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If You Think Blackface in Cosplay is Okay, Unfollow Me Immediately

I was on Facebook earlier and I just saw a serious shitstorm of black cosplayers trying to explain why doing blackface is wrong and nothing but priviliged white people are defending it. It’s literally this simple. Don’t paint yourself a darker skin tone and then pass it off as cosplay. You’re a racist asshole. Period. It’s one thing if you’re a cosplayer who blackfaced and realize that what you did was wrong, did research and educated yourself on why it’s wrong, listened to black people about why blackface is so offensive to them and promise not to do it again and promise to call out those who do blackface. It’s a racist and shitty thing to do if you’re a cosplayer who knows what blackface is, continues to do it and doesn’t give a shit about black people. This is why the cosplay community is full of shit. Ya’ll keep saying to cosplay characters within your own race, but fail to understand that about 98% of anime characters are JAPANESE. MEANING THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO COSPLAY PEOPLE WHO AREN’T ANIME CHARACTERS WHATSOEVER. Ya’ll kill me with this bullshit!

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I was looking at your FAQ and it says your age is 7??? And based of the fact that you seem to be a serious cosplayer and have a fiancé I'm gonna guess that's not right? But I'm not sure so?????

7 is based on the years I have been “Nipah” it’s been a sorta inside joke with some of my fans for many years.


got 99 filters but subtle ain’t even one of them tbh

pics by @cheerfulhitsuji <3 

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My cosplays for Fanime 2015 (minus the Party Rock glasses), although I’m not sure what day I’ll be wearing what. Hit me up if you wanna hang.