serious screenshotting


This isn’t every G-squad mlehp from the new eps, but it’s certainly all the ones I have in my screenshots!

Bonus: Two Half Mlehps!


holy feces dudes the channel hit 13 million! so proud of our jackaboy for constantly working his ass off to maintain his schedule, especially the past couple of days prepping for LA. he deserves all this and more! i love and adore this community with all my heart and i couldnt ask for better people to spend my internet life with <3 

heres to 13 million and many more to come! 

- CJ


❄ Chimney by @ellesanimalhaven | 5A00-0032-3944 🍁

I’ve been excited to visit this town ever since I saw it’s first WIP pics and let me say, I was not disappointed. The lightly falling snow and warm fall colors make this town breathtaking, and has quickly become one of my all-time favorite towns!

A lot of people, under various contexts, are going “okay… so, where is White during all of this?”

And I’m just sitting over here like..

[Two screenshots from Serious Steven: one of the obelisk in the center of the pyramid, and another of Steven, sitting in a strawberry bush, holding up the large, pale, diamond-shaped gem that they retrieved in that episode]

…I have a few ideas.

…. are you implying that a set of Grim Reapers is not only flamingly homosexual, but flamingly homosexual with each other?

… yeah that’s exactly what you’re saying.  D:

……….. why is the Grim Reaper being kept in charge of schoolchildren.  Why did GR graduate from Fort Starch.

I am sorry guys..I really am..but I just HAD to do this..

*kicks down wall* I heard there is a movie about us in the making?!

The possibilities of the outcome of this scene..will he get saved? Will Garmadon actually walk over him? Will the scene shift before we know? (no really..don’t take this serious)

The movie..whip?..nah..I got nothing.  Love the view!

Goodbye good old stick..also Garmadon..beaten up by your own weapon..shame..

I am done.