Late Night Baking

MariChat May 27th: Baking


Marinette smeared frosting across Chat’s nose after a particularly bad pun about rising to the occasion.

Chat’s eyes crossed as he tried to look at the frosting on his nose. He heard Marinette giggle as he tried to look at it. Chat sneezed and the giggling stopped.

Marinette stood before him, now splattered with frosting, and gaped at him.

Chat stared at her a moment before he completely lost it. Marinette joined him a moment later.

Chat paused in his laughing and looked around the kitchen. “Marinette, how long before your parent’s get up?”

Marinette blinked her laughing tears away and glanced at the clock. “Uh oh.” She muttered going pale.

Chat looked scared. “Uh oh? What do you mean uh oh?!”

Marinette looked sheepish. “We have about half an hour.” They both took a look around the absolutely wrecked kitchen.

Chat shook his head. “We’re screwed.”

Marinette nodded.

To all those stupid fuckers out there

Okay so I need to say something myself. I don’t actually read Tokyo Ghoul :Re anymore because I didn’t have much time and I put it on my wait list. BUT… I am aware of the newest Spoiler AND I AM ALSO AWARE OF THE STUPID SHIT SOME OF YOU ARE SAYING.

Please don’t ever tell someone to kill themselves. People said that to me, too, when I was younger and it was the worst feeling to have when people tell you you would be better off dead.

I can understand if some of you may be disappointed because your OTP didn’t get canon, but guys… Tokyo Ghoul wasn’t a boyslove Manga to begin with. And Touka is not abusive to Ken. That’s bullshit and you know it. And just because they’ve had sex doesn’t mean the chapter or Sui Ishida himself is homophobic. That doesn’t even make sense. So is every romance Anime homophobic to you?

I am a Yaoi fan myself and in the beginning I shipped Kaneki with Tsukiyama until I got interested in TouKen myself. But that’s not the point.
The point is… you can ship whatever you want and you can make everyone and everything gay in your fanarts, fanfictions, doujinshis, etc. BUT FOR GOD’S FUCKING SAKE… DON’T SAY SUCH HARSH WORDS TO SUI ISHIDA!

What would you say if you would release a work you put all your efforts and all your love into and then people tell you that’s complete shit and you should kill yourself? How would you feel? It’s just not fair.
Sui Ishida is always trying his best and puts all his effort in the series. If you are really that desperately in need for HideKane… then just stop reading the manga and switch to doujinshis and fanfictions.

Sorry (not sorry) but if you are one of these guys that send hate to Ishida just because of that sex scene than you are not a true fan of the series and don’t deserve to read that masterpiece. So fuck off and leave him be!
And let’s don’t forget: It’s just a manga. It’s a work of fiction. That reaction of your’s is ridiculous and childish.