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JJ was isolated and it’s not ok.

I feel sad for JJ. He has a lot of support from his girlfriend, family, friends, and fans. But the people he probably wants the most to recognize him ignore him and hate his guts. They don’t even explain why. 

JJ seems willing to change and adapt according to the crowd. Example in EP10, when they all left him and his girlfriend, he said “It [his engagement and planned wedding] was a joke!”. But then in EP11, we were shown that he was dead serious about winning the gold medal and marrying after all. How desperate was he to be part of them that he denied his own engagement?

It must’ve doubly hurt too since Yuuri ignored him as well. He hugged him in EP9, remember? Perhaps that’s the only friendly interaction he ever had with his peers in the competition. Seeing Yuuri probably boost his confidence to join them at the table. 

JJ must be thinking: “Wait, all the other skaters are here! Was a pre-competition party announced? Why am I not invited? I wonder if we can join them. Hey, it’s that guy who hugged me last time! He’ll probably be ok if me and Isabella crashed their little party. Oh, he’s engaged too? Wait, he wants to win gold to get married as well?! Heh, we may have a lot in common… but I won’t let him have all the attention for that. They have to know I’’ll be marrying the most amazing and beautiful person in the world too after becoming a champion. Here it goes!”

Then he dropped in into their conversation, got promptly ignored, then left to hang out and dry. All of them. Even the one he thought would be a tentative friend. He and his girlfriend must’ve been so humiliated at that time.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Isabella hates all the other contestants’ guts with how they treat JJ especially since three of them are adults. Their behavior is not okay.

America: Maybe I’ll wake up and it will all have been a dream… and 2016 will never have happened…it will still be 2015…

*Opens eyes*

Radio: And the Cubs are going to the world series!!!!

America:*slowly closes eyes again* 

Haters before Taemin’s win : SHINee used to be popular, not anymore.. Do they even have fans? SHINee who? They are not even in top5 kpop groups.. Really.. I haven’t seen a SHAWOL ever.. I’m so sorry but which company are they from?

Haters after Taemin’s win : This is so unfair.. SHINee is a popular group with a huge fanbase.. They are from SM and in top5 kpop groups.. of course he won because of SHINee’s popularity.. 

Picture this:

Phil Coulson and Melinda May, top of their classes in the Academy, youngest recruits of their time. Known as some of SHIELD’s best and brightest. Experts in strategy, analysis, and hand-to-hand-combat. Specialist and field agent, living legends. The greatest two-man team in the field.

Needing to employ all their training and skills….

Against each other….

In a tiny apartment….

Knocking over lamps and running into the coffee table….

Wrestling relentlessly on the carpet….

To get a hold of the last Oreo.

Hetalia Characters Playing Cards Against Humanity
  • Italy: Always laughing, plays cards that don't necessarily makes sense but then always picks the weirdest, nastiest, most sexual ones when he's czar.
  • Germany: Everyone expect him to be nasty but he's actually just a little embarrassed the whole time. He gets suspiciously awkward when someone plays the "German Dungeon Porn" card.
  • Japan: Calm, collected, actually pretty serious about wanting to win the game. When someone doesn't know what something is he's always the one to just casually explain it while other people are like 'OH GOD DON'T GO ON GOOGLE IMAGES'
  • America: Such a teenage boy about it. Constantly making comments about how fucked up things are. Also he's always laughing, sometimes so hard it gets difficult for him to actually keep playing.
  • England: Ready to fight if he thinks his card was better but it didn't get picked, especially if France was the czar.
  • France: Actually not as much of a fan of the game as you might think. A lot of the cards remind him of something that happened one time. The other players usually do not let him tell his story.
  • China: Constantly surprised by how inappropriate the cards are. He ends up holding all of those ones in his hand and tries to play the clean ones first. When he eventually has nothing but offensive cards left he'll play one, but insist that he's just throwing a card away. Usually that's the first time he wins a round.
  • Russia: The cards he plays range from the kinds of fucked up that make everyone in the game worry, to cards that are actually... cute. But when he's czar he undoubtedly picks ones that he finds "funny", which are almost always the gory or violent ones.
  • Canada: Never admits which card was his. If he wins, and his card was messed up, it usually takes everyone else saying that wasn't theirs and America finally remembering he exists for them to figure out who played the winning card. His turn for czar often accidentally gets skipped
  • Prussia: Plays to win, strategizes about how to adjust his card choices based on who the czar is, but also has a really good time and is always laughing his ass off at the card choices. He takes forever to pick when he's the czar.
  • Austria: Has really bad luck, plays his best card that he's been saving and then doesn't win, always manages to pick the card that the person with way more points than anyone else played when he's czar, pouts about it.
  • Spain: Is the one that people have to explain cards to. He totally doesn't care about winning and just wants to have a good time.
  • Romano: Gets flustered about the sexual cards, especially when Spain asks what they are, because he always asks him first. If he played a good card and it didn't get picked he'll complain about it loudly.
Training For Battle

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: Darth Maul

Reader Gender: Female

Request: “Hi ^^ Can you do a Darth Maul oneshot ? One where he’s fighting reader with light sabers. It’s very serious and he wins and gets reader on the ground before kissing her. And actually they are together and he’s training her in self defense. Thanks <3″

Summary: While battling Darth Maul, you realize you still have a lot left to learn. 

Warnings: Fighting, but other than that, none! 

Word Count: 637

Author’s Note: I wish we got to see more of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace, he only had like three spoken lines believe it or not! 

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okay but i just read an article on the Chicago Cubs billy goat curse

as a Dresden Files fan I have to ask

how did Jim Butcher write an entire short story on the billy goat curse

and never once mention that the goat’s name was


Olicity Prompt: 8 Weeks

Okay @captainolicitysbedroom here’s your prompt: I of course devaited but I hope you’ll like it anyways. 

Prompt: Oliver very serious, trying to win Felicity’s heart before get’s married to someone else. (Important: Oliver has to stay serious and in this whole one shot.) a bit like Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones. 

Read it here or on AO3

8 Weeks

The rain hitting the stained glass should have been a clear sign. Today was supposed to a beautiful fall day, when the crisp fall air tangled perfectly with the heat of the fading sun. He was supposed to the right guy. His fairytale good looks had drawn in her in but, it was supposed to be his personality that made her stay. Felicity stared into a pair of lifeless blue eyes. “Why did he have to be the one,” she muttered to those dead eyes. “Why can’t I just forget about the last eight weeks,” she complained while the church bells rang around her. 

“Why are you still in love with him?” she silently mused as the door knob slowly turned behind her….

8 weeks ago….

The office was bustling as usual. Everyone had a place to be or a place they needed to be before the clock struck nine. He stepped off the elevator with a dull, yet predictable thud greeting his secretary as he passed. “Morning Janet, is she here yet?” 

Janet with her fire red hair, and freckled nose smiled at him gently. “She’s waiting in your office sir.” 

He nodded curtly, “is he with her?” he asked almost out of habit while glancing down to silence the constantly buzzing phone. 

The younger woman softly sighed, “No she’s flipped the script and come on her own today.” 

Oliver glanced up starring coldly at his slightly smirking assistant. “What’s so amusing Janet?” he asked again with ice running along the curve of every word. 

Unfazed by his cold nature she let her smile brighten as she retorted back, “Take the stick out of your ass and maybe try smiling when you greet her.” 

Oliver cleared his throat, “I don’t have that sort of ease when conversing with her anymore…” 

Janet held her hand out then demanded, “Well let’s work on it so….” 

Oliver followed the line of her eyes immediately groaned in retort, “Not a chance in hell…” 

Janet persistent as the day was long began to beckon for his buzzing device with her fingers. “Phone now,” she ordered. 

He glared, “No…” 

She just chuckled and said again, “Now or I’ll book another lunch date with the ice queen for tomorrow. The choice my friend is all yours.” 

He paused. Janet was an old family friend and by old he meant she was one of the few people who knew him beyond his reputation. “Oliver…” she lightly scolded. “Humor me,” as the device once again buzzed. 

He frowned. “I should fire you for this.” 

She nodded easily, “Yes you should but we both know you won’t,” she replied simply while Oliver plopped the phone into her waiting hands. “Thank you,” she answered as he shuffled angrily to the woman beyond the partial closed doors.

Janet watched him move with those rigid, uptight shoulders. “Are you completely insane? He’s never going to change. Not even for her,” the voice on the other end of the line complained. 

Janet smirked when she saw the slight tremor in his hand as he reached for the door. “Yeah he will,” she answered just as she saw those rigid shoulders disappear behind the frosted office glass. 

“How are you so sure?” the voice replied with a small amount of annoyance. 

“Because Thea,” she verbally swatted back as the receiver erupted into small giggles. 

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