serious guys listen to her music

Things “Bmblb” is about:

1. Bl*cksun

2. Ren*ra

3. the romance between a girl and her motorcycle

4. Yang’s motorcycle being sapient and in love with her

5. Yang offering to be the listener’s waifu

6. the Bee Movie love story

Things “Bmblb” is not about:

1. Bumbleby

(The only ones that weren’t from people who were being serious are 4 and 6. Thanks to this reddit post for 4 and to a guy who goes by Toshiro for 6)


I don’t know if I am ready to post this, but if not now I will never decide to do it. This is my favorite one I guess and you have no idea how many changes I have added since I had started writing this fic.

This is another day and I want to say you guys are doing great, I feel my soul has left this world twice or thrice already ;)

DAY 3: “I swear if you weren’t so attractive, I’d have punched you in the face nine times by now”        


Luna hasn’t complained much since she moved into this pretty, small house with Nina, Jim and Yam. Their place is so cozy and warm and the smell of wood is the best thing waking her up every morning. Luna misses her parents- of course- but she feels more adult being on her own and she needed this feeling so much.

The neighborhood is really great, people are so welcoming and there is even one old woman who brings them cake she bakes herself every Sunday.

Living here isn’t that expensive since girls divided costs into four parts. Another pro of this situation is definitely fact their college is two streets away.

For an almost whole semester Luna hasn’t had any problem with her neighbors. Until today.

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Hey girl i love your poems you wrote and honestly you should become an author and youre beautiful. 1 question I have a BIG crush on this Mexican chick that goes to my university and well I have small problem my parents do agree I should date an "illegal alien" or a "wetback" I have the chicks number and i wanna be with her she has amazing eyes and we both love the same kind of music and we have a lot in common. Should i just ask her to be my girl or listen to my ignorant parents?

First of all is she even illeagal?? People think i am but i cant even speak spanish and i was born here 😂

Your parents are ignorant af. Consider this, if you guys become serious you’re going to have to stick up for her a lot and your parents may not respect her so it’s probably going to come down to you choosing a side. If you do not automatically choose to stick up for her then you don’t deserve her and you need to back off.

TWO reasons for this, One We Are All One race which is the human race. Their views are ignorant and disgusting to say the least. If you’re not willing to stick up for what’s right then you’re part of the problem.
Two she is your girl so you should stick up for her anyway. Are you willing to stick up for her against your parents?

And if you have the same views as them you are fetishizing her which I am so sick of. You only want to be with her based on looks and you have discriminatory views in the back of your mind so yeah unless you’re willing to stick up for what’s right seriously back off.

This is why i only date poc lol

Being Bestie's With BTS

So, I was asked to describe the type of girl that each Bangtan member would be best friends with, so here goes nothing:

V: The girl that V would feel most comfortable being friends with, in my opinion, would probably be someone as off the wall as he often is. I think he would enjoy having a “playmate” to be dorky and obnoxious with when he does trot versions of songs and acts like a complete alien. I think he’d really appreciate someone who just gets him and his sense of humor. And, she would be as charming as he always is as well; flashing a pretty smile and winning peoples hearts easily. V appears to be into manga and anime, so he would enjoy being friends with someone that he could nerd out with about comics and such. She would probably be “cutesy” and enjoy doing aegyo with him too! :) 

Jungkook: Being best friends with the ‘golden maknae’ would require a girl to be as complex a character as he is, meaning that she would have to have layers to her personality. One moment she would be sweet and thoughtful, and the next she’d be quiet and reserved, and then do a complete 180 and become a little shit disturber. ^-^ She would need to be as hard working and driven as he is to keep up with his rapid pace. I also think that she would need to be respectful because Kookie is super into respect. I think that she would be artsy in some way too, whether that be in dance, music, writing or drawing/painting, so that they might have some common interests to both talk about and perform together.

Jin: The ideal friend type for Jin, in my opinion, would be someone very opposite of him that could get him talking and opening up out of that hard shell he sometimes hides in. She would be full of life and vitality, but she would also know when to pull things back with him and just enjoy the quiet moments they’d often have alone. I think she would have a very kind heart and be very mature too. She would be a great conversationalist, and would be able to get him to speak easily, which would be great because otherwise all moments would be quiet ones. And, being that Jin is often seen as the “father figure”, I could very much see her being motherly, scolding the boys cutely to wash their hands before they eat, and clean their rooms, etc. ^-^

Jimin: Being that Jimin is very athletic, I think that his ideal friend would also be athletic in some way to keep up with his fast paced life style. She would have to have a great sense of humor that would compliment that of his own very well. She would be humble, and would humble him too; but would also be uplifting and provide him confidence when he was feeling down. She would be cute, with a very colorful, fun personality to match his own. I think she would have to be a good shoulder for him to sometimes rest on, and tell him to stop practicing from time to time and just relax, as Jimin is often working strenuously to perfect every move. Oh, and lastly, of course she must have some obsession with Taeyang too so that they could fan girl together (Teasing. lol)

J-Hope: Our J-horse would love a friend that was as goofy and over the top as he is. She would be all about teasing him, and would be a good sport when he would tease back. She would be larger than life, and have a great laugh and sense of humor just as he does. He would enjoy being around someone optimistic, with a warmheartedness and ease about her. I think, perhaps, on a more serious note, that he would also love being friends with someone who was looking to inspire a positive change in the world. A girl that looked to bring hope to others just as he does. She would be a free-spirit, and would love to just have a good time, especially with her best guy friend–J-hope, of course.

Suga: For Suga, I think one of the most important qualities in a friend would be someone that was either musically inclined, or at least had some kind of passion for listening to it. He is so passionate himself about music that it would probably be one of his favorite conversation topics, and he would really enjoy having long discussions about his own music, and if she were writing music, he would enjoy advising her on hers too. I also think he’d appreciate sarcasm, and a smart ass that could keep up with his often witty remarks. He would also enjoy someone silly that could make him laugh, and that would laugh at him too. Being the king of lazy days, she would love her sleep, and would understand not to bother him when he was tired, or more importantly taking a nap. I think he’d also really appreciate someone that motivated him a bit more; someone that made him get up and live life whenever he’d been sleeping too many days away.

Rapmon: To keep up with his quite relentless schedule and pace, I think this girl would have to be just as much of a busy body as he is, as well as understanding of his hectic lifestyle. This girl would need to be intellectual to hold deep, meaningful, and even logical conversations about theories and studies. I definitely think he would enjoy a girl that was musically inclined, so that they may have some immediate common ground to stand upon. On a lighter note, I think he would enjoy someone kind, dorky, and goofy to compliment his rather split personality. She would need to be comfortable with being herself, and never be one to pretend to be someone she’s not.


Remember these are just my opinions, so they may not be totally the same as your own. Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed it! <3

She’s (Taylor Swift) an incredibly talented, phenomenally successful singer-songwriter who’s sold more than 40 million albums and 130 million single downloads.

Her gigantic award haul includes 10 Grammys, one Emmy and 22 Billboard Music Awards.

She’s beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, clean-living and more than lives up to the title of her 2nd album Fearless as we saw with her heroic and ultimately triumphant stand against Apple over the way it financially abused recording artists via iTunes.

She’s great to her fans, regularly sending them holiday gifts by post and in person, and even inviting them to her home to listen to her new music.

She’s a serious philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to help fund arts and education projects, and to help victims of natural disasters or sexual and racial discrimination.

I can’t think of anyone I currently admire more in the music business; she’s living proof that sometimes the good guys, and girls, do come first.

She’s a fantastic example of what every young women should strive to be: a true feminist whose talent, success, work ethic, behaviour and personality are all hugely positive role model messages.

—  Piers Morgan on Taylor Swift and why the media attacks against her are ridiculous and uncalled for

I have talented and beautiful friends


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Omg what about the different Companions' workout session? (Like clothes, music, how they do it...)

I’m taking out the ones that obviously can’t apply to this: Dogsmeat, Strong, Nick due to being g2, Curie as she is half robot for a good deal of time, and Codsworth

Cait: I can see her doing kickboxing. So she tends to excerises that not only strengthen her muscles but also keep her stamina up. Loud pumping rock music. The more aggressive the sound the better.

Deacon: Probably a runner. He would be totally dressed up for the part. With those short gym shorts, muscle tee, and a sweatband on his head because why not. Any dance music that is utterly obnoxious is his jam.

Preston:  Boxing. So most of his focus would be on his arms. Does heavy lifting. Listens to upbeat instrumental music to keep him going.

MacCready: HA. Mac. Working out. Yeah. At most that scrawny guy does is running to keep a decent amount of stamina.

Piper: I don’t see her working out either. Might be all the snack she gives Sole but I i might be wrong.

Hancock: Kinda scrawny too so I don’t see him as a heavy lifter. Probably does cardio more than anything. I see him listening to classic rock.

Danse: There will be no music when exercising. Exercise is serious business. Goes to a gym full of equipment. Doesn’t wear a shirt at all. Only realizes it’s kinda much when someone stares. If anyone is a lunk alert, it’s Danse. 

X6-88: Everything is methodical. Exercises the same reps every day at the same time with no change. His workouts are planned in a way that he addresses all the key areas.