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Pillow Talk

Summary: While at Vidcon, Phil can’t seem to fall asleep, even after the whole ‘missed flight’ ordeal. His mind begins to drift, and his thoughts start to be filled with pride for his most favorite person.

Genre: don’t let the title fool you, it’s all FLUFF

Warnings: umm none that i can think of

Word Count: 1486

a/n: apparently my brain always comes up with stories about people who can’t sleep. also pLEASE DON’T JUDE ME i couldn’t think of a good title so i named it after zayn’s song and yeah i wrote thing while waiting in lines and legoland and universal studios and finished while at dinner so yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It’s been a long two days. Phil still couldn’t believe they had made it to Vidcon. He thought, for sure, that they’d miss it. He still couldn’t believe they they had gotten so lucky with that flight that had two seats left, perfect for him and Dan.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi: Making Friends and Levitating People, and Not Necessarily In That Order feat. Softie the krayt dragon, Nara the bantha, and a handful of concerned jawas. Commissioned from the always wonderful @flurgburgler​!

Paging @resistancepilots @asokatanos@lurkingcrow@fireflyfish@albaparthenicevelut​ and anyone else involved in that whole discussion!!!

The dress was a trifle...

lower-cut than necessary, and a bit tight in the bosom, but on the whole, not a bad fit.

“And how did you know Daphne would be the right size?” I asked, spooning up my soup. “I said I didna bed wi’ the lasses,” Jamie replied circumspectly. “I never said I didna look at them.” He blinked at me like a large red owl—some congenital tic made him incapable of closing one eye in a wink—and I laughed. “That gown becomes ye a good deal more than it did Daphne, though.”

He cast a glance of general approval at my bosom and waved at a servingmaid carrying a platter of fresh bannocks. Moubray’s tavern was doing a thriving dinner business. Several cuts above the snug, smoky atmosphere to be found in The World’s End and similar serious drinking establishments, Moubray’s was a large and elegant place, with an outside stair that ran up to the second floor, where a commodious dining room accommodated the appetites of Edinburgh’s prosperous tradesmen and public officials.

“Who are you at the moment?” I asked. “I heard Madame Jeanne call you ‘Monsieur Fraser’—are you Fraser in public, though?” He shook his head and broke a bannock into his soup bowl. “No, at the moment, I’m Sawney Malcolm, Printer and Publisher.”

“Sawney? That’s a nickname for Alexander, is it? I should have thought ‘Sandy’ was more like it, especially considering your hair.” Not that his hair was sandy-colored in the least, I reflected, looking at it. It was like Bree’s hair—very thick, with a slight wave to it, and all the colors of red and gold mixed; copper and cinnamon, auburn and amber, red and roan and rufous, all mingled together. I felt a sudden wave of longing for Bree; at the same time, I longed to untie Jamie’s hair from its formal plait and run my hands up under it, to feel the solid curve of his skull, and the soft strands tangled in my fingers. I could still recall the tickle of it, spilling loose and rich across my breasts in the morning light.

My breath coming a little short, I bent my head to my oyster stew. Jamie appeared not to have noticed; he added a large pat of butter to his bowl, shaking his head as he did so. “Sawney’s what they say in the Highlands,” he informed me. “And in the Isles, too. Sandy’s more what ye’d hear in the Lowlands—or from an ignorant Sassenach.”

He lifted one eyebrow at me, smiling, and raised a spoonful of the rich, fragrant stew to his mouth. “All right,” I said. “I suppose more to the point, though—who am I?” He had noticed, after all. I felt one large foot nudge mine, and he smiled at me over the rim of his cup. “You’re my wife, Sassenach,” he said gruffly. “Always. No matter who I may be—you’re my wife.”

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I could feel the flush of pleasure rise in my face, and see the memories of the night before reflected in his own. The tips of his ears were faintly pink.

“You don’t suppose there’s too much pepper in this stew?” I asked, swallowing another spoonful. “Are you sure, Jamie?” “Aye,” he said. “Aye, I’m sure,” he amended, “and no, the pepper’s fine. I like a wee bit of pepper.” The foot moved slightly against mine, the toe of his shoe barely brushing my ankle.

“So I’m Mrs. Malcolm,” I said, trying out the name on my tongue. The mere fact of saying “Mrs.” gave me an absurd little thrill, like a new bride. Involuntarily, I glanced down at the silver ring on my right fourth finger. Jamie caught the glance, and raised his cup to me. “To Mrs. Malcolm,” he said softly, and the breathless feeling came back.

He set down the cup and took my hand; his own was big and so warm that a general feeling of glowing heat spread rapidly through my fingers. I could feel the silver ring, separate from my flesh, its metal heated by his touch.

“To have and to hold,” he said, smiling. “From this day forward,” I said, not caring in the least that we were attracting interested glances from the other diners.

Jamie bent his head and pressed his lips against the back of my hand, an action that turned the interested glances into frank stares. A clergyman was seated across the room; he glared at us and said something to his companions, who turned round to stare. One was a small, elderly man; the other, I was surprised to see, was Mr. Wallace, my companion from the Inverness coach.

“There are private rooms upstairs,” Jamie murmured, blue eyes dancing over my knuckles, and I lost interest in Mr. Wallace.

“How interesting,” I said. “You haven’t finished your stew.” “Damn the stew.”

“Here comes the servingmaid with the ale.” “Devil take her.”

Sharp white teeth closed gently on my knuckle, making me jerk slightly in my seat.

“People are watching you.” “Let them, and I trust they’ve a fine day for it.”

His tongue flicked gently between my fingers.

“There’s a man in a green coat coming this way.”

“To hell—” Jamie began, when the shadow of the visitor fell upon the table.

“A good day to you, Mr. Malcolm,” said the visitor, bowing politely. “I trust I do not intrude?”

“You do,” said Jamie, straightening up but keeping his grip on my hand. He turned a cool gaze on the newcomer…

Masterlist: Jay Park

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For those who don’t know, before “textaomg” we were “textjaypark” which is why Jay has so many more texts than anyone else. (You should send in your requests for the rest of the crew so we can start to change that !!)
This is back when we labeled our posts w/ numbers so please excuse any mistakes !!

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When I was 14, I went to see a therapist. Mind you, this is after seeing a therapist when I was 12 because I had to in order to avoid forced hospitalization, so I already established serious mental health issues.

This new therapist insisted on talking to my mother (who is emotionally abusive) before talking to me, and took every single thing my mother said as truth and refused to believe anything I said to her. She talked about topics with me that never bothered me even a bit (such as my birth father) and wouldn’t listen to me.

One day I told her, all in one visit, that I’m bi, nonbinary, and my mother is abusive. She told me that she was not going to report my mother (not that she wasnt abusive, just that she wasn’t going to do what she was legally obligated to), and also said that I just thought I was bi and nonbinary because I didn’t have good relationships with my biological parents. She went on for ten minutes about how lesbians just think they’re lesbians because they don’t have a good father figure and feel the need to prove themselves as good enough as a man.
I spent the rest of the day bawling and I haven’t been to a therapist since.

A Review of Netflix’s Death Note

Netflix’s Death Note adaptation is bad. The film has been panned by critics, diehard fans of the show, and even casual Netflix browsers. Death Note (2017), to be blunt, has absolutely nothing to offer that is new or interesting. It is a film embarrassed of its source material, while simultaneously relying on it as a crutch for when it fails to create anything original. It’s worst crime isn’t that it just fails to be a Death Note adaptation, but that it fails to stand on its own.

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A reminder for supporters of the #Democratic Party who believe corruption isn’t important when progressive candidates who support getting money out of politics need to be taking seriously. Failure to put progressive candidates in office is a win for the rich especially the Koch brothers who the most to gain from a corrupt system that allows them to buy off politicians.

Still feel like playing Russian roulette by supporting worthless centrist candidates who stand for nothing?

The future for the Democratic Party will depend on how serious establishment supporters they are on stopping the Koch brothers if they’re still stubborn in supporting worthless centrist candidates.

Anakin: Yes, you’re right, it’s going to be totally fine. I’m going to be totally fine without you. [exchanges forced smiles with Obi-Wan]

Anakin: [brings sniper goggles to his face] I’m gonna check the distance on the smuggler warehouse there.

Anakin: Yep, building hasn’t moved. Still…point one five two [voice cracks] four klicks [takes a deep breath] away. 

Obi-Wan: [turns to look at Anakin] Wait, are you just holding up the macrobinoculars so I can’t see you cry? 

Anakin, crying: No. 

Obi-Wan: [looks away] Yeah I didn’t think so. 


Obi-Wan: [blinking back tears] Come to think of it, I’m going to double-check our building distance as well. [brings his sniper goggles up too] [sniffs] 

Anakin and Obi-Wan: [sit there staring at the building and crying behind their macrobinoculars together]

—2904324 HOURS LATER—

Obi-Wan, sobbing loudly: See anything? 

Anakin, also sobbing loudly: No. You? 

Obi-Wan, tears streaming down his face: I just [gasps wetly] love these macrobinoculars so much, you know? I don’t want to put them down. 

Anakin, also with tears streaming down his face: Oh man. When this mission is over I’m gonna miss these macrobinoculars. 

Obi-Wan, voice breaking: Me too. 

Confessions In A Blizzard (Carry On Countdown Dec 12th)

I could have done fluff but instead I give you this. Idek what I was going for tbh but I hope you enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Baz knew Simon was following him. He had gotten used to the way his footsteps sounded during Snow’s fifth year stalking phase. Baz sighed inwardly. He wasn’t particularly in the mood to fight with Snow.
The wintertime was when he was forced to go back to his house and leave his shared room with Snow. He always got moody when he thought about the separation.
Instead of going back to the room where Snow could safely corner him, Baz walked off the drawbridge and towards the forest. It was snowing pretty heavily and he hoped the cold would inspire Snow to give up his pursuit.
“Baz!” He heard Snow’s voice ring out.
“Leave me alone Snow.”
He heard the crunch of snow behind him and picked up his pace. Eventually Snow would have to give up in this kind of weather. Being a vampire had some advantages; one being that Baz could handle extreme cold better than humans.
“Baz…wait! I have to ask you something.”
He ignored him and found a nice patch of snow to sit on. It would definitely get his clothes wet and make him uncomfortable, but Baz enjoyed the idea of looking arrogantly cool sitting in the snow. He leaned his chin against his hand and smirked at Snow.
Snow looked completely disheveled. His uniform was muddied and wet up to the knees and his curls were plastered to his forehead with sweat. Even though he was quite tan, his cheeks were red with either physical exhaustion or sunburn. His unremarkable blue eyes were watering at the cold. Baz felt his whole body light up just looking at the messy teenager.
Snow glared at him.
“You do realize it’s like, a blizzard out here right?”
Baz shrugged, “That’s kind of an overstatement.”
“You might be able to deal with this kind of weather but I can’t.”
Baz grinned. “Precisely the point Snow. Go inside and be warm. I’ll be fine.”
“Because you’re a vampire.”
Baz sneered. “Don’t be so presumptuous. I’ve got fire magic, remember?”
Snow rubbed his arms. “Well can you use some of that on me?”
Baz rolled his eyes. “No I can’t. For one thing, you’re not worth it. And for another, I don’t want to encourage you to stay.”
Snow clenched his teeth. “Fine! Look all I wanted to say is that…well it’s kind of awkward.”
Baz closed his eyes. “You’re boring me. I think I’ll take a nap while you dribble on.”
He heard Snow crunch forward and sit beside him. Baz opened his eyes in surprise to find Snow sitting only a few inches away.
“What are you doing? You’re going to freeze.”
Snow shrugged. “I needed your attention.”
Baz put his face in his hands. “You’re not going to give up are you?”
Baz frowned. “Fine. I don’t want your death on my conscience just yet.”
Baz used some low burning fire magic to warm Snow’s body. It would melt the snow a lot faster but it was better than nothing.
Snow bit his nail.
“Look Baz, I wanted to ask you something.”
“So shoot.”
“Do you like me?”
Baz laughed. “Are you serious? I think we’ve established long ago that I hate you.”
Snow sighed and looked away. He seemed nervous about something.
“That’s not exactly what I meant. I…do you like me?”
Baz realized what Snow was getting at and felt his stomach dip. Snow must have caught on to him. Baz had thought he was being careful but what did he know really? Snow probably caught him staring at him during class and guessed.
“I honestly have no clue what you’re talking about Snow.”
Snow’s cheeks were as red as they could possibly be.
“I-I just want to know the truth. It’s not like it upsets me or something.”
Baz peered off at the drawbridge. He knew this was his chance to admit his feelings. Hell, Snow was even saying he wouldn’t be upset. But it didn’t feel like enough. It didn’t seem worth exposing his soul just to have Snow say it was okay. He wanted Snow to like him back, not accept him.
“Look it’s getting late. They’re going to pull up the drawbridge soon and you definitely can’t afford to get stuck out here.”
Snow sighed and followed him in the snow. It was coming down pretty heavily. Baz worried that Snow might actually be in some danger at this point.
“Baz I know you like me,” Snow shouted into the flurry.
“That’s kind of cocky of you.”
Snow pushed forward a bit so he was trudging next to Baz instead of behind him.
“You stare at me all the time. And sometimes you blush a little when I get too close.”
Baz felt a flicker of panic as he realized the sun was setting. They really would be pulling the drawbridge up soon.
“Maybe that’s just because I want to eat you.”
He felt Snow’s warm hand grip his arm. Baz let Snow whip him around. Snow’s eyelashes were starting to frost over and his nose was too red.
“Simon you need to pick up the pace! You’ll die out here if we don’t get inside in time!”
Snow’s eyes widened.
“You just said my name.”
Baz squinted against the snowflakes.
Snow smiled, his eyes brighter than the blinding white around them.
“You called me Simon, not Snow.”
Baz felt his cheeks warm. “Well that’s your bloody name you prat!”
Simon’s eye lidded warmly. “I told you that you blush sometimes.”
He rushed forward and kissed Baz. For a moment Baz felt completely shocked. Baz held himself back as he worried Snow was playing a trick on him. But then Snow growled and pushed his hands through Baz’s hair and he found he didn’t care if it was a trick. He kissed Snow back with everything he had. Baz poured years of anguish and desire into the kissed and groaned when Snow gave it right back. He wanted to keep going, to kiss Snow for hours, but he could feel the temperature dropping.
He ripped himself away.
“Fine! I like you! Okay? In fact I’ve been in love with you for years you fucking git. Can you please let me get you out of the snow now?”
Snow grinned. “Of course.”
Baz and Simon walked back hand in hand. They got across the bridge just in time. Snow was shivering by the time they got back to their room. Baz fussed over him and wondered how much fire magic he would need to use.
“Baz, I have another idea on how to warm me up.”
Baz wasn’t very focused on Snow’s expression.
“What is it?”
He felt Snow’s hand snake up his chest and into his hair. Baz realized what Snow was getting at. Giving up Baz nodded and let himself bask in Snow, his Snow.

Yamato’s breakdown — an analysis.

The interesting thing about Yamato’s arc in Digimon Adventure is that, despite of his lone wolf persona and his family’s sad situation, for the first two thirds of the series he seems to be okay

And in the Dark Masters arc he goes completely crazy.

What made Yamato snap at that moment in the story — probably the worst possible time to have an emotional breakdown and cause a fight within the team? What made Yamato go from “shy lone wolf who has some issues but worries about the group and is quite responsible” to “angry boy who turns against his friends, risking everyone’s lives in the process and then falls into a dark cave that feeds on his depressive thoughts?”

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relax people not you mer i know you are in this side,bellarke is happening this new character has 44 years old is not a LI for anyone but zeke we read the description of him is raven's male version,its for her she deserve it and clarke after 4x13 it is more than clear what new "LI" she will have JR said before s4 she will love gain and she did,now is bellarke time but it is not gonna be easy but next year is our year, ifeel that for more that the wind is on or favor all the proof that 1/2

it is coming(promo,nom,sizzle,the words their story,the famous rom director,the hints the praimfaya episode,the scripts) people still in the last season,man i dint see it they wrent ready it wasnt they time there was a lot of weght and shit between them,but now they are kind of new and more free and peace people older,mature ready for a serious and established relationship.2/2

You’re absolutely right, Nonny. It’s time for Bellarke. They’re ready for each other and we just have to keep watching. 

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Pairing - Hoseok x Reader

Genre - Murder AU

Word Count - 3k

Part 1/?

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four


A/n - Ohmygosh I don’t think I have ever been this excited about anything in a while. Prob said that about my last story. I might be making character profiles if it’s too many characters to keep up with. Anyways I hope you all enjoy this as much as I am!

Synopsis - When y/n’s husband is accused of murder she’s sure he’s innocent. But as detectives find clues that point to him as the perpetrator, will she stand for her husband or against him?

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We vowed to never talk about it. That it was an horrible mistake driven by pure lust. It would never happen again and we would never bring it up. It had been three months since I had found out. Three months since I felt the wide range of emotions I felt when I discovered it.

The first was shock, I was in extreme disbelief. I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t acknowledge it as the truth because I knew that once I did it would become real. Once it became real the pain would sink in.

Once I had finally accepted the fact my world began to fall apart. I began to question myself and my self esteem took a great hit. Was I not beautiful enough? Thin enough? Had my performance in bed decreased since marriage?

Once I was convinced that it wasn’t my fault I could repair myself. He told me that I was the best wife a man could ever ask for and that it would never happen again. So I started to piece myself, my marriage, back together. He told me everything, every illicit moment of his affair that I needed to know to move on and for him to regain my trust again. Once I was able to trust him and we could move back on with our lives we made a vow. We knew that it would be best for the both of us to never bring it up again, under any circumstances.

But now as my husband escorts two detectives out of our home and locks the door behind us.  And as he slowly turns around to face me, my face a pale color from shock and uncertainty, we knew. We knew that as hard as we had tried to bury that dark part in our relationship and as good as we had done at doing that, it was time. And as a pain radiated from my chest while I looked into his eyes filled with concern, I was certain. I knew it was time to talk about it.

The Night Before

Charity work, event coordinating and socialite. I was a glamorized party planner, or as least that’s what I felt like. See technically I was unemployed, there was no need for me to work considering the fact that my husband was the CEO and founder of a billion dollar company. But as much of my time that I spent with executives, heirs and heiress. As much time as I spent planning and planning and sitting down in meetings with caterers and venue managers, I knew that I was far from unemployed.

As tiring as the work could be and as much as my husband told me I should hire someone to handle the logistics, I knew I couldn’t. I was the type of person who felt as if I wasn’t actively involved in something, then It wouldn’t be done properly. Now as I look at the smile on my husband Hoseok’s face as he looks at me from on stage I knew that I had pleased him. He was giving me the loving smile, the one that I was accustomed to. The one that was only for me as I reciprocated the smile, knowing what was coming next.

“And lastly I’d like to thank the most important, amazingly caring, beautiful and loving person in my life. My lovely wife.” Hoseok stated maintaining eye contact. The crowd erupted with clapping, diverting their attention towards me. Hoseok continued to grin at me as he waited for the claps to die down. “If it wasn’t for her none of this would be possible. The fact that we were able to give over 1500 children schools to attend all in this one year. The fact that we were able to supply all three of those schools that were built with computer labs and libraries full of books, well that’s something admirable. My wife and I, with the help of your very generous donations were able to do this. She has spent so much time organizing events like this and I’m sure we all can appreciate that.”

Hoseok continued by returning his gaze back to the audience and letting them know that for every dollar donated for the rest of the night,  he and his business partner would be matching. He said his last thank you’s before finally walking off of the stage, he sights set on me.

After a few interruptions, mostly business men congratulating him on his successes, he was finally headed my way. I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked. Hair slicked back, finely tailored suit and absolutely adorable bow tie, which I had happened to pick out.

He finally reached me immediately wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me in closer to him and as onlookers watched,  he had no care in the world. “You look absolutely ravishing.” He said and then before releasing me from the hug bending down slightly to whisper “and I can’t wait to see how good you’ll look without that dress on under me tonight” and causing me to emit an uncontrollable giggle.

We stayed as long as we could at the event. Probably not long enough considering that this was our event, our charity. But we both were being called by the thought of spending an intimate night together, it had been far too long. Hoseok had been on a working trip for the weekend with his business partner and I had missed the feeling of his lips on my skin.

I laid in bed with him, absolutely delighted and refreshed after our exchange. He held me in his arms, kissing softly on my forehead. “I’ve been thinking. Maybe it’s time.” He said and I looked up at him immediately eyes wide in shock as I knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. We are established individuals we are madly in love and let’s face it, we aren’t getting any younger. The prospect of you carrying my child would make extremely happy. Do you want to do that for me?” He asked.

“Nothing in the world could bring me greater joy.” I said and he smiled before placing a shower of kisses on my lips.

As I closed my eyes that night, I thought deeply about my life. Conceiving a child with my husband was something I had only dreamed of from the day we met seven years ago, Hoseok had been adamant about his desire to not have kids and I had accepted that although secretly I desire to start a family.

His heart was changing and I felt like our marriage was the best that it had ever been. I felt like he was fully devoted to me and with him on my side I felt untouchable.

The Day Of

I had just gotten back from the doctor’s office, to get off of my birth control. I noticed a police car parked in the driveway of our mansion, and as I waited for my driver to open the car door for me, worry started to bubble forth in the pit of my stomach.

I walked into the house noticing that the officers quieted down when they saw me only giving me a soft “hello Ma'am” as I sat my purse down in the dining room. I then walked to where they were standing, positioning myself next to Hoseok as he looked at me sympathetically.

“What is going on?” I asked.

The officers look at me and then Hoseok as if they were uncertain as to weather or not they were allowed to tell me anything. “It’s okay officers, she knows about the affair.” He said causing me to immediately look up at him confusion and fear evident in my stare. He then escorted the police out of our home and turned around to face me.

“You’re worrying me. Is something wrong? I asked.

Hoseok sat down and motioned for me to join him by patting the seat next to him. I obliged, sitting next to him and then looking up at him still waiting for an answer.

“This is about Mina.” He finally said.

Mina. The women that he had an affair with. What could possible have happened to her that the police we’re showing up at our door to tell us about,  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know.

“What about her?” I asked finding myself unable to say that name. The name we vowed to never speak or think about ever again.

“She fell down two flights of stairs in her home last night, she’s dead y/n.” He said.

“Oh my goodness.” I said covering my mouth with my hand in shock. “That’s absolutely horrible.”

“I need to go see him.” Hoseok added as he rubbed my back.

“I know and I need to go with you.” I said.

“You don’t have to do that.” He replied moved by my gratitude.

“You know how close he and I are. We both need to be here for him right now.” I insisted.

“Yes you are right. Let me go cancel some of the meetings I had planned for today and I’ll be ready to go in about twenty minutes.” He said looking down at his watch.

I nodded in agreement and then walked up our winding staircase and made my way to our bedroom. I opened the door to our closet and for the first time in my life,  wished It wasn’t so huge. There was too many options. I felt like what I was wearing wasn’t necessarily appropriate for the situation at hand. But what do you wear to visit your grieving friend?

I guess friend wasn’t the right word to call Seokjin, he was more than that. We were both there for each other when we found out that our significant others were cheating on us, with one another.

In that time we were not only each other’s friends but psychiatrists. I could lean on him and he could do the same with me. We had built a bond so strong in that period of time that, friends, no it wasn’t enough to describe our relationship. He felt more like my family, my older brother and now I had to see him grieve over his wife, whom he had of course forgiven as well.

I finally decided on a dress and put it on, then walked into the bathroom and attempting to put on some light makeup. Finally Hoseok was ready to go and we sat in the backseat of our Rolls Royce as we were driven to his home.

The entire time I could only think about her, about Mina.


The girl who had momentarily taken my husband away from me even when she had her own. And although I was never close with her after I found out about her betrayal I couldn’t bring myself to hate her because he loved her.

Seokjin loved her so much. She was his everything. When he found out about the affair he was so hurt, maybe even more so than I. His college sweetheart had cheated on him with his business partner and best friend, but he still didn’t find fault in Mina.

Of course he was hurt and upset at first, but he was so in love with her that he blamed himself for her infidelity. Saying that he was too busy and that it was his fault for not being there for her fully. Yes, Seokjin was in love with her. And he spoke so highly of her it was impossible to hate her.

We finally arrived to their home. The gates were opened for us and we got out of the car and made our way up to his door. We rang the bell and were greeted by his housekeeper.

“He is not well, I have never seen him like this.” Were the words she stated in a slight whisper as we entered.

“Thank you for letting us know. Please have the chef prepare him something to eat.” Hoseok said.

“Of course Sir.” She said bowing to us as she took our jackets and hung them up.

Hoseok and I made our way up the stairs to find Seokjin. He was normally in his den when he was feeling down. At the bottom of the staircase we noticed the yellow warning tape and the chalk outline of where her body used to lay and my heart ached for him.

We finally found our way to to the den and Hoseok and I were greeted by Seokjin’s sobs as we walked into the room. He was sitting in his love-seat and the housekeeper was right. He was an absolute mess, not that I didn’t expect it, it was just hard to see.

He was still wearing the shirt he had worn under his suit last night, it was now unbuttoned and his tie was loosely around his neck. His hair was a disheveled mess and he was staring into a glass of what appeared to be whiskey as he cried.

“Hyung, we are here.” Hoseok said making our presence known.

Seokjin looked up at us and immediately placed the glass down rising from his seat.

“Oh thank god, I really need emotional support right now.” He said as he extended his arms to hug Hoseok and then finally turned his attention towards me.

“Y/n thank you so much for coming with him.” He said hugging me.

“Of course oppa, I am so sorry that this is happening to you.” I said.

“It just doesn’t feel real. I was the one to find her last night, after the event. She must have fallen because she was rushing trying to make it there. I feel horrible, If it wasn’t for me asking her to be there than none of this would have happened.” He said.

“You can not blame yourself for this horrible accident that happened.” Hoseok said.

“She was wearing the dress and the shoes that I had bought her to wear last night. I bought her!” He cried out.

I sat down next to Seokjin wrapping my arms around him and letting him cry on my shoulder. I looked up at Hoseok, he was not very good at comforting people at times like this, bless his heart.

“I’m going to go check on his food.” He mouthed and exited the room. Seokjin stayed in that position for a while longer before pulling away to look at me.

“You know when we walked in on the two of them, in my bed, I- I thought I could never forgive her. But I did, I forgave her and I loved her and I cared for her. She was my everything and now shes gone. I just hope she knew how much I loved her.” He said.

“Oh oppa, I’m certain that she knew.” I said taking a napkin and wiping away at Seokjin’s tear streaked face. It was hurting me to see him like this.

Moments later Hoseok returned with food for Seokjin. He sat the food on the table and sat in the chair across from us.

A little while later we heard the doorbell ring. We assumed it was one of Seokjin’s acquaintances. But as they entered the den none of us were familiar with them.

“Hello, my name is Kim Namjoon and this is my partner Kim Taehyung. We are the leading detectives that have been assigned to your wife’s death, I’m so sorry about your lost Mr. Kim.” He said.

Seokjin extended his hand out shaking the detective’s and then introduced the two of us. “This is my best friend and business partner Jung Hoseok and his wife y/n.”

“I’m glad to find you all three together as this case has gotten a bit more complicated.” Namjoon stated.

At this point we were all standing, concerned looks washed over our faces. “What’s going on detective?” He asked.

“Mr. Kim, I’m sorry to inform you but we just got the coroner’s report back and your wife was around three months pregnant when she died.”

“Oh god no.” Seokjin said falling back into the chair and crying once again.

“She was pregnant with my child? I had no idea. She didn’t even look any bigger.” He cried out.

“It is very possible that she didn’t know either, we are sorry you had to find out this way. But we want you to know that we are taking your wife’s murder investigation seriously and that we - ”

“M - murder? My wife wasn’t murdered. She fell down two flights of stairs last night.” Seokjin added.

“Based off of the autopsy there was clear evidence of blunt force trauma at the back of her skull. Mr. Kim this is now a murder investigation.”

With those words we were completely paralyzed with shock. Who would want to kill Mina? Who could have done it and why?

We didn’t have answers to any of those questions at the time but the three of us knew that once we found out the answers our lives would never be the same.


When to bring up the topic of sugar?

A sugar relationship could be whatever two people can agree on as long as the sugar brings “value” to both parties. As to when to bring this up, we don’t think there is anything wrong with asking about sugar early in the process by either the SD or SB.

Most of us SB’s agree that parameters and expectations should be discussed and confirmed BEFORE meeting for the first time, by email, texts or phone conversations. You don’t want to have conversations about allowances, and expectations when meeting face to face whilst trying to get to know if you have a genuine connection to want to actually proceed to a relationship.

Unlike normal dating, you shouldn’t leave things open ended and see what happens, otherwise the process could drag on without any tangible results.

If there is no travel involved, maybe you can discuss sugar when you meet in person. But if there is travel involved, then you should have a clear understanding of what each other’s expectations are before making travel arrangements.

We understand some people may misrepresent themselves, so there is an issue of trust and respect as well. Do you think the Pot you’re talking to can be trusted and has respect for you? Does the SB have a genuine interest in her potential SD? That’s a judgment call each person will have to decide for themselves.
Allowance Guidelines

SB’s need to be realistic about what is a reasonable allowance to ask a potential SD to consider, that will also take into account her expenses and location.

SD’s need to be able to plan to have an SB in their life, and be fiscally reliable in that relationship too.
This is a lifestyle choice and is NOT for everyone.

Different people have different lifestyle needs, especially geographically where the rents/expenses are higher than other towns and cities.
SB’s should include travel costs to meet their SD’s when discussing an allowance.

$10K/$20K a month SD’s are rare but they do exist. However they are all about looking to building trust with their SB’s first. As a new SB, don’t think that a millionaire SD will land in your lap!

Allowance concepts and levels range widely, however, if an SD is seeking a great Sugar Baby and wants the best of those ladies who are extremely selective to meeting the right kind of Sugar Daddy they want to engage with because they seek a connection that matters to them.
A high-class Sugar baby can offer her partner a genuine connection, be articulate, always well dressed and classy, beautiful and intelligent and most important of all - not desperate to land anyone who can just pay their bills and not care about anything else their SD can offer intellectually and emotionally.

(Please note this is based on general experience of the SB’s polled on our site and on social networking sites and are a guide ONLY)

Minimum Expectation: $1,500 - $2K per meeting = appears to be the minimum amount an SD will be spending on an SB he is serious about establishing the relationship with or for those starting out or dipping into the lifestyle.
This amount decided by both parties, say for example $2K is usually paid for a per meet (once or twice a month) basis, for some of the girls here, they said that that would entail between approx. 3-5hrs r espectively in an afternoon or evening with their SD, until the relationship is established due to difficulties in deciding what both parties foresee in the future of the arrangement or until the relationship is settled down to its natural course, as all new relationships eventually do.

What tends to happen in this scenario is that both parties review the situation after a few months or if they are happy with the arrangement, just continue as they are. Some people skip this level of allowance of a per meet basis and go straight into a monthly arrangement. Normally this suits the SD’s that have determined their financial reliability to commit to a monthly arrangement on an ongoing basis.

The following levels are usually set up for most established men who can afford to provide a more serious investment in their sugar Baby on a monthly basis - especially if she is exclusive to him and a monthly commitment (normally paid in advance or half at the beginning of the month and half mid-way or at the end of the month)

$3.5K - $5K = appears to be the average amount spent on an SB in the USA for a more serious relationship and most couples don’t appear to have a specific limit to the number of times they meet. It just tends to be more spontaneous and when it’s mutually convenient. Some new couples use this amount too when they wish to engage in a monthly arrangement and not a per meet arrangement.

$5K - $10K= appears to be the average amount spent on an SB in the major cities and for those SD’s who have seriously decided to get into the lifestyle with one special SB over a longer period. For some of us ladies who are in this realm who have been with one SD for some length of time, explain that it’s a natural progression to discuss an increase in allowance levels when both parties realize they only want to see each other and come out of the “sugar bowl”.

$10K - $20K= Established/older SD’s seem to spend on an SB in the USA for a kept SB or Mistress. This amount would include costs for housing, cars, expenses etc. as well as cash.

$20K plus = Yeah, he can afford it! He is the ultimate SD where money is no object and he wants only the best SB he can find. Usually at this level, the relationship is on an exclusive basis.

These arrangements can be paid monthly or per meet (example: if your SD can only see you twice a year or once a month etc.), depending on what makes you both comfortable. It is very important that the SD stays committed to the agreed amount and is reliable in providing the allowance to the SB on the agreed date and for the agreed amount without being prompted or asked for it by his SB. Methods of how the allowance is given to the SB differs with every relationship and should be discussed so as not to cause any discomfort or embarrassment.

From our own poll on this question, most of us SB’s prefer their allowance in cash inside an envelope or inside a card or thoughtful note and given to them in a discreet manner.

Also an important point; should the SD cancel or change his dates, the allowance should STILL be payable to the SB.
She has committed her time to making time to get ready, adjust her schedule for a meeting and is relying on you to provide a regular and ongoing arrangement.
SD’s should discuss what happens with the allowance should he cancel a meet or needs to change the parameters.

Also there are SD’s that are allowance daddy’s only or gift daddy’s only or a combination of both. Some established SB’s keep a wish list of items for their friends and SD’s to purchase gifts from when he feels so inclined.

It’s up to the SB to be assertive and ASK for what she wants. You can always negotiate or agree to review every couple of months to see how you both feel about any increases or changes.

Some SD’s bring a small gift on the first date, (hey some of us love flowers too) but most SB’s will not insist that they do. However if an SB has to travel, it is expected that the SD will cover all her costs for the first date.

NOTE to both SD’s and SB’s - once you’ve agreed the arrangement, don’t start changing things half way through the relationship unless it’s mutually agreed. It can destroy the trust and shorten the relationship.Other Expectations

Points to also discuss is expectations of intimacy by BOTH parties.
Some SD’s are not seeking this and just wish to have a lovely intelligent companion. Other SD’s expect intimacy at some point and you must both be open and honest about your feelings on thsi subject for it to work. If you are likely to become intimate, be sure to discuss your views about safe sex. A healthy and safe sex life is important.

How often you expect to meet is something to also discuss. Obviously nothing is set is stone, so a general idea to get a feel for what the expectations are in terms of mutual availability.

Neutral location/ his or her place?
Discretion is important to most experienced SB’s and to most married SD’s so the Pot/SD should suggest a nice, comfortable and safe location for both parties to enjoy their time together.

Communication between meets is a debateable subject here. Some younger SB’s loathe the idea of being constantly in communication with their SD’s. The older or more experienced SB’s want a genuine ongoing connection and encourage communication between meets with their SD’s.

The key to this lifestyle is to always be open, honest and respectful of the parameters set between both parties at ALL times. Obsessive, jealous behavior or not keeping promises or sticking to the terms of the arrangement is destructive in this lifestyle. Also, leave the drama and baggage at home. This is supposed to be a fun time for both of you and not a nightmare!

Good Luck to all you SB’s in the Sugar Bowl!

Man, I know that Shiro and Allura have kind of been adopted as the space parents of Voltron, but god I really want them to have an awkward, over the top, cheesy, young love, messy whirlwind romance kind of start to their relationship. 

I’m talking like, frantic and sorta sloppy makeout sessions in a closet that they hid in when they heard someone coming down the hall. Why did they hide? Everyone knows they’re together? They weren’t even doing anything more than walking down the hall holding hands? Who knows, but Allura drags him into the closet and she’s giggling like a maniac and Shiro joins in even though neither of them know what they’re laughing at. They laugh against each other’s lips when they start making out, and it’s a fucking mess. They end up on the floor in a tangle of limbs. It’s dark. They’re giggling at nothing. When they walk out of the closet ten minutes later, Allura’s hair is a mess and Shiro has hickeys on his neck and collarbone. 

I want the two of them going on a shitty first date. Like they take a day and go to some planet that she remembers being beautiful from her childhood, but they get there and it turns out it’s the rainy season! The rain is not rain, it smells horrible and stains their clothes. They don’t want to go back to the castle and cut the day short, so they peel their clothes off and spend the day in their underwear in their little ship. They sit in each other’s laps and tell each other embarrassing stories about their childhood, get each other off, nap, go home. It’s technically a horrible date but they have an amazing time. It was just fun.

The two of them secretly holding hands under the table and teasing each other by suggestively touching the inside of the other’s thigh, and then having to bite back a laugh at their reaction. I want them to have stupid, ridiculous and raucous arguments that are essentially about nothing, and for them to tearfully make up even though they can hardly remember why they were mad? Who cares, they’re making out again. The team is sick of walking in on them making out. The team has to make rules. They consider an intervention for a bit, but then they figure that they aren’t hurting anyone, and they’re just glad the two of them are happy.

Them teasing each other relentlessly! Snarking at each other! Remember in episode ten when Shiro sassed her for firing her weapon the wrong way? More of that please. Teasing and playfully giving each other a hard time, please and thank you. 

I mean, I want them to have a serious, well established relationship too, like I really do. I want to see them fall in love and have tender moments together, moments where they have to be responsible and it’s not always easy. However, I’ve seen so much content where their relationship is built on them looking after the rest of the team, which is cool, I’m not saying that’s bad at all… but I also really want to see them having fun together. I want to see them being young and carefree and in love, being stupid and making stupid choices but it all turning out okay in the end. I want them to be giddy with how hard and fast they’re falling for each other, to the point where they hardly feel like themselves, but they are themselves. They’re just happy. Maybe they almost forgot what that feels like, but they remind themselves by touching and kissing and drinking each other in. This is what it’s like to be happy.

They just have so much baggage and responsibility weighing down on them all the time… I’d love to see them be able to loosen up and find peace with each other. They really, really deserve it.

hey remember that one time at the very end of echoes, you got to go to archanea and dig your way to an dungeon but you kinda like, had only one shot through it? yeah fuck that map but anyway if you’ve ever thought about writing with the one guy who was mentioned like a total of 10 times in that one dungeon, this is a blog for forneus, grima’s fucking dad. i’m serious. i established a goddamn backstory and canon for him. that’s just the kind of person i ended up being, despite my parents’ best efforts.

like / rt if you wanna fuck it up with robin’s previous incarnation.