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David Tennant and Graham Norton - down through the years


I’m going to show you all a serious Bionicle throwback.  This is The Bionicle Adventure Game: Quest for Makuta. See I got this back in 2001 on my 10th Birthday (I’m 24 now), and I might have played it 10 times before I moved to the middle of nowhere and had nobody to play with. All the pieces are there and ready to play.

deadbaconpool I think you might appreciate this

let’s get sh*t done // for those times when you need to get off your ass and get shit done


dear maria, count me in / all time low; this disorder / the features; kill your heroes / awolnation; bad blood / bastille; five minutes to midnight / boys like girls; hangs em high / hit the lights; misery business / paramore; tonight (young hearts) / the colourist; fallen / imagine dragons; dead on arrival / fall out boy; follow my feet / the unlikely candidates; the wire / haim; the beach / all time low; heels over head / boys like girls; a little less sixteen candles, a little more “touch me” / fall out boy; drop the girl / hit the lights; oh goodbye / the colourist; hello, brooklyn / all time low; ain’t it fun / paramore; soul wars / awolnation; radioactive / imagine dragons; dance, dance / fall out boy

Watch T.Swift's BTS Video With Karlie Kloss From Bad Blood
Taylor Swift really knows how to give fans what they want, and this time it's more Bad Blood. T...

Taylor Swift Posts Behind-the-Scenes Video Featuring Karlie Kloss From “Bad Blood"—Watch Now!

by Francesca Bacardi

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Jul 29, 2015 at 12:23pm PDT

Taylor Swift  really knows how to give fans what they want, and this time it’s more "Bad Blood.”

T.Swift’s epic music video, which features every A-list member of her insane squad, has been nominated for Video of the Year at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards and she’s calling on her Swifties to vote by showing them all of the hard work that went into her action-packed video.

This time, her behind-the-scenes featurette takes a look at Karlie Kloss’ character, Knockout. Swift tweeted the close look along with the line from it, writing, “We just came up with my name: Knockout. @karliekloss.”

“We’re these badass spies,” Kloss explains in an interview. “We’re training together. She’s got to be tough, and we’re not messing around.”

The video includes footage of the supermodel and Calvin Harris’ girlfriend battling it out in the ring, surrounded by tons of female extras—all set to the hit song, of course! Swift has been sharing several behind-the-scenes looks at her video, previously uploading a video to Instagram of the character Dilemma, played by Serayah McNeill, getting trained for her sequence.

When T.Swift first found out about her nomination, however, she gave fans an inside look at her own training that she had to endure while filming.

“Throwback to my first day of fight training for the Bad Blood music video,” she wrote in the caption. “Thank you so much for the 9 nominations. You can vote for Video of the Year NOW!!!”

Naturally, Swift kicked some serious ass in her throwback clip, taking down not one, but three men—all with a couple of kicks, jabs and hooks.

“Bad Blood” has some fierce competition, as it’s going against Beyoncé’s “7/11,” Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” for Video of the Year.

The VMAs airs live from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, on Sunday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m.

Congratulations to Swift on her nine nods!

when I first saw this, I had a serious 2009 throwback. This is Nian. I don’t care if they’re not together, because that is none of my business. Nina and Ian have a fun dynamic and work so well together, the only reason why we haven’t been seeing this recently, I think, is because of how the media responds to anything the two of them do together.

I don’t want to come across as a bitter fan, and I’m completely against shipping real life people. Its their life, not ours, so who cares if we think they should be with certain people.

However, the latest picture of Nina and Ian got me thinking about something. A lot of people have called Ian out on being bitter about his break up with Nina but they broke up in March 2013 and he got with Nikki around November 2014. And do you know what happened between that period? This.

(gif not mine)

And I know that Ian was never fully on board with Delena, I remember on a red carpet in earlier seasons he was all like “Damon does all this shit but the fans keep defending him”, but even then he said this

(gif not mine)

After they broke up everyone was fine with  them still being close, until it came out that he was with Nikki. Why? Because it meant Nian had no chance of getting back together. So I do believe his recent behaviour is to do with Nikki. And maybe it is because Nikki is telling him to keep away from Nina, but realistically I do think its because of all the hate that they both got for being together. It has gotten to a point where if Ian even mentions Nina people will lose their shit, saying he still loves her. 

So I don’t think Ian and Nina have a bad relationship, I think that when you work with someone for over 6 years, and are probably the closest cast members, that doesn’t just disappear. So I do think they are still really close, and I do think he’ll miss her a lot. I just think its gotten to a point where they cant even be open about their friendship because of the negative backlash it will have.


in this comic, the bots try to find out the mystery behind steves bandana only to be severely disappointed

this is like kakashi and his mask all over again. who even remembers that? serious throwback to 2006, amiright?

(i started drawing the lineart for this about a week ago so thats why rabbits previous design is present. i cant wait to start drawing the new one tho u_u!!)