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If you’re sending hate to the ACTORS and CREW of a show, just because you dislike a ship, the problem isn’t the show, the problem is you not knowing the difference between wrong or right. You are more than welcome to dislike a ship, but the minute you start sending hate to the actors for doing their job, you’ve crossed the freaking line.

anonymous asked:

honestly we already explained so often WHY we're upset, it feels like the people who still think it's because we didn't get malec porn WANT to think that it's because of that, arguing with them seems pointless and i'm tired

Oh God, I know, Anon, I know. Especially since if we all wanted to watch porn, we would have simply done this by now (and save our poor nerves, lbr) instead of explaining and pointing out over and over why we are actually upset.

We Were Voyagers!

We watched Moana today, and it was phenomenal. The music, the animation, the story, the craft, it was all there and it was all amazing. It really resonated with me, so much so that after Charlie’s gone to bed, we’re watching it again.

The part that struck home with me wasn’t what I was expecting.

The scene in the cave, where she realizes that they have been Voyagers before, and she wants to be again, hit me harder than I could’ve imagined.

I didn’t know why that hit me so hard.

But then I realized that I’m the fourth generation of my family to leave the homestead behind. My parents moved away, as theirs did, as theirs did.

We go where we need to go. We go where adventure is.

We voyage.