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Wedding ~

Ayy had wanted to do this project for long tiem ;( 

And ye i finally did it <3

Ocs Belongs to Me and Bell

also a sketchy AF ver for the anon who somehow predict the future lmao


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juvia of the great sea.

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I saw a post a few days ago about how big a deal it is that Dave (who breaks swords) was able to cut through Dirk’s sword (the unbreakable katana), and I got to wondering on why that was the case. I think I’ve come up with an answer.

A warning: I went full literary analysis with this, and it’s pretty long. Prepare yourself.

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What if Wrench actually is Defalt ? :’)
- Both wear Hoodies.
- Both are Emoji-Bastards.
- Both seem to be swearing trolls. (right, dipshits ?)
- Both are Dedsec-Obssessed.
- Both seem to be excellent Hackers & High-Tech-Freak0s.
- Both wear similar Clothes.
- Both wear Masks and speak through synthesizers. (Yeeah.. we’ve heared Defalts actual Voice.. maybe ? But not Wrenches so far :p)
- Wrenches Shirt says “I am Dedsec” while, when you encountered Defalt at the Ambrose Theater, it said “I am Defalt”.. oh and nevermind he’s carrying his name/brand whatever, around his hoodie also.

Defalt survived it all, Defalt moved to San Francisco after losing to both, Aiden & T-Boner, Defalt is not being a DJ any longer, Defalt made his new Alter-Ego aka WRENCH, Dedsec has no need to deny him anymore. HELLo WoRLD!

… -cough- well, at least this bullshit would make a great AU, wouldn’t it ? ~(8:> tw0plustw0isf1ve, b1tches <3!

(All complaints go to @piratekingvaas for forcing me to post this damn idea~ -throws hearts and glitter-)

  • SHUT UP JACKIE : fun reminder that "baby daddy" is one of the only accurate shows about parenting that i have ever seen on television.

Mr. Wrong Number

“A call from the wrong number is always annoying, but this one turns ends up sparking a love story crazy enough to be worthy of romance novel. Very short, written on mobile. NARUSASU mention of INOSAKUHINA (polyamorous) ONE SHOT Rated T for language”

I coudlmt fucking post it to tumblr so now it’s on my fucking fanfiction my readers dont deserve to look at my late night ramblings I only post serious stuff there wtf oh well

Fuck you tumblr

@shslsupremeliar​ | ouma

Kaito’s dream was obvious, as he flaunted it to nearly everyone he met. A dream as alluring as the vastness of space itself—make no mistake, he would go to space. It had to be soon. He couldn’t stand to wait any longer.

Then there were people like Ouma, people whom he couldn’t tell what they aspired to do or become… well, he was the Super High School Level Supreme Leader, but what the hell was that? That didn’t seem like a dream, or an aspiration. It just sounded like a joke to Kaito.

Straight-up, he’d ask. Hey, Ouma. What’s the deal with this whole Supreme Leader thing, really..? I mean, you say that crap, but… for real. That can’t actually be a thing…