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Sneaking Out

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Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Word count: 378

A/N: in honor of me hitting 500 followers! sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been super busy. Here’s a little thing I wrote a while ago (but wasn’t planning on publishing until now), hope you enjoy!

“You know, he’s gonna catch you eventually,” a voice interrupted your escape.  You halted in your tracks and whirled around to face Evie.

“Oh god, you scared me,” you breathed a sigh of relief.

“(Y/N),” Evie started, and you saw her step forward in the darkness, “how much longer are you gonna keep this up?”

“As long as I can.”  You shrugged. “How long have you known?”

“I saw you sneak out last week.  I figured it was just a one-time thing, but then I saw you do it again two nights ago,” she explained.  “Last night, I decided to follow you and see where you went.  I watched you go into an alleyway with some guy.”

In the dark, Evie could barely see your eyes widen.

“You saw?” you asked, trying but failing to keep your voice calm.

She nodded.  “I know you’re meeting up with some guy.”

“You know who it is?”

Evie paused for a moment. “No,” she admitted.  “But I know why you’re doing it in secret.”

You groaned, “Evie, I can’t tell Jay about him.”

She shook her head dismally. “You shouldn’t keep this a secret from him.  He’s your brother, (Y/N).  He’ll find out eventually.”

“Exactly,” you nodded, slowly inching towards the window, “he’s my brother. That’s why he can’t find out.”

“Just because Jay is a little overprotective-”

“A little?” you laughed, and Evie frowned.  "Evie, do you not remember what happened with my last boyfriend?“

"Okay, so he scared one off,” she admitted, “but that was one time.  And I’m sure whoever you’re seeing doesn’t scare easily.”

You couldn’t help but allow the smile that was creeping on your face just thinking about your fearless boyfriend.

“Just, consider it, please?” she begged.  "You and Jay are so close.  I’d hate for a secret like this to cause a falling out.“

"Sure Evie,” you waved her off, attempting to quietly open the window.

“I’m serious, (Y/N).”

“I know,” you replied, one leg out the window.  "I am too.“

"At least tell me one thing,” she found a compromise.


“Tell me who it is.”

You grinned as you fitted the rest of your body through the window. “Harry Hook,” you said, and slammed the window shut, leaving an astounded Evie behind.

lmao this pic is so dramatic like.. the lightin.. her lookin out the window so serious… also why she wearin sunglasses inside a plane and also… how me


Peter dragged himself up the final step and used the last bit of energy he had to slam his fist as hard as he could against her bedroom window. She lazily looked out the window, actually rolling her eyes as she slowly set her book down and raised the window. 

God MJ are you serious?

Eventually the window opened and she managed to pull him in. “You are so lucky my dad’s away on a business trip. You’d be dead if not.” She pointed to the window seat. “Stay. And don’t get blood on my carpet.” She ran out of the room, popping her head back in a second later and glaring at him. “You’re going to have to take that off. Keep on the mask if you want. But the suit needs to go.”

Peter froze. Earlier that day, MJ had scribbled her phone number in large, purple marker across his forearm so he could call her and they’d meet up for a project. Shit.

Michelle wanted to punch herself in the face. It wasn’t that she didn’t care, she did, she just had a very strange way of showing it. 

Holding the first aid kit her mother had always kept in the bathroom beneath the sink, she walked into her room and froze. 

Spider Man was ripped. It was expected, she supposed, but hot damn. That was hot. Not that she’d ever say it aloud. She wouldn’t. Obviously.

She moved as he noticed her presence. Taking a gauze, she pressed it to his side and he gasped. A familiar noise that she’d surely heard before. If she could just pin a name-

She shook the thoughts out of her head. Now was not the time. She passed him a thicker gauze. “Here, press that on the gash.” She nodded towards his stomach, and he pressed it down.

That was when she noticed the purple marker. Familiar script formed a number sequence on his forearm. A familiar script and familiar numbers. Her handwriting. Her marker. Her phone number. 

She dropped the first aid kit and his head jerked towards her. His name formed on her lips. She cleared her throat. “Peter.” Her voice came out raspy and strained.

He said nothing.

She stared at him. Fingers moving on their own accord, towards his mask. He didn’t try and stop her. His skin was soft as she tugged up the edges of his mask, slowly. His lips parted as she pulled his mask up, over his big, brown eyes. 

She said his name again. His lips curled up into a half-dopey, half-painful grin. 

He laughed, his voice was strained, the pain behind it evident. “Hey.”

She slapped him in the face. 

So I saw this today

I didn’t reblog it from the person who originally posted it, because I didn’t want them to think I wanted to drag them into some drama. ‘Cause I’m don’t.

But MAN, when are antis going to realize when Reylos are messing around? Can they not comprehend an obvious joke when they see one? Literally NO ONE thinks that’s really going to happen. It’s an obvious smut trope and fanfiction fodder! They hardly even swear in SW movies, let alone make those kinds of innuendo. I mean, come on!

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I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help saying something. I mean, apparently I’m “transparent as a window”, anyway. LOL


Disclaimer: Use any of the things listed here at your own risk. If done improperly, they might break your Windows installation, so be sure to know what you’re doing and ideally back up your files beforehand. Everything mentioned here I put together on a ‘works on my machine’-basis, so it might not work for everyone or even break things for you - again, use at your own risk.

This is Richard. 

Richard knows that proprietary software like Windows does not respect your freedoms, so he uses obscure GNU/Linux distros instead. And if you ask him about fixing Windows 10, he’ll tell you to stop using it.

But that’s why we’re here: You don’t want to use Linux full time, yet you also aren’t quite comfortable with the multitude of ways Microsoft spies on you in Windows 10 and the general flood of things you don’t want or need.

But fear not! I’ll show you the way.

1: De-NSAing the System Settings

If you haven’t installed Windows 10 yet, you can save yourself a lot of effort from the very beginning. When it asks you whether you want to do an express install, choose no - if you read what it says about the express install, you’ll know why.

In the menu that follows, simply uncheck every option unless you explicitly need one or more of them. Those are some of the main spyware-esque features of Windows 10, so by disabling them then and there you already prevented the worst.

You already express-installed Windows? No problem. You can turn off everything in the settings. 

First of all, click Start->Settings

Select Privacy and then General.

Disable everything there.

Now, opt out of personalized ads (they are personalized by collecting your user data). Click “Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info” like it can be seen at the bottom here, this will take you to Microsoft’s webpage.

Turn off personalized ads.

So far, so good. Now head back into the privacy settings and the other categories to disable (almost) everything, most importantly Location. Also check Background Apps and disable everything you don’t need.

2: Stop Windows from messing with your internet connection

If you didn’t know it yet, Windows 10 does two things by default: Share your wifi passwords with your contacts (including facebook), called WiFi Sense, and steal your bandwidth by uploading windows updates for others in a peer2peer way. You most likely don’t want this, so this is how you disable it:

First, we disable WiFi-Sense.

Go into the settings again, click Network&Internet, then Wi-Fi. There, choose Manage Wi-Fi Settings

There, turn off all options again.

You did it!

Now we’ll take care of the Update bandwidth theft. Again, go into Setting, click Update & Security -> Windows Update.

Click Advanced Options, which is at the bottom. There, click Choose how updates are delivered”

There, switch Updates from more than one place to Off.

3: Turn off Cortana (mostly)

Why? Because Cortana wants all your data and send it to Microsoft. This isn’t even an exaggeration, to ‘improve its service’, Cortana monitors virtually everything you do and use it for. A real privacy nightmare and the NSA’s wet dream..

Click the search bar next to your start button, click the settings symbol and turn off Cortana. If you never agreed to the Cortana terms of service or unchecked everything during the installation the way I recommended, Cortana will already be disabled. Note that if you disable it, it obviously won’t be able to perform the voice commands anymore and the search bar will be limited to your computer and simple web searches.

However, this isn’t the end of it. If you go into the task manager, you’ll see the Cortana process still running and if you kill it, it’ll come right back. 

You just successfully stopped Windows 10 from getting to know you more closely than you’d like and snooping on you. But this isn’t everything.

If you want to completely remove the things you don’t want, that’s still very easy, although more in-depth.

To learn how to remove Cortana, Xbox, OneDrive and other unwanted services Windows 10 likes to rub into your face, click HERE for part 2 of my Windows 10 guide.



Everytime when someone of higher rank showed on Lothal, always used office of Kallus. I like how Inquisitor and Vader moments are similar. They don’t take Kallus’s place at desk or use his personal computer in contrast to Tarkin who basicly claimed office as his own. And seriously, it’s me, or did Kallus behave the most freely around Vader? I mean, in that scene with Inquisitor he felt responsible for the whole mess of running cadets/rebel attack/Ezra stealing important info from his personal computer. With Tarkin he waited for permission to approach the governor. But with Vader? Kallus has news for him, so he simply walked into his own office, like the silent Sith looking by window is natural event in this room xD

am i the only one that over thinks window placement? i can spend hours stressing out about how many windows there should be and if every room needs windows and if im putting too many windows and if it looks good from the outside and if the windows are too tall and if they are too high up or if they’re too low or if they match the other windows or if i should mismatch them and its just too much for me i cant

Day 3:

So, there was something I considered; where else have you seen 2D with a window?

…well, besides that

as some of you may have noticed, in feel good inc 2D is often shown to be by the window and the music video as a whole is pretty symbolic. in general, our stu looks pretty trapped. it’s actually probably a coincidence but it occurred to me since if it actually does mean something then maybe it’s symbolism for him being trapped still? probably x2 now considering how he’s looked in 90% of the phase 4 art and the fact he’s… licking… the window

but hey it’s all speculation; it’s nothing big since he’s practically been “trapped” since he was hit with murdoc’s car that fateful day

I.. I love you. (Part 1)

Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Reader strips around America, feeling lost, like she doesn’t know what to do anymore, and when she meets the Hamilsquad, she feels whole again. Like she matters and is supposed to be there.
TW: Sexual harassment, swearing, drug use.

Part two will come out soon, and what will happen?


Who smokes weed at fifteen? Me. I do. I’m sitting next to my boyfriend, Samuel Seabury, in his car. It’s autumn in South Carolina, a beautiful time, really. I inhale, knowing full well what I’m doing.

“Are you always high? Why can’t I see you when you aren’t high.” He complains. “Sam, I have to be high to be with you.” I rest my hand on my head, looking out the window.

“I’m serious. You’ll have lung cancer by 26. This isn’t safe, and I’m worried.” He told me. “Oh, so now you’re worried?! You weren’t worried when I overdosed in the hospital. You were with Sally.” I yell, losing it.

Weed always put me on edge, I didn’t think I just did.

“I thought you were going to die! I- I was weak, she was there.” He says, yelling. “Oh, so that’s you’re excuse? You slept with her because you thought I was going to die. That’s perfectly fine. Yeah, you slept with her instead of comforting me! How do you think I felt? Feeling all alone and thinking that I was going to die? Yeah!” I yell.

I didn’t cry, I don’t cry when I’m high either. “Y/N, you’re high. Be quiet.” He said, quieting down. “No! You can’t just play me off, thinking that I’m still here! Not after you cheat on me.” I yell.

“Please, it was one time!” I cries. “Okay so now you’re going to cry! I cried so many times in that room. Alone. This is pointless, you don’t understand how it feels to be cheated on.” I yell, knowing what I have to do.

“Please don’t go.” He says, right as I step out of the car. We were in the park, autumn in such a pretty time. “Oh and, I knew it wasn’t once. I see her car in the back of my mind. Working late? I saw her car across the street. I’m not stupid. I’m high. There’s a difference!” I slam the car door, walking out.

My thin floral cardigan blows along with the wind. I look at myself in a pond, realizing that if I don’t stop this I’ll die. I also notice my outfit.

A black shirt with the shoulders cut out, light blue shorts, a golden necklace, and my boots. My small little boots, with no heel. My hair is a mess, my mascara messed up.

I call my closet friend. “Eliza?” My voice wavers. “Are you ready?” She asks, remembering the pact.

“Yes.” I confirm.

~~Three Years Later~~

I’d gotten off weed, and become a slightly efficient person. But I still felt lost, alone, afraid. “Don’t forget to feed Raven.” Elizabeth smiled at me.

We shared an apartment in North Dakota, and Raven was my mini hedgehog. I’d forgotten I’d told Eliza I wanted one when I was like thirteen. Next thing I know my eighteenth birthday is here and a lil hedgehog is in Eliza’s hands.

Her name is misleading, however. She isn’t mean or anything, she’s the nicest animal I’ve ever met. And my best friend. Next to Eliza.

“Okay, Y/N. We’re eighteen, remember what we’re going to do? To get more money? So we aren’t failing human beings?” She comes into my room. I’m sitting on my bed, my messy hair in a bun.

“No, I don’t recall.” I say, not looking up from reading and Raven in my lap. “Stripping has lots of income.” She reminds me.

“You aren’t the type to strip, Elizabeth. You’re a sweet cinnamon roll to pure for this world. Even if it gives a lot of money in return.” I stroke Raven, turning the page of my book.

“Well too bad. We’re going up to Alaska where people are friendly.” She says. “Whatever. And when you see it isn’t for you, we can go back home.” I roll my eyes. “I can still keep my lil Raven, right?” I look up at her for the first time.

I take notice of her beautiful light blue day dress, her hair in a clean bun, with a matching light blue head back with a loppy bow on the side.

“Yep!” She says, and I’m aussimg she’s packing her bags. I lazily get up to grab my bag out of my closet. I look out my window, seeing the bright city and the honking cars. I smile, realizing that I will see this again some day.

Eliza quickly falls out of love with things. This is our fifth apartment. I remember she once dated this guy, Thomas was his name I think. That lasted five months and then she was over him.

He, however, was head over heels in love with her. I think he’s dating a guy now. It’s chill.


I’m nineteen now, and Eliza has finally convinced me to strip with her. She talked with her boss, saying it’s okay. Fairbanks was a small town in Alaska, and mainly people were quite nice. Eliza had told me about there being a group of men always saying, “If he lays his hands on you or does something you don’t like you come over here and we’ll take care of him.”

She thought they were a gang, and they are. I think their name was something like.. Scotties? I don’t know.

We were in the car and I was getting slight anxiety. What happens if I fall or they don’t like me? She reassured me that I’d be fine.

I didn’t know what would happen until I felt the eyes and the lights on me. Eliza normally dressed in light closed, dancing to something soft. She was the lighter side of our friendship. I, however, wore darker clothes.

I stepped into the club.

I always thought stripping was kinda magical, ya know?

But here, men with their friends. The lights, they were Stellar. Eliza hurried me to the dressing room, and I felt suffocated again. All these pretty women, how will I compete?

“You don’t focus on them, they’re your sisters.” She rushed me to my clothes. A dark red bikini with black platforms. The tallest I’ve ever seen. “Okay, change into that.” She said.

I looked around for a dressing room. “What are you waiting for?” She seemed a little impatient. “Uh, a room?” I said as if it was required. That’s when I realized the naked women walking around like it was the most comfortable state ever, and it kinda is but not in front of strangers!

“These people here aren’t strangers, they’re sisters. It’s okay to change in front of your sisters. I should know I have two.” She says, stating it like the most normal thing ever. I changed so fast even I didn’t see myself do it. “Record time!” She says.

There was a row of vanities, beautiful black ones with lights outlining the mirror. Everyone had one with their name on it. I read: Sally, Angie, Veronica, Heather, Y/N, Tiffany, and Elizabeth.

I sat down at my spot, stepping over some beer cans and cigarette butts. This was them saying “we do want we want and you can’t stop us”.

I loved them for it. Confidence and Pride oozed from them, making them seeming invincible. “Hello, I’m Tiffany!” A bright girl said to me, happiness flooded me.

Metaphorically, I drowned in her waterfall of happiness. “H-Hi, I’m Y-Y/N.” I stuttered, taken aback from her nature. “Oh, don’t be nervous!” Her smile got bigger.

“I’ll do your makeup, obviously you want dark, since your outfit!” She smiled, picking up a black and gray eyeshadow and going to work.

She realized her mistake, setting down the eyeshadow palette. Instead, she picked up foundation. How did they have my skin tone? Probably Elizabeth, always being prepared.


I was up next, and Elizabeth was after me. I gave them the song I wanted and they politely agreed. It was Private Show by Brittney Spears. It spoke Strip Club. But that’s what the song was about.

I heard Heathers music ending, and watched her collect all of her money and walking off. “Good luck biotch.” She told me, smiling. I think she meant it. I strutted onto stage.

That’s when it hit me. It hit me so hard and so fast that I just stood there and stared for a few seconds. I was meant to be here. I don’t feel lost anymore, these are my sisters and this is my audience. I gripped that pole and danced.

In the end, I collected $1,000 from the dancing and my pay. No wonder Eliza has so much money for clothes and other things. I saw four boys in particular, seemingly cool.

I didn’t pay too much attention to them because I do like this a bit. “You did so good!” Tiff congratulated me, along with all the other girls. They started playing ‘Grigio Girls’ by Lady Gaga over the speakers back here.

We all started singing along, dancing like crazy idiots. That’s when Burt, the cool ass boss, came in and pulled me aside.

“Yes?” I politely asked. “There are four men requesting a private show.” His thick gray mustache moved, his lips moving around his cigarette. “Okay, so what do I do?” I ask.

“Well, you do what they ask and if it gets to.. scary you walk out, tell those men that you don’t like them, and they’ll be gone.” He simply says, smiling. Everyone seemed to smile.

I walked out, leaving my sisters behind.

Before I opened the door, I gave the gang a smile.