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As @pomrania requested, an Inquisitor baking contest with Vader as the judge.  (Hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t resist throwing in some Kylo too, as it’s been too long since I made fun of him.)

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Who's your little avatar? A daemon OC?

Hi and thanks for the question!

She is Lazy Fuzz or simply Fuzz and yes, sort of a daemon OC, tho she has a very long story of being my OC\avatar in more general terms. But this part is not really important now, since for this time she belong to the grim, dark future.

As an important note: neither she or my other WH OCs were ever intended to be like, serious thing. All for lulz and giggles.

Speaking shortly: she can be legitimately called a daemon and affiliated with Tzeentch, bad sorcerer, professionally inefficient Lord of Change, annoying comedy relief and kindhearted mess of a foolish full-of-hope idiot.

And more elaborate version with some more picture (mine and not) can be found under the cut.

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I want to do something for DTMG fandom, but unfortunatelly I’m not a cool artist or something so…yeah, you got my so-called Mallory cosplay. I do not pretend on anything and it’s really hard to recognise the character, I know. Sorry, bromigos .__. 

Enjoy ^^“ 

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Wait are tomato subs an actually legit thing that happened? At first I thought it was just people rewriting the subs on Arc V cause tomato, but then I saw its in 5ds too so now I'm just confused.

No problem, haha.  So, basically, it all originated from ZeXal episode 30, which involved a guy who was all about tomatoes.  From what I hear, the actual episode was so ridiculous that, once the subs came out (or once they’d been around for a while), they were put on other episodes “for the lulz,” generally serious episodes, and eventually they were put on the other series; some people have even put them on other non-YGO series

Really, it’s just amazing how well they fit their new context sometimes, haha.

(Should you need it…)


So my uncle went to medical school at the University of Michigan in the 60s and he told me this story about cadaver lab that I’m pretty much in love with. Keep in mind, he told me this story next to my incredibly conservative parents, his sister (who started the pro-life movement in Michigan) and his wife. Just let that roll around on your palate while you read this so you can imagine how hilarious this was for me. Back in the day, cadaver lab was pretty laissez-faire. Basically, as long as you did your required labs before the end of the semester, you could slice up your cadaver whenever you wanted to. So my Uncle’s roomie in the frat house partied a little too much and was a little behind on his labs, so he’d often bring the cadaver back to their room to work on, or he’d leave it in his Grand Am. It sounds a little weird to tote a dead body around with you, but it apparently wasn’t too abnormal in those days. U of M was a crazy place back in the day, and it still kinda is. So my uncle’s roomie has to go visit his girlfriend at Central Michigan, and decided that maybe leaving the dead body in the car was not such a good idea. So he asks my uncle (with whom he shares a bunk bed) if he can just leave the cadaver in the bottom bunk if he covers it up. And my uncle, understanding the med student life lets him. Fast forward a few days to a party the frat house is having, and my uncle is trying to hook up with some little sorostitute biddy. And he takes her back up to his room and is like “Oh, dude, my roomie is really sick, but he’s conked out on pain meds, so he won’t bother us. I hope this doesn’t bother you.” And she’s a little reluctant, but my uncle is a pretty man, so he seduces her into bed a little bit. They’re up in his bed fooling around, and he can’t convince her to have sex with him, because she keeps saying “I don’t feel good doing this with your roomie here.” I’m not a man, but I understand that you guys don’t have a sexual “pause” button, and I see that menfolk tend to get really upset when sexytimes are haulted. So, clearly understanding that she’s not going to bone him, they jump off the bunk bed and turn the light back on. And to get her back, he says “Oh hey, sweetie–could you check on my roomie? I just want to make sure he’s okay.” She pulls back this sheet and a horrible, horrible scream that was heard several houses over escaped her mouth. And my uncle, who I just adore, had the balls to put his hands on his cheek, feign surprise, and go, “Oh, I guess he was sicker than he said!” Fucking love my family. Love love love.

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Hyde bumped into Kara’s Nicole and tried to say “It’s okay” in Korean but ended up saying “I love you” in Korean and didn’t realize his mistake until later. Was his assault on the English language not enough that he had to go and terrorize Korean too?