serious questions guys

Things I've actually said

Like in a real life conversation

“Disrespect me like that again and I’ll punt your son”

“Did they really just sexualize a razor??”

“Stay #hydrated” (yes I said hashtag)

“I know you hate me with a passion but you should tolerate me because I brought you eclairs”


“Okay okay serious question guys… When you brush your teeth which row and which side do you start on?”

“Looking at pictures of the eclipse can make you blind I read it in a NASA article so fight me”

“Ok ok but hear me out. Bears don’t do shit but shit so don’t tell me I can’t prosper just because I sleep all day. Bitch”

“What did I say about talking while I’m interrupting?”

“I’ll call you later I’m bathrooming.”

“You literally just snatched my shoulder”

“Keep talking and imma beat your ass. Nothing special. No pistol whipping, no slapping you so hard you’ll see a galaxy far far away uh uh. None of that. Imma simply beat ya ass.”

“I got thick thighs and I tell no lies”

“Actually I just lied, I got thick thighs and I still lie.”

“I won’t know what to name my first child though. I have to think about all that in advance because if not I’m gonna look around the room and pick an object. My baby’s name is gonna turn out something like Pissbowl or Papertowel because I can’t with all that pressure.”

“That cat popped out the bush and stared at me like he was the baddest bitch. He was. And he knew it.”

“I don’t fuck with arachnids.”

“Why you gotta throw that ass in a circle? Don’t discriminate the shapes. WHY DON’T YOU THROW THAT ASS IN A SQUARE HUH??”

“Do mosquitoes have thanksgiving in August because I feel like a goddamn feast rn”

*looks in mirror* “Stfu no nobody asked you so fight me bitch” *stares at mirror in shock*

“If men ain’t shit and girls ain’t loyal where the hell do I go?”

“Really? Right in front of my salad??” (You’re damn right I use memes in my everyday conversations)

“Gasp part 2”

{that’s all I think. I’m pretty dumb but that makes for a good story so feel free to use these for prompts. Just tag me in it cuz I feel the need. The need for read. Ok I’m sorry I got like 3 hours of sleep okay.}

  • Jonas: The human body is 70% water. So we are basically just cucumbers with anxiety.
  • Isak: Excuse me, with the amount of salt and alcohol that I consume, I'm more like an anxiety pickle.
serious question for you guys:

would you be interested if i did youtube live streams of me journaling + nice studying music in the background? i’d like to get into doing youtube videos and i think this could be a good start.


Like, seriously?!


you are what you wear, pt. 2

alternatively titled: “I Spy: Crisis Indicator Edition”

anonymous asked:

Ok egos, serious question what would you guys do if Amy loses her memory?

Amy doesn’t remember the accident, and she doesn’t remember much else either. Some things are easy, her name and birthday, her family and where she’s from, but other things, like the fact that she’s dating a guy who likes to call himself Markiplier and his dozen or so clones that seem to think they know her. Amy wishes she could remember them, but those memories seem to be locked away somewhere just out of her reach.

Mark pretends it doesn’t bother him as much as it does. He visits her from time to time, but never too much, he doesn’t want to impose. Sometimes the “Egos” come with him, one or two at a time. The Wilford Warfstache one is always vibrant and cheerful, but after a few visits, he stops coming.

Bim Trimmer comes everyday around two, during his lunch break to drop off another vase of daffodils and chat for a while. Amy understands why she liked him before. He’s a sweet person and very understanding of her predicament, but still, she can’t ignore the disappointment in his eyes every time he thinks she isn’t looking.

Dr. Iplier is constantly giving her check-ups, asking her about her life and what she can remember. He seems to think that there is a chance her memory will return, but after weeks and weeks of trying and trying, he stops coming, too.

Oliver, the one who really likes yellow, usually comes with Bim bearing small gifts and treats. He cries a lot more than the others do.

And she hears about, but never sees, the man they call the Host. Apparently he doesn’t leave his library anymore, and he refuses to come see her, which Amy feels rather guilty about. If only she knew who he was…

anonymous asked:

Serious question guys. Why do u think Dinah reacted the way she did during the WFH BTS, when Camila said there's so many hot guys today

I’ve been trying to rationalize that too when I first saw that because I don’t wanna be delusional.. But I’ve only come up with two reasons.

1. (Straight angle) Maybe she thought Camila was usually shy and reserved when it comes to boy talk so she was surprised when she heard her speak so openly about them. “There’s so many hot boys today!” Probably was a sentence she wouldn’t expect from a shy girl.

2. (Gay angle) She knew Camila was either gay af OR gay for Lauren at that time, so she looked at her like bish whatchu talkin bout? Which was then affirmed by Lauren because of her sus reaction lmao. Her face screamed sarcasm.

So yeah, idk.

I have a serious question for you guys...

What do you do when you want to keep something in a fic a secret, but that thing is something that should be listed in the warnings?

If I have to list it, I will, but I’m wondering if I could get away with a general warning so there is at least a small element of surprise. Again, though, it’s not a huge deal if I can’t do that.

Sorry in advanced for the tags, but I really need answers.

DRAMAtical Murder  stickers!!

okay um serious question though guys, i’m wondering about interest in these, because if i have enough people wanting them, then i’ll get them printed properly, as opposed to doing it myself (if there’s enough interest to even sell them at all sob).

if you’re seriously interested in buying a sheet of these stickers (the price’ll probably be ~$6) please let me know via a note in the reblogs, or an email to – i won’t consider it a preorder that i’ll lock you into, it’s just definite interest (not ‘i would if i had the money’ which is nice, but isn’t a sale, sorry;;) that gives me a reason to actually make them

thank you! <3