My dear people,

If someone tells you to do something because it makes you uncomfortable, you should probably ask them to give you a better reason for doing it.

I’ve seen this kind of thing all over this site, actually.

Reblog! Spread the word! And if it makes you uncomfortable to do it, that’s good! You should be uncomfortable! If you aren’t you’re a parasitic problem on the face of the planet!

Sound familiar? 

Here is a good reason to do something:

It is right.

Here is another good reason:

It is going to improve your life or others’ lives in some way.

Here is another:

It is going to enrich your mind.

These are just a few of the good reasons for doing things. And sometimes being uncomfortable comes along with those reasons, and that’s okay. But giving “it will make you uncomfortable and that’s good” as the sole reason for doing something is actually despicable and horrifying.

Look, shaming someone into reblogging a post of yours is wrong. There is no way about it. I don’t care how worthy a cause is. If it makes someone uncomfortable, then you have no right to force them to join in it. That completely discounts any individual freedoms that the person has.

A person should be able to choose what he wants to align himself with. If you tell someone that he’s a horrible human being because he’s not reblogging your post or liking your opinions, well I have two words for you:

Grow up.

But, anyway. Guys. Don’t do it just because it makes you uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable isn’t wrong. It can even lead to growth. But that shouldn’t be why you do things. Do it because it’s right. Do it because it’s good and wholesome and lovely and magnificent.

And don’t ever let anyone shame you into doing something you don’t believe in.

Mhmm, sure it is Harry. I totally fucking believe you. Not. Look at his fucking smirk, like we weren’t going to pick up on that one, and don’t even get me started on Louis.

Okay, you twisted my arm. Look at how he listens to what Harry says, leaning closer and turning his head towards him. And. the. fucking. grin. I mean excuse me, do they think we’re stupid, or do they actively try to be as transparent as fucking possible?

anonymous asked:

Okay, but like i need RockStar!Jensen reader insert fics. Do you know of any off the top of your head, since he is your weakness? Thanks in advance!

The BEST Rockstar Jensen fic EVER is @blacktithe7 Silk and Rough Velvet Series.

Why are you still looking at this ask? Go read it!!! It’s a whole damn series of rockstar Jensen.

It’s SUCH a rollercoaster, but so Fucking worth it!