seriously a pigeon

Is this an inside joke or...?

When Marinette’s flipping through her sketchbook in the pigeon episode, there’s a split second of her drawings.  This page in particular caught my attention.  

Marinette (aka, the animators) drew a caricature of herself when she’s surprised/awkward/interacting with Adrien.  And what looks to be a flying creature almost straight above that.  Is that supposed to be Tikki or is she hiding a tiny dragon somewhere?

Also, what the hell is going on in the lower right hand corner…???


Someone come get me, I need to be stopped

Part 2:

i don’t do yoga, but i do like to look at yoga poses on the internet and think “that doesn’t look that hard” and then almost hurt myself

squid-sama  asked:

For the 3 sentence fic thing, hance and late night cuddles? (Or a different ship if you hance isn't your cup of tea) p.s. your blog is lovely, I'm so glad I followed you <3

Hunk was contentedly dozing on his back while Lance drew random patterns with his fingertip on Hunk’s stomach, Hunk’s arm holding Lance close so his head was pillowed on his chest.

“Hey, Hunk,” Lance whispered. 

“Mm,” Hunk answered, still mostly asleep.

“Do you think the lions dream?” Lance asked, shifting to look up at Hunk.

“I dunno, Lance, go ta sleep,” Hunk said around a yawn, turning slightly more towards Lance so he could hold him closer.

“Yeah, okay,” Lance said around his own yawn, snuggling into Hunk’s arm.

~5 minutes later~

“Okay, now it’s bugging me, do the lions dream? Do they even sleep?” Hunk asked, shaking Lance awake.

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When someone asks me to pick ONE Joker Game character...

Me:  ლ (゚Д゚ ლ)

Me:  ‘`( ꒪Д꒪),、 !!

Me:  Σ(゚Д゚; 彡 ;゚д゚)

Me: ヽ( ´Д`)ノ (д`ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´△) ヽ(´△`)ノ

Me:  ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Me: ヾ(థ ェ థ)ノ

Me:  (oT-T)尸

🇮🇹 Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

Length of Reading: 5 Mins

Turban Tolerance: 4.5/5

Milan, Italy. The so-called fashion capital of the world and financial city of Italy, a location that is supposedly full of sartorial gentlemen and model material women. A great place for clothes shopping, as you will find a vast number of shopping malls and an enormous array of designer clothes stores all conveniently collated in one location. It’s not extremely touristy, therefore there wasn’t a huge amount to do there; however, we got to experience the local’s lifestyle more than somewhere like Rome.

This place was definitely a mixed bag. Not everyone was friendly or helpful (as stressed before - not a touristy place). Prepare for feelings of annoyance when you are being a lost tourist. Luckily this is not the case for everyone: I found that the younger generations were a lot more agreeable than the elders, got quite a few looks on the metro from the pensioners, they were having a real good look but what can I say, beard game is way too strong.

The City
Very similar buzz to London, you can really feel the energy of locals on their commutes to work as they push and shove through the hordes of people. The city really comes alive after 8 pm, as the majority of bars and restaurants aren’t even open before then. The buildings in the city center were archaic in form but not function, many of these ancient looking buildings had modern commercial hubs inside. The touristy vibes around the Duomo were apparent with swarms of cameras, selfie sticks, and generic poses.

Oh Damn! Where do I start? Just epic from start to finish. I can’t say that I experienced one bad meal (possibly due to some solid research) but you will not be disappointed if you went where I did anyway. Let’s start with Pizza because Pizza is LIFE, hit up ‘Spontini’ there is two near to the Duomo for some fresh hot delicious pizza, it’s a fast food joint so expect to stand. A restaurant to definitely check out is ‘Piz’, such a cool and simple place with a selection of 3 pizzas, crazy busy with a crowd waiting outside (always a positive sign). Via Maghera, Via Maghera, Via Maghera, remember this place as it’s the Gelato center in Milan, I went to Gelateria Margherita which was mind-blowing good, trust me it’s amazing and I would go into detail but I can’t punish myself like that.

Unfortunately, IntSukh did not get any good city views, so we decided to travel to Como which was insanely picturesque. Lake Como is just an hour train ride from Milan and 100% worth the trip. A welcome escape from the city buzz of Milan to a mountainous town that has a massive lake made for the viewsy photos. You can take a tram to the top of the hill and while you can’t get a really clear view it’s definitely worth the cheap trip up, and who doesn’t love a tram?

Turban Tolerance
Would have given it a lot higher but oh my goodness some old lady, I’m going to call her Maria, gave me some soul-destroying daggers. Maria literally turned around as I walked past her to continue staring at me. Scariest moment of my life ever, was about to get battered by an old Italian woman. The old granny deducted 0.5 points from Milan, Maria if you’re reading this I hope you know it’s your fault, ya bish.

Most Enjoyed Attractions:

  • Duomo di Milano - As you come out of the underground station, the Cathedral just puts you in awe. Just such a dominant presence in the square. Watch out for the seriously confident pigeons, they weren’t having any of it.
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - There’s a reason Milan is known to be the Fashion Capital and this just stresses exactly why. All the major Italian brands and few luxury boutique stores. It’s more of the building that makes the experience a million times better. There is a selection of restaurants which I have heard to be very good!
  • Como - This is the place for views, but I have to add that if I could I have spent more time around Como, without a doubt I would have. I can’t believe that something this beautiful is only an hour away from a major city. I would recommend walking around some of the Lake (It’s massive!!) and stroll through the cute cobbled streets in the town.
  • The Food - Come on Sukh, stop hyping up the food. This is absolutely an attraction, I ate so much! It’s abnormal that there’s so much selection for Vegetarians amongst the national dishes, so I was definitely taking advantage of it. The resulting food coma was sooooo worth it.



  1. Turban Tolerance – Remember, Past performance does not guarantee future results
  2. Daggers - Seriously dirty looks
  3. Bish - Tamed way of saying Bitch. Yeah Maria you’re a bitch!

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Hawky vs Mr Pigeon



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hatoful Boyfriend: first try

this is… this is…

well. this is a pigeon harem….

with actual real picture of pigeon on a pinky background. I…

I mean, I knew, it, but it’s still weird. especially because.

How the fuck am I even supposed to know if I’m attracted to Kazuaki, seriously ? it’s a pigeon ! I’m not attracted to pigeons ! 

plus everything is super pink. except the pigeon which is lined. And how am I supposed to know that I’m flirting the right way with the pigeon ? it doesn’t have any facial expression. it’s a PIGEON roundjudju.

no, let’s be honest. the music actually compensate very well for the lack of those thing with a music pretty indicative of the behavior of the pigeon. plus there is a super option to see their human soul or something .

that what allow me to know this guy is a douche

that and the fact he speak to every other character like if they are shit.

So yeah. that weird. plus I have the feeling once you get over the pigeon part, it doesn’t have that much interest ? I don’t know… I need to see more of it before judging.