seriously all that stuff you sent was great!

Okay but when you present the letter found in the safe at the boathouse to Edgeworth, Phoenix suggests it’s a past defendant Edgeworth had ‘declared guilty or something’, to which Edgeworth says;

Edgeworth:            Nice, Wright.
                               But I don’t remember that old man. Not at all.

Which strongly suggests that Edgeworth remembers all of his past defendants. All the people he’s had convicted.

Perhaps it might be easier if you sometimes are able to forget the faces that don’t always look angry and annoyed at having been caught out, the ones that sometimes look afraid and sometimes look pleading. Where some say ‘He had it coming’ and others say ‘Uh-uh, it wasn’t me, please believe me’. 

When it’s just a job, the names and faces can blur together in your memory, one face after another.

But Edgeworth is certain that he doesn’t remember this man. 

Miles Edgeworth isn’t the kind to treat prosecution and the law as just a job

At this point of his life, the justice system is both something he holds great reverence for, something that he can’t imagine not doing, and takes it very seriously - but also, it’s a punishment, an atonement, and you can’t atone for the blood of a loved family member on your hands if you don’t remember the faces and names of all those who you’ve sent to jail - or, potentially, the noose.

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you like my little pony?

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Hello New anon! I assume you’re new because much older followers know I’ve done a lot of MLP genderbend stuff! lol

The characters were great practice and the writing/humor was pretty good so it was fun to record for! When I’m sent a good funny genderbend comic the likelihood I’ll dub it is pretty high!

As a result of all the dubs I have a “Pony-sona” which has really been relegated to one of my channel mascots thanks to wonderful friends like @askwicklesmack (seriously Wickle started drawing this guy first!) @cs-draws @pepoodraws!

I mean c’mon

He’s adorable! So “pony-me” isn’t going anywhere! 

Just sucks that the pony dubs have been attacked by copyright recently…

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The most ackward place on Earth

Summary: Sometimes you just need a grand gesture.

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Notes: A second part to @batlog’s fic The Most Magical Place on Earth Because she said I could. Jason scares me a little because he’s the one I’m most unfamiliar with. So sorry if I got stuff wrong! 

Also this was only a page and a half! Be proud of me people! I can write short stuff!

“Seriously Dick, another selfie?” you asked as your best friend pulled you closer to him holding his phone up. While you were all for a great selfie and let’s be honest, with his height Dick did take great selfies, there was something almost mischievous about the way he kept snapping pics of the two of you.

“Oh come on, Jason will love this one.” Dick chuckled almost manically as he sent another text off. You sighed rolling your eyes as you adjusted your Minnie Mouse ears. While you appreciated the sentiment of your best friend trying to make his brother finally confess his feeling for you there was a part of you that knew it wouldn’t work.

Jason was stubborn.

You had known for a while that he may have feelings for you. While you had given him many hits and encouragements to try to help him get a move on you wanted that grand gesture or even just a gesture at this point.

You could also be a little stubborn.

Shaking your head you went to get two churros for you and your bestie. Sugar always helped when the heart was annoyed.

When you came back you were greeted by the very boy that Dick had been texting all day. Jason was doubled over gasping for breath when he caught sight of you, he straightened up.

“Look Y/N. This isn’t right… I mean Dick is great and all but…. Honestly… you can’t…”

“Hi to you too.” You said handing Dick his churro. The acrobat excitedly took his treat taking a few steps away from you setting in for the show.

Jason took another large gulp of air. “You can’t go out with Dick it just wouldn’t work… I mean look at him.” You both looked at Dick who just flashed a cheesy grin as he munched gleefully on his treat.  

“No offense,” Jason added

“None taken.”

“It’s just… Y/N… I mean, come on!”

You took a thoughtful bite from your churro, was it bad that you were enjoying this so much? Watching Jason all red faced and stumbling over his words while he basically paced in a circle trying to get his words out. Hell, who doesn’t like watching a tough guy squirm from time to time?

“So let me get this straight,” You said licking sugar off your lips, “you don’t want me to date Dick?”

Jason stood there, the situation he had just gotten himself into sinking in, “No…”

You nodded considering this over another bite of your treat, “Well I guess it’s a good thing we never would. No offense Dick.”

“None taken”

You and Jason stood there just looking at each other for a moment. “Was there anything else you wanted to tell me, Jason? Maybe on who I should date?”

Jason rolled his eyes grabbing your arm.

“Would you just shut up and kiss me?”


As you FINALLY kissed the boy of your dreams you could hear the click of Dicks phone followed by a soft chuckle.

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Its the anon from the past two things, I'm real shy sometimes even behind a computer screen, hence the anon but with that gif you just made my day so I guess I should come say hi? I've been scrolling through your blog and you have some really great stuff so I'm super glad I found you today

Awwe, well I’m super glad you decided to introduce yourself! And that you liked that gif. 😊 It made me laugh.

I sincerely can’t thank you enough for all the nice things you’ve sent my way today. I saw the second ask and didn’t get a chance to answer, but seriously…it means so much more than you could know.

Thanks for following along. 😊 Don’t be a stranger. 😊

So I just did a small break from my pile of works and came to check new stuff and messages (speaking of which, anyone who sent me asks don’t worry because I’ll answer you, I’m just too slow! D8) and I see this! WOW! You guys really like my art? Thank you so much for following my blog! YOU’RE ALL AWESOME!! And hope you all have a great day! ;D


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nightcircuswrites 500+ follow forever

hey lovelies! so I recently hit 500 followers and i’m so happy that i thought i would do a follow forever

the goddesses of all goddesses

breeerps​: Bre baby, you’re my best friend and one of the most talented writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ily so much and I’m so so so grateful to have you and your selfless, wonderful, kind, and beautiful personality in my life. You’re the absolute best person. I also think you’re part faerie or some shit too. I also miss you a lot tbh.

annasrps​: You’re a goddess sent from heaven above and I really hope you know that. You’re actually such a great partner. You are so wonderful to write with and headcannon with and I love all the cute stuff you make for our charries. You’re so great and I love you so much.

roseredwrites​: Astoria, you’re a queen. I honestly think that you run your own kingdom somewhere and you just don’t tell any of us. Seriously. But also you’re SUCH AN AMAZING PARTNER.. I know we’re kind of slow in getting our plots going but they are some of my favorites. And I love you.

the elf queens (lovely partners)

creepyasparagus, tierrawrites

the faeries (the lovelies that i love to see on my dash)

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I love you all so much and I am soooooo sorry if I left you out. XOXO

If you’ve been in the studyblr world for a while now, you would’ve seen hermioneandelle‘s giveaway post. I won the giveaway, and in true fashion to giveaways, the stuff came. Now, take a moment to click on the link and compare the two pictures.

Now I want you to gape in awe of how amazing and generous she is. Seriously. This just blew my mind. We emailed back and forth, talking about our lives and cultures, and whatnot. I asked her for a piece of her home (because it’s bloody amazing?? THERE ARE HORSES.), and she delivered. Oh boy, did she deliver.

I’m not going to go into a lot of details, but she went out to take pictures of places in her home, went and got handmade stuff for me (the hairband and chest, if you’re interested). She even wrote me the sweetest, nicest letter ever, which seriously made me laugh like a mad person. The box even got sent back to her because postal services hate me, and she was so nice about the whole thing.

This girl is seriously nice and wonderful. And if you’re not following her, and talking to her, and basically just being a great person to her… You haven’t quite been living. 

I’m not saying all this to boast or anything. I’m not saying you should hound her for free stuff (PS If you do that, I will probably rip you a new one because she is a national treasure and should be protected, ya’hear?) I just wanted to say that this girl is great, and she deserves all the love in the world. Truly.

Kate, I’ve said whatever else I want to say to you in the letter. But the world deserves to know what an amazing person you are. <3 <3 <3