seriously ... 1996


Okay, so I was going through a bunch of old stuff at my parent’s house today, and my mom had passed me this duotang of all my super old Sailor Moon sketches from when I was 11-12. I found THESE GEMS inside, and yes, it’s a Sailor Moon/Space Jam crossover.

The things I thought needed to exist at that age… Hades in farmer overalls, Tuxedo Mask with a basketball jersey adorned with a bowtie… I honestly want to have a conversation with 11 year old me, sometimes.

circa 1996-1997 seriously. Please don’t judge. Or judge harshly, whatever you want.

(I’m also laughing in horror at the “SS” all over their outfits, which of course means Sailor Scouts, but you know… still...) 

edit: I kind of want to redraw these..