. “You’ve really cheered Luke up…God, he really is so sweet with her.” She murmured, grinning as Luke bounced your daughter gently in his arms – her small hands moving to trace his face. He looked so proud as everyone fawned excitedly over her little movements.

You smiled at them, glad to have been able to bring a little happiness into the office.

“What’s it been like here? How’s Matt?” You asked curiously, eager to find out about the BAU’s newest recruit. You and Matt had established a good friendship over the years, so you had been pleased to hear about his appointment.

“He’s been great.” Prentiss replied, patting you gently on your shoulder. “He’ll be so happy to see you.”

Before you could enquire as to his whereabouts, he entered the meeting room – a bright grin plastered on his face.

“Garcia texted to say that we had two very special visitors in.”

“Hi, you!” You exclaimed, pulling him into a hug which he reciprocated immediately. Even as the BAU’s most recent addition, he could sense the impact your absence was having on the team. Plus, he was always delighted to see you.

As you pulled away, his eyes swept over you – taking in the radiant glow of your skin and bright smile.

“You look beautiful.” He told you sincerely. He couldn’t believe that you had only given birth four weeks ago.

“I may be preoccupied, but I’m still in the room. Stop hitting on my girlfriend Simmons.” Luke quipped playfully, grinning at his fellow agent as he continued to gently rock Sofia.

A soft murmur of laughter filled the room at his comment. You smiled as your saw Matt’s eyes drift down to the bundle Luke was carefully cradling in his arms, his eyes softening at the sight of your daughter.

“Is this her?” He asked in amazement as he walked over to the pair. A wide grin crept across his face as he stroked her face tenderly, feeling her soft breaths.

Luke smiled at him. “Matt meet Sofia.” He shifted slightly in order to transfer his baby girl into Matt’s arms, grinning at the way her little arms moved as she stirred.

She gurgled slightly in protest at being moved from her father’s arms. You smiled to yourself, Sofia was already a total daddy’s girl and Luke was completely wrapped around her little finger.

Matt rocked her gently, instantly calming her. He had two young daughters himself, so he knew all the best techniques to soothe babies.

“There, there.” He whispered softly, smiling as she relaxed into his arms.

“Oh God, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Garcia muttered under her breath, clutching at her heart. You didn’t miss the exasperated look Luke shot her, biting your lip to prevent your laughter.

“She’s going to be heartbreaker this one.” Matt told you quietly.

Luke wrapped a strong arm around your waist as he pressed a tender kiss to your temple. Everyone laughed as a gentle murmur of chatter filled the room. The happiness was almost contagious and it seemed strange to think that just hours earlier they had been completely downtrodden.  

You outstretched your arms as Matt handed Sofia back over to you, pecking your cheek and murmuring his congratulations before pulling away to talk to Luke. You rocked your daughter in your arms as you carried her over to see Emily and Tara. Her two ‘aunts’ fussing over her as she stirred sleepily.

Luke and Matt stood side by side as your boyfriend stared at you, not able to take his eyes off the two of you. There was something about watching you hold his baby that he found truly amazing. He couldn’t keep the wide grin off his face as he watched you coo reassurances to Sofia.

“You’ve already prepared yourself for when she starts dating?”

Luke glanced up at Matt, a knowing smirk appearing on his face as he chuckled softly. “Ever since we found out she was a girl Simmons.”

Matt grinned, nodding to his fellow agent before clapping him on the back. “I did the same for my two girls.”

Eye of the Beholder

Summary:  The Avengers are talking about make up (idk why) and bucky says ‘Look at y/n! It’s 11am and she’s already wearing make up!’ and y/n’s like '…no I’m not’ and he’s just starstruck and says something like '…god you’re gorgeous’ fluff    - ANONYMOUS

Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1,912

Bucky was just trying to eat his lunch in peace. But Clint and Natasha were about to go on a stealth mission of sorts and they were banging around the entire compound in preparation. Steve and Sam came in almost immediately after, just returning from their morning run. 

Bucky was always the first one up and did all of his intense workouts and other morning routines before anyone else was awake. The compound could get pretty hectic and there were times where Bucky needed the quiet and time alone. That period was obviously over. 

Sam eyed Natasha. She was wearing a tight, green dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. “You got a hot breakfast date or something.” Sam teased the spy.

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Sunrise on the ocean

Explanation: I agreed to allow people to come to my house at 8 freaking 30 in the morning, and when I complained to @storiesfromtheden, she said “I feel like ‘8 freaking 30’ is something Dex would also say as he slammed his fist or head on the table.” So then I developed a whole headcanon about how Dex has always been a person who got up early because he had to, but he actually hates it a lot and will sleep super late given any opportunity. And THEN I thought, “Oh no, what if Nursey is actually a morning person?” (Which I don’t believe for a second, but the idea was too entertaining, so we’re just going to call this a morning person!Nursey AU, m’kay?) And then fluff happened.


All the way to Maine for break, Nursey had been practically bouncing in his seat. But, like, in a chill way. But seriously, Dex had been so amused to watch Nursey taking everything about the drive in with such bright-eyed interest, because Dex had done this drive what felt like a million times now and it had long since lost its charm. Nursey was helping him see it again, though.

“Hey, Dex?”


“Do you think we could go see the sunrise tomorrow?”

“You can get up and watch the sunrise anytime you want.”

“No, I mean, out over the ocean. I have this poem idea, and I really want to see the sunrise from the water. Like, from a boat.”

Dex looked at him, mildly horrified. “Do you know how early that is?”

Nursey batted his eyes pleadingly. “Please? Just once! I can’t get the image out of my head, and I need to see it.”

Dex knew from experience Nursey wasn’t going to let this go. He sighed. “Fine.”

“Cool. Thanks.”

Damn Nursey’s ridiculously good looks, and damn Dex for being a weak sucker. He was going to hate himself tomorrow.

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Without You (Steve Rogers Imagine - Short One Shot)

Hey guys! So this is my first attempt at a Steve Rogers imagine. I kind of found myself playing with an idea and wanted to try it out.

Just as an FYI, this is a bit all over the place. I was really impatient and wanted to try out a bunch of different things at the same time because I have no restraint. Lol.

I wanted to make it longer… but I kind of liked how it ended… hehe. I think later on I’m going to play with more Steve stuff!

I had fun writing it and I hope you’ll have fun reading it!

“Sweet heart, please come! I promise it’ll lift your spirits,” Peggy called from the bathroom to where you sat in the living room. You’d taken it upon yourself to fling your exhausted body onto the heavenly velvet sofa after a long day at the telecenter, and currently had no prospect of ever leaving it. It was exhausting staring at all those small metallic holes, the long rubber wires, the thousands of numbers and cities and states, oh! Whoever’d thought up the process was a real pill.


“What? Hey at least I didn’t say-“ he covered your mouth, pressing you against his chest.

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[[ Request: reader is really close with the club and also an amazing pool player so clay sends her on a mission out of town to hustle some pool to make some extra cash for some club business and makes Chibs and juice go with you and watch over you. While your hustling, you do some major flirting and juice gets jealous and pouty and admits his crush on you afterwards ]]

“You wanted to see me?” you asked, peeking your head inside the heavy wooden doors to the Sons meeting room. They were holding church, and Clay had sent Tig out to find you.

“Come in,” Clay told you, motioning his giant, ring-clad hand for you to come inside. “Have a seat.”

You stepped inside the room, glancing at the reaper carved into the thick wooden table. All the guys were seated and staring at you. You took a seat at the table between Juice and Happy. You looked around the room, feeling somewhat nervous. Why had Clay asked to see you? What could possibly be going on that involved you?

“I have a favor to ask,” Clay stated, lacing his fingers together and placing his hands on the table in front of him.

“The club needs your help,” Jax added, looking into your eyes.

“We’re in some,” Clay paused, nodding his head back and forth as he search for the right words to say, “financial trouble.” You nodded your head as you listened. “We need some quick cash to keep us above water till this deal with the Mayans is done.“

“We’ve got a way you can help.” Jax explained.

You nodded your head slowly, trying to figure out what you could do to help the club. You were a little confused and beyond surprised they were asking for your help. “Okay,” you smiled, “What do you want me to do?”

Jax grinned. “All you gotta do is play a friendly little game of pool.”

You knit your eyebrows. “What?”

“Look, doll, we’ve seen you play,” Tig cut in. “We know you’re good. Great, really.” He shrugged. “All you gotta do is play a little pool and win us some cash.”

Jax nodded his head and turned back to you. “You go into some bars, do a little innocent flirting, make a few bets, and win a few games.” He shook his head, smiling at you. “That’s it.”

A smirk spread across your face. “So you’re wanting me to hustle?”

Jax and Tig exchanged glances. “That’s exactly what we want you to do.”

“Where am I going?”

“Indian Hills,” Clay answered, reclining back in his seat at the head of the table. “Chibs’ll take you.”

“I’ll go with him,” Juice piped in, glancing over at you.

“Alright,” Clay agreed. “It’s settled.”

Jax grinned. “Go get ‘em, pool shark.”

You pulled up to a bar just outside Indian Hills, Nevada. You were perched on the back of Juice’s bike, your arms wrapped tightly around his waist. He cut the engine, and you took off your helmet, giving your hair a quick shake. 

“You ready, sweetheart?” Chibs asked, throwing an arm around your shoulder as you stood beside Juice’s bike.

You smiled mischievously. “Absolutely.” 

Juice stared at the two of you, an annoyed look on his face. You eyed him curiously and raised an eyebrow, but you brushed it off. You were focused on the task at hand. 

“If you need anything, we’ll be right behind you, lass.” 

You nodded your head and entered the bar alone, allowing the two guys to trail in behind you. You didn’t want anyone to notice they were with you. You had to play this just right if you were going to walk out of here with the cash the club needed. You sashayed your way over to the pool tables, making sure to catch the eye of every guy in the bar. You circled the room for a few moments and finally chose a spot leaning against the wall. Before you could play to win, you had to check out your opponents. You also had to build up an illusion. You were just a pretty little girl looking for a good time, after all. 


One hour and a few beers later, you had already won several thousand dollars for the club. You had been working the room, flirting with every guy who crossed your path. They were all a bunch of suckers, falling for your charm and your pool hustling skills. It was almost too easy for you. Most of the men were too busy staring at your ass to notice that you were basically robbing them blind. You were having a blast.

Juice was seated at the bar, watching you hustle and seething at the sight of you flirting with random men. Of course you didn’t mean anything you said to these guys. You were just doing your thing, charming them and trying to cheat them out of a little money over an innocent game of pool. But Juice was jealous. That was clear to Chibs, though you had yet to notice. You were too busy at the moment. 

Juice had been pouting nearly all night, refusing to speak to anyone. He stared at the half-empty beer in his hand, his bottom lip poked out just slightly. You were supposed to play pool and get the money the club needed, not flirt with and tease every guy within a ten mile radius. He wasn’t happy, and he wasn’t going to be shy about expressing that to you as soon as he got the chance.

“Oh, Juicy,” Chibs sighed, patting a hand on Juice’s shoulder. It was so painfully obvious that Juice had a crush on you. And it was killing him to watch you talking to these guys, their hands groping at you, their eyes filled with lust as they looked you up and down. He hated that you were giving them the time of day, even if it was only for club business. 

“Damn.” You walked up to the bar with a grin spread across your face. “It’s been a pretty good night.” You took a swig of your beer. “Got more than Clay asked for, actually.”

“Atta girl,” Chibs crowed, tossing an arm over your shoulder. “That’s a job well done, love.” 

You smiled and turned to Juice, waiting on a response of any kind. He just stared blankly at the bar and the beer in his hand.  

“Great,” he finally mumbled, noticing how you and Chibs were staring at him. He flashed a smile that you immediately knew was fake. 

You bit your lip and looked back at Chibs. He shrugged and busied himself with his glass of whiskey. You wondered what Juice’s deal was, but you were afraid to ask. It seemed like he had been acting weird around you a lot lately. You didn’t remember doing anything to make him mad, but you couldn’t be sure.

“Tonight was fun,” you continued, taking a seat beside Juice. You let out a small, playful laugh. “These guys are way too easy. They might as well have been throwing all their money at me.” You rolled your eyes. “None of them were even that good at pool.” You took another sip of your beer, noticing the increasing silence between you and Juice. “You’re quiet.”

“Yep.” He took another drink of his beer and stood from the bar. You watched in confusion as he walked out of the bar to stand by his bike.

“What’s his deal?” you asked as Chibs walked up beside you again.

He sighed. “No idea.” 

You watched Juice for a few more moments before you took one last sip of your beer and decided to go talk to him. 

“Everything okay?” You leaned against the wall in front of the bikes. “You haven’t talked to me all night.” 

Juice shrugged. “You didn’t look like you needed any company.” 

You let out an amused snort. “Seriously?” You raised your eyebrows and watched him for a moment. “Juice, are you jealous?” 

“I’m not jealous,” he defended. But his response was a dead giveaway. He was jealous, whether he wanted to admit it or not. It had been clear to Chibs all night, and it was becoming clear to you now. Juice shoved his hands in the pockets of his black hoodie. He let out a nervous laugh and stared down at his boots. “Why would I be jealous?” 

 You placed a hand on your hip and smirked. “I don’t know, Juice. You tell me.” 

He stared at you, his eyes shifting back and forth across your face.

“I like you,” he blurted. “Like, I really like you.” He shrugged his shoulders, his hands still in his hoodie pockets. “You’re beautiful and smart and really good at pool, and I really like you.” He pointed back towards the bar, his eyes narrowing. “And I don’t like you talking to those idiots in there. They don’t give a shit about you. They’re just a bunch of drunk morons who -” 

You cut him off with your lips. He melted at your touch. You smiled as you felt him kiss you back, deep and hard. You pulled back to see his eyes were shut, a blissful look on his face. “What was that for?” he mumbled.

You shrugged. “You’re cute. And I like you too.” 

A big, dorky smile spread across his face. He grabbed your face and pressed his lips to yours again. He slipped one hand behind your head and pressed his other to the small of your back. He kissed you with a sense of urgency, like he had been waiting for this moment his entire life. 

He pulled his lips away from you finally and grinned. “Shit, I shoulda just told you I had a thing for you months ago.” 

First they were all:

Yuuki only sees Zero as a brother

Then they were all:

Yuuki only loves Zero platonically

Then they tried: 

Yuuki doesn’t love Zero as much as Kaname

When that failed it was: 

But Yuuki is a butterfly now and they are so perf together. Eternal Yume. OMG. So much better than Zeki!

Now it’s:

Yuuki loves Zero like a mother and she named Yumes child ‘love’ therefore she loves Kaname more 

Seriously… You want me to believe that Zero is loved by Yuuki as a mother, the same way Yuuki loves Kaname as a butterfly; a creature that lives for literally one day and doesn’t have the capacity to feel even a shred of emotion. 

Then you want me to believe that Yuuki naming her little girl ‘love’ means that she could never have loved Zero the way she loved Kaname or show affection to Zero in front of her daughter because of Kaname and yet is okay with her believing that Zero is her father and calling him Dad. 

Yeah, that makes total sense. 

 I’m sorry but forgive me for not taking you seriously. Like at all.

Yuuki loves Zero like a mother… 

But seriously, kudos to you for sticking with this denial thing for so long. It really has made the VK journey that much more entertaining.

Here’s to the translation and the next extra chapter. 

Castle Ficlet: Just Keep Swimming 1/1

I… don’t know where this came from, I really don’t. I definitely didn’t set out to write a ficlet today, but here we are! Enjoy!

Just Keep Swimming

A Caskett AU

Prompt:  Anonymous asked: “‘you’re a vet and i’m pleading with you to save my goldfish and you’re the first vet i’ve visited to not ask me if i’m sure i don’t want to go and buy another goldfish for three dollars’ au” (from @castlefanficprompts)

For it to be the middle of the day on a Thursday, the pet hospital just blocks from his apartment is surprisingly crowded.

He had been expecting to see a dog or two, maybe a cat as well, but when he steps in, catching the door with his hip to keep it from slamming shut, he finds half a dozen of each, plus a giant iguana, a hamster, a bird, and a guinea pig.

So far, three other places have turned him away, citing an inability (though, if you ask him, it was more like an unwillingness) to help. Maybe since this place accepts exotic pets, they’ll be different.

For the sake of harmony in his home, he hopes they’ll be different.

The woman nearest to the door does a double take as he steps inside, but she refrains from commenting. Yes, he is Richard Castle, a semi-famous mystery writer, and yes, he is standing in the waiting area of an animal hospital with his daughter’s travel fish tank cradled in his arms. And yes, he has carted said tank around for the last three hours in his attempts to find someone that will look at Flounder instead of suggesting right off the bat that it might be better if he gave the goldfish a watery goodbye and spent a few dollars to buy another.

In all truth, he’s almost sure the chances of a veterinarian being able to treat the fish are slim, but he has to try for his daughter. Flounder has been her fish since Meredith left. She has taken faithful care of him every single day since Rick had presented the gift to her and explained what the little fish needed. To lose him without doing everything they can is just unthinkable.

“Sir, can I help you?”

Pushing the worst-case scenario to the back of his mind, Rick strides to the receptionist, offering her a winning smile.

“I hope so. You see, my daughter’s fish has started to look a little bit under the weather, and I was really hoping one of your vets would be able to take a look at him and see if there’s anything we can do?”

The young woman – Roxana, her name tag boasts – offers him a broad smile. Maybe he is laying it on a little bit thick, but a little flirting never hurt anyone, right?

“We’ll do our best. What are his symptoms?” she asks, her fingers poised over the keyboard.

Covering his surprise – they might actually be able to help him here, who knew – he details Flounder’s sluggishness, lack of appetite, even the red markings on the fish’s sides and fin. It’s everything he’s noticed in the last day, supplemented with what Alexis had told him this morning, and Roxana’s head bobs with each new symptom.

“Is it serious?” he asks, checking the fish for any additional markings or signs of illness. “From what I read before I transferred him to the travel tank, it sounded serious. Do you think I brought him in in time?”

“I think you’ve done the best thing you could by bringing him in,” she answers, no doubt trying not to give him false hope for poor Flounder. “I’ll put you on the list to see Dr. Beckett, one of our exotic pet specialists. She’s with another patient right now, but she should be done by the time you finish filling out these forms.”

Roxana prints a label, affixing it to the top of a small stack of papers she then hands to him along with a pen.

Jeez, they have patient intake forms for a goldfish.

“Thanks, Roxana,” he says, offering her a grateful smile. “This will mean a lot to my daughter.”

Lifting the fish tank off the counter, he retreats to an empty chair to take care of the paperwork.

The things he does for his little girl.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

GOM and Kagami plays Five Nights at Freddy’s with their partner.

KUROKO: He looks bored out of his mind while playing the game, but that all changes the first time he’s attacked by a jump scare. He nearly falls out of his chair and looks at you with widened eyes. “That was unexpected.”

KAGAMI: You’re pressuring him into it even though he told you he was no good at video games. His hand seems tense as he clicks on the cameras. “That chicken— he moved!” You’re laughing your ass off when he freaks out.

KISE: Only agreed to play this if you stayed with him the whole time. You can see him shaking when the mascots started moving. He used up all the batteries on the first night and died. “Oh ok, good. I can stop playing, right?!”

AOMINE: Got really mad the first time the fox mascot popped up on the screen and scared him. Not that he’d admit it. “This game is dumb…” He says, but makes you play with him again. “That damn fox isn’t getting me this time…”

MIDORIMA: Of course he doesn’t take the game seriously at first, but within a few minutes, he’s hostile towards the mascots. “You aren’t getting past here…” He grumbles, and his seriousness amuses you to no end.

MURASAKIBARA: Would only watch YOU play and even then he kept commenting. “____-chin, close the door! I saw the demented bear!” He cries once in a while, clinging onto you and sucking on a lollipop.

AKASHI: He blinks in concern when mascots start creeping around the building. You’re waiting for him to die— to get jump-scared. But instead, annoyingly, like everything else, Akashi makes it through 5 nights on his first try.


From Doctor Who Official on Instagram and from The Zygon Inversion (S09E08), one of the most powerful and emotional scenes in Doctor Who history appears today. I just screen-capped two of the dialogue bits with Bonnie and the Doctor’s (amusing) response.

Though, in all seriousness, watching this scene again makes me once again question why Peter didn’t get acknowledged for a BAFTA. Weeks before we were mesmerized by his performance in Heaven Sent, we were given an appetizer of this man’s incredible acting abilities.

I wonder if Doctor Who Official knows that they captured the exact moment of the Doctor’s facial expression that Alice X. Zhang used for the Steelbook Series 9 DVD Blu-ray cover:

Brownies - A Solangelo Drabble


I sighed, looking at an old picture of Percy’s contact photo on my phone. It was of him and I, and my crush on him was so obvious, you could practically see my pining. It was strange how much I’ve changed since three years ago. I can’t believe I actually idolized that idiot. Even so, I smiled. Some feelings never die, I suppose.

But I have better things to think about than former crushes. Such as college, and the soul sucking weight of homework I was procrastinating. How Annabeth was going to kill me if I kept arriving at my shift late as usual. How I kept putting off hanging out with Jason, and checking up on my sister Hazel and her boyfriend Frank. How I should be writing a paper, and was instead just sitting in my room with a blank Word document open.

Like my roommate William Solace.

God, he had the audacity to look like a surfer straight from a Californian magazine. Blond hair that held the color of sunshine, eyes that held the color of light through water, and enough freckles I could play connect-the-dots with them.

Lord, save my ultra-gay self.

Exiting out of the blank tab, I spinned around in my desk chair and walked the few steps over to my bed, just to flop down face-first. A groan escapes my mouth. Rolling over to stare at the ceiling dejectedly, I change my method of suffering and grab a pillow and put it over my face. My groan is slightly muffled by my pillow.

“Nico?” A timid voice that I instantly recognize comes from beyond the wall, and Will cracks open the door just a little bit. “C-can I come in?”

“Yeah, don’t mind my suffering,” I say throwing the pillow onto the floor. Will opens the door fully and sets his bag down on his desk.

“God Nico, I thought you were screwing a girl, from the groaning.”

I choke out a laugh despite my inner cringing, and tilt my head to look up at him. “Nope, just dying from the amount of work I’m putting off.”

“Ah,” is all he says, getting out his Advanced Placement Science textbook. I bet Will has never missed turning in an assignment. My polar opposite, he was. Tall, fair, always smiling, way too helpful, and basically the poster boy for perfection.

And probably chokingly heterosexual. Oh, stop your whining, Nico. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Will starts to hum quietly, something he tends to do subconsciously when studying. I recognized the tune, “You Are My Sunshine”. It fits quite well for his personality. Despite myself, I smiled a small smile, tempted to join in.

He has a beautiful voice. That fact we’d established the very week we started sharing a dorm, as he tended to like singing in the morning while making breakfast. Of course, I don’t mind.

When he called my name from the small kitchenette, I almost didn’t notice as I’d been zoning out. Practically falling off of the bed, I raise a questioning eyebrow when I get over to where Will was standing.

With the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on his face, Will turns towards me. “Nicholas, we are out of brownie mix.”

I roll my eyes, I’ve already told him my name isn’t Nicholas, but he persists. “So?”

He looks at me like it’s life-or-death. “So? This is not just some silly matter. I need brownies. How do you expect me to survive without chocolate in my system? I’m a college student, not an adult!”

I chuckle. “Are you going to go get some then? It’s 11pm.”

Will sniffed, and nodded crisply, looking off into the distance. He pushes past me before I could react, and grabs his jacket without a word.

Making a split second decision, I blurt out, “I just thought you should know, Will, I’m actually gay,” from my place still in the tiny kitchenette. Heat rises up to my cheeks, and I’m sure I look red as a cherry.

Will gives me a puzzled look, but doesn’t say anything except for “Okay,” and walks out the door.

I lean back against the wall closest, and slump to the floor.

“Oh, merda, merda, merda.”



Well, if that wasn’t surprising. I cannot believe shy, timid Nico just blurted that out, right then and there. Not something I ever imagined he’d do or say.

Humming to myself, my eyes scanning the row of different brownie mixes, I ponder upon what he’s just told me. I mean, I don’t mind at all. Why should I? What is that boy ever going to do? Flirt with me? Like he’d ever do that; he’s too shy.

Shaking my head, I realize I totally forgot what I was supposed to be doing.

“Brownie mix,” I accidentally said aloud, scaring a nearby shopper. I’m sure I am a strange sight. It’s 11:15pm, and I am on a mission for brownies.

Scanning my eyes once more over the rows of different products, I find one that suits my taste and my wallet, and walk over to the checkout aisles.

Yes, I’m definitely a strange sight. In the fast aisle with nothing but dessert mix, tired eyes, and a large need for caffeine. Ah, the lovely life of a pre-med student with little will to live.

The cashier, about my age, just gives me a look that says, “I understand completely.”

Once in my car, my thoughts drift back to Nico’s confession from earlier. The engine groans and complains as I rev it back to life and pull out of the parking lot. Turning on the radio to push away the thought of my roommate, it lands on a radio station playing instrumental music.

The music didn’t really help, just made me anxious so I turned it off almost immediately.

“Well, he was brave for telling me,” I mused aloud. I’m sure you can guess exactly who he was.

“I don’t mind who he screws or kisses, it isn’t my business anyways.” I state aloud for my car to hear.

“Just as long as he-” But before I could fully think that thought I slammed on my mental brakes, almost accidentally slamming on the actual brakes. Instead, I pull over to get a breather and try to not cause too many accidents in my time driving.

“No, Will. Just as long as he doesn’t try to kiss you?! I thought you were better than this!” I chastised myself. “Don’t be homophobic, don’t you dare. The world is changing, and so are you, Will.”

My mind unintentionally pulled up the image of kissing Nico, and I blushed.

Not because I was uncomfortable, or it was strange, or because it felt wrong.

But because it felt right.

“What in the lord?”



When Will got home, he just smiled at me, and set the brownie mix down on the counter.

“Will, it’s 1:30am, you were at the store longer than expected, but I won’t ask. Are you seriously going to make brownies?” I deadpanned, amused.

“Watch me,” was the only answer I got. He didn’t speak as he got out a glass bowl and began gathering together the ingredients.

“Hey, um, I was wondering… What your thoughts were on my, ya know, um..” I trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence.

Will looked up at me, chocolate dust caught in his long, fair eyelashes making him look boyish and adolescent. He smiled.

“Nico, you are who you are, and you’re my friend. I could care less. Don’t worry, kay?” I hummed in response, glad it was taken so well.

I put in some earbuds, and closed my eyes, the smell of chocolate already wafting my way. At some point in my playlist, I must’ve fell asleep, for when I opened my eyes, the room was dark and the smell of brownies was in the air.

Deciding that what better late night (early morning) snack than brownies, I slipped out of my bedsheets and tip-toed over to the kitchen counter. Spotting the pan in the dark, I realized that I didn’t have my covers on me when I lay down on my bed. Will. Always way too considerate.

Trying to quietly take off the foil covering the chocolate dessert, I heard footsteps behind me. Turning around, Will was less than six inches away from me. I flinched backwards, hitting my back against the sharp edge of the countertop. His height really seemed to stand out now. I could probably fit under his chin.

I winced, while Will at first looked concerned, and then a chuckle escaped his lips.

“Sorry for scaring you, Death Boy,” he smiled sleepily, a hand coming up to scratch the back of his neck.

I examined him in the little light, glaring at the nickname. A sleepy smile, bed head golden curls, voice raspy, and darkened eyes from sleep. God, was Will gorgeous.

“Are they any good?” He looked at me expectantly, startling me out of staring at him. I hoped it was dark enough that my blush was hidden.

I turned around towards the brownies once more. “Let’s see,” I mumbled, before ripping off a piece and stuffing it into my mouth. A wave of chocolate exploded on my tongue, and I smiled. “They’re amazing, Will. Nice job.”

“You’re amazing, Nico,” Will replied back instantly.

I turned around with wide eyes. “Will? Are you still sleeping?” But no, he wasn’t. Just smiling at me happily, a dark blush dusting his cheekbones.

“You are amazing, Nico. Everything about you is amazing. I realize that now. The way you look after trying not to smile, but having it coaxed out anyways. How little you are, yet how much you deny it.” Will chuckled at my starstruck expression, and continued.

“You make me so happy, and I never realized that before. Your eyes never cease to amaze me because they hold the galaxy and all its stars in their depths. Your scowl is endearing to see, especially when you’re mad because you are so much stronger than you think you are. I wouldn’t have survived this year without you. Without your snark and sarcasm, and kindness underneath.”

I just stared as his voice quieted to a whisper. “God, Nico, I-I think I’m in love with you.”

“William Solace, I want you to kiss me right now.” At first, his face was shocked, but then his lips were on mine and all I could think was Will.

Will and his puppy eyes, and fluffy golden hair. Will and his idiotic smile and how he was such a goody-two-shoes. How his lips tasted like sunshine and anxiety and brownies. How his long eyelashes fluttered lightly on my cheekbones. Of how we molded together perfectly with our bodies as close as possible, my hands tangling in his hair, his on my waist. How he was long and lanky and happy and annoying and absolutely beautiful.

The kiss was soft, and heavens above, did I want it to last forever. It wasn’t hard, or brash, or needy. Instead, soft, and tender, and life-giving. Just like Will, I mused.

He smiled softly into the kiss, and broke away. Will leaned his forehead on mine, both of our cheeks flushed, breathing ragged. I looked at his face, close in proximity, wanting to memorize everything of this moment. I wanted to draw constellations with his freckles, and wanted to see the world in the beautiful, clear blue sky that was his eyes.

“I love you too, Sunny Boy.”


Little Nico is finally letting someone in, and showing him his feelings. Yay! Sorry the romance was a bit rushed, I started this at 1am this morning. Thank you to the lovely @argo2impala for sending this prompt to me.

Based off of this photo (x).

The Worst

I really don’t know what this is, I just was thinking about Jared and Colin and Sean all hanging out and somehow I got to thinking about Henry growing up and this happened?

The Worst

“Is that your dad?”

Move in day has been pretty hectic. Henry has spent the last hour moving boxes up to his room with the help of Killian and Gramps, and to be perfectly honest it’s mostly just been a battle to get the two of them to stop carrying up boxes two and three at a time in some kind of macho competition they still haven’t outgrown.

Killian’s in one of those double vee teeshirts that make Henry want to gouge his own eyeballs out (the man’s chest hair must be allergic to being covered, or something, seriously), and Gramps is in nothing but a wife beater, the sun shining bright and hot in the parking lot, and his RA is hardly the first person to notice the two of them.

He actually saw a girl fan herself as Gramps walked through the quad, and honestly, how is this his life?

"Uh, no, that’s my grrrr - uncle.”

(His life is so weird, weird weird weird, he used to think it was so cool but who the hell would believe him if he told them David Nolan was his grandfather - oh and also Prince Charming, no, seriously, like, the actual, real life husband of Snow White - and his mom is around here somewhere, probably figuring out the amount of time it takes to break in and sneak past security, or cataloging every emergency exit on campus. Weird.)

“Huh. What about him?”

She nods her head at Killian, who is gulping down a bottle of water, leaning against the car, his hair all over the place and WHAT EVEN IS HIS LIFE??

That is my stepdad.” My mom calls him Hook, as in Captain Hook, also a real person, me, no, I’m not crazy, I’m totally normal. - things he doesn’t say.

"Huh,” she says again, totally distracted, eyes doing that thing where Henry call tell they’re undressing the object of their intense interest.

“Yeah, uh, they told me to come to you for, like, maps and stuff?”

She blinks, turning to look at him finally, her cheeks a little pink as she explains orientation, and meet and greets, and the hundred other things she’s probably rattled off to freshman for the last three semesters.

Henry thanks her and stomps off across the parking lot. Killian is halfway into the backseat of the car, yanking at a box of books in annoyance, grunting at the thing, and at least three girls and two amused mothers are watching his progress.

“Seriously, you are the worst.”

Killian knocks his head on the door frame as he turns to look at Henry, and as he rubs at it Henry can’t help but feel a little gleeful about it.

“I’m sorry, lad?”

“Can you stop putting on a show for all the sex-starved moms already dealing with empty nest syndrome.”

"You tend to use incomprehensible slang when upset, my boy. What have I done to offend now?”

(Henry may or may not have yelled at him on the drive in for singing along to a rap song on the radio. With the windows down.)

"Just. Stop putting on a freaking show. Put on a scarf or something.”

"Ah. I see. I can’t help it that I’m rakishly handsome, young Mr. Mills.”

Henry rolls his eyes at the name. “You’re doing this on purpose!” he says in a stage whisper, and Killian’s eyebrow shoots up. He looks appropriately apologetic as realization takes hold, and lets out a deep sigh.

“It’s perfectly alright to be nervous,” he tells Henry, reaching blindly into the backseat again. All he comes up with is a beat up old henley Henry had thrown back there, like, four months ago that is probably at least two sizes too small and no. just…no. He shakes his head. “Whatever. Why do you always have to wear such tight pants?”

"Oh, its my trousers now too?” Killian is amused, now, and that stupid smirk is going to turn one of these poor freshman girls into mush, damn it.

"Shut up.”

Killian’s gaze darts up and softens a moment before an arm drops across his shoulders.

“What did you do now?” his mom asks, staring across at him, and Killian smiles.

“Apparently I’ve suddenly decided to toss you off in favor of using my low cut shirt - your mothers pick, by the way - and tight jeans to seduce the, ah…sex starved mothers gathered here today.”

“Let me know how that goes for you.”

“Wonderfully so far, if Henry is to be believed.”

“Well, I can’t really blame them. They’ve probably never seen that much chest hair on display all at once outside of an underwear ad.”

Henry groans, ducking under Emma’s arm. “You guys are seriously the worst.”


“So, uh…your step dad.”

“I’d rather work on this project like we’re supposed to.”

“Yeah, sure, totally, it’s just…are he and your mom married?”



“I hear that word a lot when talking about my step dad.”

“It’s just, why aren’t they married?”

“My mom is weird.”

“Yeah, but doesn’t she love him?”

“Can we just work on the project?”

“I mean, because, hypothetically, completely unrelated to me at all, if I was shacking up with that, I would put a ring on that so fast -.”

"Oh my god, my mom and Killian are literally True Loves, you actually can’t get any closer to it than those two unless you’re, like, Snow White and Prince Charming, and my mom could kill you with a toothpick for even having dirty thoughts about him - can we please work on the project now?”


“Wait so… you have two moms.”

Amelia is nice. Amelia is one of his better friends, a girl he can sit and talk with and laugh with and have incredibly serious conversations with without it getting weird, and he’s kind of surprised that it’s taken this long for her to get to his family tree.

“Regina is my adoptive mom. Emma is my birth mom.”

“And you have two stepdads.”

“Killian and Robin, yeah.”

“And you have an aunt and an uncle named Mary and…”

“Mary Margaret and David.”

“Mary Margaret is a mouthful, why doesn’t she just go by Mary?”

Henry shrugs.

“And you’ve got a stepbrother named Roland. And a sister named Maia - Regina’s kid, right?”


“And your father…”

“He died. A while ago.”


Henry sighs again, fingers slipping through tendrils of grass as they sit together on a patch of grass under the big oak tree.

“And your grandfather. Gold? And he’s married to a woman named Belle?”


“Seriously, how do you keep track of everyone. Thanksgiving must be horrendous.”

“You don’t even want to know. They’re the worst.”


Two weeks before finals Killian and his mom drive down to see him, and when he gets the text that they are an hour out, his mind instantly goes catastrophic, thinking about witches and curses and portals and ogres, and when he meets them out on the quad he’s already gone through half a dozen apocalyptic scenarios.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes?” His mom is acting strange, eying Henry uncertainly, her hands tucked into her coat - she hadn’t even hugged him, yet.

“Guys. I literally have fifty pages to write, three tests to study for, and a final project that’s worth forty percent of my grade. I love you but unless the world is coming to an end I don’t know why this couldn’t wait til winter break.”

“Take a study break, lad, and have dinner with us.”

Henry narrows his eyes suspiciously but they don’t budge, so he just shrugs his shoulders and tells them he’ll be back in a few minutes. If his mom wants to buy him food that doesn’t come from the school cafeteria he is all for it.

They go to a steakhouse, and by the time they’ve all ordered and Henry has slurped down his first Coke he’s ready to bash his head in because they still haven’t said anything.



“Why are you here? Is it witches? A curse? A wraith? Oh my god you’re pregnant.”

It comes out in a single breath, and Killian’s eyes widen to saucers. Okay. Maybe not pregnant.

“We just wanted you to hear this in person before anyone told you.”

Are you dying?”

“We’re getting married!” Killian cuts in looking as stressed as Henry feels, and, yeah, maybe he was being a little dramatic.


His mom huffs indignantly. “We came all this way to tell you we were getting married and all you have is ‘oh’?”

“Well…yeah. I mean, Killian asked me for permission like, six months ago, I figured it would take him less time than that to actually ask you.”

“Thank you, Henry, I had hoped to keep that bit to myself, but please, tell your mother all about how long I’ve been carrying around the ring.”

“Well, I told you six months ago she’d say yes, it’s not like this is all shocking news to me. You seriously drove all the way down here to tell me you stopped procrastinating?”

Killian’s jaw twitches, his fingers tapping out a shaky rhythm against the table, and Emma sighs, reaching her hand across the table, the intricate knotting of the engagement ring he’d helped Killian pick out shining in the candlelight.

“We missed you, kid.”

Okay. They’re maybe not the worst parents to have.


“You guys are the best. Seriously. The best. I love you forever and ever and I will never ever say anything snarky to you ever again.”

Killian looks disbelieving even as Henry hugs him again. “Never again?”

“Well, not today.”

His laughter booms across the loft, and Henry stares at the keys in his hand, beaming at both of his moms, who are looking rather pleased with themselves.

“Just to remind you - grades stay up, no felonies are committed, and you pay all the bills except rent.”

"No, yeah, I can do that. I’m not even gonna throw a party until -.” Yeah, no, that’s the patented Swan look of punishment. “Until never.”

“Quite the save, mate.”

Henry opens his mouth to respond, and then snaps it back shut, and Killian gives him an amused half smile, clearly surprised Henry managed to quell the comeback.

“You guys are seriously the best,” he tells them as he goes in for another round of hugs.


"Worst. Worst worst worst.”

Killian had been helping with moving him into the house they’d rented out for him close to campus, and the sorority across the street had taken notice of him some time ago, but this…this is grossly uncool.

It’s the last week before school starts, the dog days of summer, and they haven’t had a heat like this in a while, and there are literally thirty girls watching his step father from lounge chairs across the street while he mows the lawn, and his mom is laughing hysterically at his reaction to the whole ordeal.

“God, just put on a freaking shirt, Killian, you are the worst!”

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how many times is it acceptable to rewatch the whole series

I feel like this is the voices in my head asking rhetorical questions again when it already knows the answer is “no such thing as too many”.

Inquisitor Edition, Cullen Head Canons - Early Days

She visits Leliana and Josie regularly, happily offering to deliver their reports, in any excuse to visit him.

She wakes up at the crack of dawn, fighting the haze of sleep to wrap up in a blanket, and watch him drill the new recruits from her balcony.

She hovers by the gate on return, hoping that he’ll choose today to come and greet the party.

She can’t help but stare at the scar piercing his lip, wondering how it would feel ghosting over her skin.

She spends the night lying awake, heart pounding, wishing for his knock at her door.