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Daddy Tip #3

As an experienced daddy dom I’ve had the chance to get close to quite a few littles, and unfortunately have heard a lot of examples of ways they should NOT have ever been treated from past daddies.

The Dd/lg bond is a very special one that needs to be handled differently than most relationships. Many littles are quite sensitive and the small things you do (or don’t do) can have a very big impact on their feelings. The best daddies will do everything they can to lift their littles up wherever they can (and I don’t just mean physically!) so I wanted to put this out there and share my experiences with others.

In this series I cover many tips I think that every daddy should know, and it’d also be great if other daddies could share theirs with me as well. Some of the things I share might seem obvious, but this is only a sign that you’re likely already a pretty good daddy yourself.

Littles are also encouraged to share these tips with their daddies or simply reblog them to spread more awareness, hopefully resulting in more happy littles and couples!

Finally, regardless of the pronouns and titles I use, most of these tips will apply to all Cg/L relationships.

So without further ado, here’s tip #3:

Daddy Tip #3: Don’t Be Too Serious

Being a dom doesn’t mean you need to be serious or stern all the time. In fact, taking this too far can have the opposite effect, making your little feel like you don’t understand them or their needs.

Remember how big of a factor age regression is for littles. If you aren’t willing to get a little silly, a little fun and even in some cases a little bit childish yourself, it’s harder to connect with that side of them they value so much.

I do believe there is such a thing as “Daddy space” where this becomes easier and more natural, but you have to allow yourself to get into it. And it starts by putting your ego to the side.

Yes, I’ve at times felt silly using baby talk when feeding my little, paranoid I’d pocket dial someone and they’d hear me.

Yes, I’ve felt sensitive and soft and emotional when singing Disney songs to my little as she’d fall asleep.

Yes, I had to straight up act many times when I was starting out because Daddying felt a little awkward and didn’t come naturally at first.

But true Daddying feels good, and like it does for your little, it helps you escape the stresses and dramas of life. You just have to allow yourself to get into this mindset.

This is about you and your little. Fuck what anyone else may think about the way you’re acting (they’re likely never going to find out anyway.) If it makes your little happy (and it likely will) that should be all that matters. Keep that in mind, and everything will become easier for you.


Daily dose of Misha

Misha and shat wine tasting 10-06-2014

First we have Misha trying to look like a super villain with all that serious look and the Dom!Misha eyebrow, and then the sunshine.

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it upsets me that a lot of fans are completely nitpicking every word that some of these hgs say just so they have a reason to hate them.

exhibit a: when fans twisted christmas’s comment about “shoving my cast up your a**” to be about dom when she was clearly jokingly directing that towards paul, since he carelessly caused her to slip and fall not long beforehand.

some of these people really aren’t as bad of people as we try to make them out to be.

The Inception cast as Avengers for @skywokers

Too much thought was put into this and I’m still laughing @Eames as Black Widow.

Requests for @inceptiversary are still open!

~When Their Girl is Kinky~

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Jin: When you come forward about your fantasies and kinks, Jin is going to put back. Not really in a bad way, but just shocked. Jin is going to want to know more about your kinks and what you like, but he is also gonna want to talk about boundaries. Then he would like to slowly work in to kinkier sex. He isn’t going to want it all the time. Sometimes he wants to just make love.

Yoongi: He loves to be kinky and this is going to make him happy to have a girl that likes a little edge. But he is not going to want to be kinky every night. Yoongi is a switch not just in roles, but also the kind of sex he wants. Sometimes he has low energy and wants to just cuddle in the bed. 

Hoseok: Hobi is going to feel on top of the world having a girl who is kinky as fuck. Just sitting next to her around friends, he is going to smirk at how innocent she is acting. He is going to joke around with some kinks and he doesn’t like sex to be too serious so the whole dom and sub thing isn’t his. But he would deff like some hardcore sex that doesn’t include things that are like bdsm.

Namjoon: This is going to excite him completely. He never grows tired of hardcore sex. Namjoon is going to fight your for dominance and make sure you kneel for him. But aside from sex, he is going to be curious about your kinks and what you like. 

Jimin: Jimin is going to become beat red and start giggling like mad when you tell him about some of his kinks. He isn’t going to take them serious at first, but when you guys go to have sex and you begin to be rough, he is going to be so turned up and let you do what you wanted to him. 

Taehyung: He loves to act a bit kinky during sex and Tae is going to want to know more about what you love and hate. He is gonna want to explore all your kinks and fantasies. But don’t expect him to be a serious sub or dom because he is going to break down laughing.

Jungkook: This is going to make him a bit cautious at first, but then he is going to be completely turned on by the idea. You are going to have to take the lead in exploring different kinks and fetishes. There are going to be times he is gonna be curious and want to ask questions. 


prompt: “phan smut ideas welllll we need more really serious dom/sub like full on name calling and daddy kink and toys and shit…. preferably top!phil but either one can be dominant” I had writers block trying to think of a well written fic for this prompt until Gorilla by Bruno Mars started playing on my playlist hence the title.

WARNINGS: name calling, a li’l bit of daddy kink, a bit of teasing, blow jobs, also I decided to go a little bit crazy a little bit wild and have Dan wearing a maid costume, cute panties, cute stockings, because eh not enough of that. Also top!phil


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Countdown to Bernie’s return - One post per day

The only credit I can take for today’s post is the cover art, the rest is all down to the wonderful @moandkatelive!

Thank you for sharing this brilliant piece with the fandom and for being generous enough to join in this countdown which only has 2 days to go shut up I’m not squealing you’re squealing!!!! And shout out to @cinemastill who wanted drunk!Bernie, but I mean, who doesn’t, amiright?!!

All By Myself

In hindsight, Bernie was willing to grudgingly admit that she probably shouldn’t have answered Dom’s text. Her only excuse was that he’d caught her at a weak moment; forty-five minutes before the end of another torturous shift working with Serena Campbell.

Since Bernie’s return, the woman had been maddeningly professional and yet had rebuffed all of Bernie’s attempts to talk about anything other than patient care or the trauma unit. Granted, Bernie’s half-hearted overtures to start any type of conversation of a personal nature usually began with her mumbling “Um, Serena…” while staring at the floor and wringing her hands.

The old Serena would have waited patiently, silently encouraged, and given Bernie room to make some sort of stumbling start. Bernie had quickly realized that this new Serena, a Serena who had taken to sashaying around in blouses that revealed cleavage instead of disguising it, a Serena who had somehow cultivated the art of never being in their shared office for more than ten minutes at a time, this new and foreign Serena apparently had little to no interest in
anything, she, Bernie might want to talk about if it didn’t involve cutting someone open or sewing them back up again.

And yet she stared.

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