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I saw a post a few days ago about how big a deal it is that Dave (who breaks swords) was able to cut through Dirk’s sword (the unbreakable katana), and I got to wondering on why that was the case. I think I’ve come up with an answer.

A warning: I went full literary analysis with this, and it’s pretty long. Prepare yourself.

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guyssssss, are we not gonna talk about dat guy?

dat purple face with green hair

MuraMido, is that you???

can anybody explain this to me what the heck is going on and why is kaijou team so bloody calm. i am confused

so i got this anon but deleted it bc i wasn’t planning on answering bc I don’t wanna spread or support this negativity
im not gonna shut up lol ??
like no thanks anon, nice try tho lmao


What if Wrench actually is Defalt ? :’)
- Both wear Hoodies.
- Both are Emoji-Bastards.
- Both seem to be swearing trolls. (right, dipshits ?)
- Both are Dedsec-Obssessed.
- Both seem to be excellent Hackers & High-Tech-Freak0s.
- Both wear similar Clothes.
- Both wear Masks and speak through synthesizers. (Yeeah.. we’ve heared Defalts actual Voice.. maybe ? But not Wrenches so far :p)
- Wrenches Shirt says “I am Dedsec” while, when you encountered Defalt at the Ambrose Theater, it said “I am Defalt”.. oh and nevermind he’s carrying his name/brand whatever, around his hoodie also.

Defalt survived it all, Defalt moved to San Francisco after losing to both, Aiden & T-Boner, Defalt is not being a DJ any longer, Defalt made his new Alter-Ego aka WRENCH, Dedsec has no need to deny him anymore. HELLo WoRLD!

… -cough- well, at least this bullshit would make a great AU, wouldn’t it ? ~(8:> tw0plustw0isf1ve, b1tches <3!

(All complaints go to @piratekingvaas for forcing me to post this damn idea~ -throws hearts and glitter-)