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Transcript of Joseph’s Cult Ending (DDADDS)

So I’ve been doing a lot of research into this “secret” Joseph ending, because quite honestly I wasn’t happy with not being able to have a satisfying ending with him (I wasn’t cool with him sleeping with me and playing with my feelings only to get back together with his wife after he’d assured me that they were separated, even though I do understand that it was probably the right thing for him to do for his children). Regardless, I wanted to see if there was actually another way this could’ve worked, and – well, let’s just say I was pretty shook at what I found, and the answer to my question is that no there is most certainly not a way this could’ve worked out between us, Joseph, because you’re a fuckin’ psycho. If you’d like to know what happens during the secret ending, read on. There are a lot of spoilers for the game, not just for Joseph’s path but for other characters, too.


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Hi Hi! I've been interested in secular witchcraft for a long time, but i'm finally starting to stop just researching, and I want to try and start practicing! I've collected a bunch of resources, but what are some of the first things you'd suggest picking up from the store? Candles, herbs, oils, etc? Also, any beginner posts you could link me to would be wonderful. I'm all ears! Have a wonderful day <3

Hey, congrats on deciding to practice and doing your research! Are you excited? Nervous? Enjoying what you’ve seen so far? Is Tumblr your primary resource? :)

I wanna learn so much from new witches omg. (There’s irony in there.)

Well, it honestly depends on what you wanna do and use yourself. Because personally, I picked up a few of each - I got some tealights from WalMart, bought some cheap incense from somewhere else, picked up some dried herbs from the grocery store that I didn’t already have in the kitchen, and found like five or six crystals I liked from Green Earth. I spent maybe like twenty bucks. That was my beginner’s witch kit.

But, again, it all comes down to what you want to use. Are you more interested in working with candles in magic? Candle magic *is* a really easy but effective method of magic, and candles are everywhere, and really cheap. Most spells use candles in them, not necessarily as the focal point of the spell, but they also do wonders for boosting energies. A bag of 100 tea lights goes a long way in witchcraft. Color correspondences can help, but isn’t necessarily required.

Or maybe crystals are where you wanna go. Crystals have amazing energy, but are a bit more on the pricey side. It can also be hard for people who don’t know a lot about them to tell them apart - the “danger” in this is being swindled by people claiming their crystals are something they’re not. Doesn’t mean they won’t work for their “declared” intent, necessarily, but it means you just dropped a lot of money on something worth a tenth of that. 

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to work with them, though. Because they’re an amazing tool, really - you just gotta do some more research, and be confident in where you’re buying from. Finding a reliable dealer with decent prices is where it’s at. But then, once you’ve got some crystals, they’re really versatile. They can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other spells, put them in jars and sachets, or in poppets, make grids, use them to charge other things, just stick like ten of them in your pockets - boom, witchcraft. 

Oils aren’t something I necessarily recommend, to be honest. Not because they aren’t useful, because they are, just like any other tool can be (just gotta know how to use them). I just don’t know a lot about essential oils. xD If that is the area you wanna go in, however, it’s worthwhile to know that you’re gonna want to do some more research on the topic, and be wary of any allergies you may have, and for the love of god don’t put a crapton of pure oil straight on your skin.

Herbs is a little bit of a tricky area too, especially when using them as medicine. It requires a lot of research and safety if you plan on ingesting herbs for actual remedial purposes. If you just want to use dried herbs in, like, jars and spell bags, it isn’t nearly as bad, but you still want to keep an eye out for any poisonous / toxic plants and allergies. The stuff you can get pre-dried from grocery stores and dollar stores are honestly enough in most cases, and there’s lots of substitutes for more expensive or exotic plants, depending on intent.

If you wanna grow your own herbs too, that’s an option, but another area I don’t know a lot about, so I can’t give you any more advice on that besides do some more research. (It seriously never ends, so I hope you like studying.)

I guess this sort of answers your questions, but not really in the way you wanted. So, long story short, what you pick up depends on what and how you want to practice. However, I’ll give you a list of items I would recommend, purely based on my own craft, but I feel they’re pretty good staples to have all around.

  • candles - versatile as all hell; can be used on their own or in any other spell; bags of white tea lights are super cheap and easy to find; worry about colors later; scents can be used as correspondences as well but don’t hinder in any way
    • also, if you can’t have open flames for whatever reason, they have LED / battery powered candles in some dollar stores now; not to mention, tech magic?!
  • matches - they smell nice, and can light candles; suuuper cheap, but in bulk; unless you’re allergic to sulphur, then just a lighter will work
  • herbs - dried herbs from the grocery store seriously do the trick just as well as fresh / organic stuff; Bulk Barn / Barrel has a lot of awesome stuff for super cheap too; start off with just a few general / all-purpose ones, and then add to your collection as you go along; it starts to build up over time, trust me
    • sea salt - cleansing and protection; can be used as a base for most herbal mixtures
    • rosemary - considered a substitute for most other herbs
    • basil - has like a shit ton of correspondences
    • cinnamon is useful to have too
    • if you wanna curse, pepper flakes, paprika, or cayanne pepper should do the trick
  • jars - do I even need to explain?; dollar store, man; even thrift stores have some pretty amazing and cool looking bottles and stuff
  • notebooks - not something necessarily overly witchy, but more so to write down what you learn; trust me, you’ll wanna do that, especially with correspondences; also, sigils
    • also, though, keeping a blog can be a great way to have a magical book; can be password detected / kept secret; tags are useful for organiazation; and then you have us assholes in the community to hang out with too xD
    • writing utensils are also kinda required to, you know, write in books; black Sharpies are useful for actually drawing on stuff - candles, sachets, etc.; good for sigil work
  • scrap fabric - but some cool patterns from thrift stores or whatever; useful for making sachets and poppets
    • sealable plastic bags can do in a pinch though, really; also can be drawn on with Sharpie for easy sigil application
  • string / thread - tie up bags, herb bundles; make sachets and poppets; also useful for bindings, and that’s a good skill to know
  • mini sewing kit - super useful to have in general, and all parts of it can be used for something, somewhere
  • tea bags - seriously, tea has magical properties too; super discreet; and easy as hell; play around with different flavors for intents
  • crystals - clear quartz is super cheap and all-purpose; buy like five of them and just use them over and over; again, another thing it might be useful to have like three or four basic ones and then build your collection over time; that’s how most of us get our arsenal of supplies
    • clear quartz - substitutes for any other crystal
    • amethyst - super cheap and easy to find; variant of quartz; good for sleep and peace and divination; also purple
    • tiger’s eye - I’m biased because this is my favorite crystal; good for protection and courage; did I mention it’s awesome to look at?
  • incense - not necessarily required, but I like to have it; smells nice, useful; so many scents; can be found pretty cheap all over too
    • again, if you can’t have open flames in your place, you can try those wax melters; definitely pricier, but versatile for magic as well; and I mean, they just smell, so, good; my mom has one with like sugar cookie wax cubes; and I come home and think she’s baking, and I get super excited; but it’s a lie

So, yeah, that’s my list, and reasons for what I wrote. That’s just some ideas to get you started. If you choose a path that doesn’t need those things in them, obviously don’t bother then. And depending on what “type of magic” you wanna do, your basic supply list might be very different. For instance, a sea witch probably won’t care so much about kitchen herbs, and stock up on sand and seaweed, sea shells and salt water. 

Since you asked for beginner’s posts, too, you can have my whole list:

I did it! I made a post that wasn’t mostly links! :o Anyway, sorry for my smartass mouth, I was having fun with this. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope it gave you some ideas, and helped you out! Good luck! And if you need any more clarification or have more questions, you know where to find me. :D

  • Otsubo: I'm so done with Midorima and his lucky items.
  • Imayoshi: At least he turns up at practices and doesn't skip games. Aomine has skipped 14 games and missed the entire year of practice.
  • Kasamatsu Yukio: Yeah yeah, at least you guys get to concentrate during practice. Kise is just pure annoying. Every single practice session he brings a whole crowd of fan girls who just crowd around him and scream every time he makes a move. How the hell are we supposed to play with so much screaming?
  • Okamura Kenichi: Try dealing with Murasakibara who litters the entire court with crumbs it's so disgusting and we have to spent half a session cleaning the court so that we can train.
  • Hyūga Junpei: This is all nothing in comparison to Kuroko's sudden appearances. My heart can no longer take those surprises and we can never ever seem to find him. Never ever.
  • Otsubo Taisuke: Midorima is the worst, he leaves his stupid lucky items every where and the entire team has at least tripped over 2 of his bloody lucky items. And that's not all, he is so selfish so we allow him 3 selfish whims each day. He uses all up before practice even begins. How am I supposed to not kill him?
  • Hideki Ishida: Well, at least none of them are as horrible as Haizak, he is so rude to his senpais he doesn't even care if he injures us, that prideful, arrogant idiot.
  • Akashi Seijuro: I have dealt with all 6 of them before and experienced everything you have. All you are experiencing is 1/6 of my pain. Shut up. You are in no place to complain.
  • Nijimura Shūzō: Oh please, I have dealt with all of them plus you Akashi. Don't think you were easy to deal with, you were so irritating. None of you get to complain.
  • Kise: Geez... Senpai sure is harsh...
  • Aomine: It's your own fault.
  • Midorima: Don't talk like this doesn't concern you, Ahomine.
  • Aomine: Huh? Didn't you just hear Otsubo called your lucky items 'bloody'? It concerns you too, Midorimama.
  • Murasakibara: Shut up, you all are so nosiy. *crunch*
  • Kuroko: Murasakibara-kun should really stop eating. You dirty the courts too much.
  • Kise: Woah Kurokocchi, not so sudden ya know. My heart is pretty fragile.
  • Kuroko: I apologise, Kise-kun
  • Haizaki: What is wrong with all of you?
  • Midorima: I could ask you the same question, nanodayo.
  • Akashi: Seriously, shut up. You give everyone a damn headache.
Bare With Me - Chp 3

Also on AO3  You can catch the previous chapters there or on Tumblr (though there’s not a lot of plot here, so it’s not strictly necessary).
Chp 1  Chp 2  Chp 3  Chp 4

Adrien couldn’t decide if he should be pacing or casually drape himself over Marinette’s lawn chair.  Past experience indicated that both had the potential to appeal visually, but what would Ladybug prefer?

He was still pacing when the distinctive zip of her yo-yo announced her arrival.  He looked up just as her feet touched down, and he made a point to use the wide-eyed expression his photographers wanted when they were aiming for a sweet and innocent look.

He smiled, delighted to see her cheeks darken slightly.  "Welcome back,“ he said,  throwing her a little finger wave.  "Everything go all right?”

Ladybug nodded.  "Yep.  Chat and I got it all taken care of. It’s safe to bring you home.“

"Great.  Uhm… so why was I in particular danger?”  Having helped fight the Re-Modeler, he knew.  But Adrien Agreste had been stranded with no cell phone, radio access, or clothes, and had no way to know what was going on.  "I didn’t cause the akuma, did I?“  He aimed for a horrified reaction, because, seriously, if he had caused it, he’d feel terrible.

"No, no, no.”  Her hand settled on his shoulder, as she rushed to soothe him.  Damn she was sweet.  "It wasn’t your fault the photographer and designer preferred you.“

Actually, it was totally his father’s fault.  The man was a colossal dick, and that was to people he liked.  "Oh.  Was it Johann, then?”  He sighed.  "I would’ve been more than happy to give up today’s shitty shoot for him.“

"He probably would have been fine if he hadn’t run into Chloe while he was getting over his frustration,” Ladybug pointed out.

“Ugh.”  His reaction didn’t have to be feigned at all.  "That girl needs to take akuma prevention sensitivity training.“

Ladybug giggled.  "So are you ready to go home?  I’m sure your… family is concerned about you.”

He snorted.  "My handlers, you mean.“  Her hesitation had suggested she knew more about his home life than the average Parisian.  He didn’t really want her to drop him off and head on her way.  Not yet.  "Nathalie is probably completely freaked out.”

“Ah!” Ladybug said in bright discovery.  She held out her yo-yo and opened it in communicator mode.  "I can call her and explain.  Do you think that would help?“

Adrien nodded eagerly.  It would certainly minimize the urgency of the situation.  When she offered the device to him to dial, he pretended to misunderstand and just reached over her to enter the number.

"Hello, this is Nathalie Sa…”  His father’s assistant hesitated.  She’d answered in video phone.  "Ladybug.  I see you have located Adrien.  His father will be most grateful.“

"It’s no problem at all,” Ladybug said, her professional hero mode in full force.  "As soon as I realized the Re-Modeler was targeting him, I moved Adrien to a secure location.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t even give him time to grab his phone.“

"I understand.”  Nathalie turned her focus to him.  "Adrien… are you naked?“

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This wasn't supposed to be this complicated- Adam cole

Her hands stopped, no longer placing books in the cardboard box. She turned her head ever so much, waiting to hear another noise in the house.

And sure enough, she did. She guessed he was setting his keys down on the counter, maybe his bag on the floor, before going into the fridge. It was his usual routine.

But he wasn’t supposed to be here right now.

Closing her eyes tightly for a moment, she took in a shaky breath and resolved herself to continue what she had been doing.

She tried to block out the sound of his movements getting closer, his feet coming up the stairs. By the time he reached the doorway, she had cleared off the entirety of the one bookshelf.

“Hey.” His voice was soft, his tone tentative.

“You told me you wouldn’t be here till later.”

“Change in training schedule,” Adam replied. “Tried to spend some time running errands, but eventually ran out of things to do.”

“OK.” She didn’t further acknowledge him, standing up and moving across the room to get another box. She busied herself with putting it together, using the packing tape to secure the flaps where needed.

She was entirely aware of Adam’s presence still in the doorway, could feel his eyes watching her. She tried her hardest to ignore it though, as she moved towards another bookcase and began to remove the items that were hers.

This wasn’t supposed to be this complicated.

His words struck a chord in her for some reason. 

“Seriously? What? Did you think it would be the easiest thing in the world to break up with me and separate our lives? Our lives we’ve been living together for almost three fucking years? Sharing a house for over a year? Are you fucking dumb, Adam?”

It was only then that she turned around to face him. Fuck, why is he so pretty all the time? Even in his basketball shorts and shirt that was clearly drying with sweat, he was a vision to her. But she had to stop appreciating his appearance and remind herself that he was the one who ended them. Even though she was still attracted to him physically, she had to remember the mental and emotional toil she was in thanks to him.

“I’m… I didn’t mean to upset you like this.”

“Well, you fucking did,” she snapped. “And I told you to let me get my things and get out of your life without interfering. But you just couldn’t stop yourself from making this worse, could you?”

He didn’t respond.

“Just…fucking, go. Somewhere. Anywhere. I don’t even give a shit. Go sit in the garage. I just don’t want to see you right now. Or ever.”

“…ok.” She tried to ignore the absolutely pained look on his face as he looked at her one last time and then walked off. She was frozen in her spot for a moment before she turned and began to throw things into the box. She needed to get this over with as fast as possible for her own sake. She needed to get away from Adam.

What if haikyuu meet Pokemon and became trainers.

Here you go! 

~ Wendy!

Oikawa - definitely has to have a legendary. For sure. He’d be the Gary Oak, always ahead of you, and never letting you forget it. He might even be the kind of trainer to do competitions and talent shows and stuff, just to show off his awesome pokemon.

Kuroo - He’d probably be the kind of trainer to up his pokemon to really high levels before tackling gyms. He’d also be really loyal to his first ones, especially his starter. He’d make a pretty even team, mixing a lot of different types of pokemon.

Bokuto - He’d definitely play with his pokemon! They’d have so much fun together. But also, they’d take training seriously. Lots of stats would go into strength and attack, as opposed to defence. I could imagine him with a lot of fighting type, cuz he’d think they were really cool!

Hinata - He’s definitely the type to pick up every single item around and get excited even when it’s something most others wouldn’t get excited about. He’s also the type to read all the trainer tips and take advice from people he meets along the way on his journey.

Kageyama - So intimidating that a lot of people don’t stop to ask him for battles. But actually, he’s a very caring trainer. He is very frustrated with losses, but he also respects those who are able to beat him and doesn’t blame his pokemon for the loss. He trains them and levels them up, then challenges the opponent again. He doesn’t lose to the same opponent twice.

Suga - Suga would evolve all of his pokemon with love! That’s for sure! He’d be such a good trainer, running from battles before his pokemon faint, but also training them to become stronger than they were the battle before. He’d definitely care about catching them all, befriending as many pokemon as he can, and filling his pokedex more than beating the gyms/elite four.

Daichi - Daichi would be a gym leader for sure! Maybe even one of the Elite Four! He’d also be an all-rounder, having many different types of pokemon that compliment each other. And, of course, lots of stats into defense!

Tanaka and Noya - Definitely a two-on-two battle with these guys. They did everything together, getting their pokemon on the same days, training together, beating gyms one right after the other, etc. They’re an unstoppable duo, who always go for the coolest looking pokemon. They always save their legendaries for last, so just when you think you’ve one, they pull out Groudon and Kyoger and rub it in your face.

Tsukishima - Also the type to egg on their rival, and say salty, sarcastic, perfectly timed, stuff. But he has the strength to back it up. He talks the talk, and walks the walk. His starter is still, and always will be, the first pokemon in his party.

Yachi - Much too terrified to take on Team Rocket (or whatever team is terrorizing her region). Until she bans together with her friends and together they take them down! She’s also the type to nickname her pokemon. I can imagine her starter being Eevee!

Asahi - He always feels bad when any pokemon faints, even if it’s not on his team. Some people think he’s a member of Team Rocket in disguise. He, like Brock, would probably like to breed pokemon and gush over how cute the baby forms are.


Oui Mais Non

Location: 72 Rue Jarry E 

Metro Station: Jarry

 It’s 1:30 am and I should probably be sleeping because I need to wake up early tomorrow to go to a career fair my University is hosting. It’s 1:30 and I should be sleeping but instead I am here, writing about coffee because I prefer spending my time thinking about happy memories and sharing them with 800 of you lovely souls.

That’s right, I just hit 800 followers and I still don’t believe it. To think that even a couple of people read my posts is already heartwarming enough, but 800?! Thank you guys, really.

I am here because I love to talk about my favorite experiences (that obviously involve coffee). I am here at 1:30 am because I want to push away the anxiety of reality for a few moments. And because I dream of coffee. Always. Please tell me I’m not the only one who still wants caffeine in the middle of the night… There must be some other crazy person like me out there. Or maybe not.

This next cafe is special to me because it’s one of the few that enabled me to connect with the ‘atmosphere’ so deeply. I’m going to be honest, this isn’t a very well known coffee shop - certainly not on Instagram or social media. But it’s showed up once on my “nearby cafes” on google maps and I’ve heard about it from one of my friends so it ended up on my list.

I’m not one to look at too many pictures of the location I want to go to because I do like that surprise factor when walking in the shop for the first time.Going here, I wasn’t expecting anything. I didn’t know what Oui Mais Non was all about.

But once I walked in, it’s as if my whole reality shifted to this whole different world. A warmer, colorful world. A more unique reality. A place in a child’s imagination. A safe haven that was real and there and in front of me and smelled like coffee and pastries and … warmth. Looking around, I saw so many various vintage furniture items that decorated the cafe. Some of them looked seriously gorgeous and some of them were hilarious (especially the “it’s Britney Bitch” banner).

The shop was pretty small. It had few seating and was a bit crammed towards the back. But wait. Don’t scroll through my post now in disappointment! Not yet - because the cool thing about this place was what I discovered next. As I was sitting in my little corner with my latte, I saw a little passage way in the middle of the cafe. I left my seat in curiosity and walking towards the passage, I saw that it lead to a whole other section of the cafe. More seating, more decor, more unique details, further into a child’s imagination. More people working and talking and being happy. They all looked at me as I walked in on them enjoying their coffee and good company. I looked way too excited and might have overwhelmed them with my excessive picture taking. I’m sorry…

I went back to my seat, opened my Calculus 3 notebook and attempted studying for my midterm. After about 5 minutes of reading equations, I decided to go the bathroom as a form of productive procrastination. I looked around for the bathroom. I noticed a door that looked like bathroom door but on it, it said “Not a bathroom, it’s the efls’ hiding place. Obviously.” Ah well, better not disturb them. I then saw stairs that went down so I automatically assumed the bathroom was there. I started going down and with each step I took, I was getting more and more convinced the basement wasn’t only for the bathroom. I heard voices and glass clinging… and suddenly - before me was yet another dimension to the cafe. A basement. I invite you to please look at the huge photo set I have provided because no combination of words can describe the originality of this space! Each corner was picture perfect. I made that a point by obviously taking a billion pictures. There were so many people downstairs! How could they have known? Were they looking for a bathroom as well and suddenly stumbled upon the basement like I did? There were no signs pointing downstairs… it was as if it was the cafes secret.And now I was in on it.  

This whole experience made me realize how powerful a place can be. I realized how much a beautiful environment with friendly people can affect my mood positively. At that second, I knew my week was made. My MONTH was made.

And just as I got back to my seat, closing my Calculus notebook, I saw a sign on my table that said: “Ici, on encourage les rencontres entre inconnus. Tasse donc ton sac pis invite quelqu’un qui se cherche une place. Ca va te donner des beaux points karmiques.” This means “Here, we encourage meeting strangers. So push your bag to the side and invite someone who’s looking for a place. It gives you really nice karma point” in French. What a beautiful concept. In all aspects, this coffee shop has made me feel so welcomed and amazed.

I invite all of you to try this cafe. And please - take the time to cruise around and look at every detail possible. There’s a surprise in every corner.

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Heyheyhey I have like almost zero knowledge on homestuck like nothing tell me more if this AU?? Bust seriously I'm only asking because I'm wondering over the parings I'm like Adrinette all the way so here is me wondering hahahahahaha Flails

Haha its amazing youre sticking with this even though you don’t know homestuck. I’ll get straight to the shipping, though, with only one homestuck fact thrown in-

there are some game monsters, for things like level grinding and getting in-game currency and specific material items. Some of them get pretty big, like a small boss battle.


Managing Taiora, Meichi and Sorato in tri.

Hello, my name is A. R. Pulver. I’ve been writing Digimon fanfiction for 15 years. I’m also a Taiora shipper. Now some of us haven’t been very good sports when it comes to appreciating the ship potential in tri. Something about bridging the gap between Zero Two and an immovable, fixed point in time may fail to capture out imaginations. But who wants to go through life with that kind of defeatist attitude? I’ve been turning the lumps of coal that comprised the 02 epilogue into diamonds for years now and it’s time to put our fanfic writer caps on and do a bit of fantasy booking! Here is the direction tri. can take in order to make sure Taiora, Sorato, and Meichi shippers all go home happy. Or at least as happy as they can be because, seriously, Taiora’s never gonna happen. Deal with it.

For this exercise, we’re going to make three assumptions. None of these are certainties, but rather strong hunches based on what we’ve seen so far:

1) Meiko will be presented as a love interest for Taichi.
It’s pretty cliche, plenty obvious, and something I suspected could happen even before the first trailer introduced us to her, but we’re going to run with the assumption that Meiko and Taichi are going to be an item in tri. This is the most tenuous of the three assumptions, simply because it’s still possible for the writers to show some creativity and write Meiko as an audience surrogate character or, heaven forbid, an actual developed character that will make meaningful contributions to the main story. Not that being with Taichi precludes that.

2) tri. is extremely interested in pandering, particularly to fans of the more popular ships.
Supporters of every ship found something to get behind in the first movie. Of particular note is the heavy emphasis on Koumi and Taito, and massive Takari teasing in subsequent interviews and articles. The four most popular ships in the franchise are Takari, Taiora, Koumi and Taito. With three of these getting plenty of love, how can they resist pushing the fourth? All they’ve got now is the way they avoid discomfort in sacrificing narrative coherence by suppressing Sorato.

3) Yamato and Sora are still dating.
You know what they really need to stop doing? Sacrificing narrative coherence by suppressing Sorato. To understand these characters and get the most out of them, it’s vital to know who’s dating whom. Reading between the lines, it’s safe to assume Yamato and Sora are still together, but they need to rip off the bandage and make it explicit. It opens up a world of story potential and a fresh look at the often-maligned couple may earn it some new supporters.

Once we assume all those, this is how I would write tri. to make supporters of all three relevant ships feel satisfied in how things turned out:

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Castiel, Angel of the Lord, had far too many scarves. Or at least that was Dean’s opinion on the matter.

It started in November, after they finished a hunt. With the ghost salted and burned, Dean suggested they just drive straight home without stopping. It was only about seven hours, so he knew he could pull it off despite his body’s protests. He wasn’t young anymore, and his joints creaked in the now-wintry weather. 

Sam didn’t argue, and sat in the passenger’s seat, yawning.

Castiel took his place in the backseat, his gaze out the window. 

Dean’s eyes flicked to him in the rear-view mirror as he drove. He smirked. He remembered when Castiel first joined them on hunts, what seemed like forever ago. The angel had still partially had a stick up his ass then, and used to hold himself deadly-still when riding in the Impala.

Now, though, he’d experienced humanity and been on earth long enough that he started to wriggle the more that time passed. It was a very human reaction to being cooped up in a small space for a long period of time, and it made Dean’s lips twitch in amusement. 

They came to a stoplight, and as Dean eased up on the accelerator, Castiel broke the silence. 

“There’s a holiday craft bazaar today.”

Dean glanced back and followed Castiel’s pointing to a sign blowing in the wind, staked near a telephone pole. 

“That could be interesting,” Sam said.

Dean frowned. “Wait, what? I thought we were driving straight home.”

Sam shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind stopping.”

Dean opened his mouth, but was interrupted by Castiel.

“I would like to stop as well.”

Dean snapped his mouth shut and rolled his eyes. “Fine, Martha Stewart. We’ll stop so we can buy some homemade doilies for the bunker.”

Sam snorted, but Castiel perked up. 

“I’m excited to see what’s there. Humans are so clever in what they create.”

Dean grumbled under his breath, but when the light turned green, he followed signs to the bazaar which was located in the gymnasium of a local high school. He parked and they all clambered out. 

Inside the crowded venue, vendors had set up tables throughout the gym. Families pressed together, commenting on the wares, and children shoved by them chattering about the candy they were going to buy with the five dollars they’d gotten from their parents.

To say Dean felt out of place was well, pretty exact. They garnered a number of suspicious and curious looks, probably because they were three burly dudes that towered over everyone. He was glad that they’d cleaned up from the hunt, at least, so no one would panic at the sight of bloodstains or open wounds.

They lost Sam somewhere around the soap vendors, which Dean had to admit did smell pretty good. He figured Sam was going to buy himself some girly natural shampoo for his “luscious locks,” so he let him be and instead stuck with Castiel, who was far more entertaining.

The angel was fascinated by everything, and reverently ran his hands over anything in reach. Dean, though, wasn’t that impressed. Most of the vendors sold jewelry, and those that had holiday items were seriously ripping people off. All they’d done was buy some candy, stuck it in a jar, and then slapped a ribbon on top of it. Anyone could make the same for way less than the eight dollars they demanded, no matter how nice it looked. 

Where Castiel was truly transfixed, however, was the row of handmade knitted items. Cotton, wool, even alpaca–in a million shapes, sizes, and colors. Even Dean couldn’t resist touching them because, damn, the alpaca items were the softest things he’d ever felt in his life.

Castiel set his eye on a red and yellow striped scarf that had been handcrafted from an old woman behind the table. She made small talk with Castiel as Dean subtly checked the price. 

Holy shit, twenty-five dollars for one scarf? That was way too much. No way that was happening–

“I’d like this one, please,” Castiel said, and passed the woman her money.

“Dude,” Dean said, but when Castiel turned to him, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to say.

“I do have my own money, Dean,” Castiel said finally as the woman gave him change. 

“Did you want this in a bag, or are you going to wear it out?” she asked with a wink.

“I’ll wear it,” Castiel said, and he winked right back. 

Dean resisted smacking himself, especially when Castiel wrapped the scarf around his neck once, twice, and then three times so he looked like a turtle with his head poked out of the top.

Dean snickered but then grinned at the truly content expression on the angel’s face. 

“It’s very soft,” Castiel said as they headed toward the door. Dean reached up to feel for himself, and then nodded in agreement.

“Oh. Yeah. Wow.”

“Looks like you got something nice,” Sam said as he appeared at their side with a paper bag in hand. 

“What did you get?” Castiel asked.

Sam withdrew some soaps and bottles of lotion and shampoo. He repeated the spiel he must’ve heard from the salesperson where he bought the stuff. 

Dean stifled a laugh at the intense look Castiel wore as he absorbed Sam’s words. He appeared most interested when Sam talked about the table that sold honey and beeswax products from their own hives. 

“I wish I’d seen that,” Castiel said. 

“Next time,” Sam said, but Dean didn’t think much more of it.

Until the next weekend, when Castiel produced a newspaper ad (who knew where he’d gotten it) for another craft fair a few hours away. He had been hanging out with Sam too much, because Dean couldn’t resist the pull of his puppy eyes. 

But then the next weekend, he found another one to go to. And the next weekend, and the next. They weren’t exactly busy with hunts, yet Dean couldn’t believe how much time they were spending out and about at these stupid local events. Each outing was basically the same, though sometimes it was only Dean and Castiel since Sam was busy doing whatever he did.

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so i’m moving to the city next week on severely short notice (my apartment contract expires september 1st and i just about managed to score me&ma bro a room to rent before it does) and now i’m stuck with a boxful of literally BRAND NEW, IN SOME CASES STILL SEALED ERERI & ERURI DOUJINSHI. fell out of the fandom a while back and before then i was p much just keeping them safely stored in plastic bc i’ve been sort of living on the edge for a while – financially and such – so i think it’d be a real shame to let them go to waste. and, well, thing is … I CAN’T TAKE THEM WITH ME. neither me nor my bfam has a driver’s license or anyone who is willing to drive our stuff lit. 8 hours across the country for a price we can afford to pay so everything we own (which isn’t much, granted :/) is either being given away, returned to the people we loaned it from or – in the case of our most valued personal belongings – shoved in a max. 20kg moving box to be shipped down bc that’s the only weight we can afford to have taken by a courier.

we’ve been p much living on donations for the last few months due to the fact that we were forced to move to the middle of nowhere where we couldn’t get decent jobs. granted, this makes the move to the city a very important step for us. it means we’ll finally be able to get jobs, proper housing, medical assistance for me (i suffer from an array of mental problems that have been p much left unattented for the past year we’ve lived here, much to my decline in health) and a safer future but that doesn’t make the move any cheaper. so yeah, i have no other choice at this point than to sell these. i would have loved to host a giveaway – really, that’s what i was still holding onto them for – but at this rate i seriously cannot afford it. i need the money myself.

hence, if you’d like to give a couple of guys a hand in their move with a little donation in return for whatever doujinshi you’d like (I AM WILLING TO NEGOTIATE PRICING, ETC) + shipping to your country (WITH A SPECIAL BONUS OF SOME OTHER SNK MERCH GOODIES I’LL ADD IN AS FREEBIES TO THE PEOPLE WHO’RE WILLING TO TAKE MORE THAN 2-3 BOOKS … AS I CAN’T TAKE THOSE WITH ME EITHER) we’d seriously love you forever. all these books have absolutely gorgeous art and are so shiny & pretty i really can’t bare to see them get trashed. :’(




au where the khr crew are playing a mmorpg game and tsuna has the worst guild. they’re not even optimized right and every party quest they do ends horribly. 

tsuna got a really ‘lucky’ roll and got a sky attribute which means he’s okay in all areas but master of none. supposedly if you get into the really high levels you get an ability that gives you absurd stat boosts but tsuna is really bad at grinding and has been the same level for months. he’s just here to have fun

gokudera already has so many maxed out characters because he figured out the exact optimized leveling and ability trees for most of the job paths so he just spends his time fooling around with game mechanics and making really wonked out character builds. ppl got real mad at him bc he stopped posting all his max efficiency character builds so he tracked down all the assholes who dissed him on the forum, founded their in game characters and, with his 20 maxed out lvl 200 characters, destroy them and their guilds. everyone instabans him from message boards now

lambo is this kid that uses a lot of leetspeak and nicknames and is also kicked out of a lot of guilds bc he doesn’t contribute to guild funds or go on party quests seriously but he. is. the luckiest. asshole. he got the lightning attribute which is considered pretty strong and all of his items and armor are either rly rare drops or gifts from ppl who think his ingame character is hot. lambo is 10

yamamoto heard of this hot new game that everyone was playing and got into it because his friends got into it. he completed the tutorial, got bored and went outside. the game recently released an expansion that’ll let you have custom skins and one of them is a baseball player skin. yamamoto is now lvl 80

chrome plays mainly to roleplay the frankly lacklustre story. ppl gave her weird looks bc this mmorpg really isn’t known for its story but chrome tries so hard. it’s really good if you just ignore the bad bits, you guys!! it’s also the only mmorpg thats popular enough and low maintenence enough that you can play it at internet cafes or even on really powerful mobile devices and chrome doesnt spend much time at home

ryohei is actually the one who’s played the game the longest and when he got the sun attribute he didnt make a new account for a better reroll he TOUGHED up and was determined to be the STRONGEST no matter WHAT and that’s how he became known as that priest that punches everything. recently he got a chance for a job upgrade and he got so excited that he misclicked and now he’s an archbishop who attacks and only busts out the really overpowered healing spells he’s got on himself. it’s a really bad build but he’s spent so much time on it and REAL MEN DONT QUIT

hibari doesnt play but his uncle is a developer for the game so he doesnt want to touch it out of principle. people freak out when they discover this because hibari is literally the fuckin kid whose uncle works at nintendo

Ipsy’s June glambag: Pretty in Paradise
It’s nice seeing Ipsy collaborate with Rebecca Minkoff to create this interesting floral design. I’ve always had a thing for color contrasting, so the blue and orange immediately tugged at my heart.

Nicka K New York  ||  Shimmer Eyeliner in Green
I probably should’ve swatched this so you guys can see the gorgeous teal-green color, but seriously… this is such a pretty shimmery color! I’ve used this on my bottom lash line (it’s been my new thing, lately) and loved it! The only thing I don’t like about this eyeliner pen is that the tip is pretty stiff and sharp, so I gotta be careful and not poke my eye.

NYX ||  Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel
I’ve heard so much about NYX lipglosses for so long, so this was definitely my most anticipated item of the month. I guess I like it but I’m on the fence about all the hype. It has a nice smooth texture and it’s not too heavy or sticky. But the pigmentation is more sheer than I thought. Since my natural lip color is more of a deep rose color, lip glosses usually don’t do much for me except add shine.

Be a Bombshell  ||  Lash Out Mascara
I actually like the Be a Bombshell cosmetics line—especially their eyeshadows—but I don’t know if mascaras are their thing. This had an extremely dry formula and it didn’t seem like their brush applicator was able to pick up much mascara or maybe it didn’t work well on transferring mascara to my eyelashes. I didn’t notice a difference before and after applying.

Skinn  ||  Olive & Enzyme Cleanser
I have yet to use this but I hope the olive formula in this cleanser doesn’t leave too much of an oily residue.

Marc Anthony  ||  Dream Waves Beach Spray
I also have yet to give this a try but it smells wonderful?! Like coconut! I was sniffing this for probably a minute straight until I realized that I should probably stop. I’m starting to think that even if this doesn’t work on giving me nice beach waves and texture, I’d still use this because who doesn’t want their hair to smell like coconuts?!

hi guys, so i just found out that if you’re in college, you can get a free 6 month trial of amazon prime! all you need is an .edu email address.

amazon prime is super convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to leave their dorm room/house to shop. also, you can get free two day shipping on pretty much any item! it’s seriously a lifesaver when i need a last minute birthday gift or a nice outfit for an event. feel free to use my link here to join, and i wish you guys all the best in the upcoming school year!


Happy April Fool’s Day!……is what we’ll be saying in a little over a month, so to celebrate this wacky holiday where nothing is as it seems, we’re holding the ~first annual~ April Pool’s Day event!

What is it?
This is a general Free! fanworks festival–not an exchange event–where participants must submit something (pretty much anything goes; we’re really hoping someone carves something into a piece of fruit, personally) that fits the ‘pairing’ they’re assigned.

Wait, pairing? But what if I don’t ship what I’m assigned?
God willing, no one will ship what they’re assigned, as the entire point of this fest is to write, draw, photomanip, whatever the crackiest pairing we can think to assign you! There won’t be any MakoHaru or RinRei or whatever here–instead, you’ll get pairings like “Shota Haru/Gou’s Muscle Magazines” and “Maid!Rin/Nitori’s Porn”. This fest will celebrate all pairings wacky and crazy, and participants are encouraged to take their assignments as seriously or not seriously as they please.

  • As a note, we’re always happy to add more “possibilities” to our match-up list, so if you think you can contribute to our crazy list of potential pairing items (be they human or animal or object or whatever Iwatobi-chan counts as), we’ll consider adding them to the list–just drop us an ask! We feel we’ve been pretty thorough (and will post the full list at the end of the festival if anyone’s interested), but we’re open to suggestions!

So…how does this work?
If you’ve decided you’re up to the challenge, your first step is of course…to sign up!


It’s pretty short and sweet, as this isn’t an exchange, just a “post what you’ve got!” festival.

Once your application is received, we’ll fire up our randomizer and assign you three potential 'pairings’.

Three, huh?
Yup; three for you to choose one from (or more, if you feel like it!), so that participants aren’t stuck with something they just can’t manage to create anything for.

So are there any rules?

  1. Sign up for the festival via the official entry form. We will be accepting sign-ups UNTIL MARCH 31. Basically, you can sign up at any point in time, so long as you can submit by the deadline.
  2. Wait for a mod to contact you (at your e-mail address or via tumblr ask, so HAVE YOUR ASK BOX OPEN) with your three potential pairing choices. You must pick at least one of the three, but you’re welcome to do all of them.
  3. Once you have your piece ready, just submit it as a post to the aprilpoolsday tumblr. YOU MUST SUBMIT BY MARCH 31. If you are going to have difficulty making that deadline, please contact the mods by sending an ask so that we can work with you to help.
  4. NO RATING LIMIT. Feel free to be as “so G-rated it could be in a Disney movie” or “Freud would have a field day with me” as you want!
  5. As a reminder: ALL fanworks are allowed, not just your traditional fic and art. Feel inspired to make Sasabe + Nagisa’s white bikini plushies? We look forward to pics (or it didn’t happen)!

That’s about it! April Fool’s Day is a day of crazy fun, so SIGN UP AND HELP SPREAD SOME CRACKTASTIC LOVE TO THE REST OF THE FREE!DOM!

See you next water time~

Tips for beginners (BnS)

Try not to repair your weapon unless it is severely damaged or broken. Your weapon is no less useful before it is broken/damaged and it will save you a lot of repair tools!

Salvage every single Soul Shield that you don’t need. This will help you stock up on materials. You will need these materials later on. I also recommend salvaging green weapons, and saving the blue and purples (non-breakthroughs) to upgrade your weapon and accessories.

Save all of your extra materials!!

To save keys, you can sometimes find your breakthrough items on the Marketplace. Right click on the breakthrough item in your upgrade menu to pull up results for it in the marketplace. Usually, you can find these for pretty cheap and it will save you keys, which definitely come in handy at max level.

All of your money, don’t spend it unless you have to. I mean, seriously, HAVE to. Levelling professions and breaking through your items is a MUST, but beyond that, avoid spending unnecessary coin on cosmetic items or things that you really don’t need. There are several things you will need to bid on at max level that cost a pretty penny, as well as the costs for upgrading your items at max level adds up quickly, so having all the gold you can saved up while you level is a big bonus.

Start your professions early! Getting your professions up will be a big time saver for you. You want to join 2 crafting guilds and 2 gathering guilds (All of which, you can do around level 13 in Jadestone Village). When you talk to the guilds they will give you recommendations on what other ones would work best with them. For my crafting guilds I chose Merry Potters and Soul Wardens as they are the most useful that I’ve personally found at end game. There are guides online to tell you the pros and cons of each profession if you need a starting place! I recommend checking out as they tend to have a lot of useful information!

PvP gives a lot of EXP+ on wins so don’t be afraid when you start getting those dueling dailies to pop into the Arena Lobby and power through some 1v1′s. They are generally pretty anonymous and there isn’t any negativity between the two players during a match. People don’t spam emotes at you or taunt you incessantly, so it’s a relaxed way to get some free EXP+

Read your skills thoroughly in your skill book(K)! This is very important. I know there are a lot of things in there, but there are a lot of times while leveling where I could’ve had an easier time switching a skill point out for another one to make things go a little more smoothly. Whether it be on a certain difficult solo quest, or in a dungeon. No one will criticize your build if it is a little different from theirs, so put your points wherever you want them to be. Have fun with it! 

Hope these tips helped you! If you found them helpful, don’t forget to give this post a like and a reblog, so we can share it with other people!

Tumblr giveaways be like

so guys, i just hit 45,000,000 followers and i thought i’d do a giveaway!!! 


must be following me

and 1,200 other blogs that i tell you to follow! 

i’ve been meaning to give this stuff away! it’s old and i don’t use it. 

item 1: my family’s yatch

it’s been getting pretty dirty and we just don’t want to clean it! oh well. 

item 2: 

this gold car. it’s engine is making a weird noise and we don’t want to take it to the shop. Free shipping!

and finally! 

item 3: 

all of this money! some of it’s dirty, so i need to get rid of it. and i prefer to use credit! 

message me on my instagram for a higher chance of winning! xox good luck!