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I want a dancer AU…

Like Hanzo used to be a dancer when he was younger but as he grew older his father started to disapprove and thought that it was time for him to “grow up” and start taking things a bit more seriously as he would inherit his father’s company in the future.

Genji, who had watched his brother dance as he was growing up, somewhat aspired to be like him but knew that his father wouldn’t approve of him either although his role in the future wasn’t quite as serious. So he moved to America the moment he became legal, completely cutting ties with his family, to pursue his dream away from his father’s watchful eye.

It’s not until their father dies and Hanzo overworks himself and ends up in the hospital that Genji tries to come in contact with his brother again (after that dreadful message from one of his contacts in Japan).

He practically begs his brother to come and visit him, and Hanzo does. He’s on a forced vacation anyway.

Hanzo stays at Genji’s place and they carefully get to know each other again, no longer the young boys they used to be. It’s not until Hanzo shows up at Genji’s dance studio to pick him up that he meets Jesse McCree, Genji’s best friend and a fellow dancer that seems to have made it his purpose in life to get Hanzo to dance again. And….




A Punny Story

I had this girlfriend once where things were getting pretty serious. We wanted to move in together, so we went looking for an apartment. The second one our real estate agent took us to was perfect, we both loved it, so we made the decision to move in. Our neighbour was a really nice guy named Joseph. His wife had left him a few years prior, leaving him alone to take care of his eight-year old son. I always felt kinda bad for the guy. He had this weird accent that was really hard to place.

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power at the o2, day 2! 

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people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy

cowboy boots

Dex makes a decision. Oh, boy it’s a bad one. And, it’s just the beginning. 1/?  Nurseydex Fake dating AU (some homophobic language ahead but not much)

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if ur looking for a movie to watch i HIGHLY recommend Deidra & Laney Rob a Train, a new Netflix original.

  • It stars Ashleigh Murray (Josie on Riverdale!) as Deidra, a valedictorian trying to take care of her family when the entire world basically sets her up for failure.
  • It was written and directed by women (also the director, Sydney Freeland, is a Navajo woman (and only 36!))
  • Deidra and her sister Laney are both super complex and rich characters (plus they have 3 good female role models!)
  • It also addresses really important themes re: race and the legal system/ incarceration and stuff.

tl;dr: watch Deidra & Laney Rob a Train on Netflix (and rate it 5 stars tbh)

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.

I just really like flowers, tattos and these two

Deathshipping  requested by bruhkomaeda

I was in a fluff mood, don’t ask. 

Ayy, It was hard for me to choose between Deathshipping and Tendershipping but apparently, the former took the spot. There’s a need for more Deathshipping fanart, you know?  (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

This ship has an eerie but exotic charm (if done in a certain way) that really intrigues me or maybe it’s just my dysfunctional taste in shipping, oh well.

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One & Yusuke Murata, One-Punch Man, “Boros’s True Strength”

This is the most beautiful sequence in the manga so far, and it’s hard to appreciate them as spreads in the book. So here are the images in full.


and you wonder why he’s not social