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WAIT WAHIT OMG DO YOU IMAGINE?? Marcel gets off the machine with a thousand tattoos and long hair )yes i know but shh= and a sheer blouse that is just indecent and Louis all but dies, loving regular marcel but being so hot for this version okay you need to do this! haha

ahhaha okay like seriously look at this: 

and this:

like someone must have made a marcel/harry steve/stefan post before!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, I am very glad you sent this ask!! I am seriously dying thinking about the fic possibilities!!!! obviously in the marcel/harry version louis would be in love with Marcel just as he was, like you said!!! And I would just be SO DELIGHTED to read a fic, crack or not, about them using it as a way to spice up their sex life, like essentially as a gigantically over the top role playing device.  Marcel and Louis get bored, so Marcel hops in their “tranformation machine” and TADAAAA here comes Harry!!! 

Oh my god imagine Niall’s confusion when he thinks Louis has been acting weird lately and then sees him meeting up downtown for lunch with this guy:

and it becomes like a classic sitcom situation where Niall is convinced Louis is cheating on Marcel and is DEVASTATED.  and then eventually it all comes to a head and Marcel is like “ohhhhh, no. Oh, Niall. No. That – that was me…”  and Niall’s mind is BLOWN.  And Louis is like BRIGHT RED IN THE FACE he’s so embarrassed ahahaha. 

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What's Masq like personality wise I'm so curious and in love

Serious and all-business when he’s hitman-ing; very hard to phase and deadpan af outside of combat. Like, he can say the most outrageous stuff with a straight face and serious tone it’s gr8.

Guys, I'm going to be missing this week because I'm going to spend a few days in the hospital, it's nothing so serious (hahahahaha), I love you and I come back soon (2 to 3 days maximum).


things I wanna see in neko atsume

•notifications when a certain cat is in your garden
•bigger expansion to the rest of house (bedroom? kitchen? garden?)
•notifications when a certain toy is being played with
•Halloween theme (they have lil costumes, thrifty bits looks like candy, spooky little tune, it would be so fuckin cute)
•birthday?? theme??? u put in ur birthday, they bring u a card on ur birthday
•plants they can play with/roll on (catnip plant? yes)
•laser toy on a string
•laptop toy (they sleep on it)
•kittens :(((
•i need tiny lil kittens that can come to ur garden
•water or milk dish I worry about their hydration
•a radio with 2 or 3 cute lil tunes along with the main theme u just tap it to go thru them (u can play the winter tune at any time nice)
•ability to send fish or cute pictures of ur cats to other people
•ability to receive fish or cute pictures of cats from other people
•ability to save just the tiny picture of an individual cat to ur phone
•more control on size of camera screen
•a rare cat with sunglasses
•in any context
•i just want to see a cat with sunglasses

My first ever OC was called Rogue, and she looked exactly like me but better and was badass and wore leather jackets and I wrote her into (really bad) yugioh fic when I was like 11 and I had the best time ever posting my shitty stories on ff.n

And no one ever sent me hate or flames, I got lovely reviews asking for more and telling me that they liked my story and honestly, I wouldn’t have got so involved in fic without the support of all these random strangers on the internet.

OCs and self inserts are fun. Alternate universes are fun. Writing a fic where you save the day and your favourite character loves you is fun. I still have an OC who obnoxiously reflects myself and maybe I know more now to develop them into a good character, but it’s FUN.

Please don’t ever be nasty to people who are having fun and hurting no one. There’s nothing wrong with posting stories online, no matter your skill level or execution.

“W-what the heck was that!?”

Go’s respect and admiration to Spark (which was already high to begin with) went about like 9000% more.


we were like gods at the dawning of the world