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I Would Never Regret Meeting You

||| Anon asked: hi can you possibly make a mark from nct mafia au, like a scenario(: |||

Mark Lee x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff

Word count: 1,091

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“Aren’t you too young to be working as a barista?”

“Aren’t you too old to pretend that your studying in a coffee shop just to look cool.” he retorted.

“Excuse me.” you tried making an offended face. “I’m only one year older than you.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you’re not really studying.” he laughed.

But he was right, lately you have been coming here only to see him. He was new here and way younger compared to other employees. You found this boy incredibly cute and he kept distracting you, so now you don’t even try to study when it’s his shift. You two kept teasing each other but he actually never gave you a valid answer as to why he’s here and where he came from. When all the customers were served he leaned down next to your ear.

“You really want to know why I work here.” he asked, this time with a serious face. You just gulped. You have never seen him this focused before.

“Yes.” you finally spoke.

“This is all just a cover up for my mission, I’m actually in the mafia.” he said.

You looked at him for few seconds and then started laughing.

“And here I thought you were going to be serious for once.” you said punching him in the shoulder.

It seems he was content with your response.

“No need to attack me like that.” he chuckled, massaging the place you just hit.

“Yeah, yeah. Can you now let me focus for once?”

“Fine. Have your way princess.” he bowed down and went to the counter. “Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” he mumbled.

“What’s that?”

“I said I think you have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.”

You just blushed and quickly turned around.

“What’s up with him today? He’s not acting like himself.” you thought to yourself.


After that day you haven’t seen much of him. You were coming to the shop every single day but he was nowhere to be found and your mood would go down every time he wasn’t there but you tried to convince yourself it’s not because of him. One morning you were going to the coffee shop again when you saw him exiting the building.

“Mark!” you shouted running up to him. “Where were you these past two weeks? I was beginning to worry.” you started when you noticed he wasn’t wearing his work clothes and he had bruises on his face and hands, like he was in a fight or something.

“Oh my God! What happened?” you asked taking his hand.

“None of your business.” he said, roughly pulling it out of your grasp.

“Are you serious?” you couldn’t believe how he was acting. “Why are you being a jerk? I was thinking and worrying about you all this time and that’s all you can say to me?”

“I never asked you to.”

That was it. You couldn’t look at him right now.

“Fine, if that’s how you want it to be.” you shoved him aside and went into the shop. You turned around and your eyes met. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking. You stared at each other seemingly for ages but it was only a few seconds when he finally averted his gaze and walked away.

“What’s up with him today?” you asked the other employees.

“Didn’t you hear? I thought you two were pretty close. He quit.”

“What?!” you shouted standing up from the chair and running outside. You don’t know anything else about him nor his last name, nor his number. It can’t end like this. But he was nowhere to be seen.

“Shit.” you went back inside and ordered a coffee. You sat at a table in one of the corners and tried to focus on the things you had to do but kept spacing out most of the time, thinking about what happened.

“We’re closing.” one employee said.

“Ah sorry.”

“Are you okay? You were sitting here all day doing nothing and just staring ahead of you.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” you quickly gathered your things and stepped outside. It was already dark and pretty cold. You never stayed here for this long. You were heading in the direction of your home when someone put his hand on your mouth and dragged you into a nearby alley. The person then slammed you into the wall.

“If you make any kind of noise, I will kill you just now and here, understand?” and you just nodded.

“What a nice catch but I could never understand why you would get yourself involved with the likes of Mark.” at the mention of his name your eyes widened.

“Ooh so you really do know him. Now be a good girl and tell me everything. We have seen you two together for a while now, so you must have some valuable information.” he said pulling his knife out.

“Please, I don’t know anything!”

“Everyone says that. You better reconsider your position and start speaking.” he said slicing the skin down your collarbone.

The feeling of the cold metal was terrifying and painful but you bit down on your lip and tried to endure. The man kept asking you the same questions over and over and he cut you when you didn’t provide the correct answer when all of a sudden you heard a gunshot and the man slumped in front of you, whining in pain. You looked up and saw Mark with his gun pointed at him.

“Scram you piece of shit. I’m only letting you live so you could tell your boss that NCT will not tolerate this. I will be coming after his and your head personally.”

“You again! I will remember this.” he told him and disappeared into the night.

You still couldn’t believe what just happened, it was all too much so the tears finally started falling.

“Are you okay?” he came up to you and checked your wounds. “That bastard.”

“Thank you.” you whispered. You were trembling so he quickly pulled you into his arms.

“I didn’t want you to see me like this.” he nuzzled his head in your neck.

“I’m sorry, I should have come sooner, I shouldn’t have been so rude this morning, I shouldn’t have talked to you in the first place… I’m sorry for everything.” he said tightening the hug.

“It’s okay.” you uttered. 

“This may sound selfish of me but even when it led to this, I would never regret meeting you.” he told you.

A/N: Ahhh it’s been a while since I have written a full mafia scenario even though I love them. Not that I don’t enjoy doing them but I should catch up with all of the requests sooner so I could focus on the 2nd part of rumors… 😂

Promise ● I.M

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Pairing: I.M x Reader

Warnings: None

Requested by: Anonymous

Word count: 1129



You had always liked the nightlife in Seoul. Even walking around after 11pm you would see people eating in restaurants, drinking coffee or alcohol, or doing some late night shopping–it made you feel alive and happy to look at all the lights around (even if they were just ads for chicken shops or pizza). This wasn’t the only reason you had agreed to meet Jinyoung this late; you knew that, due to his ridiculously packed schedule with his group, GOT7, he probably wouldn’t have time at any other point in the day.

You had met Jinyoung backstage at one of the shows your boyfriend, Changkyun, had been performing on with his band. There were long waits in between for both you and the idols, and while Changkyun had been recording a stage Jinyoung had sat down and asked why you were there. You had become quick friends, talking about things from traveling the world to which books you had read recently. He was happy to hear the side of someone dating an idol, too, rather than someone who was one.

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After School Special Part 2/?

Summary: In an alternate universe where Jughead greases his hair more than Danny Zuko and Betty Cooper gives Sandy Olsson a run for her money at being the nicest girl in town. (No Danny Zuko and Sandy do make an appearance in this fic). Set in the early 1960s at Riverdale High. Slow burn leads to rapid fire (all the bughead smut you can imagine)

And here it is! the second installment of the After School Special series.

Thank you all for the wonderful feedback! 71 notes on my first real Bughead fic? Thats awesome! It made writing this next part so much easier. Now, I’ve never tagged before so here goes nothing:

@thejugheadshow @xobughead

If anyone else would like a tag to this please let me know. Enjoy!

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Snowbaz Swimming Au

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


yoooo i think this might be the longest chapter yet, and I started planning the other ones. i want to finish some more and queue them or something idk

baz pov again

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My entry for @ladies-of-hannibal week! 


Alana applied the final touches on her red lipstick, smoothed her hands over her suit pants, and smiled as Margot appeared in the view of the mirror. The breeze from outside ruffled the curtains over the large bathroom window bringing with it the smell of rainwater and lilac.

 “Good morning, babe.” Margot’s usually serious face smiled her special, sly smile that she reserved just for Alana.

 “Good morning.” Alana replied, grinning back, taken aback by the beauty and poise of her girlfriend yet again, at her controlled face that hid a depth and strength that few had bothered to learn about.

 The black silk of Margot’s robe slid across Alana’s bare upper arms as Margot draped her arms across Alana’s shoulders. The gentle, sensual feeling made Alana’s skin tingle.

 “Busy day at work today?” Margot’s voice was formal, almost uptight. She was still adjusting to the normalcy of a relationship like theirs. To be fair, so was Alana.

 Alana chuckled. “That’s a bit of an understatement. Never a dull moment at the BSHCI.” A myriad of memories passed through her mind, thoughts that she was sure Margot was replaying as well. There was still a lot of healing left to be done. But having Margot there to share their wounds, treat each other softly, and take each other seriously was definitely helping progress come a little easier.

 “What are your plans for the day? The architect is coming today right?” Alana rested a hand on top of  Margot’s and threaded their fingers together.

 “Yes, I should start getting ready. I want to make a good impression and start moving these plans forward.” Margot said in that calm, restricted voice of hers, a voice that hid her capabilities and emotions. She was pretty as the finest jewels and most delicate flowers, but she could strike like a viper if needed which was just one of the many things Alana admired about her. The year they had spent together had shown her even more of Margot’s depths including her vast ability for compassion and empathy.

 “I’m positive it will go well. You’re smart, and you’ve got good intuition. Your vision for this place is impressive.” Alana kissed Margot briefly before getting up and searching through the closet for her suit jacket.

 After they killed Mason, Margot was left to rediscover who she was and what she really wanted. Money wasn’t a factor. But having the ability to focus her energy on something other than survival was a welcome new development. Her focus had turned to rebuilding and making amends. Her passion getting rid of the cruelty and death that had permeated and defiled Muskrat Farms and all connected to it.

 Margot slipped out of her robe and underwear as she turned on the shower. Alana watched her out of the corner of her eye. Even in the simplest, every day movements she reminded her of an assassin, such deadly grace. The cogs of Margot’s mind always working, analyzing, thinking through her next step.

 While sifting through the hangers, Margot pressed up behind her again, resting her hands on Alana’s breasts.

 “That’s not fair. You’re going to make me late.”

 “Be late, then. You’re in charge. They can wait for you. You’re the boss.” Margot’s voice was hot and low in her ear.

 Alana shifted until they were face to face, her hand moving up the curve of Margot’s waist to rest on her naked breast. Margot’s thin fingers quickly undid the vest Alana had just put on. They kissed slowly at first.

 Placing her hand between Margot’s legs, Alana smirked at the soft moan she elicited from Margot’s lips.

 “You know I can’t resist…” Alana’s words trailed off, subsumed into the breathlessness of fervently moving lips and tongues.


Request: A Bucky x Reader based on Toothbrush by DNCE

Word Count: 1,157

Warnings: None.

A/N: Hope you all like this quick oneshot! Let me know!

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Twirling the toothbrush pack in your hand, you tossed it into the shopping basket and smiled to yourself. Buying two toothbrushes for the price of one was a deal. It wasn’t like you were purposely buying one for Bucky because his was already old and worn out.

It’s not like you knew much about Bucky. Hell, you had only slept with each other a few times. You knew about his toothbrush because sometimes he brushed his teeth in your bathroom the morning after and he’d forget it there. He’d eventually retrieve it but the brush eventually found itself back in your bathroom once again because you and Bucky just happened to end up in each other’s arms. Just happened. Nothing else.

You rounded about the corner and sidled up next to Nat, staring at the assortment of cookies before her. “Can’t choose?”

Nat side-eyed you before smiling. “Don’t judge. This is a very tough decision. Cookies are serious business.”

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Planet Earth: Chapter Five - The deadly Fog

This is Chapter Five of Planet Earth, read Chapter One, Chapter Two , Chapter Three and Chapter Four first!


Your name: submit What is this?

“AHHHHH!” You screamed as you opened your eyes and couldn’t breathe. 

It was the middle of the night, you had a nightmare and your wounds did still hurt. You heard that someone came upstairs as you tried to breathe normal again.. 

“Y/N, you’re okay, it’s all good.” Murphy said and ran over to you. He held you in his arms as you tried sit up. “Psssht, breathe..” Murphy said and tried to calm you down.

You were the only one on level 3 in the dropship, Clarke wanted you to be alone so you could rest.

Murphy recognized that you started to breathe normal again, “Shall I look for Finn?” he asked as you took his hand, you wanted to know if he’s real.

“No, don’t let me alone.. please.” You said and tried not to cry.

“I won’t” He smiled. “Nightmare?”

“I don’t know, I think it was a memory.” You said and looked in Murphy’s eyes. “They don’t speak English and they have tattoos and weapons-” You stopped and thought about your pain in your stomach when they took you. “They wanted to kill me.” You said and Murphy hold you tighter when he noticed that you got afraid again.

“It’s okay, they didn’t kill you and they won’t hurt you anymore.” Murphy said with a calm voice. “Sleep now, I’ll take the guard tonight and make sure that no one is coming up here okay?” You nodded and Murphy went downstairs.


The next morning on the Ark:

“Did someone call for a Mechanic?” Raven asked into a microphone, as she stood in front of an old door.

The door opened and Raven stepped in.
couldn’t see anyone at first but then Abby Griffin came behind a corner and Raven tried to run away. The door closed before she could get out. Raven was afraid, because she knew who Abby Griffin was and she knew that Abby had known that she has helped you to get to Finn.

“Let me out!” Raven said angry. “Wanna float me now? Do it.”

“No Raven, I need you.” Abby said with a calm voice and walked around a corner, Raven followed her. “I need you to repair that.” Abby said and crossed her arms.

It was an old Exodus ship, a very old one. Raven couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw it. At first Raven smiled as she saw the ship. She thought about seeing Finn and you again but she didn’t trust Abby, so she stopped smiling.

“Why?” Raven asked and crossed her arms too. “You already send my family on the ground to die. Why should I do anything for you?”

“Because you want to see them again. Y/N and Finn right? I want to see my daughter as well and I now you heard what I said to Jackson yesterday.” Abby said with a short smile why Raven looked very confused. “I know that Y/N and you spied me for 6 months, I know what she wanted to do. Self-defense training after 3 people got into the prison? Not one attempt killing Kane? She planned something.”

“And why did you let that happen?” Raven asked and walked closer to Abby.

“Y/N’s trainer told me how good she was, I needed her. The 100 need her, without Y/N they won’t survive. My daughter won’t survive.” Abby said with her head down. “But now Jaha is the opinion that the earth isn’t survivable, the transmission bands say that they’re dying and I need to see it myself. I know that the earth is survivable and I can’t go into the-”

“Yes I know, the kicked you out of the big bad business after you saved Kane.” Raven said still with crossed arms. “I’ll help you but I’ll come with you.” She said serious and Abby nodded.


The next morning on the Ground:

As you woke up, you heard loud noises and wanted to see what was going on outside. You walked down the stairs so careful as you could because Clarke would kill you, if your wounds would open again. When you finally got into level 1, you saw your cousin Finn and your best friend Monty, sleeping on the floor with a knife next to Finn. You smiled and walked outside. As you came out, you breathed the warm air and felt the sun on your face. You saw that everyone worked to build a wall around the dropship.

“What are you doing here? Clarke said you should rest!” Octavia asked as she saw you walking around. “Are you okay?” She smiled to you.

“I’m fine.” You smiled and Clarke came to you. “What are they doing? And what’s going on between you and Atom? Jasper mentioned something last night, where is he by the way?”

“Y/N-” Clarke started.

“I’m fine, see?” You said and you lifted your shirt a bit so Clarke could see that your wounds started to heal. “Is this a tree?” You asked confused as you saw Murphy and another guy carrying a tree in a corner.

“That’s not what I meant.” Clarke said and Bellamy came next to her as he saw you.

“You need to tell us everything you know about the Grounders and why your stomach and wounds heal so fast.” Bellamy looked serious and crossed his arms.

Now a lot of people where around you, they were staring at you. After this horror day you had yesterday, no one thought you could actually survive the night.

“And I thought you stopped being a dick.” You said annoyed. “I don’t know okay? They gave me some red plants and I should eat them. I couldn’t asked them for you, Bellamy.. I was to busy with screaming because I had a hole in my stomach. And after they helped my they cut me again and hang me on a tree just with a bra.” You said pissed and walked away from them.

“Y/N wait.” Bellamy said.

“Well big brother, you always know how to deal with a girl.” Octavia said and started to help, building the wall.


Bellamy saw that you wanted to go into the woods, he followed you and wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t run away.

“Where did she go?” Bellamy asked himself as he stood in the middle of nowhere. “She was right here..?”

You were hiding behind a tree and when Bellamy passed by and didn’t saw you, you had pulled his feet so that he fell on the ground. 

“I don’t need a Babysitter.” You said serious and held your arm.. One of your wounds started to hurt again. “I can defend myself and I can hunt alone. I’m not your sister.”

Bellamy laughed and pulled you feet too, so that you felt on him. He turned you on your back and held your arms on the ground.

“Then don’t act like her.” Bellamy laughed. “You’re not so good as Jasper said, are you?” He said nearly flirty while he were still over you and holding your arms.

“When I’m completely again, I’ll show you how good I am.” You smiled short and looked him in the eyes. 

“What are you two doing here?” Atom laughed as he saw Bellamy and you.

“I showed our little Angel that she isn’t so good as she thought.” Bellamy said and helped you to stand up.

“We wanted to hunt, remember?” Murphy said annoyed to Bellamy while some other kids came into the woods too.

“I’ll come with you.” You said and walked with Atom forward.

“Murphy you’ll stay with Octavia, keep her safe.” Bellamy said serious and Murphy walked annoyed back to the camp.

“What was that between Bellamy and you?” Atom smiled as he asked you. “I thought you hated him.”

“I do, now shut up and look for my food.” You laughed.


At the same time in the camp:

“Finn wake up.” Clarke said as she walked into the dropship.

“What- Whats going on? Is Y/N okay?” Finn asked immediately as he stood up.

“Yes, Bellamy followed her and we need to find the red plants that healed Y/N.”

“Wait what? Bellamy followed her? Where is she?” Finn asked confused and worried as he heard Bellamy’s name.

“We asked her how she could heal so fast and then she got mad and went into the woods. Bellamy followed her, she’ll be okay. Her wounds are nearly gone and-”

“What is going on with you? You could have woken me up, she wouldn’t run away if I had asked her.” Finn said shocked.

“I’m sorry I wanted to get this stuff.. Because if something like this happens again we need to be prepared. I don’t want anyone to die.” Clarke said with her head down as Wells stepped in. 

“It’s okay I understand..” Finn said and calmed down. “I’ll come with you, I know where the plants are.”

“We need to go and search for Trina and Pascal, they’re gone.” Wells said breathless. 

“What?” Finn asked. “Maybe they’re on the hunt with Murphy.” He tried to calm Wells down. “Well I think I saw some seaweeds that were red, in a corner in the lake where Octavia swam.” 

“Yes, Bellamy and the others wanted to hunt.. I forgot. Y/N is probably with them. Maybe we’ll meet them in the woods.” Clarke said and looked to Finn. “I think Trina and Pascal could be with them too. We need to find the plants.”

“No, they’re gone since last night. Murphy told me a few minutes ago. We need to go now.” Wells said, walked out of the dropship and Clarke and Finn followed him.


2 Hours later after walking around, Finn and Wells found under Trees and dense undergrowth an old car.

“Hey Clarke, look at this!” Finn shouted because Clarke where already keep moving forward.

“That’s amazing! An old Van.” Wells smiled.

“The car is here for 100 years, it will wait.” Clarke said serious. “Come on now, it will be dark in 3 hours.”


Meanwhile on the hunt:

“Did you hear that?” Bellamy asked Murphy and turned around.

You noticed Bellamy and the other guys behind you stopped walking, you went to them and heard a noise.

“Come out or I’ll kill you!” A guy shouted and held his knife tight.

A little blond girl came out behind a tree, you saw that she was very scared. You walked forward and knelt to her.

“Who are you?” You asked her with a smile.

“I’m Charlotte.” She nearly whispered and looked afraid to the guy with a knife.

“He is not going to hurt you, okay?” You said and Charlotte nodded. “What are you doing her so alone? It’s dangerous.”

“I saw how you beat this two guy’s over there…” She pointed to the guy’s who came with you on the hunt. “…and I wanted to learn how to defend myself.” Charlotte said with a short smile.

“Well, you can’t defend yourself without a weapon.” Bellamy said and leaned forward to Charlotte after he took the knife from the guy who threatened her and gave her the short knife.

“Okay let’s go.” You winked and took Charlotte’s hand.


Same time by Clarke, Wells and Finn:

When the trio locate the seaweed, they hear a strange horn sound and suddenly wind up face-to-face with orange fog. 

“Here it is.” Finn said with a smile as he jumped into the water and tried to get the red plants in the water.

“Clarke I think we should run!” Wells shouted. “Hurry, Finn!” He said and Finn got the seaweed as fast as he could.

“Come on now, we need to hide!” Clarke said as Finn came out of the water and ran with them into the woods again.


At the same moment on the hunt:


“What was that?” Atom asked behind you and you turned around.

You saw an orange fog behind Bellamy and stepped a bit forward. As you saw how fast the fog came you stepped back.

“RUN!” You yelled and everyone followed you.

You ran as fast as you could with Charlotte. As you noticed that you were separated from the others you stopped.

“Damn..” You said to yourself still holding Charlotte’s Hand.

“Y/N come here!” You heard Bellamy shouting in front of you and ran to him with Charlotte.


Meanwhile by Clarke, Wells and Finn:

Clarke, Finn and Wells hide out in the old van they found earlier after they locked the door, Finn found an old flask of whiskey.

“Finn, careful. It could be-” Clarke tried to say as Finn opened the bottle.

“Whiskey I think.” Finn said and smiled. “Good stuff, want something Princess?

“You know, you shouldn’t drink that. Alcohol is toxic” Wells said to Clarke and Finn.

“This is Earth. Down here everything is toxic.” Finn argued.

Clarke wanted some of the whiskey to and took it from Finn with a smile.

“Clarke you- you should not drink that.” Wells said again.

“You know what Wells? I was nice to you, well I tried but I can’t pretend this anymore.. shut the hell up.” Clarke said annoyed and drank.

“I made a Mistake, I know but-” Wells started.

“What did I say?” Clarke asked Wells and raised an eyebrow.


In the meantime by Bellamy, Charlotte and you:

After Bellamy found cave, Charlotte felt asleep and you were waiting for Bellamy who checked if the cave was save.

“Maybe I should stop calling you Angel. I saved your life twice now.” Bellamy smiled as he looked down to you while you were sitting on the ground.

You laughed too and covered your self with your Jacket up. It was cold in the cave and Bellamy wanted to sit next to you but-

“AAAAAAAAHHHHH!” Charlotte screamed in her sleep and Bellamy ran over to her.

“Charlotte? Hey wake up.” Bellamy said gently.

“I’m sorry.. I always have nightmares when I sleep.” Charlotte said with a sad face to Bellamy.

“What scared you off?” Bellamy asked and Charlotte looked to you, she knew that you screamed last night too. “You know what? Doesn’t matter.” Bellamy said and looked short over to you. “The only thing that matters is what you do about it. Fight the Demons when you’re awake and they won’t follow you in your dreams.” Bellamy took the short knife on the ground, that he gave Charlotte earlier, and gave it to her again. “Down here weakness is death, fear is death. When you’re afraid, hold tight to that knife and say ‘Screw you I’m not afraid.’ okay?” Bellamy asked her with a smile and she nodded as she took the knife. “Now say it.”

“Screw you.. I’m not afraid.” Charlotte said softly.

“Scream it out.” You told her with a smile and Bellamy nodded.

“SCREW YOU, I’M NOT AFRAID!” Charlotte shouted and Bellamy smiled at you.

“Slay your demons and you’ll sleep.” Bellamy said and Charlotte got back to sleep.

You were really wondered about Bellamy, how he acted with Charlotte and with you today. You started to like him in a friendly way.

“That was cute.” You said with a huge smile as Bellamy walked over to you.

“I told that Octavia, whenever we needed to hide her. She’s afraid of darkness.” Bellamy said as he sat next to you. “You’re cold.” 

“Well, we’re in a dark cave.” You laughed short.

“Come here.” Bellamy said while wrapped his arm around you and covered you up with his Jacket too. 


At the same time in the camp:

“We’ll survive this, we’ll survive this, we’ll-” Monty said to himself over and over again.

“Anyone help me! Jasper got hit by something!” A girl said as she tried to held him.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Jasper shouted, his stomach was bleeding.

“How did this happen?” Monty asked after he brought nearly everyone in the dropship as he saw the fog in the woods.

“I don’t know help me!” The girl nearly shouted and Monty helped her to bring his Best friend into the dropship.

“Everyone get out of the way!” Monty shouted and laid Jasper on the ground. “Jasper can you hear me?”

“Grounders.. Groun-” Jasper said weak.

“You’re not allowed to die, do you hear me?” Octavia said as she walked over to Jasper too. “Clarke will come every moment and she’ll help you okay?”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Jasper shouted again after he nodded to Octavia.


After the fog were gone by Clarke, Wells and Finn:

“Hurry, after this probably someone got hurt in the camp.” Clarke said nearly pissed as she finally got out off the car.

Finn ran after her and tried to calm her down, “You know that Wells didn’t betrayed your father, right?” He asked Clarke.

“How did you know about that?” Clarke asked annoyed.

“Y/N told me how you got into the prison.” Finn said and looked to Clarke. “And I can see how he looks at you, he loves you Clarke.. He would never done that.”

“No one else knew about that:” Clarke argued.

“Really?” Finn asked and raised an eyebrow. “Y/N heard something else.”

“HELP, HELP!” You shouted and Finn recognized your voice.

“Y/N!” He shouted too and ran over to you with Clarke.


You knelt on the Ground next to Atom who looked terrible, he didn’t found a save place and got burned by the fog.

“Y/N don’t touch him.” Bellamy said as he saw Atom and you on the ground, after found some of the other guys who followed you on the hunt. 

You leaned over as he saw that Atom tried to say something. “Kill me, please.. Kill me.” 

You stood up, walked over to Charlotte and took her knife. As you walked over to Atom again, a tear rolled down your face and Bellamy followed you. Clarke and Finn saw Bellamy and you.. They wanted to go to you both but Wells stopped them as he saw Atom.

You couldn’t bring yourself to do it and Bellamy saw that, “Together..” Bellamy said softly as he took your hand with the knife in his. 

You started to sing softly so that Atom would focus on your voice and not the pain. 

After you killed Atom you started to cry, you thought about Octavia who started to like Atom and about how funny he was.

“Y/N?” Finn asked as he walked over to you and knelt to you. “I’m here, it’s okay.” He said as he wanted to hug you.

“No it’s not, wee need to go now.” You said while wiped your tears away. “It’s already dark we should hurry.” You said and walked forward with the knife with which you had killed Atom.


In the Camp:

After you finally got in the camp you heard Jasper screaming in the dropship.

“I’m going to kill him!” Murphy said serious and walked over to Jasper.

“Open the gate!” Wells shouted and knocked.

The girl that carried Jasper in to the camp, opened the gate and you ran in it. As you saw the others afraid in some corners you realized that they were looking to Murphy because he held a knife and as you hear Jasper screaming again you ran over to Murphy, jumped on his back and you brought him to fall.

“Are you nuts?” You said as you stood up and beat Murphy so that you could take his knife and threw it out of the dropship.

“AHHHHHHHH!” As you heard Jasper you turned around and saw him bleeding.

“CLARKE!” You shouted as you ran over to Jasper. “Jas, I’m here.. Can you hear me? I’m here and you’re not going to die.” You said as you knelt to him and tears rolled down at your face again. 

You stood up as you saw that Murphy stood up to, “Psycho” Murphy said and you held the knife tight and wanted to kill him.. but Bellamy stopped you.

“You’ll be her nightmare as well.” He said as he held you and looked to Charlotte. You tried to calm down and as you were, Bellamy turned around and held Murphy against a wall. “If you ever try something like this again or call Y/N a psycho, I’m going to end you.”

“Well’s give me the seaweed!” Clarke said as she ran to Jasper and lifted his shirt up.

She laid the seaweed in his opened wound and he stopped yelling.

“I told you, you’re not going to die.” Octavia said with a smile to Jasper and kissed his forehead as he smiled weakly back.


After you told Octavia why Atom were not coming back, she felt crying to sleep next to Jasper in your arms like Monty did as well.

“Wells I need to talk with you.” Clarke said as she walked over to Wells who was had guard outside.

“Yeah sure.”

“You didn’t told your father about mine right?” Clarke asked him as a tear came down on her face. 

“No.” Wells said softly. “I wanted to-”

“You wanted to protect me and so you let me hate you.” 

“Pshhht is okay.” Wells said and wiped Clarke’s tear away. “What are friends for?” He said with a smile.

“How can you ever forgive me?” She asked him. “I blamed you for my fathers death and it’s my mother’s fault.”

“Already done.” Wells said and wrapped his arms around Clarke.


My lovelys, Chapter five of Planet Earth YEEEEY! How was it? 

So I don’t know if I really want to kill Wells because I read the book as well.. What do you want? Shall I kill him or shall he live? 

Impromptu Proposal

Request: Hey. Could you do a Steve x reader where the whole team is in the middle of a fight kicking hydra ass, and steve decides to propose to the reader to marry her (cos he thinks impromptu is the best plan!) ? It would be great if you could involve the whole team (tchalla, bucky, pietro, rhodey – Basically everyone!!) speaking on the comms to one another during their proposal. Smth funny and sarcastic!! Love the way you writee!!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Language. Mentions of sex.

Word count: 1,025

A/N: This has been in my writing list forever, so here you go. I liked this one a lot. Some of the lines said in this are straight from marvel movies.

My Masterlist

Feel free to request anything by sending an ask to my inbox! (Please check if requests are still open before requesting!)

Originally posted by thatplaidnerd

Impromptu Proposal

“Y/N, status.” Tony ordered through your earpiece, his voice startling you as you swung your fist at yet another Hydra agent.

You lunged yourself at a group of three men, twirling in the air and managing to kick all three of them at once. “Jesus Christ, Tony,” You said into the communication device. “Can you lower your microphone’s volume a little before blowing out my eardrums again? I would really appreciate being able to hear-“

“Y/N, you got incoming.” Sam said, checking up on you while he flew past your area.

Just as you processed the information you felt the hilt of a gun being knocked into your side. You ignored the growing pain you felt, taking advantage of your position and sweeping your foot on the floor to knock his own feet from under him. He fell with a thud as you crawled closer to him, shooting him with his own gun before he could even blink.

Grumbling, you stood back up, placing your hand on the spot where you had been hit. It was probably nothing serious, but it would sure leave a bruise.

“Incoming already came in.” You mumbled, hearing Tony laugh on the other end. “Haha, very funny Tony. I think I broke a rib.”

“Well Y/N, karma’s a bitch.” He said as you heard shots being fired all over the place.

“Wait,” You stopped walking for a second, pushing against your ribs and twisting to the side, feeling a bone settle back into place with a nasty pop. “Never mind.”

Bucky groaned, clearly disgusted. “Gross, I think I heard that all the way here.”

You could hear him the sound of metal clanking against metal, and you rolled your eyes. After all, it’s not like it was the most pleasant sound in the world.

Your feet moved against the concrete, making no sound as you reached the a wall, baking up against it to catch your breath. “Yeah, Robo Cop, ‘cuz I really love hearing your metal arm bang against shit while I’m trying not to get a gun shoved up my-“

“Enough.” T’challa commanded, making the both of you shut up.

After a few seconds of silence, Sam spoke back up. “Ooh Hello Kitty got mad.”

The whole team laughed, except T’challa of course, who was too busy snarling at him to do so.

All the Avengers were in a Hydra facility in the middle of nowhere, trying to retrieve a set of documents you guys had been after for a couple weeks. It was like no matter how serious a mission was you would all just end up joking with each other, which would eventually piss off either T’challa or Steve. Oddly enough, Steve had been in a rather happy mood this morning, which you had decided not to question for everyone’s sake.

Finally focusing back on the mission, you spoke in your comm again. “Rogers, where are you? I need you and Bucky to infiltrate the-“

“Right here.”

You turned back, grasping your chest as you let out a breath. You hadn’t even heard him come up to you. Goddamn super soldiers.

“Steve, you scared the shit outta me-“
Once your eyes settled on Steve, you gasped again, not believing your own eyes. Steve was kneeling down in front of you, balancing himself on one knee while his extended hand held a small box, opened to reveal a shiny ring.

“Is everything alright there, guys?” Natasha asked, sounding very worried for your safety.

You stood there, mouth wide open with both of your hands still resting on your chest, your face a mix of surprise and happiness.

Oh Steve.

Steve simply smiled at you, waiting so you’d calm down before speaking.

“Oh my god, Steve.” You repeated, feeling your face heat up as your hands flew to cover your rosy cheeks.

“Are you guys having sex over there or-“

“Tony!” You scolded, before looking back at your boyfriend.

“Y/N, ever since I met you I knew you were the one. And every single day since I asked you out has consisted of me waiting for this moment.”

“Kinda creepy if you ask me.” Clint mumbled into your earpiece as everyone listened to Steve’s speech intently.

“And I know this might not seem like the best time to you, but if it’s not now then when?” You took a step closer to Steve, tears forming in your eyes with every single word the feel out of his mouth, your heart beating as you waited for him to ask the big question.

“So Y/N L/N,” Your hands moved from your cheeks to cover your mouth as Steve took a short pause. “Will you marry me?”

You threw yourself onto Steve, hugging him as tightly as you could, frantically nodding your head as the tears that were once in your eyes spilled onto your cheeks. “Yes, yes, I will marry you.” You repeated over and over, feeling a type of happiness you’d never felt before surge through your body.

Everybody cheered, even though they were all pretty far away from both of you.

“You are too adorable.” Natasha said, and you could easily tell she was smiling just as wide as you.

“Nicely done, pal.” Bucky said as he came out of a corner, possibly being the only other person who knew about this other than Steve himself.

You pulled back from the hug to crash your lips against Steve, not caring if Bucky was watching. “I love you so much.” He whispered between kisses.

“I love you, too.”

“I love you three.” Bucky joked from behind you.

A flash of blue and red caught your eye as you looked up to see Pietro and Wanda, both of them looking incredibly happy as they congratulated you.

Tony and Sam flew in together, watching the scene unfold from a few feet away.

“Does anybody else think this is a little random?” Tony asked as he got rid of his suit to approach you two.

“It’s called impromptu, genius. Look it up.” Sam called back as he ran past Tony, who merely frowned and continued walking.

More Fics By Me

The Truth (Part 3)

Part 1  Part 2

Request for this smut series: Here

Request for this scenario:

Shower sex smut with Jungkook,with a lot of sexy talk please

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

“He’s driving us crazy” Jin said. The boys were all huddled up, watching Namjoon from across the room. They watched as he shoved his phone into his back pocket and began posing. Taehyung started nodding and made a face.

“Yeah. Why can’t they just kiss and make up?” Taehyung asked. Hoseok shrugged and sighed.

“I hope they make up soon. I can’t handle another night like last night” Jimin said. Yoongi pulled out his phone and everyone looked at him as he dialed your number. As soon as you answered, he launched into the conversation.

“Do you love me?” Yoongi asked. You raised an eyebrow and sighed into the phone.

“Yoongi-“ you started, already knowing what he wanted.

“Do you love me? Yes or no?” he cut in.

“Of course I do but I am not coming up there” you said, folding your arms. Yoongi quieted his voice down and turned away from the other boys.

“___, it has been two weeks. I swear to God, if you go one more hour without talking to him, I am going to lose my mind. Last night, he was awake until 4 in the morning, trying to call you. It’s gotten so bad that no one else wants to go home” he said. You sighed again and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Fine. I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Deal?”

“No! Bring your ass down here now. I’m serious. We might kill him if you don’t fix this today” Yoongi mumbled into the phone. You were quiet, looking at the ‘Family Size’ bag of chips in your lap and the dip that you bought with it. “I’m really busy right now” you said.

“No, you aren’t. You’re probably sitting on your couch, watching movies, and eating ice cream.” You looked at the pause icon on your TV and frowned.

“I’m eating chips not ice cream” you responded.

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Gilded Butterfly: a JB fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2

Chapter 3

What was that saying about temptation?

The only way to get rid of it was to yield it.

If that’s the case, I’ll have Jaebum heel on command by the time I was done with him.

Originally posted by markjin

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Riza Hawkeye prided herself in her exceptional work attendance record. She had yet to truly ever miss a day, and she took immense satisfaction from it.

Except for today. Today, she felt like death warmed up, and was silently wishing she had stayed at home, curled up in bed with Hayate and a mug of tea. Her voice was quickly becoming a raspy whisper, and the painful thud in her head told her this was probably not going to be fixed with a simple tough love attitude. Damnit.

And to make matters even better, it was pouring with rain. Rain that hadn’t started until she was halfway to work, and realised she had forgotten her umbrella. She had been drenched, much to Breda and Havoc’s amusement, and they had spent the morning making jibes on her behalf while she attempted to dry her jacket on the radiator. She was about ready to snap by the time Roy returned from his morning meeting, and he took one look at her face, before dismissing the other two from the office. She had barely stopped at the back of his desk when he spoke.

“ Go home, Hawkeye.”

The command came as a surprise to her. “ No, sir.” She hesitated, receiving an eyebrow raise as a response. “ I am perfectly fine, and we are busy, so-“

“ That’s an order, Lieutenant.” His tone was deadly serious, and she found herself despairing at the look on his face.

“ Colonel, sir-“

“ I’m not telling you again.” He paused, before his tone softened ever so slightly. “ You’re no use to me ill. Go home and rest.”

She stared at him in disbelief. Part of her wanted to roar in anger; the other, sicker part of her wanted to cry. No use to me. That was just the icing on the cake. He always knew how to get to her. She bit her tongue, gave a curt nod, and turned to the radiator, lifting her jacket only to have it snatched from her. Oh, for fuck’s s-

“ You can’t wear that. It’s soaked.”

Her patience was out. “ So what do you suggest I do, sir, since I am being made to go home and rest and it is winter?” And that damn little smirk of his appeared, playing across his lips, before he slipped his own jacket from his shoulders, dropping it onto her much slimmer frame.

“ Take my jacket. It’s cold outside.”

Well, crap. That was the last thing she had been expecting. Her brain ran in overtime, looking for any excuse to combat that damned smug grin. “ That’s very kind of you, sir, but I can’t walk around with a Colonel’s rank on my shoulder.” The smirk failed to disappear, if anything, it had grown.

“ Then you should probably take this too.” And with that, he dropped his long cloak from the back of his chair across her too. “ Can’t have you getting a telling off when you aren’t well. Now really, you need to go home.” And before she could reply, he had lifted his papers from the desk and made a beeline for the door, sauntering out of the office with a wave of his hand, her jacket over his shoulder “ I don’t expect to see you here tomorrow either!”

He was infuriating. No, that didn’t even begin to cover it. She stared after him, before cursing, and still seething, headed out of the office in defeat, shoving through the crowds in the hallway. She cursed him the entire walk home, swinging the door to her apartment open and greeting Hayate with a moody grumble, hanging the now sodden cloak on the peg by the door. “ Can you believe it?“ She addressed the dog, who sat obediently at the stern voice. “ He made me come home. No use to me. He has some nerve, doesn’t he?! Well, he will be sorry when he has no-one to sort that report for him, and he is behind in all his work. Honestly, he is just-“

She caught sight of her reflection in the long mirror, and it halted her rant. God knows what had happened to her hair, she was pale, too pale, and the larger jacket dwarfed her frame, making her seem so small as it hung from her sides, the shoulders reaching halfway down her arms. Her finger traced the unfamiliar epaulettes gently, and goddamn it, it made her chuckle. She had been sent home by the very man she usually spent her days babysitting, and here she was, sniffling in her hallway, in his much too big jacket. Kicking off her boots with a huff, she let herself fall onto the sofa, kissing Hayate’s head as he climbed up to join her, before burying her face against the fabric. The smell of sweet cologne, mixed with a lick of masculine soap and the sharp metallic of his ignition gloves washed over her. It was unmistakably his, and tiny butterflies in her chest echoed her content sigh as she curled up, suddenly loathe to take it off. In amongst the pounding headache, the warmth of the jacket around her was comforting, and she supposed he did care after all, despite her earlier huff. Damn him. He knew her far too well.

And it might’ve been cold outside, but she decided she didn’t mind after all.

Prompt #12 - Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.

This is part of my 100 themes challenge, using the prompt list from @p0ck3tf0x. Follow me on #ohsnapsnapsparkspark100prompts


“Alright, you may leave.” Your teacher sighed, having counted down to the last second of your detention.
One hour you’d been kept behind after school and you knew your brothers would be beginning to wonder where you were- providing they weren’t too busy on a hunt to notice.

You slung your backpack over your shoulders and nearly made it out the door before your teacher’s voice cut you off: “Oh, and Y/N.”

“Yes?” You turn on your heels, still desperate to escape.

“I want that homework on my desk first thing tomorrow morning. Without fail. Understand?” They frowned, folding their arms over their chest to show they were serious.

“I do, sorry again.” You apologised, having turned around and started walking towards the gates out.

You pulled out your phone and texted your brother Dean, he didn’t idolise education quite as much as Sam so maybe he wouldn’t be as angry.

Hey, Dean. Fancy picking me up from school? I had to stay behind.

He answered back almost immediately.

Sure thing, sis. Be right there.

You sighed with relief, glad he hadn’t questioned you any further.

**** **** **** ****

“So what did you have to stay behind for?” Sam asked before you were barely on the car.

“Uh, just, stuff.” You avoid his frown and slump in the back seat.

“You got a detention didn’t you?” Sam sighed.

Damn your brother and his superhuman powers of perception.

You nod lightly “I might have.”

“Y/N…” Sam shook his head, you could tell he was disappointed.

“What did you do?” Dean asked.

“I didn’t do my homework, I was going to but the hunt got in the way and I forgot I had any.” You admit.

“Ah well, we’ll be moving on soon, you can say goodbye to their sorry asses.” Dean encouraged.

“Dean,” Sam stated through gritted teeth “Y/N, you should try harder with your school work.”

“I know…” You sigh.

“At least try, for me?” Sam asked, doing that annoying puppy dog eye thing. he might’ve been your older brother but he was just a giant dork.

“Ugh, fine.” You roll your eyes, giving in.

“Thank you.” He grinned, and you could tell he meant it.

Dean shook his head and tutted before whispering “Nerds.”

Requested by queendemonkitty

I have two requests for sister: first is getting detention, and second is being possessed and San and Dean taking forever to figure it out
Thank you for requesting!

I do not own these gifs

The Wingman (Eisuke)

Request from an anon ages ago for Eisuke make up smut. Well… I tried my best. I don’t think smut’s my thing. 4200 words. Approx 2700 of which are plot based. So it’s like a plotty fic with some naughty and sex? lol Enjoy guys!

Summary: Eisuke’s been quite neglectful of his girlfriend lately.

“Eisuke…” You trail off, unable to hold back your whiny tone.

“Busy.” He responds back abrupt, not bothering to look away from his laptop. Nor to even pull his cell away from where his broad shoulder rested it against his cheek. Tactless. Having whoever was on the other end hear this… discussion? disagreement? You didn’t want to call it an argument, nor a fight. For that requires two people, instead of just the lone. The one who cared. The idiot who believed in this failure of a relationship.

“You’re always busy.” Complaining under your breath before turning to stomp out of his office. Wondering if he’d follow this time. He never does. He’ll regret it one day. The one in which you don’t return like a pathetic faithful pup.

Before you can slam the door shut, releasing all your pent up feelings you can never say. A broad intimidating figure blocks your path.

“Soryu.” You greet. Nodding your head politely, but with teeth gnashing together. How dare he. The ass. Ruining your dramatic exit.

Soryu doesn’t return the greeting. Instead his eyes shift between Eisuke and yourself. At last he holds out his arm, offering a simple word.

“Coffee?” His tone is cold. His eyes narrow the slightest, expressing that this isn’t an offer, but a demand.

“Of course. Love to.” Faking a smile, and stressing the word ‘love.’ It’s all a rouse for Eisuke. Not that he’d notice. His eyes glanced up the slightest at Soryu’s arrival, but since then have returned to work. Not paying either of them the slightest. Taking Soryu’s bulging, muscular arm, you wonder. Would Eisuke even care if she left him? If Soryu was the one to steal her away? Not that Soryu would, of course. Being his oldest friend, Soryu wouldn’t dare toss his friendship aside just for you. It’s not like you were anyone significant anyways. No one worthy of crossing the powerful Ichinomiya’s, that’s for sure.

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My Little Baby Llama - Part 5

N/A: I know it took me a while to write this and its not as big as the other chapters. Keep in mind I am in senior year of college, working and doing a research internship at the same time, so life is not easy right now.  I love this phanfic and I would never abandon it, don’t worry! Btw, if you guys are bothered with all the grammar and spell mistakes I’ve been making, please let me know where they are and I’ll fix them. I don’t have much time to write this, I write on my phone and English is not my first language, so it is kinda hard for me. Thank you all <3 

Thank you for all the love I’ve been receiving for this phanfic, honestly, it makes my day every time someone sends me an ask, or just search for it trough the Phanfiction Catalogue and ask them about it. I feel loved, and its an amazing feeling. 

For those of you that might be a bit confused, this fic is happening around the end of January/2016. Before the tour dates release.
Have fun!

Words: 3000+ 

Disclaimer: Nor Dan or Phil belongs to me, and while I wish I had a Lizzie in real life, I do not have one either.


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Your Majesty

Summary: When Regina discovers Emma pleasuring herself thinking about her, she knew exactly how she was going to use this information.
But she didn’t know it would lead her to realize her own feelings for the blonde.
Could their games lead to a fulfilling relationship?

little darlin’ with the devil’s smile

Summary: The one in the cloak never appeared to her in person. For months and months, he was all she dreamed about. She never saw his face; only the charcoal hood over his head, the deep timbre of his voice. The first time he appeared to her in her dreams, he was staring at her from across the ballroom. She could tell he was watching her, because his eyes followed her wherever she went. She could feel them boring into her, eyes she had never seen, and she wanted to know who he was, and when she had asked he had left with a, “Maybe you’ll find out some day."The first time she’d heard his voice in person, he had only said one simple sentence to her and her nerves sparked and her body was on fire."The woods aren’t safe for a beautiful princess like you to be alone, m'lady."And she could see the devilish smirk beneath his cloak, and that is when she had been scared for her life. When he finally removed his cloak, she realized he was a ‘she.'A very beautiful 'she.’

The Magic of Theatre

Summary: SQ Hogwarts AU - Muggle Studies Professor Emma Swan wants to put on a play at Hogwarts. Minerva McGonagall agrees to allow it only if Potions Master Regina Mills agrees to participate as well.

Let’s Have Another One      

Summary: While helping Regina look for a cure for Marian, a non-related ridiculous idea pops into Emma’s head.

Thank You for Raising Henry

Summary: Emma thanks Regina for raising Henry.

Happy Ending

Summary: Emma helps Regina find her happy ending.

Lawyer vs. Love

Summary: Regina Mills is a hard-ass lawyer from New York. Her life is nothing more than work until one day she meets Emma Swan, a barista with a troubled past. But, when a jealous ex comes to town, everything seems compromised and when Emma is sent away she asks Regina to do something that seems impossible.

step into my office, baby

Summary: Unofficial Code of Conduct for all BrookeTech employees: Don’t buy coffee for that lady in the power heels and the pencil skirt, even if she looks really good and you’re weirdly turned on by how particular she is about her beverage choices. Because she will absolutely turn you down, and then she’ll turn out to be your company’s new Executive Director. As with all things business, Emma Swan continues to learn things the hard way.


Summary: So he’d said quietly, "Don’t let her go again.” And told Mom the same thing the morning that she’d been released from the hospital; he’d been serious, unwavering, unwilling to see them like this.They’re his mothers, his strength. His proof that anything is possible.If an Evil Queen like Mom can find redemption and love, and if a Savior who has fallen as much as Ma has can open up her heart again and forgive not only others but herself, then anything is possible, and he has to believe that that means that the two of them finding a way to make this love story of theirs work is possible as well.

What The Heart Wants      

Summary: Things have been different for Emma since they were rescued from the book. After some extremely potent apple cider, the blonde makes a confession, that doesn’t turn out as well as she might have hoped. While trying to apologize a drunk Emma transports Regina and herself back to the Enchanted Forest. Now they must survive long enough to make it home, even if it’s from themselves.
There is a f/m scene in chapter 18, that not all are going to like. Just making sure you are warned. P.S. It is S/Q in the end game.

A Moment of Truth

Summary: After Emma and Regina finally confess their feelings for each other, the dam breaks. This is the story of discovering their love for each and realizing that it had been there all along. This story is low on the angst but high on the feels and does contain plenty of magical sex.

How Hard Can You [Love] Me?

Summary: A SwanQueen re-imagining of 4x10-4x12, where the Snow Queen’s Shattered Sight curse hits and Regina becomes the Evil Queen again for just a little while. Set soon after Normal [Monsters], and while I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to have read that first - hey, it could be fun! This is a little darker, and maybe a little dirtier. Best to presume spoilers for all of 4a.  “In the quietness of stone and woods, Emma had found solace and fortitude; in the cathedral of a mouth, something like benediction. All day it echoed - when she stood in front of the ice wall, or helped Elsa with her sister’s bespelled necklace - her body twinged, ached pleasantly; reminded her of time spent with the woman who never stopped surprising her. Regina Mills.”


Summary: A little Swan Queen fluff based on a tumblr prompt. Enjoy!“Imagine your OTP is about to go on a date but Person A has an accident and ends up having to go to the ER. Person B shows up at the ER with flowers for Person A.” (No magic/ curse AU)

Seven Passengers

Summary: Set after Swan Song (5x11). The ferryman brings the group to the Underworld, where they meet the King and Queen. Emma makes a deal with Hades and Persephone, but as they go back they find a new obstacle. Because what if, to bring Killian back to life, someone else had to stay in the Underworld?

Even The Possibility 

Summary: Beckett looks from the book to the boy and Castle and then back to the book again. “So, you know that everyone here is a fairy tale character because you read it in a book, but no one else does?”

White Blank Page

Summary: Regina continues her evil plot.

First Midnight

Summary: Running away from the ball already?“ She turns and finds the figment of her imagination standing in front of her, as real as can be. She nearly blends in with the darkness, but the rubies and her eyes sparkle under the moonlight. "And it’s not even midnight yet.”

More Flies

Summary: After the mine incident, Regina considers a change in tactics.

I Fucking Hate You and I Hate Fucking You (So Why Can’t I Stop?)

Summary: Emma returns a shirt. Things go downhill from there.

Long Shadows and Gunpowder Eyes

Summary: Emma is found with Graham’s body and thrown into jail. Which, naturally, is when the Mayor decides to pay her a visit.

You Run For Cover (I’ll Take The Bullet)

Summary: So she jumps in between a bullet and Regina. And though the reasons are anything but, if anyone asks, it was a purely professional decision.

Another Spell

Summary: When a second spell is worked over the town of Storybrooke, everyone thinks Emma and Regina are a couple raising their son together.   Everyone, that is, except for Henry. [Written post-1.05, will not contain canon that airs after that.]

Better See That You Keep What You Have 

Summary: As the blackness takes her over, her last thought is a poisoned apple shall be her end.


Summary: Emma and Regina and someone has a revelation.

98 and ¾ Percent Guaranteed

Summary:  It’s been true though. I have been in Lurches and Slumps and I managed to find my way out. But now I’m stuck in The Waiting Place. And I’m just tired. I’m tired of waiting, Mary Margaret. So I need to do what the book says and head straight out of town. I need the wide open air.    Series

Rivers and Roads 

Summary: One night turns into two, and two into five, and a week later, Regina is still staying at Emma’s.  They haven’t talked about it—not even Henry has dared to upset this new, fragile balance by acknowledging it—but the mayor’s house stands empty at the center of town, and little by little, Regina’s belongings begin to trickle into Emma’s house.

Starve A Fever

Summary: Regina would know exactly what to do in this situation. She’d lived through it for years. Emma hadn’t. This is the first real parental duty that she’s been asked to do on her own and she’s sure that she’s going to screw it up. She hates that Henry wants to be soothed and she won’t be able to do it. Because Regina had been right. She was and is Henry’s mother.

Rain Comin’ Down

Summary: Holding Emma, soaked to the bone, as they danced among the rain drops was the best moment that Regina could remember, besides the moment that Henry had first been placed in her arms.

Snow Deep

Summary: When Emma decides to investigate something suspicious on her own and things go awry, it is Regina who comes to her rescue.


Summary: For the third night in a row, the same dream has pulled me from sleep, on the verge of screaming.

Land and the Sea      

Summary: “It’s not a game, Miss Swan.  I’m dead, buried in the ground.  Though I’d imagine haunting you might become a bit of a game, depending on how well you play your part.”  (AU- Regina dies in the fire, but you can’t get rid of a witch that easily.)

Like Magic

Summary: Jane and the team are on the trail of a killer but the chase will take Jane and Maura on a journey of personal discovery and outside their comfort zone.


Summary: This is the first of a couple of 'gym days’ mini stories that I would like to keep adding.  I wrote this one today, and I hope to get one out once a week.  Time base wise, I would say that it’s around the second half of season 3, when Emma and Regina aren’t super close, but they don’t necessarily hate each other either.This was basically inspired by a woman that I’m really into at the gym.  Just in case you were wondering.

Thank God It’s BDSM Friday

Summary: TGIBDSMF - Regina and Emma have been sleeping together for several months. With Henry on a field trip for the weekend, they decide to play with a little more with BDSM. As a result, they decided to enter into a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle. This story follows that journey.

A Tale of the Oblivious Charmings

Summary: ““Mom, Regina is my girlfriend,” How it came to this, Emma wasn’t sure, but telling her parents the truth was now the only thing that felt right. Regina, wearing a dark pantsuit, held Emma’s hand as she spoke. Both of them were trembling. Memories of the past kept shooting in their skulls and both of them certainly didn’t want another blood feud. Snow, for some strange reason, let her features twist into an already too big smile. “I know that, sweetie,”“Oh, thank God. I mean, we’ve been hinting at it and Regina has been - ““You two are friends. Yes, yes. I know. I didn’t know it was much of a secret? You practically have sleepovers every night and dinners and movie nights,” Snow giggled girlishly.”– Looks and Snippets of Regina Mills and Emma Swans’s relationship as they try to hint and show the Charmings they are dating with little luck.

Growing Up, Child, Is Just A Matter Of Time

Summary: “At last, the infamous Mayor Mills!” Emma’s bright smile slides slowly off her face when his mother shifts uncomfortably at his side, when she returns the Coach’s handshake less than enthusiastically.“Deputy Swan,” his mom cuts in smoothly. “It’s nice to finally meet you,” but her voice is hard, like cut glass, and Henry knows, without looking that she’s wearing her Mayor face, the one he watches her slip on every morning on their way out the door, and the one he knows she doesn’t take off until just before he climbs into the Mercedes after practice.// growing up child is just a matter of time for giving all you’ve got so won’t you dance under the sun // run river north

The Chef at Saviors

Summary: Emma Swan is on her way to becoming an acclaimed new chef, but there’s just one thing standing in her way—food critic Regina Mills who seems to be out for blood. But looks can be deceiving. This is going to be a bumpy (and sexy) ride.

The Swan Brief

Summary: Graduate student Emma Swan and art dealer Regina Mills cooked up a silly little theory about a recent assassination, and now someone’s trying to kill them.

Storybrooke Dance

Summary: Snow knows the denied feelings between Regina and her daughter. And she decides to take action.
She organizes a dance competition but how will the mayor and the sheriff react when they get picked as partners?

Pictures of You

Summary: Henry comes in from school and discovers Regina asleep on the couch clutching a photograph to her chest… of Emma. He confronts her. She doesn’t have much to say at first. But when she starts talking, he learns his mother is in love with his other mother and there is something standing in the way–a wedding.

Chronically Yours

Summary: Regina Mills spends her every lunch break staring at Emma Swan from across a coffee shop. Then one day Emma isn’t there. When she finally gets back, looking worse for wear, Regina takes it upon herself to learn everything there is to know about Emma and a relationship neither woman thought they’d ever have blooms.

That Damn Kiss

Summary: Emma and Regina are roommate. They obviously have feelings for each other but when they decide to act on it, Emma freak out and lock herself in the bathroom.

The one where they traumatize Snow 

Summary: Emma and Regina should really invest in locks.

One Girl in All the World

Summary: It was as she was shoving the blouse into the main compartment that her fingers brushed up against the familiar wooden surface, the sharpened point of a stake, and she scowled and pushed it as far down into the mess of clothing as she possibly could. She had only kept it as a precaution. She wasn’t doing that anymore. Screw destiny. They couldn’t make her. Not after everything that had happened.AU in which is Emma is the Slayer instead of the Savior.


Summary: Regina has some trouble keeping quiet. What happens when Emma tries to test just how quiet Regina can be if she has to?

Always a Queen

Summary: It would, of course, be red, Emma thought. She wanted to ask where Regina had even gotten it – it wasn’t like Storybrooke was rife with porn stores – but she wasn’t especially in the mood for one of Regina’s ‘are you really that stupid’ looks. Besides, there were plenty of other things to do than ask questions when faced with a Regina Mills wearing only a pair of black heels and a big red cock.

Damage Limitation

Summary: A silly thing for Kristen, based on her perfect crossover AU, because the idea of Regina and Tony being bros is too awesome to pass up.Boo, I based this on the tags on your Tumblr for canon, hope it’s okay!


Summary: after being rejected by the charmings, regina decides she’s finished with trying to do all she can to be forgiven and not being forgiven. she does what she thinks she really needs to do, she leaves.

Once Upon A Glee

Summary: “In which Jefferson is Rachel’s uncle and have been out of town for a long time and comes back, Emma is Rachel’s aunt and knows about her crush on Quinn, Belle is Quinn’s sister, and Regina, Quinn’s mother, is the biggest Faberry shipper in town.
And in which , Ruby tries to seduce Belle and ask Quinn for advices; Jefferson, Rachel’s creepy uncle threatens Finn; and Regina and Emma join forces to get Rachel and Quinn together (and get a little sidetracked)”

the sweeping insensitivity of this still life

Summary: “She liked being an unweighted bag, she was free to wander with no ties. Free to figure out who she was. Then one day, a clear day with a lot of sun, Regina Mills." 

somewhere, someone must know the ending 

Summary: “I’m here because… I think my kid is having some kind of delusional breakdown because he can’t cope with the fact that … Mayor Mills and I split up.”Dr. Hopper pushes his glasses up his nose in a measured movement.  “What makes you think that?”“Well, among other things, he thinks his mother is about to cut Mary Margaret Blanchard’s heart out of her chest, before pulverizing it and sending her into a coma that only her true love can rescue her from.”[AU; here,  'fairy tale land’ is merely a product of Henry’s imagination during a difficult time.]

Say Something

Summary: Attention caught by a haunting tune, Emma tries to see past the walls of a certain brunette.
Swan Queen songfic for Say Something by A Great Big World.

like waking up again

prompt: “Last night when I took the subway home I saw a girl crying and a random guy stopped in front of her and started talking to her. And before I left, I noticed the girl was no longer crying and instead she was smiling.”

word count: ~1500

rating: s for stupidly cute

an: for my girls lovelycaptainswan, piratesails, and hookshappiness <333 I hope your studying is going well!

She has had the day from hell.

Her heels are aching and her already swollen toes have been scrunched because of her ridiculous heels. Interviewing wasn’t ever supposed to be this difficult and it isn’t fair that after four weeks in this stupid city, she has gotten absolutely no response to any of her applications and interviews.

She’s been working close to her apartment, in a little diner called Granny’s as a waitress. Granny is nice and she’s made friends with Ruby, a fellow waitress, but other than that, her job sucks. Its long hours and people in this city aren’t exactly the nicest.

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hey, im ur fan /lol what/. ur scenarios r good;). btw i want u to make a scenario with sehun hehe. fluffy x angsty sehun's scenario please. thank you!!!♡♡xx

Big Mistake ~Sehun~ ✗

Thank you :) Hope you like this one!

“Sehun?” you said through the phone.

“What is it, jagiyah?” You could hear the loud music in the background. Sehun was spending another long day at practice with the other boys.

“When are you coming home?” you asked. He had been busy with promotions and interviews all week, and now he had to be at practice. It wasn’t even his own fault, but it was still frustrating. Dating an idol is hard.

“I’m not sure,” he admitted.

“Well then can we hang out tomorrow?”

“I have an interview in the morning.”

“Okay, then the afternoon?”

“We have promotions all day and then a late rehearsal.”

Are you freaking serious?

You huffed. “Fine then, I guess I won’t get to spend any time with my own boyfriend once again.” Before Sehun could say anything, you hung up and threw your phone across the room.

There was no doubt you were proud of Sehun and everything he accomplished in his idol life, but it was frustrating when he literally had no time for you.

You could hear your phone ringing from the other side of the room, but you ignored it. Maybe you just needed some sleep to cool you down a bit.


The next morning, your mother woke you up by shaking you fiercely. “______, wake up,” she said.

“I don’t want to,” you groaned and threw your blanket over your head.

She sighed. “Fine, I’ll just tell Sehun that you don’t want to see him right now.”
You threw the blanket off of you. “Sehun is here?” you exclaimed. Your mother nodded. “I thought he had an interview?” You asked as you struggled to get changed and look decent.

“He said that he managed to get a free hour right before his interview. Said he wanted to spend it with you.”

You stared at yourself in the mirror and ran a brush through your hair frantically. When you thought you looked pretty decent, you thanked your mom and ran downstairs.

Sehun was already waiting in the living room for you when you ran in. “Sehun!” you exclaimed and ran into his arms.

He smiled brightly off of the floor. “Hey, jagiyah,” he greeted and kissed your cheek. “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“We’re going to go out. I don’t know where yet, but I just want to spend some time with you.” He placed you down on the ground and locked hand with yours. “Sound like a plan?”

You smiled and nodded.


The day seemed to be going really well at first. Sehun took you down to the bubble tea shop and let you order whatever you wanted. Then, you two walked around town, hand in hand, just talking about anything and everything that was on your minds.

You were grateful that Sehun had put in some time for you in his busy schedule. It meant a lot.

Things were going well, until of course, something had to happen.

“Oh my goodness, that’s Sehun from EXO!”

You and Sehun both stopped in your tracks.

“Oh my gosh, it is Sehun! Let’s go get a picture!”

And within seconds, a group of five girls literally ran over to the two of you and ripped Sehun away from you. One of the girls even bumped into you, causing you to spill your drink all over yourself.

She looked over at what she caused and let out a bitter, “Sorry, what where you’re going next time.”

When you looked up at Sehun, you first expected him to say something to the girl for making you spill your drink all over yourself. You expected him to stand up for you and walk past the girls, telling them that he only had a couple free minutes left before he went to his interview.

But he did none of that.

He completely ignored you. He smiled and took pictures with the fans; spoke with them, autographed things for them.

He didn’t even notice how you were standing there with bubble tea all over your new shirt because of one of his own fans.

At one point, you couldn’t take it anymore. You spun around and ran down the street, wanting to get away from the scene.

You knew how much the fans meant to Sehun, but couldn’t he at least just acknowledge you and say something to the girl that made you spill your drink?

What hurt the most was that when you were several meters away from him and turned back, he didn’t even notice you were gone.


The second you stepped into your house, your mother was at your side, frantically asking what happened. You told her it was nothing and that you just needed time for yourself.

She understood and let you run up to your room. You locked the door behind you and fell down against the door, crying.

You knew you had nobody to blame but yourself. This is what happens when you date an idol, what did you expect?

But just seeing the way he ignored you right at that moment… it hurt. A lot.

A couple minutes later, you heard a knock at the door.

You wiped away your tears and said, “Mom, I still need time by myself!”

“It’s me, Sehun.”

You froze. You didn’t know whether you should answer the door or not, but you ended up opening it anyway.

He stood there with a guilty expression on his face. It was clear that it must’ve finally hit him what he did.

You wiped away more stray tears and turned around, walking towards your bed.

“______, please don’t-“
“When did you realize that I was gone, huh Sehun?” You don’t know where it came from, but you just snapped. “You seemed too busy taking pictures and acting all nice with those girls while I stood there with my shirt soaked in embarrassment.”

He sighed and sat down next to you. “Jagiyah, please-“

“I made a big mistake, Sehun. I made a big mistake when I decided to date you, because I had no idea how much pain would come along with this famous life of yours.”

Sehun blinked and shook his head. Those words were like a stab to the heart. “You don’t mean that,” he mumbled. “You don’t mean that, ______.”
“Oh, but I do, Sehun.” You looked up at him with teary eyes. “I barely get to spend any time with you in general, but the one moment we go out… This happens. Some group of fans spot you in the street and steal you away from me. And instead of you saying anything to me, you say absolutely nothing and leave me standing there.”

He didn’t like where this was going. Something told him that this conversation would lead on to the words he didn’t ever want to hear come out of your mouth.

“______, I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I know I don’t have much time right now, but I promise I’ll make this up to you.”

“No, I can’t do this anymore, Sehun. I can’t. I can’t deal with your crazy schedule and the-and the fan spotting that always happens. I just can’t do it anymore.” You shook your head and stood up, pacing towards your dresser.

“Don’t say that.” Sehun stood up and followed your steps, grabbing you by the wrist. “I am not losing you.”

“Sehun, I-“

“Look, listen,” he cut you off and spun you around so that you faced him. “I know this idol life is crazy. I wish I could do something about it, but this is my life, my dream jagiyah. I don’t want to give it up, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing to give you up either.” He wiped away one of your tears and stroked your face. “I want you and this career because both mean the world to me. I know it’s hard, but I know we can get through it together.”

You sniffed and stared into Sehun’s eyes. There was nothing but love and determination in them. You couldn’t say no.

“Promise?” you asked.

He smiled and nodded. “I promise we’ll make this work.” He closed the gap between you and sealed the deal with a kiss.




Before heading to the hospital, Kasim calls Dylan to make sure she doesn’t have any visitors - namely Devin. He also tries to find out why she took so many pills. She avoids the question by acting sleepy and disoriented. Not wanting to upset her, he decides to leave the subject alone until they’re face-to-face.

When he arrives at the hospital, he’s surprised to find Dylan sitting up and fully alert.

Kasim: Well damn. You look a lot better than you sounded when I spoke to you earlier.

Dylan: I’m not 100%, but I feel a little better. I’m happy you came to see me. I didn’t think you were gonna come.

Kasim: Why would you think that? I said I was coming to see you, didn’t I?

She looks away sadly.

Dylan: You say a lot of things.

Hit with a fresh wave of guilt, he was about to change the subject, when the bathroom door swings open.

His face drops when Devin walks out.

Devin: Hello

Angry that he’s spent the last 24 hours avoiding her phone calls for nothing, he barely mumbles a greeting in return.

Kasim: How you doing?

Devin stares at him icily as she saunters over to the chair at the head of Dylan’s bed.

Unsettled by the way she’s staring him down, Kasim turns to Dylan.

Kasim: I thought you said you were by yourself.

Devin: Oh, am I bothering you?

He ignores Devin and waits for an answer from Dylan.

Dylan: I was by myself. She just got here a few minutes ago. Why didn’t you tell me you called her?

Before Kasim could answer, Devin interrupted with a question of her own.

Devin: I’ve been calling you since yesterday trying to find out what happened. Why didn’t you answer your phone?

Kasim: Cuz I didn’t feel like going through it with you. That’s why.

Devin: Going through what?!

He can tell from her tone of voice that she’s ready to start some shit, and he refuses to get sucked into it.

Kasim: I’m just gonna leave, so y'all can have some time alone, ok? I’m out.

He turns to head for the door, when Dylan cries out to him.

Dylan: Noooooooo baby, don’t go! Please don’t leave me!

As concerned as he is for Dylan’s well being, Kasim is not amused with her little performance in front of Devin. If she thinks pulling stunts will make him stay, she has the game all fucked up. Disgusted, he turns his back and pulls the door open.

Kasim: Nah, I gotta go. I’ll call you later or something.

He slips from the room and quickens his step when he hears Devin behind him, calling his name. He rounds the corner to the elevator bank and frantically presses the call button hoping the elevator gets to him before she does. He has no such luck. 

Devin: You didn’t hear me calling you?

Kasim: Yeah, I heard you.

Devin: So why would you keep walking?

Kasim: Cuz I don’t want to hear it. You’re inside the room giving me dirty looks and shit. What are you following me for? I didn’t come here to argue with you. I didn’t even want to see you. You don’t want to fuck with me, and I left you alone. So what do you want?!

Taken aback by his nasty demeanor, Devin has to restrain herself from flipping out.

Devin: I’m not even going to feed into all this attitude you’re giving me, because I know where it’s coming from. You’re just mad because you’re caught.

Kasim: Caught doing what?!

Devin: You know what. You told me you were going to stop messing around with Dylan.

Kasim: I said that when I was with you! We ain’t together no more!

Devin: So we don’t speak for a few days, and you jump right back in her bed?

Kasim: I was fucking with her before I even met you!

Devin: Whatever, Kasim. Do your thing. My only concern is my sister. What happened to her?

Kasim: Why don’t you ask her what happened? What you asking me for?

Devin: I’m asking you, because the staff won’t discuss her condition with me and she doesn’t want to talk about it. All she wants to talk about is your trifling ass.

Kasim: Me? What is she talking about me for?

Devin: Well, she told me that I might as well leave you alone, because you’re never going to stop seeing each other. According to her, you’re soulmates who are meant to be together. She also told me how you spend every night together making love til the crack of dawn…

Kasim: Are you fucking serious? Why is she telling you all that bullshit?

Devin: I don’t know and I don’t even care anymore. I’m not going to be fighting with her over you. I just want to know what happened and why she’s in the hospital. Did you do something to her?!

Kasim: Of course not! Are you crazy?! She took some pills yesterday morning… some kind of antidepressants. She was drinking and she took too many, and…

As his voice trailed off, Devin’s eyes bulged from her head.

Devin: She overdosed?!

Kasim: Yeah…

Devin: Again?!

Kasim: Again? What do you mean again?

Devin rubs her temples to ease the tension building behind her eyelids. Her silence makes Kasim even more anxious.

Kasim: What do you mean “again”?!

Devin stared at him, trying to decide whether or not to tell him. She didn’t want to betray Dylan again. She had already told Kasim too much of her business, but this was serious. If what Devin suspected was true, he had a right to know.

Devin: Look, I don’t know what happened, but Dylan has always had a flair for the dramatic and when she wants something, she’ll go to the extreme to get it.

Kasim: What are you trying to say? Are you saying she overdosed on purpose to get at me?

Devin: I’m not saying that, but it wouldn’t be the first time she did it.

Devin: When we were living in Bridgeport, before all that mess with my mother’s boyfriend, Dylan was suspended from school after getting caught with a boy. My mother punished her and said she couldn’t go to a concert that she and her friends had been dying to attend for months. The next morning my mother found her unconscious next to a half-empty bottle of pills. After she recovered, she ran some guilt trip on my mother and the next thing I know she was off punishment and going to the concert. She didn’t take enough pills to be fatal, but she took enough to scare the shit out of mother. A few weeks later, my mother heard her on the phone laughing and bragging about what she did to get off punishment.

Devin: Were you two fighting? Is there something she wants from you, that you won’t give her?

Kasim: She wants a relationship.

As he says the words, the full brunt of what Devin is suggesting hits him. Whether Dylan overdosed purposely or not was irrelevant. The fact is  that she’s troubled and that she had already been through enough. Knowing how deep her issues were, Kasim didn’t want to add to her troubles. He’d treated her terribly. He knew she had developed feelings that he did not reciprocate. And although he had never lied or made any promises, he knew he was giving her false hope every time they spent the night together. Aside from using her body for his own pleasure, there were times when he had been downright mean. He had justified the mistreatment and kept himself from getting emotionally attached by labeling her a “slut.” However, deep down he knew it was all wrong - their affair and the way he had treated her. Everyone had told him to stop, he refused to listen and now it was all blowing up in his face. He couldn’t even be angry if what Devin was saying was true, but he knew it was time to leave Dylan alone - for good.

Kasim: Can you do me a favor? Please tell her that I’m sorry.

Devin: Sorry for what?

Kasim: For everything. 

Devin: Why don’t you tell her yourself?

Kasim: Because it’s better if I don’t see her and we make a clean break.

He pauses and looks at Devin, regretful that he’ll never have a chance to explore what they had, because continuing their relationship would hurt Dylan terribly.

Kasim: I’m sorry if I did anything to hurt you too. Hurting you was never my intention.

Just as he finishes, the elevator arrives and he steps inside.

Kasim: Take care of yourself… and Dylan. She needs you.

Devin watches him silently as he leans over to press the button for the lobby and the doors slide shut.

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Harry supporting niall at his football match tomorrow

“Oy, kit boy,” Harry swings around (flails around, more like) when he hears Niall calling him, and he lets a lazy grin curl his lips as he walks back over with his clipboard tucked neatly under his arm, practically preening under Niall’s eye and the way it traces him from head to toe before finally settling back at his lips– eyes, his eyes, jesus. “Why aren’t you wearing your jacket? I left it on the bed.”

“Must’ve missed it,” Harry drawls slowly, shrugging his shoulders as he grins, and Niall snorts, uncrossing both his arms and legs before folding himself back into a neat tower. “So, I was thinking,” Harry starts when he settles beside Niall but he’s cut off before he can really get anywhere, Niall listing into him so they’re pressed shoulder to shoulder.

“Don’t even start,” Niall hums, jabbing his elbow into Harry’s arm, before he turns his attention back to the field and all his players running around after the football, but that doesn’t stop Harry from gaping at Niall shamelessly.

“You don’t even know what I’m going to say!” Harry throws up one hand in resignation (his left, so he doesn’t have to move his right away from Niall), but then Niall almost doubles over in laughter, batting at the air like he can literally move Harry away.

“No jacket, no opinion. You,” Niall swings around and jabs a finger gently into Harry’s cheek, “should’ve worn it, mister.” And he sounds serious but his teeth are feebly trying to hold back his mouth from curling into a grin and Harry wants nothing more than to poke his thumbs into the corners of Niall’s lips and push it up that much further.

“Guess I was a little busy this morning,” Harry murmurs, low enough that no one else will hear it, or notice it, but Niall does, with the way the tips of his ears flush a little redder and he swings back around to stare at the pitch, but he presses his body against Harry’s again and doesn’t move away again.