serious then funny

Fishing for interest.

Does anyone think there’s a market for an irl Mystic Messenger?

Paying actual writers, with creative writing degrees, to chat with you in character?

No need for reciprocation, just jump on a chat app and role play a onexone one shot for an hour or a whole day. As yourself as your OC.

I can put together the software and the writers for it. But I’m not sure if anyone would pay for it.

I want to give an occupation to writers in a world where the arts don’t have a lot of job opportunity.

Also here’s a lame pun just for you to enjoy. I don’t know who drew it, but they are my hero.


*hysterical laughing in the distance*

Meet boy. His name’s Lian. He and Dorian do each other’s makeup and nail polish sometimes (°◡°♡).:。