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EXO Reaction To Seeing An Old Picture Of Their GF When She Was Big With Spots/Acne

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Exo reaction to seeing a picture of their girlfriend who used to be really big with spots and acne? Thank you :)

I can kind of relate with this one. In middle school I had a bob and I got acne before all the other kids in my grade and I had braces. Thankfully things change! And just reminder, there is beauty in every person and every face even if you can’t see it in your own.

Xiumin: *hardly blinks even if he’s a bit shocked at the difference because he’s been judged for his weight once too* Oh Jagiya, it me a sec to see that it’s you but you were so cute back then! *cutesy boyfriend Minsoek*

Luhan: *almost can’t believe that it’s you with the difference* wow, I would have never guessed that you used to look that like…

You: Yeah, and can you stop looking at that please?

Luhan: No, you were pretty and cute. Do you have other ones? I want to see pictures from every stage in your life. *stubborn Lulu comes out*

Kris: *trying to understand given the difference* is this girl sure this is her? 

Oh look, her cheek mole! It is Y/N! oh… You do look a lot different today. I can definitely see where you got your beauty from.

You: *slightly confused* where?

Kris: *takes opportunity to be cheesy ‘cause he’s a dork at heart* Here. *he says pointing to your heart*

Suho: *not fazed at all* Oh look! You were so cute! I love this picture of you! You were so pretty <3 *cheesy leader mode on high*

Lay: *knowing you were a little self-conscious* Oh Jagi, you were beautiful then just like you’re beautiful now. I love you. *cute and loving unicorn and understanding boyfriend*

Baekhyun: *looking at the photo without talking for a while, strange given how he doesn’t usually shut up. Thinking about how’s he proud that you did the hard work to make yourself look better but also feeling like the old you is beautiful too and how he wishes you weren’t self-conscious*

You: Byun…

Baekhyun: Oh sorry, I was just enjoying looking at you when you were younger.

You: Didn’t look like you were enjoying it.

Baekhyun: No I was, knowing that you feel self-conscious, this must have been hard for you to show me. Thank you for showing this to me. I love you and I want you to know you’re beautiful from the inside.

You: Cheeseball.

Baekhyun: *going back into smiley puppy mode as he starts to tickle you* shut up! 

Chen: *this troll suddenly becomes serious* Oh my jagi must’ve worked so hard to change what she looks like. I hope she knows that I don’t love her for her looks but how do I explain that…?

Chanyeol: *must make you see that you are beautiful and were beautiful - overreacting giant* No, you have to know that beauty doesn’t come from looks but heart and being a good person and being loving and those are the things that I love about you! I do not love you for your looks! I don’t care. You were beautiful back then and you are beautiful now.

You: Chanyeol, I know that.

Chanyeol *confused yeollie*: wha?

You: I’m confident in what I look like and I am happy with all my imperfections. I may not like what I used to look like but that’s part of who I am. I was that person and then I worked hard to look like what I do today. You don’t have to make it your life mission to make me see my beauty. I already do.

Chanyeol: oh ok…*suddenly awkward but just hugs you* I love you. *he says with his head on yours*

You: I know, you giant dork.

DO: oh look at that picture of my beautiful Jagi as a cute girl! You were so cute back then! I want to squish your cheeks! *reaches toward you after smiling at you*

You: You’re the one called squishy, not me! *you say backing away*

Kyungsoo: Come back here and at least let me hug you! *he calls chasing you through the house*

Tao: Oh my baby must’ve worked so hard to look the way she does today! Oh I’m so proud but she doesn’t have to look perfect for me to love her…I have to call her and tell her I love her right away.

Chen: Maybe you should stop crying first….

Tao: My baby! *continues crying because he gets emotional*

Kai: you were so adorable! You’re smile’s the same today! you know I love that smile, oh sweetheart, this is a great picture! <3

Sehun: how do I tell her that looks don’t matter and that I love her without it sounding sarcastic and bratty? Shit. Let’s go with telepathically; I love you Jagi no matter what you look like! 


♤ precious
♤ little
♤ bean
♤ protect this kid
♤ literal puppy
♤ like us but obsessed with chicken
♤ not music
♤ damn it i want chicken
♤ looks hot when photoshopped into a chicken
♤ looks hot all the time

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♤ we all know he’s one of exo’s dancers
♤ d a n c e l i n e ! ! ! ! 
♤ those sexy glares
♤ like bro that sexy smile
♤ like he’s so serious
♤ then the puppy smile
♤ or sexy smile
♤ whichever you prefer lol
♤ jongin smirking kills more people than i don’t know
♤ jongin breathing woahhhh

Originally posted by perfectioninthreeletters

♤ like how
♤ how do you even
♤ his voice
♤ his face
♤ his smirks
♤ his bulge winks
♤ his OMG STOP
♤ how do y’all jongin stans even manage
♤ living your lives and knowing that jongin 

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♤ but also so fucking cute
♤ and soft
♤ and cute
♤ and fluffy
♤ like could you not
♤ i’m torn between sexy and cute like stop it this is illegal
♤ but i wouldn’t want u arrested bc i wouldn’t have bulges cute face to stare at
♤ i mean i have my bias but he doesn’t provide too much dick
♤ i meant bulge no
♤ i meant smirking yeah of course smirking

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♤ aww what a soft bean
♤ also silly
♤ so fucking silly
♤ how the hell are you so silly
♤ what a silly child
♤ like have you seen him
♤ next level insane silly boy
♤ surprised he isn’t in all the memes spamming my dash uguggugugug
♤ also only one immune to ksoo’s harassment nuclear winter besides yixing
♤ like w hy are you like this ????????

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♤ looks hot
♤ is hot
♤ let me emphasize
♤ probably temperature wise too
♤ hot enough to cook that egg
♤ that is ksoo
♤ nice reference to my last post thanks man
♤ but srsly

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♤ voice is sexy
♤ everything is sexy
♤ but voice in particular is sexy
♤ so fucking sexy dude so sexy !!
♤ always sexy sexy everyday sexy
♤ how he smirks
♤ how he stares at u through your screen

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♤ so soft with exo members
♤ kaisoo might i mention
♤ idc if you think it’s whatever i think it’s cute
♤ you can’t deny kaisoo is cute
♤ idc if you’re like “it aint real” like um idc but it’s cute
♤ why not 
♤ cute cute cute
♤ i love him
♤ you love him

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♤ he’s so awkward i love him
♤ also laughing at random moments
♤ gulps
♤ also scared of fireworks
♤ prone to getting scared by fireworks
♤ why does the choreographer like put him where fireworks will be
♤ dude how why even
♤ BOOM shocked jongin

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♤ so random
♤ what a little kid
♤ how is he even like what
♤ from silly to sexy in 3.14 seconds
♤ like how do you even WOAH WOWZIE
♤ also from sexy to bAM CUTIE PIE
♤ how is he so cute and sexy and silly like um
♤ is that illegal
♤ is that possible
♤ no it makes all the jongin stans thirstier someone save them 

Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.