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Jonas Nightengale and that ridiculous jacket.

Maarten de Vries; the vampire hunter.

From all over Europe people summoned him for his assistance, and while his prices weren’t cheap - he never once failed a job.
His fame and wealth grew, and with it his ego.
He was invincible.

Or so he thought

Some long overdue fanart for one of my favorite fics: From Within The Shadows by caffinatedstory

Her characterization is brilliant - it’s seriously worth reading!

hello yes read my fanfiction, taming a monster, if you enjoy semi-monstrous siblings being adorkable with each other and enjoy wondering how the fuck this story isn’t done yet at 53 chapters 

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anonymous asked:

But why do you think Sherlock is a virgin?

  • Mycroft flat out tells us in ASIB that Sherlock is a virgin (“Sex doesn’t alarm me.” “How would you know?”). It’s highly unlikely that Mycroft wouldn’t know whether or not his brother has ever had sex, given the kind of tabs he keeps on him, not to mention his own considerable deductive abilities. And basically that entire episode was about how, when it comes to sex and romance, Sherlock is inexperienced and out of his element, which is why Irene was almost able to beat him. So we know he’s never had sex before this episode, at least.
  • Sherlock has definitely never had sex with a WOMAN. That was made clear by the fact that he and Janine did not have sex in HLV. It was incredibly risky for Sherlock to avoid having sex with Janine for as long as he did; the plan would have been much better served if he had just had sex with her, even just once. He was already lying and manipulating her anyway, so why wouldn’t he have had sex with her, especially since she was established as a very sexual person in TSoT? They were already pretty physically intimate, what with the shower thing and the cuddling on the armchair and kissing. Sherlock was actively avoiding having sex with her. Why?
  • I think that also proves he never had sex with Irene, either. Sherlock just has no sexual interest in women, at all. And it would be odd if he HAD had sex with her and the show just never mentioned it, after an entire episode of what a relatively clueless virgin Sherlock is.
  • Sherlock didn’t even figure out his own sexuality until John’s wedding. If you haven’t read loudest-subtext-in-television’s meta about all the subtext in that episode, I suggest you do. (here’s a more specific entry). The whole episode was Sherlock discovering his feelings for John, and one of the reasons he hadn’t figured it out before this is because he’s been repressing his own desires and sexuality for YEARS, both in order to better serve The Work and also because the dude is a fragile teacup who had been unable to handle having emotions.
  • And the sexuality he figured out? It was alluded to all episode — GAY GAY GAY. There’s so much fucking gay sex imagery in this episode it’s absolutely insane. Seriously, go read LSiT’s meta. IT’LL CHANGE UR LIFE
  • So, since Sherlock is gay, we found out in ASiB that he was a virgin, and there was no point in between ASiB and HLV where it would make any sort of sense that he’d had sex with a dude…
  • Ergo…
  • Big gay baby virgin, as some people say.
  • I mean, feel free to disagree if you like, but to me, Sherlock NOT being a virgin makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s possible I’m wrong, but… it’s not likely.