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Imagine your OTP

It’s almost 3am and they’re walking home from a bar, Person B is extremely drunk.

Person A: Seriously, we should call a cab or something. Can you even walk in a straight line?

Person B: That is SO homophobic. It’s 2017! Not all lines are straight.

Person A (exasperatedly): Oh, God.

Person B: No, babe, I’m still just me.

Man wtf?! There are actual people hating on characters because of their colour or sexual orientation? What in the fucking hells? Guys, this is gross. Racism isn’t right. Homophobia isn’t right. Can you dislike a character? Yes, you totally can! But do it based on their actual character development and not on their colour skin and ther sexual orientation! Wake up to life, being white and straight won’t make you better than anyone, idiot.

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I’ve already been seeing negativity about the new Rocko’s Modern Life movie Static Cling, and PEOPLE

The show always mocked “modern life”; this just happens to be modern life in the 2010s while the show was from, you know, the early-to-mid-90s. The 2010s references don’t feel shoehorned in or put in to make the show “hip” (looking at you, PPG 2016); they’re supposed to show how much society has changed since the ‘90s, for better or for worse. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be great. And it feels just like the original show, which is all that matters in the end.

Really, the trailer drops and I already see some people being all “No Fun Zone” about it already.

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So are you gonna tell us about this new man in your life sis???

hahah! well he’s a lot like me: crazy smart and loves what he studies and sometimes kind of awkward & quiet and really into health/fitness and spends lots of his time in his own mind rather than paying attention to what’s going on around him. also he’s the first person i’ve ever met that loves dogs more than i do ^_^

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"... and together we're unstoppable" yesterday i actually listened to clary's intro and laughed. like they are some kind of group that fights together lol

It is sooooo laaaaaaameee

It doesn’t even tell the story right. “Simon, my oldest friend, a vampire.” Like, has he always been a vamp, then? Not clear.

“Magnus, a warlock from Brooklyn.” Nonny, the Disrespect™. A warlock?? And he is not even from Brooklyn. 

Who the fuck wrote this? Fire them.