serious love for these two!

can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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loves chat

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where you guys are getting this from??????


Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t


HONESTLY, is there ever going to be a point when this scene doesn’t melt my insides and make me want to scream from the rooftops in pure joy??!!! Will I ever be able to look at these expressions filled with love and devotion and act normally? How did we get so lucky 🙃😭🙃😭

Things I Want Out Of Season 3

• Marco and River bonding
We’ve got two guys that were left behind in the thick of the fire. Two guys that are (or were) outsiders to the royal line. Two very salty guys, with a serious love for fighting in some form, and yes even corn. It’s time to see them get along… like men. (I mean no offense to the Trans-Marco fans, the phrase is purely for memeing purposes)

• Some more of Rhombulus in particular.
I basically cried when he got excited during Face The Music when he cried out “That’s my Girl!” during the song. Him and Star’s adorable friendship gives me life, I think he is the excellent Crystal Uncle she needed. He was already a gift, but this scene made him more so to me.

Firstly, I love Dennis, what a beautiful brother he is. What a helpful soul.

Jackie’s slowly losing her boyfriend, Janna’s already lost her (girl)friend. P L E A S E

Lots of my lizard baby.

• Buff Dad
Where is he???

• Buff Babies growing up

• Tom

• Monster Arm
Don’t tell me he’s not going to come in handy.

• Heinous
It’s time to get Maniacal Auntie on our side.

• Ludo’s Character Development
He just needs a dad.

• The colorful cast of additional characters we know and love.
Friendship is magic.

• Mewni
I have a feeling we’re gonna see a lot more of Mewni. I want to see the Mewmans. I want to see them with their faith newly lost in the Butterfly dynasty and in Star. I think it’s gonna be a HUGE thing that Star will have to overcome. To earn the people’s trust and prove herself a worthy and responsible queen to be.

• Starco
I know this goes without saying, but I think I NEED to say it. It’s time for this fandom to realize that Starco is driving the plot whether they like it or not. It’s not going away, so let’s hope for a beautiful ship, and not a cliche one.

• Eclipsa
Our only hope. Until The Chosen One…

and Glossaryck can go to hell, the end.


! !! !! !! !!
 REIGEN !! !
ARATAKA !!! !!! !! ! !
is best dad. 

spread this shittttttttttttt

Jungkook as a boyfriend

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  • Probably the most annoying thing in the universe but you love him too much
  • Pouts at least 100000 times a day because you beat him at bowling
  • gets made fun of by his hyungs because they walk in on you two cuddling
  • “at least I have a girlfriend hyungs…..”
  • Jimin and Taehyung are probably crying in a corner together
  • The hyung line are about to get ready to have Jungkook skewers for dinner
  • Acts annoyed when you cuddle him but secretly loves it
  • “Baby why are you cuddling me?”
  • “Okay I will quit”
  • “NO!” he ends up cuddling you instead because he loves you
  • Likes to be a living meme in every serious fight you two have
  • “Jungkook yo-” “how the hell does your face do that?”
  • Jungkook does his meme dance while the Six Flags theme song plays in the background
  • Laughs because you tried to copy his dance but you just made it like 50 times better
  • Probably he cooks a little bit I dunno
  • Shoves too much food in his mouth at once.
  • is shy when it comes to kissing you
  • but once you start he is all over you like a jungle gym on a playground
  • likes to tap your butt and act like he didn’t do it.
  • “Did you just touch my butt?”
  • “No pfft you are just too full of yourself”
  • touches your butt again until you turn around and catch him.

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Can I request a headcannon where MC has a major crush on RFA+Saeran&V but had a past relationship which hurt them deeply, and feel like they would never be able to be happy, kinda like Seven. When they find out they love them back, MC panics, and doesn't want to believe it. They try so hard to not panic, but still have that tiny fear, which becomes huge that they dont love the MC. They probably need a lot of reassurance. I'm so sorry.. I had a rough month ;;

Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry to read that, I hope you’re feeling better and if you feel like it, my chat is always open. Talk to me if you want to, okay?

So, I hope this brings you some comfort:

RFA + Saeran and V with a MC who’s afraid of love


  •  Come on, everybody in Korea must have a crush on Zen, you are not different
  • That’s what you’ve been telling yourself in order to convince that these feelings aren’t a big deal
  • Everytime he hugs you and tells you how cute you are, you feel like melting!
  •  Yes, it’s a very familiar sensation, as you already heard this from another rising star in the show business.
  • That fling with that singer ended as fast as it started, but he has fame, money and lots of people who idolize him, what do you have now?
  • So yeah, forget that heat growing all over your body when Zen confessed his love for you. You heard this before, you couldn’t handle being hurt again, no, not by him.
  • Zen didn’t expect that reaction from you. When he told you, he was waiting for a “Oh my God! I love you back!” and the most romantic kiss ever. Instead, he won a “I see…” and you walking away from his apartment.
  • He went after you, meeting you sitting in the emergency stairs and crying. “MC! What happened? Why are you crying?”
  • “Why did you do this to me, Zen? Couldn’t you keep this as a fan-idol relationship? Why did you have to tell me this?”
  • “Because I… couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. I love you, I… have been in love with you for a while now. And… I understand you don’t feel the same way, but…” you stared at him.
  • “Zen, I feel the same way! That’s the problem! Don’t you see?” he couldn’t see the problem, no. You sighed: “How am I not sure you won’t leave me as soon as you get really famous? Or worst, you’ll try to hide me from everybody? I can’t be a guilty pleasure, Zen! I wouldn’t be able to endure this again!”
  • Oh, now he knows what’s going on. Yeah, when he met you, he knew you were familiar, you dated that guy from the labor record he’s about to be hired. And he felt… angry and sad for you, like that guy broke his heart by breaking yours.
  • So he hugged you and hummed lullabies to you to calm you down. You knew you shouldn’t let him that close, but… could you resist him?
  •  You were scared and worried, and your love for him was flooding your heart. You wanted his love, but right now, what you really needed was his patience.
  • And he would be patient.



  • How could you not fall for him? He was caring, smart, sweet…
  • He’s so different from all the guys you’ve been dating so far. All of them so rude and selfish.
  • But maybe you deserved it? Well, so what have you done differently to deserve Yoosung? Nothing, right?
  • So you don’t deserve him. And worse: you’ve got so used to being hurt, what if you ended up hurting him? No…
  • That was the first thing you thought when he confessed his feelings for you.
  • He was a sweating nervous mess, yet he said it. And though he still had hop, he was pretty much waiting for a rejection.
  • But you didn’t really reject him, you just told him you needed to go and… ignored him for the rest of the week, which was even worse than a direct rejection.
  • He didn’t want to piss you off, but he needed an answer, even if was a “no” so he could at least try to move on… emphasis on try.
  • When you saw him waiting for you at your place’s door, you wanted to turn around and run, but your legs felt weaker. Something about his curious eyes staring at you pulled you towards him.
  • “I’m sorry, MC.” What? But you’ve been ignoring him, you should be the one to say this. See what I’m saying? You would definitely hurt him eventually.
  • “Don’t be sorry. You did nothing wrong. Well, except for falling for me.” “MC… why would you say something like this?”
  • “Because I’m so scared of hurting you, Yoosung. You don’t deserve being hurt like I did, you have no idea how awful it is, and I don’t want you to ever feel like this, especially because of me!”
  • “I’m pretty sure you didn’t deserve either, MC. I… I don’t know exactly what you’ve been through, but… I know you didn’t deserve it. And… if you know how it feels, then you won’t do to other people, right? To me… if you… you know, if you really like me…”
  • He hugged you timidly, but you could feel all his love and care for you. You two were so insecure, would it worth chasing this relationship?
  • Yes, it would. And he will definitely chase it.


  • Falling for her was a big surprise for you.
  •  You crushed and hid all the feelings you ever had for women before ever since that girl from school not only rejected you, as also dragged you out of the closet for everybody to know.
  • So you swore you would never fall for a woman before and… well, that didn’t work out, did it?
  • But when Jaehee told you she was in love with you, you… didn’t know how to respond.
  • Because it was new for you. You know, having reciprocated feelings for a woman?
  • And that was the problem! It was new! You didn’t know what to do, what if your inexperience made you really mess things up?
  • So, as much as you wanted to yell “I LOVE YOU BACK!” you kept serious and told her you two were better as friends.
  • And there was that part of her that agreed with you. It was better, she couldn’t risk losing you forever if a romantic relationship didn’t work out.
  • So she settled for this. You both settled.
  • But it was so uncomfortable, it wasn’t the same thing as before now that you knew you two felt the same way, and the only thing getting on the way of happiness was you and your fears.
  • She noticed you were distant, and when she couldn’t stand your cold treatment anymore, she confronted you: “You told nothing would change after I confessed, MC. But it did! Why? You think I’m going to attack you? Are you scared of me?” she didn’t want to come off angry, but she was desperate.
  • “Never, Jaehee! I’m scared of myself…” “What… what do you mean?” “I’m scared of not knowing how to deal with my feelings for you, they are so overwhelming, but… I’m scared because it’s all new to me, Jaehee.”
  • Now she’s the one feeling overwhelmed, you… feel the same as she does? All this time?
  • “I’m scared too. This is very new to me as well.” She says, hugging you.
  • Well, so maybe you could guide each other in this new journey?


  • It took you a while to notice your admiration and needing to take care of him wasn’t a friendship thing.
  • You desired him with every inch of your body and soul. But he seemed so out of your league.
  • Yes, how somebody like him could ever look at you and see something other than a silly, innocent and cully person?
  • So when he confessed to you, showing an eloquence he never showed before, you legitimately thought this was a joke.
  • He had an odd sense of humor, but honestly, this was cruel. Playing with people’s feelings like this was beyond unacceptable, even for someone who struggled so much with feelings like him.
  • You were offended, you never expected something so cruel coming from him. Wasn’t he a gentleman? Wasn’t he trying to be more aware of people’s feelings?
  • So you told him to go away and only look for you when he has a proper apology. And he left, confused and… hurt?
  • He got a headache from how much he wondered about what he could possibly have done wrong. He was new to this, but… the magazines he read and the soap operas he watched gave him the feeling he was on the right track with this.
  • Maybe it was because you didn’t feel the same way as he did? But still, he knew you, you were gentle, sweet, you would reject him politely.
  • So disobeying you, he looked for you without a proper apology, he needed to know what he did wrong and how could he make it right in the future. Maybe not with you, but with someone who could make him feel a little like you do, if this was even possible.
  • “I’m sorry to bother you but I need an answer, MC.” “Oh, you need an answer? How pretentious of you, Jumin, seriously! I never expected you to disappoint me like this!”
  • “So tell me why. Why am I a disappointment? What have I done wrong to you?” “You really want to make me say it? Oh my God…” you were only getting madder, you two weren’t going nowhere with this.
  • “MC, I love you. Period. And although I don’t know what I did, I understand you don’t feel the same way and I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable. I only wish good things to you, I would never hurt you on purpose.” Yes, that was right… he would never do this. So… this meant…
  • “I… feel the same way, Jumin. I… am the one who should apologize. I got so defensive thinking you were joking.” “Why would I ever joke about my love for you?” “Because… I never thought someone like you could seriously love someone like me.”
  • But he did, and looking for professional help for the love of his life was his first top priority now.


  • How would you not fall for him? You loved all his sides.
  • The funny 707 and the deep Saeyoung, you loved in all of his facets, would they be bad or good.
  •  And knowing all his insecurities and depressive thoughts, you knew you couldn’t be an extra problem for him.
  • So when he told you how much he loved you, you knew he couldn’t be thinking straight, this was his fears getting the best of him.
  • So now it was your turn on pushing him away. You told him you were flattered, but you two were better as friends.
  • He was waiting exactly for this, but he didn’t regret getting this off his chest. At least now he could live in peace with this knowing he tried, he wouldn’t be wondering what could have happened if he never told you anything.
  • But he missed you… he missed you so much!
  • He missed your conversations over the phone, your laugh, your honesty… he needed to talk to you gain.
  • He hesitated a lot, you already said no, why was he insisting? Call it crazy, but it was almost like God was telling him this wasn’t over.
  • And there he was, standing at your door with the RoboCat. “Meow~ God Seven is with the person he likes!” the cat said.
  • “That’s right, RoboCat.” “Saeyoung, I…” “~God Seven already knows your answer, but he misses you, meow. Can’t you two be friends?”
  • “I’m afraid not, RoboCat, I… regardless of what I feel, I can’t be another problem on Go… Saeyoung’s life.”
  • “What do you mean with ‘regardless of what you feel’?” he asked, not RoboCat. “Do you… like me back, MC?”
  •  “~Meow, I sense love from both ways here.” “Yes, but…” there was no but, not for him, so he went to hug you.
  • Although you didn’t say much, he knew exactly what you were feeling and why you were holding back. He would show you that there was no need to.



  • Oh my god, how did that happen?
  • He was relying on you to help him with therapy and you were having these romantic fantasies about him? How stupid of you!
  • And selfish! He counted on you, and you daydreaming about something he would probably never be able to correspond?
  • But then… he confessed. And nothing made sense anymore.
  • No, he was confused, he was projecting in you, right? He couldn’t actually be in love with you or with anyone else, for that matter.
  • So, painfully you backed away. It was for his own good.
  • Saeran wasn’t angry, but he was sad. Was he really reading the signs that wrong? He knew he wasn’t the best at this, but… weren’t you being very clear how much you cherished him?
  • He thought he was allowed to feel the same, but… he wasn’t? Why? And even if that was the case, why would you back away like this? This wasn’t like you!
  • No, you were sweet and even if you didn’t love him, you cared for him, you wouldn’t abandon him like this, never!
  • He needed to know exactly what was going on, so he convinced his brother to look for you.
  • But he didn’t ask his brother to call you and tell you Saeran was missing you. No, he didn’t want you to feel pity or obligated to come and see him.
  • But as soon as you did, he realized how much he was missing you. And you definitely missed him too…
  • “What happened to you?” he asked, he didn’t want to sound hurt, but maybe he was and that’s how it came off. “I’m… I’m sorry for being weird, MC. I didn’t want to scare you and I really thought I was doing the right thing…”
  • “Saeran, there’s nothing wrong with you, I… I think I’m the problem here. Because I love you so much and that’s a problem because that’s not what you need from me!” “Let me the judge on that.” He said, pulling you for a hug.
  • Yes, you definitely needed each other’s love.


  • He was everything you could want in a person.
  • He was intelligent, sweet, caring, he was… perfect!
  • Your therapist talked about this tendency of yours. Falling for men who seem out of reach so you could be rejected and sink in your low self esteem all over again.
  • Were you doing this again? Because it felt a little different… well, it felt different the other times too…
  • So when he confessed to you, you weren’t sure how to react. You were being corresponded for the first time.
  • This amazing guy loves you back, yes, that’s the problem, he’s too amazing for you, he would notice pretty fast that there was nothing fascinating about you…
  • So why even bother trying to start something that is destined to end up bad. With you hurt for not being able to match him?
  • You told him you needed some time to think, and of course he didn’t oppose, he would give you all the time you needed!
  •  But it’s been a while, actually, really long, he didn’t hear from you. He felt a weird vibe coming from you, but he thought you were just shy.
  • He didn’t want to pressure you, but… he wanted to know if he could have hope or if he should try to let you go.
  • So he asked to talk to you alone when you two meet at a RFA gathering.  You didn’t want to, but you had, you let him hanging on for too much time.
  • “MC, I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, but it’s been a while since I opened up my heart to you, and I…” “V, I like you so much! You have no idea!, but…”
  • “But?” “I’m so afraid of how much it will hurt when you realize I’m not good enough for you…”
  • “MC, This will never happen. I can guarantee you with all my love for you.” He hugged you and kept saying sweet things to you until the RFA realized you two wouldn’t be coming out and they should leave.
  • You would definitely have to go back to therapy, and he would always be there to support you.
Swedish books/movies/tv shows you should read/watch

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Here is a list of swedish books/movies/tv shows that you should read/watch if you want to !

(this is not a ranking)


April Witch 

(Aprilhäxan) by  Majgull Axelsson. 

Desirée wants to know who stole her life. Institutionalised since early childhood due to severe disabilities, she lies in her hospital bed making plans. She can neither walk nor talk, but she has special abilities. Desirée is an ‘April witch’, which means that she’s able to see through other creatures’ eyes and can make them take her wherever she wants to. In her quest to find out which of her three foster sisters has stolen her life, Desirée becomes an invisible presence in their lives, following them, biding her time.

Simon and the Oaks

(Simon och ekarna) by Marianne Fredriksson.

Simon Larsson grows up in a working-class family in Gothenburg in the 1940s. World War II is raging. Simon’s father is a man of principles and strong views; his mother runs the home with love and warmth. But they are not his biological parents. Simon finds out that he was adopted and that his real father is Jewish. At school, Simon meets Isak Lentov, the son of a rich Jewish bookkeeper. The Lentovs, who fled from Nazi Germany before the war, becomes closely linked to Simon’s own family as the two boys make the transition from childhood to adulthood.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

(Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann) by Jonas Jonasson.

On his 100th birthday, Allan Karlsson breaks out of an old people’s home, through the window. He is determined to fill his remaining days with adventure and embarks on a long journey through Sweden, being chased by thieves and police, making friends along the way. Mixed with his old-age adventure, his life’s story is told: he dines with president-to-be Harry S. Truman, hitchhikes with Winston Churchill, travels on a river boat with Mao Zedong’s wife and treks through the Himalayas.

Gösta Berling’s Saga

by Selma Lagerlöf.

A priest defrocked for misbehaving and drinking, Gösta Berling wants to die. The Mistress of Ekeby saves him from freezing to death and takes him in. As one of 12 party-loving homeless men in the manor at Ekeby, Gösta Berling becomes a leading spirit. But the evil Sintram lures the men into making a deal with the devil, which leads to the Mistress of Ekeby leaving home. Wild adventures, power struggle and redemption follow.

Let the Right One In

(Låt den rätta komma in) by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

It’s the winter of 1981 in the grey Stockholm suburb of Blackeberg. Twelve-year-old Oskar is being bullied. But he has a friend who lives next door, Eli. The two develop a close relationship, and Eli helps Oskar fight back against his tormentors. But this story is more than just a snapshot of average suburban life. Eli is a vampire, which Oskar has yet to find out. As mysterious murders spread fear and confusion in the community, Oskar starts to understand – but doesn’t abandon Eli.

The Road

(Vägen till Klockrike) by Harry Martinson.

In 1898, cigar maker Bolle faces big changes. Hand-rolled cigars have to give way to modern, machine-made, mass-produced cigars. Industrialisation is here and Bolle doesn’t like it. He hits the road. On wood-lined gravel roads we follow his vagabond journey through a Sweden about to change. Bolle learns how to beg without provoking people, faces the fear of inhabitants and meets riding policemen as well as vagabond friends. The vagabonds share a longing for freedom and a feeling of scepticism of the brave new world.

Popular Music from Vittula

(Populärmusik från Vittula) by Mikael Niemi.

Matti and his silent friend Niila grow up in Pajala in the very north of Sweden, in an area called Vittula. This is the 1960s/70s, when roads are covered with asphalt, small farms are closed and rock music hits the radio. The older generation doesn’t like the novelties, shaped as they are by memories of poorer times and by Laestadianism, a conservative Lutheran movement that started in Swedish Lapland. Mikael and his friends dream of another life, a life that awaits beyond the horizon.

Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs

(Nu vill jag sjunga dig milda sånger) by Linda Olsson.

One dark evening in March, Veronika arrives at a remote cottage in a small Swedish village, having come all the way from New Zealand. She is a young author longing for peace and quiet to be able to finish her novel and get on with her life after mourning a great loss. Veronika’s closest neighbour is Astrid, a loner. Behind her walls, dark family secrets and a personal tragedy are hidden. As the cold winter turns to spring, the two women slowly form a bond. Their friendship will change both of their lives forever.

The People of Hemsö

(Hemsöborna) by August Strindberg.

Carlsson is on his way to the island of Hemsö in the Stockholm archipelago to work at widow Flod’s farm. With Flod’s husband dead and her son Gusten not caring about farming, the farm is in a state of disorder. When Carlsson starts taking care of everything, Flod is happy, but her son finds Carlsson very snobbish. Eventually Carlsson marries Flod – but let’s just say she’s not the only woman on the island.

The Serious Game

(Den allvarsamma leken) by Hjalmar Söderberg.

Arvid Stjärnblom and Lydia Stille accidentally meet again, ten years after their young romance ended. Now, they are both married, but can’t help falling for each other again and start an affair. Lydia is an independent woman who gets a divorce and is prepared to follow her emotions, which turns out to have far-reaching consequences. Arvid, on the other hand, stays married to his wife with whom he has two children. It soon becomes clear that love is a serious game.

Keep reading


who is she 👀

Day6: dating Wonpil would include

▪ having the human version of a sunshine for a bf
▪ you literally forget about any reason to be upset or sad when you’re around him
▪ bc his smile could cure any disease
▪ but sometimes he could be serious, esp when you two are alone
▪ he loves having deep talks with you about anything at all
▪ he’s always honest with you and you’ll be the first to know of any new thoughts in his pretty little head
▪ letting you pick out his outfits sometimes
▪ and him failing when he picks your bc he thinks you could look perfect in anything so he doesn’t even try
▪ lol nice try Wonpil
▪ jae and Sungjin becoming your guys’ mom and dad basically
▪ always giving love advise to Wonpil when he messed up and he’s trying to fix things
▪ which rarely happens bc you two never fight
▪ unless he gets insecure sometimes and you just can’t see why
▪ he’ll then proceed to yell at you, saying nobody’s perfect and that he wishes he was
▪ but then he’d feel so bad bc he’s not making any sense and apologize to you
▪ he pulls you into his arms if you even slightly flinch while he’s yelling
▪ he just hates it when he gets emotional in front of you, he always wants to keep that smile on his face even if it’s just for your sake
▪ but you completely understand that even he has his bad days and his emotions just burst out like a volcanoe
▪ never being bored while cuddling with him
▪ bc you two will always be laughing about nothing in particular
▪ he just loves your company and is so content when his whole body is intertwined with yours
▪ you melting whenever he plays the piano, or any other instrument
▪ he just looks s focused and lost in the music, and he’s never been this attractive
▪ hugging you randomly at any time of the day
▪ and pressing little kisses to your forehead “I love you, y/n”
▪ he always whispers when he says those 3 words
▪ even when you two are alone, he just feels like he doesn’t need to yell it in front of everyone for them to know you’re his
▪ picking flowers and placing them in your hair whenever you’re out walking
▪ he was hesitant with skinship at first, but now he just feels like his body is just an extension of yours and always has some part of him on you
▪ cuddle this sunshine 24/7, bc he’ll never let go 🌞

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Cazriel Fake Married Fic - Part 1/?

Wouldn’t Dream of It, Dearest

Ship: Cazriel

Summary: Fake Married Trope, fluff so ridiculous and sweet it will rot your teeth and soul whole, bed sharing, drunkenness, cuddles. The antidote to tonight’s silliness. 

Part One

“We’ll need agents doing groundwork, collecting as much information as possible for before we strike,” Rhys said, rubbing his jaw, which was thick with three days worth of unshaven stubble. None of them had been sleeping or cleaning properly since Vassa had explained to them just what kind of trouble brooded to the east upon the Continent. “It’ll be a long mission. We can’t afford to reveal our intent until we are sure we have found a weakness to exploit.”

The tales they had heard of Koschei had left them all petrified, tales of a deathless sorcerer who could not be killed, for his soul was buried beneath a tree. A being who took all he desired without a second thought, and had countless monsters wielded in his charge to do his bidding. Most prevalent of all, however, was his penchant for stealing young virgins and beautiful maidens and enslaving them to his will, cursing them as he had Vassa.

And now he had set his sights on Feyre, the legendary woman from across the sea, a prize whose rarity eclipsed them all.

“I’m not sending anyone,” Azriel said shortly, arms crossed tight over his chest, his back tense, straight. “It’s too dangerous, and I won’t risk them on a suicide mission. I’ll go.”

“You can’t go on your own, Az,” Rhys countered. “Else you’ll end up just like Helion. No. I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Mor, Az, and Amren all snapped in unison, making their high lord raise an eyebrow.

“You need to keep things in order here. Protect your mate,” Az said as calmly as he could manage when his High Lord insisted on being a self-sacrificing moron. Said High Lord huffed and pouted like a sulking infant, but did not protest further.

“Obviously, we know the solution to this,” Cassian said with a theatrical sigh, placing his hand on his chest before swooning against Azriel - it was a good thing Azriel was a well-trained warrior, because the bastard was heavy. “I must go too, to protect my precious little bat baby.”

“I’m older than you.”

“So precious,” Cassian sighed, now with an arm hooked around Azriel’s neck, trapping him as he stroked his hair with actual, real fake tears in his eyes. “Too good for this cruel world.”

“At least we know he can act,” Rhys said dryly, bemused by the display before him but not shooting the idea down. “We can’t just have two Illyrian warriors turn up and move next door to his Lake. You’ll need a cover.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Amren said, eyes narrow, smile wicked as she studied the two boys. “I’ve got just that thing.”


“What a lovely place,” Cassian remarked, looking around at the quaint little village and the cottage they had recently purchased. “I do think we’ll be quite happy here.”

“Oh, you have a wife?” Asked the girl from the adjacent house, who had come out to welcome the new neighbours and found herself really quite pleased to find a strapping, handsome man posing outside the gate.

Chuckling, Cassian shrugged. “I suppose you could say that. Dearest?” He yelled. “Stop obsessing over how the china is arranged and come meet our lovely neighbour. Caroel, was it?”

“Yes,” the girl, who was a new bride herself, said with a blush. “Have you been married long?”

“Oh no. We just got back from our honeymoon. Newly minted lovebirds we are. Dearest, do hurry up!”

Scowling bitterly, the person who emerged from the cottage did not look the slightest bit like a blushing bride. Instead he looked like a child who had just had his sandcastle destroyed, possibly seconds away from steam coming out of his ears. “What?” He snapped irritably at his ‘husband’.

“Just showing you off darling,” Cassian answered sweetly, before lowering his voice to a conspiratorial whisper and murmuring to Caroel. “We’ve been travelling for two weeks. He gets awfully cranky when we can’t- you know.”

Whether Azriel heard that comment or not, Cass couldn’t say; Regardless, he gave Caroel the briefest of nods before turning on his heels and storming back off into the cottage. “Well, better go help out with the unpacking! Pleasure to meet you neighbour!” Cassian called, following him inside with a cheerful wave.


“You aren’t really mad, are you?” Cassian asked, as they sat on the couches that night and ate the tinned tomatoes and pasta Cassian had heated up for them. He’d go to the store and get some proper food tomorrow.

“I am an Illyrian Warrior, Shadowsinger to The Most Powerful High Lord and Lady ever.” Azriel stabbed some spaghetti. “And here I am playing house.”

“For the greater good.”

“I feel ridiculous.”

Shuffling over on the cushions, Cassian slung an arm around his fake-husband’s shoulders. “Oh relax you big baby. It’s just pretending. Besides, how different is it really? We’ve lived together since we were kids. We’ve fought together. Trained together. And now we’re spying together.” Grinning, he twirled a forkful of spaghetti onto his fork and held it up to his beautiful wife’s mouth. “Just a chance to spend some good-quality bro time together.”

Azriel stared back at him. He deliberated for a hot second, before reluctantly glomping the offered food and swallowing. “Fine,” he said through his mouthful. “But I am not doing anything… married couple-y.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it, dearest.”


To be fair to Cassian, he had mostly forgotten that when Caroel and Kain asked them to come over for dinner, it would be as a couple themselves, not as two platonic dudes there just to eat pizza and banter. To his surprise, however, they arrived in the evening to their neighbour’s cottage to find it lit by candlelight, soft jazz music playing from the corner.  

“We haven’t had a couple over in ages,” Caroel said warmly, ushering them in and over to the set dining table. “Everyone who’s married has been fleeing away from- well, you know who. Don’t want to risk raising a child or settling down around someone so prone to…” She trailed off, her husband placing a comforting hand upon her shoulder. She forced a smile. “Well. Our families have been here for ten generations, so no way are we moving just for some stuffy old Tyrant. After all, if we did that in this world, we’d be moving every two years! There seems to be a surplus of their kind lately… I heard in Prythian, they just finished cleaning up after the last one.”

“What can you tell us about Koschei?” Azriel asked, ever the alert spy, locking onto the change to dig up information like a hawk. He did seem a little bit too keen though, in Cassian’s opinion, to be passing as a homely husband just over for a nice spot of dinner.

“Oh, you don’t want to hear about that,” Caroel fussed, dismissing him with a wave of her hand. “Not good talk for appetites. On that note, can I get either of you some wine?”

Azriel, being a professional douchebag, and a douchebag professional, decline, but Cassian downed nearly two glasses of the red before dinner was even served. Alcohol helped numb the lingering pain in his wings and muscles from the battle with Hybern, as the tears lingered, his wings hardly surviving yet another shredding so soon after the infiltration of Hybern’s castle. It also helped him make up for Azriel, who was stiff and cold and unconversational, so he covered up the silence with loud chatter and laughter. By dessert, he had one arm looped around his husband’s shoulders and was hugging him close.

“Ah yes, you see we met in a summer camp,” Cassian answered, when Kain asked for how they’d ended up together. “We hated each other at first. This one’s always been a little bit of a sulky bat baby.” Said sulky bat baby was already flushed scarlet at the intimate hold he was in, and only burned darker as Cassian twiddled his forefinger into his cheek to give him dimples. “But you know, true love will out. We stuck with each other through thick and thin. It’s hard not to love someone so serious and caring.”

“And with such a lovely ass,” Caroel, who’d helped Cassian drink two bottles of wine, added. They both laughed at Kain and Azriel’s expense, and high-fived.

“I think we’d better go home,” Azriel said tightly, and Kain seemed to agree a little too quickly, a possessive hand resting upon his wife’s arm.

“Put I haven’t even told them about that one time when we-”

“Home. Now.” Az practically dragged him from his chair, only just catching him in time when his drunken legs failed to support him.

“Oopsie,” Cassian giggled. “You’ll have to carry me, my love.”

Seething wordlessly, Azriel said their thanks to their hosts and hauled Cassian out of the door back out the lane and down to their own cottage, struggling to manage him and the keys as he unlocked the door. “I am going to kill you,” he warned the other man under his breath, still warm in the face from humiliation.

“Oh, you love me really,” Cassian slurred with another giggle. “No one compliments your ass like I do.”

“Yeah, you’re a real poet.”

That seemed to be the wrong thing to say, for as Azriel sat about heaving Cassian over to the sofa, he cried, “Shall I compare thy’s arse to a summer day? Tis more lovely and more shapely. Rough winds do shake the darling cheeks of-” With Cassian collapsed upon the sofa, Azriel grabbed a pillow and straddled him, smothering the terrible verse without mercy, ignoring the thrashing of his vulgar husband beneath him.

“Are you quiet done?” Cassian yelled a muffled reply, which he took to mean yes. Sucking in breath as he was released, Cass looked up at his murderous beloved and grinned blearily.

“My beautiful wife.”

“You can’t get that drunk here. What if you’d said something?”

“Like how much I love you?”

“Urgh. You’re impossible.”

“Impossibly handsome you mean.”

“Impossibly imbecilic.”

Chuckling in good - or intoxicated - humour, Cassian gradually fell quiet, staring up at him. With a shaky, uncoordinated hand he reached up and managed to touch Az’s cheek, cradling his jaw. “You are lovely.”

“And you are drunk.”

“Even when I’m sober, you’re lovely. You’re always there, for everyone. Always protecting. Always caring.”

“I don’t know why I bother with you,” Az replied dryly, leaning away from his touch. There was something deeply disturbing about the way his stomach twisted in response, about how he wanted to lean in, not out.

Gazing at him with heavy, sad eyes, Cassian said nothing for a moment before smiling softly. He moved his hand down to Azriel’s waist, and then hooked an arm around his chest. In a flash, he’d pulled him down, and lay spooning him on the sofa. “Stay with me tonight,” Cassian said. “It’s been lonely sleeping down here every night while you’re off in the bedroom.”

“I told you we could swap,” Az pointed out, very glad for the dark and Cassian’s inebriated state, for he did not want his burning cheeks to be witnessed by anyone, not even the Cauldron.

“That’s not the point.”

Frozen by the odd, clenching sensation in his gut, Az counted five minutes before he reckoned Cass had to be asleep, and moved to slip from his grip. “Stay,” Cass whispered, his breath hot and close against his neck, his ear, raising the soft, downy hairs upon his neck. “Please.”

“This sofa isn’t big enough for the both of us.”

Cass was quiet, before cuddling closer into his back. “I can’t sleep,” he said, no longer laughing, smiling - Az could hear the vulnerability in the wobble in his voice. “Not since…. Not since the battle.” He laughed, shakily. “I don’t know why. I’ve nearly died a thousand times. But this… this was different. I was so weak. I couldn’t protect anyone. Not even Nesta, not even after I promised her…”

Considering for a moment, Az said nothing. Instead, he slipped out from Cassian’s grip and bent down, scooping the overgrown bat up into his arms - it was a good thing he was a lot stronger than he looked, because the War General was heavy. “Az?” Keeping a firm grip on the man, he carried him through to the master bedroom he’d been occupying for the month they’d been staying there and plopped Cass down on the left hand side.

“No matter how big those puppy eyes get Cass, that sofa isn’t going to get any bigger. You can sleep here. Just for tonight.”

Gaping at him like he had just preformed a holy miracle, Cass watched him as he stripped off to his birthday suit and clambered into bed neck to him, lying on his side to face him so that his wings could flop over the side of the bed. “You sure?”

“Yeah,” Az said with as much nonchalance as he could manage with Cass’s face so close and his breath so hot as it danced across his face, tickling his lashes. “What else are husband’s for?”

“I thought that pretence shamed you for all eternity.”

Studying the big goof of a war hero before him, Azriel smirked in spite of himself, reaching over and brushing Cassian’s fringe out of his eyes. “I could never be ashamed of you. You’re family.
And you’re my closest friend.”

“Except Mor,” Cass pointed out.

“I don’t know about that,” Az said under his breath, his fingers lingering in Cass’s hair, curling and uncurling loose strands around his forefinger. “Sometimes… it feels like she’s keeping something from me. And honestly, I don’t think I have the right to demand it from her. I keep things from her too.

“But you,” Az sighed, “you found them out by fate. It was inevitable, what with us going on so many missions and battles together.”

“You mean… what happens to you at night? What you say in your sleep?” Cass said, a little more clunky in his phrasing than perhaps intended thanks to the alcohol.

“…Yeah. And other stuff.”

Silence enveloped them once again, though they were so close, knees touching, that they could each hear the other’s breathing, the other’s heartbeat. Smell the alcohol and ink on each other’s skin. “I could never be ashamed of you either, Az,” Cass said finally, catching the hand stroking his hair as he looked over at the man whom he had known since he was just a boy frozen in ice, new to a world beyond four cramped walls. “I think you’re brilliant.”

Az snorted softly, a wry smile on his face. “You’re not so bad yourself. Now go to sleep, else this hangover is going to kill you.”

“Know it all.”


“Goody two shoes.”


Sniggering, Cass leaned forward suddenly, too quickly for Azriel to react. He pecked him softly on the forehead. “Night husband.” Az watched him flop back into the sheets and pass out within a couple of seconds, the booze sweeping him under. He watched him breathe, slow and steady, as his own heart raced.

“Good night.”  

Morning Person || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 680

Summary - The one where you force Jack awake (and he hardly minds at all).


Jack was never a morning person; in fact, he hated mornings. He’d sleep until 3:00 in the afternoon if you let him (of course, you never did). The two of you had been dating for nearly a year and you were always awake at least an hour before he was. You would get up, make a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, watch TV, and have a cup of tea ready for Jack when you forced him up at noon.

Today was different. The two of you spent the weekend at his parent’s house for the first time. His family was very lovely and knowing that the two of you were serious enough where he was comfortable with you spending time with his family made you happy. You were up early, even earlier than usual. Jack was still asleep beside you, his hair flopped over his forehead, his lips in a small pout, and his arm draped over your waist. You loved Jack with your whole heart and seeing him so peaceful made your stomach do a flip.

“Why’re you staring at me?” Jack mumbled, a smile growing on his face.

“Sorry,” you blushed, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay,” he said, opening his eyes and pulling you even closer to him. “What’s going on? Why’re you up? What time is it?”

“It’s 6:00,” you said. “I guess my mental alarm clock said I have to get ready for work.”

“But you’re on holiday,” Jack mumbled, his lips against your neck. “And it’s Saturday. You don’t have work.”

“I know,” you laughed. “I can’t help it. I’m just a morning person.”

As Jack placed small kisses to your neck, you had an idea. “C’mon,” you said, sitting up slightly. “Let’s get up.”

“Babe,” Jack laughed, “it’s nighttime.”

“No,” you said. “It’s morning. I wanna go for a walk. Along the beach.” Jack sat up as well, a teasing smirk on his face.

The sun hasn’t even come up yet and you want me to do what now?

“I want to go for a walk,” you pouted. “Please Jack? I wanna see the sunrise.” Jack heaved a sarcastic sigh and placed a kiss to your lips.

“You know I can’t say no to you.”

The two of you got out of bed, tossing on some warmer clothes to keep you hidden from the February chill. You put on a pair of sweats and one of Jack’s cozy sweatshirts and Jack did the same. You managed to leave the house without waking anyone up. The walk to the beach was short, so you and Jack walked hand in hand in comfortable silence.

When you got to the rocky beach shore, you and Jack sat beside each other. You laid your head on Jack’s shoulder and felt him rest his on top of yours. “Why do you like mornings so much?” he asked suddenly.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “It’s just, well, you miss so much when you sleep until 2:00, you know? I like to get up at a good time so I know that I have a whole day to do something extraordinary.”

You didn’t notice, but Jack stared at you then with the realization in his eyes that he would never love anyone else quite like he loved you.

The two of you eventually adjusted so that you were sitting in front of him in between his legs and he had his arms around you, resting a head on your shoulder. Naturally, it took a while for the sun to rise, but you were content the whole time. Jack kept placing delicate kisses to your neck while rubbing your arm with his thumb. He never failed to make you feel so fully loved. “Thanks for coming out here with me,” you said quietly, your head resting on his shoulder.

“Thanks for dragging me out of bed,” Jack said back with a small smile.

Seeing the morning sun now glowing on your skin and a peaceful smile on your face, Jack decided that maybe mornings weren’t so bad after all.